Hot Shots : Kelly Rowland Hits Melrose With La La Vasquez

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With a new album and television series on the way, to say Kelly Rowland next few months will be busy is an understatement.

So, before kicking off her new campaign, the Grammy winner took to California’s Melrose Avenue for a spot of shopping with good friend La La Vasquez.

Snapped in a number of boutiques, the pair’s sighting arrives before Rowland takes to Australia shoot the aforementioned ‘Everybody Dance Now’ with Jason Derulo.

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  1. Papa Preached July 29, 2012

    So I take it she just came from working out.. yes keep that body right Kellz

  2. White girl mob July 29, 2012

    Ya n***** come f*** with ya white girl on 35th street we mobbing down here!

    Kreayshawn debut album coming soon trust me it’s a classic nigh

  3. The-Truth July 29, 2012

    Kelly is Soooo Fickle. I hope Brandy drops her as a BFF. Everytime Kelly starts to feel her beat she distances herself away from Brandy but she’ll be running back after Ice Flops

    • sweetheart July 29, 2012

      Kelly’s my fav but I like Brandy too theres no need for you to attack Kelly bcuz she has other celebrity friends outside of Brandy and she is not seen with her often. It’s funny how Brandy tried to put Kelly against Beyonce a couple yrs ago. Kelly immediately put Brandy in check and said no tht will always be my sista no matter how successful she becomes!

      • Truth July 29, 2012

        Im a fan of them both and I aint petty like you to attack either one.

        Although Brandy and Fantasia are the ugliest 2 chicks in r&b hands down…..

  4. Oh baby (b****** will deal) July 29, 2012

    Not to start s***, but did kelly take out her breast implants? I mean her chest area is looking rather too flat a la her dc days chest o.O…..just saying. Anyway ice is giving me life and i’m still bumping to here I am like I’m still bumping to 4 🙂

  5. HOTSTUFF July 29, 2012

    she definitely got her skin lightened but she looks great cause it’s not extrem 🙂

    • GREG July 29, 2012

      Thing is, Kelly is not as dark as she appears…how many times do you see Kelly laying in the sun getting a “tan”…what black women you know lay in the sun to get a tan??….shes darkening her skin to “represent” the dark skin girl…..thanks to Tina Knowles telling her that s*** in destiny child….JUST BE YOU KELLY!

  6. Steph July 29, 2012

    Lets keep this positive! Looking Good Ms. Rowland! wishing you even better success this year! As always, thanks TGJ!

  7. Angela Wesley July 29, 2012

    Deal, I was thinking the same thing. The last time i saw Kelly , her breast
    were a little bigger. Even though I don’t cage to much for the songs Ice.
    I still hope that he r album is good. La-la looks like she is bored.

  8. Angela Wesley July 29, 2012

    typo, Even though I don’t care for the song Ice.

  9. Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! July 30, 2012

    what happened to all her s*** boobs?

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