Lil Kim Fans Sound Off On ‘Intervention’ Letter

She was the undisputed Queen of Hip Hop, enjoying a reign at the top fueled by long time ghost writer Biggie Smalls.

Scoring mainstream notoriety in the early noughties by way of her verse on the now iconic remake of Patti Labelle’s ‘Lady Marmalade’, Lil Kim was well on her way to becoming Pop’s most prolific Female Rapper.

However, as we’re sure many of her fans will attest to, recent years have seen the Grammy sharer’s shine stifled by controversies- the feuds, the jail sentence, the ghostwriting…the cosmetic surgery.

So last week, out of concern for the Rap veteran, a member of her fan base ‘Team Kim’ expressed their concerns over the star by way of an email sent to That Grape Juice. Net.

Now, following its publication, the MC’s fan base has weighed in on the situation on the social networking site Twitter.

Their remarks below…

On the letter:












Here’s hoping the news of a boycott was merely an empty threat.

For if it does, Kim may find club promoters a little reluctant to book her to perform at their venues, if  given enough reason to believe her fans won’t purchase tickets.

This, whether her fans believe it or not, would also affect her chances of landing a recording contract if ever she wanted one.

Reason being?

Well, considering many of her albums are still yet to move 2 million copies in the US alone, the likelihood of labels picking her up is made all the more slimmer. Especially, when her current feud with Young Money is thrown into the mix.

In short, without saying too much, escalating her feud with an entity as powerful as Wayne and Co is a decision we’re sure Kim will soon regret.

Regret, once her requests to perform at a number of outlets are simply “overlooked” as to not offend the industry cash cows she is up against.

Your thoughts?

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  1. @teamfoxydondiva August 13, 2012

    Shady lil kim fans , just let her live . what if she dont want it no more . Yall messy . foxy fans would never ..

    • truth August 13, 2012

      foxy’s is dead b****…like you

  2. I69 August 13, 2012

    They need to let it go who doses that to their faves people take s*** too seriously

    • @teamfoxydondiva August 13, 2012

      Kim has had a good run , we cant expect this to be 96 all over again . I wish all female rappers who I liked from the 90’s kim and missy were doing it big . Sometimes you have to accept to just let them do what they want and realize they have had fame already for years. We wanna see our fave win and have number ones and tours but it doesnt happen all the time

  3. Iconic Iggy August 13, 2012

    I really didn’t see her fans boycotting her shows. As I said before, they should be greatful she released some songs to iTunes, some on the side, dropped a mix tape, and gave them a tour. I’m sure Eve, Foxy, and Missy Elliot fans would be great full for that since their favs are completely M.I.A. Most rappers at Kim’s age don’t release albums often, they are busy running empires and mentoring young new acts. Like Em and his label mentoring Yelawolf or Jay Z with his label mentoring J.Cole. Kim should have used her name when it was still hot to build her own empire and she should be ushering in young new female MC’s, something the game needs.

    • @teamfoxydondiva August 13, 2012


  4. Nahjee August 13, 2012

    I didnt like the way her boyfriend told her fan base to put a sock in it when they was just checking on her. That was very disrespectful that put a bad taste in my mouth and lil Kim let him do it to smh.

    I find it funny that Kim ain’t tweeted since July 27 this just shows how much she cares nowadays

    • truth August 13, 2012


  5. Dope or nope August 13, 2012

    I feel bad for Kim she getting used really bad by her new boyfriend he having her make sandwiches WHAT! Kim don’t ever let a man control you girl you suppose to be the f****** queen B NOT! Him

    Now I’m not the biggest Kim fan but damn Kim don’t let that n**** spit all over you’er career you left behind.

    I’m pretty sure Kim will never make a comeback cause s*** is just f*** up her fans is going crazy over this it ain’t looking to good

    • truth August 13, 2012

      i dont pity the b****! not after how she PLAYED the S*** outta her fans…F*** HER!! she got it coming!!

