Cassie Addresses Complacency With ‘GQ’

Believe it or not, there was time when Cassie served as Rihanna‘s direct competition, debuting in the same year.

However, in what is a testament to Ms.Ventura‘s work ethic, she has spent the last seven years doing everything but fulfill her role as an entertainer- opting to stand as an omnipresent socialite… held in the grasp of Diddy’s shadow.

Now, before the release of her sophomore album ‘King Of Hearts’, the starlet has addressed her complacency, revealing she feels no pressure to be as successful as her chart topping rival.

Her comments below…

An excerpt from her spread in GQ reads:

” “I’m just a laid-back person.” This is how Cassie explains the painful six-plus-year delay between her self-titled debut album and soon-to-be-released sophomore LP. “Maybe laid-back to a fault.” Furthermore, she doesn’t feel all that bad about it.

Throw this in her face: that Rihanna— 24 to Cassie’s 26—has already released six studio albums. She’ll come back with Sade, who put out just six in her entire twenty-eight-year career. And you know, there’s no denying that the two share something else: a slow-burn sexuality (Exhibit A: this photo) that helps you forgive just about anything.

“It’s been too long, I know, but I got to start over and over again,” Cassie says. “It would be awesome to stay popular, but if I was only an underground artist, I would be okay with that.” Unlikely, with mastermind (and rumored boyfriend) Sean Combs guiding her from the R&B do-me-baby sound of her debut to the electro-pop and tribal thump of the first single off album two, “King of Hearts.” “I feel like I’m a new artist,” she says. Whatever you are, we’re in.”


We’re not sure how it help Cassie’s cause to reveal ‘she isn’t that bothered’ about how successful she is.

For, in a day over saturated with Pop belles, how does Ventura expect to enjoy a fruitful career with such a lax attitude.

An attitude, which places the likes of Rihanna , Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj in whole new lights.

For, whatever you may think of them, Cassie’s situation proves their countless top tens, world tours and endorsements have not come about by chance, but rather a drive and determination Ms. ‘Me & You’ is clearly lacking.


Your thoughts?

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  1. damn September 24, 2012

    she might not be able to sing well but damn she looks s*** in this cover

  2. carl September 24, 2012

    So, basically she has no ambition or drive and is a ‘Whatever happens’ type of artist. K

  3. The-Truth September 24, 2012

    Cassie Slays and y’all are Haters

  4. Monstarebel September 24, 2012

    She’s f****** gorgeous no denying that, I wish her career the best of luck,

    P.S. every pretty b**** deserves to win!>

    • O_O September 24, 2012

      Your P.S is the reason true talent loses over image or good looks. Kudos to you.

  5. It’s Utterly Bizaar! September 24, 2012

    Me & You slays! Go Mz. Cassie!

  6. You will DEAL!!!!!!! September 24, 2012

    Cassie music slays tho No denying that

  7. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

    The ri ri parts was not cause for, but since you went their sam, Cassie if you think about is living a better life than riri , think about

    • WaitUrTurn88 September 24, 2012


      • O_O September 24, 2012

        Cassie leaves Diddy, some other million-billionaire would snatch that up and finance her whole existence…. nermind that. Cassie is good with or with out Diddy. She’d probably be more content. Not being pushed into being someone’s Beyonce.

        Like you’ve all said “Cassie is a pretty b****” men (especially rich ones) are suckers for a “pretty b****”.

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      You are so stupid. Diddy is not even married to that h**, meaning that if he dumps her for a younger model – she is done.

      Rih has her own money. Your hatred for Rihanna is so deep, you are even chatting BS.

  8. DOSSOME September 24, 2012

    That BODY!!!Hope Ol’ Diddy ain’t enjoying all that by himself…My dream is 2 bang cassie as my twin brother dreams of marrying Justin Timberlake…That aside,i wish her whatever she wishes herself

  9. Honey CHILD please September 24, 2012

    No offense but cassie is pretty, but i don’t see what the big deal is about this chick. She enjoys f****** old men for a prada, and gucci bag. Hey i’m not glorifying that life style, but whatever floats your boat.

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA September 24, 2012

    Excuses…And this is also the result of having Diddy anywhere near your career. Not here for it Cassie.

  11. GAslickmouf September 24, 2012

    Damn she sxy. She can ride me any day lol and im gay lmao!!

  12. Emily September 24, 2012

    She should’ve just started and stayed as a model!!!!

    • Nik September 24, 2012

      She actually had a pretty good career as a model, that’s where I recognized her first.

