Hot Shots: Janet Jackson Raises The Bar At L.A. Candy Store

Janet Jackson was certainly unexpected eye candy for frenzied paparrazzi this weekend when she made her way to the opening of Dylan’s Candy Bar in LA.

The collection of sweets, created by Dylan Lauren (daughter of designer Ralph Lauren), has long been favored by the slim-and-trim superstar as explained in her brief chat with E! News.

While some of us can’t wait to get a taste of what the youngest of the Jackson clan is cooking up in the studio, she and her billionaire beau had their sights on a few other delectables.  See what we mean below:

No candies for the kiddies.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Peter Griffin September 9, 2012

    This article is very, very interesting!

  2. MARQUEST September 9, 2012

    Janet girl that hairline and what that shade on us not being able to hear Janet lmao

  3. Marcus September 9, 2012

    Janet looks great!

  4. JANETS ICONIC TIT September 9, 2012

    She is beautiful!
    She looks amazing for 46. Who else but the QUEEN?

  5. Stoney-Brie September 9, 2012

    She’s a Goddess!!!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA September 9, 2012

      Yes she is! Amazing person. Love your DP btw. CeCe’s another musical Queen!

  6. MC September 9, 2012

    She looks good.

  7. B**** SLAP ON YOUR FACCCEEEEEEE!!!!! September 9, 2012

    Queen JayJay I really neeeeeeed you to snatch my wig with sme fierce new music…. U look good as ever ur Lace Front look expensive but now my girr come on and bring me some hits. Its about time

  8. dee September 9, 2012

    She is so pretty! She is a queen.

  9. Quetta September 9, 2012

    She is so pretty. So pretty. And so is Ralph Lauren’s daughter.

  10. Sir Legacy September 10, 2012

    My God she is gorg!!! I can’t take it.


    i remember when janet was ruling the charts…… miss those days…… i mean just google kelsnetwork

  12. B Lamont September 10, 2012

    This woman is TIMELESS!!! So youthful and just glowing…LOVE HER!!!

  13. Chester September 10, 2012

    When is she coming back to the music world?!

  14. tits mcgee September 10, 2012

    Love janet. Her favorite sweet from Dylan’s is the same as mine… The Carmel Apples! They are the shiznit!

  15. Janet4ever September 10, 2012

    I love this lady!! She looks amazing and I love the sound of her voice.

  16. boytoy1814 September 11, 2012

    Janet is coming & u folks betta get READY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare September 12, 2012


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