      • @teamfoxydondiva August 13, 2012

        F*** you , you miserable b**** made f**

      • truth August 13, 2012

        yo momma, she a b****…and so are u

  6. Wacky O August 13, 2012

    I would love lil Kim to release a new album but if it dosnt happen I can accept that! The same with missy!

    Are there actually people who live there life by the queen bee? They may be people to boycott her but there will be someeles to replace those sad idiots!

  7. Nana Applehead LovesSwift August 13, 2012

    What has she done to her face? UGH!

  8. truth August 13, 2012

    LISTEN BABIES…SHE OUT!!! SHE’S DOWN FOR THE COUNT!! that ‘return of the queen, with a collection plate for the IRS, tour’ was just that…TO PAY HER TAXES!!! sorry i have NO sympathy for a b**** that claims she’s BOSS and get drug down thru there by a n****. THEN TO LET HIM TALK TO HER FANS LIKE THAT!! F*** THAT B****!! even if she do come out with some fire NO ONE will care at this point! its OBVIOUS she stooopid for men!! plastic stoopid h**! (walking away mumbling…iown been stanning like a MUTHA FUCKA for thisss tired w**** and this how she does her mutha f****** fans!! sha-shays on off this post and out the door)

  9. rick171uk August 13, 2012

    Why do you keep posting so many stories about lil kim when shes not really relevant today?

    • truth August 13, 2012

      CHIIIILE you shoooole know what to say!!

  10. truth August 13, 2012

    Sam, like @rick171uk said, WHY THE F*** YOU KEEP POSTING STORIES ON THIS H**!! HER STANS HAVE LET HER TAKE HER STANK ASS ON AND SO SHOULD YOU!! just tryna help you out Sam. no one cares for this DUMB b**** anymore chile.

  11. Viciousss August 13, 2012

    Has Kim, THE actual Kim said anything onthis yet?

    Because that’s what is Hurting her fanbase. I don’t understand why she doesn’t stay in contact more. She’s had fans who were repping her for years defending her. She had that old school 90’s loyalty and honestly…she has not given the same back to her fans.

    I get some are made at those who made a boycott and want to prove they still got her back…but why would you have the back of someone who doesn’t have yours?

    She doesn’t stay in contact. She doesn’t follow through on promises. She let’s that fool boyfriend talk reckless to her fans…and the worst part is her fanbase is tearing themselves apart and she’s still just … “Whatever”

    They say she puts men first before errything…well damn, I don’t see anything proving that statement false. Mr.Papers right now is getting more dedication and it’s obvious.

    • truth August 13, 2012

      b**** you betta tell it!! PREACH B**** PREACH!!!!

  12. DOSSOME August 13, 2012

    i don’t even understand this s*** anymore.I could have sworn you said her fanbase sent u the email,now u saying its a member of her fanbase who did much confusion in lil kim’s life & you happily throwing yourself in it.#PATHETIC

  13. JAL August 13, 2012

    In the end, everybody will remember her because That Grape Juice stay on her d*** like it’s covered in glue.

  14. Nick August 13, 2012


  15. THE LEGENDARY LAX August 13, 2012

    Her Face is Phuck Up, I dont even know if she still have a label…..everything all Phuck up!!!!!!! It’s a damn shame…..all she cares about is D*** and weed…….

  16. BLACK MADONNA August 13, 2012


    • DA TRUTH TELLA B****** August 13, 2012

      OMG YES I was just about to comment on that. That was HILARIOUS.

  17. Speaks Truth August 13, 2012


  18. Tbozfan10 August 14, 2012

    Lol I love when that chick said, “Aaliyah will have another album out before you do.” lol she will probably have 2 or 3 before Kim has another one.

    Kim really fell asleep at the wheel. She could have been the only rap chick to retire rapping like a Nas or Jay Z but she got so comfortable and then started all that sh*t talking now she’ll almost certainly never find her way back. She’s been over since Atleast 2006 her fans will just never admit to it.

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