  13. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 24, 2012

    just don’t compare SADE with this girl.
    Sade = QUALITY
    cassie = one hit wornder

    • I’m not throwing shade, but… September 24, 2012

      I know, i nearly died when i read this. Has there ever been anticipation for a Cassie album?
      She doesn’t care because she is being kept in a lavish lifestyle. The pictures are nice but no-one will be buying the album

  14. Diamond Princess September 24, 2012

    When you have NO TALENT or the drive to succeed in life, but had a sugar daddy to pay your bills instead, why would you care?

  15. kelly September 24, 2012

    The deep seated hatred and fear or Rih is deep. Rihanna is clearly more talented than Cassie 0 who cannot sing to save her life. Yet, I have seen Rita Ora fans re tweeting how amazing Cassie’s new single is. I thought the claimed Rih had not talent, if they are about talent, why support the most untalented singer ever to hit music.

    I am glad Cassie career is a flop and will never happen.

  16. OK September 24, 2012

    As long as Cassie’s with Bad Boy–and by extension, Diddy–that 2nd album ain’t NEVA getting released! Which is a shame, not because I think she’s talented, but because of all that money wasted on studio time and producers that could’ve been spent on a more talented artist. But, it’s his cash, he can do with it whatever he wants. *shrugs*

  17. beyonce´s age September 24, 2012


  18. ., September 24, 2012

    She is fine as hell,no doubt about that.

  19. theman September 24, 2012

    Her music just doesn’t pop, if Diddy wasn’t supporting her financially, she’d be singing a whole different tune. She’s not much of a singer anyway. You can barely hear her when she tries to sing. May’be the modeling thing is it for her.

  20. Merril Owns September 24, 2012

    She’s been a professional model with Wilhimena since she was a teen,and has stated how modeling is her day job.She’s a model first,artist second so she’s not tripping.It’s not that big of a deal.

  21. Sleazy September 24, 2012

    Cassie Can dance? Can rihanna? She delivered a much better performance than rihanna ever could on BET ri the stage talker needs a seat

    • GREEN EYED BEAUTY!!(LIKE RIHANNA) :) September 24, 2012

      B**** rihannas first album shits on cassie whole career!! As a singer or model!!!

    • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 24, 2012

      I haven’t been crazy about Rih for a while, but Cassie is not and will never be on Rih’s level. The only song people may know from her is “me & you”. Other than that, this b**** is irrelevant. She better pray to God Diddy doesn’t leave her thirsty goldiggin ass.

  22. JER September 24, 2012

    Cassie girl you are NOT Sade and GRRRRRL you are NOT Rihanna. You have ONE hit. Grrrl you aint even Stacy Q GURL BYE.

  23. Nik September 24, 2012

    I’m surprised she’s still making music considering Bad Boy’s track record of artists disappearing after a while. Then I found out she and Diddy were dating and it all made since.

  24. konfl September 24, 2012

    plaez cassie dont get on our nerve!!!!! you r not a singer, so pleaz stop the MASSACRE! keep doing your H** think with diddy, & pray that he dont dump you, for another pretty, young & stupid girlll

    we are here for real music, real singer ; BEYONCE,, solange, brandy, mariah, ciara, kelly & sometime RIHANNA

    have a several seat cassie!!

  25. lola September 24, 2012

    Those who think her 12 year old body is s*** must be ugly as hell and pathetic. She is so bony and shapeless. LOL at the bad photoshopping. Cassie is not as pretty as she used to be. She is nothing but a pathetic, loser and a W****, who f**** for tracks and money. Of course she doesn’t care about her dream anymore. She now realizes that she’s getting old quickly, 26 isn’t old, but to not have a successful career at that age is shameful unless you’re still in graduate school, and she knows that hardly anyone is checking for her. As long as she does what Diddy says, he will buy her things. How sad? What a poor excuse of a “woman.” He’s gone as far as take down her twitter page a couple of years ago because she hinted at their relationship with a pic. She’s letting a man run her. Rihanna is a w**** herself, but at least she works for a damn living and makes her own money.

    • Honey CHILD please September 24, 2012

      honey child it feel like a Sunday when you comment you better take us to church!!

    • JER September 25, 2012

      As mean as this is, it’s all true. And it’s a damn shame too because Cassie was given GIVEN opportunities most artists will never have. She could be going head to head with Rihanna right now. They both have about the same talent level. Dumb b****

  26. MACHIAVEL September 24, 2012

    Daaaan She’s Not A Good Singer But Fuuuuck She’s So Beautiful And S*** Tooo Bad Diddy Is The One Who F*** Her!!!! ”King Of Heart” Is A Nice Song!

  27. Nico September 25, 2012

    Maybe she doesnt want a music career that bad she already is hot and has all the conncts..the just needs something to do while diddy stays busy

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