Nicole Scherzinger Hints At ‘Pussycat Dolls’ Reunion

Published: Sunday 30th Sep 2012 by David

Nicole Scherzinger graces the cover of ‘You’ Magazine in aid of her X Factor stint this month, opening up on her role on the show like never before.

Posing for the mag in  Jennifer Lopez inspired shoot, the former ‘Baby Love’ singer spoke openly on her fellow judges, why she is to thank for ‘One Direction’, but more importantly… why she misses her former group, the ‘Pussycat Dolls’.

 Quotes and snaps below…

On the Dolls, she revealed:

We were a powerful little unit and our time together was electric. There is always a possibility that we will get back together, but I am enjoying where I am right now.

I’ve worked hard to be able to stand out on my own and have my name out there and not have it under the name of a band. That feels empowering.

On ‘creating’ One Direction:

“We had a bunch of great young guys with One Direction, but none of them were ready to go out on their own in the boys’ category. I thought, ‘If we put this group together the girls are going to go crazy. Together they will be irresistible.’ Simon was very smart.He listened to me”.

On the X Factor UK/ US:

“Everything is honest and innocent. A UK audience can tell when something is from the heart. They have a great sense of humour and it’s more playful.

There was a lot of hype around the US X Factor. The show was under a lot of pressure, and I was part of that. I had a difficult category because it was the ‘olders’, and in this industry the older you get the less chance you have of being a successful artist.”


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  1. NiKos September 30, 2012

    No Way! :3 Their Creator Is Now Forming The New Dolls!

  2. gio88 September 30, 2012

    her “work hard” to have a name out of the pussycat dolls ,was to sing all the pcd songs alone and their team work 90% for her and 10% for the other members.

    • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

      the others girls beside melody thornton couldn’t really sing. So that’s y nicole was lead and the others backup vocals…the PCD was mostly about image first and the musical aspect second but I still liked their music. It was pop fun.

  3. the real xoxo September 30, 2012

    its not rocket science that one direction would be temporary successful, nicole.
    4 or 5 good looking feminine guys covered in makeup and singing songs about love always makes girls under 17 wet.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 30, 2012

      4 or 5 good looking feminine guys covered in makeup and singing songs about love always makes girls under 17 wet.

    • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

      shadeee lol

  4. JuanR September 30, 2012

    I really like Nicole!
    She is talented, beautiful, s***, nice person and i don’t know WHAT THE HELL is wrong with her or her team? She’s on one of the most popular shows in USA and UK and still flopping? (I don’t really like this word but…)
    Actually PCD is her only way to stay relevant.

    • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

      u gotta be likable to the masses. Some have it some don’t. I honestly think she’s a group kinda artist and not a independant one. (Sorta like the Spice girls) She just doesn’t have that sort of appeal. Her image nor her voice.

      • Vegas Girl October 1, 2012


  5. Rihanna ‘Body September 30, 2012

    Nicole tryed a beyonce move Solo career but failed now she wants other Girls back!! B**** please you are a Flop alone!!!

    • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

      She asked Jay Z for a career like Miss Fenty,…

      • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

        *should have

    • ARYO September 30, 2012

      u are not allowed to have an opinion since u stan for a h**

  6. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 30, 2012

    and no one is here for it, despite being talented , your solo career is as successful as a kelly rowland. and no one is checking for the other victims ..*coughs* Dolls !!

    is anybody checking for melody ? i don’t think so …….


    • A.MILIAN September 30, 2012

      lies LOL.. Kelly Rowland actually released ALBUMS and has had grammy’s….

      • MC September 30, 2012

        With the exception of her first album, Kelly hasn’t done anything to be noticed as a solo artist other than being Beyonce’s back-up singer in Destiny’s Child. And what is releasing albums if they don’t do well?

    • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

      kelly rowland is a lot more successful as a solo artist than Nicole can ever dream of.

      • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

        Kelly has solo hits and actual fans. Nicole doesn’t.

    • SKW September 30, 2012

      Kids, kids, stop fighting! They’re BOTH flops, okay? Now everybody play nice.

  7. Sleazy September 30, 2012

    Her prob is her material she is forever taking other peopl scraps Like why O_o get with great producers and I don’t get her going solo cus she sang all their songs O_o she was always Solo to me

  8. DOSSOME September 30, 2012

    Nicole will NEVER have a successful solo career…PCD was doing well until she got greedy & to think that Rihanna and Gaga were at one point opening acts at a PCD world tour,lol

  9. MaZ September 30, 2012

    She’s hot!

  10. Richnblack11(just like Bey) September 30, 2012

    SHE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. NAYAH82 September 30, 2012

    She a good looking woman and hopefully their get back together and make fun music again. But I just don’t think she’s a solo act material. Good luck nicky!

  12. MC September 30, 2012

    I agree with the notion that she is not a “solo artist” material. She should get back together with the Dolls otherwise she’ll remain unsuccessful. She is a really good looking woman though.

    • lilkunta October 5, 2012

      robin antin owns PCD. SO if Nicole went back she’d be under contract. She’d have to do everything robin said. it isnt a good deal for Nicole.

  13. drayner317 September 30, 2012

    that first pic, i thought she was TRINA AKA THE BADDEST B****, NEXT!! NICE PIC THOUGH!!

  14. My hip, my back September 30, 2012

    She look like somebody drunk auntie here

  15. ARYO September 30, 2012

    so there are still some ppl that say SHE WILL NEVER HAVE A SUCCESSFUL SOLO CAREER, yall c****, whew da f*** u think u are? a f***** fortune teller?
    shes the most talented chick in da game along with beyonce, and her songs are as good as rihanna (and yall know that rihanna aint got talent for SHITT)the problem is her label and her f***** up team that need to hang themselves becuz of the messes they made in nics career

  16. Monstarebel September 30, 2012

    That’s karma she thought cause she sang all the songs in pcd that she could ditch them an be just as successful as a solo act which failed lmao ain’t nobody here for Nicole sherzjgjktgkol…

    • prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012


    • lockmeup September 30, 2012

      If she failed, she would be somewhere on a computer hating on people who are actually putting effort into what they’re equipped to do.

  17. CURLY SUE September 30, 2012


    • Kasey Jr. September 30, 2012

      Lmao at you quoting Madonna’s Gang Bang.

    • lockmeup September 30, 2012

      She never said she wants to return to the Dolls! She clearly said that she’s content at where she’s at but if the possibility came up, she would because she misses the girls. It’s called reading. And she didn’t flop, her album went platinum, it just wasn’t released in the US

  18. trizzy trainwreck September 30, 2012

    Nicole shitzinger = FLOP

    • ARYO September 30, 2012

      ur mom = w****

  19. prettigurlrockD September 30, 2012

    It seems she’ll never have chart success. The only song I really liked by her post-PCD was with diddy “Come to me”. Baby love was a cute song but lord knows that didn’t go anywhere on the charts. And I don’t know how I feel about her reuniting with the other dolls. I mean the extras in the group practically were not even singers. That era is over and is so 2005. Melody clearly wants a spotlight of her own and even she is struggling.

  20. truth tea (take a sip) September 30, 2012

    give me a DC reunion or a spice girls reunion over this please. PCD wasnt really a group, it was literally just nicole.

  21. I’m not throwing shade, but… September 30, 2012

    She needs to keep group hopping because it isn’t going to happen to her. Her songs are on the wrong side of generic and she’s annoying, a 34 year old woman taking in that cutsie voice and coming across fake really isn’t fooling anyone young or old.
    She sings okay but isn’t cutting it. At her age she really should be doing well, she’s 5 years from 40 so needs to find her neich yesterday and stay there…. whatever it is.

    • meanboys September 30, 2012

      An “okay” voice? You clearly need your ears checked. The woman’s done “Rent”, “Rocky Horror” “Phantom of the Opera” and has sung and worked with the best of them. Has Rihanna or Katy Perry been asked to do that? No, because that’s where the “okay voices” reside. The Pussycat Dolls were just an aspect of her, that’s not her as a person. I think people were turned off when she went solo because the image there was different from the group, but that’s her being true to herself. Her last album didn’t flop either, it went platinum, so calling her a “flop” is played out.

      • I’m not throwing shade, but… September 30, 2012

        Well, i think she has an okay voice and that is my opinion. and yes, Rihanna and Katy Perry have okay voices… actually less than, although not with myself, but they clearly connect with the masses and have popular songs which Nicole is missing .
        Doing shows like rent, Rocky ect dont mean much as there are non recording artists that do those shows with no record deals that can sing Nicole back under the table she crawled from, using her or any oter recording artist would be to generate sales for the show.
        The last bit of your comment makes no sense to me. i didnt call her a flop, and also you’re talking as you know her and i’m pretty sure you dont.

      • lockmeup September 30, 2012

        How am I talking like I know her? Because I’m backing what I’m saying with facts? Doing shows like Rocky etc. ARE a big deal for a pop artist because they are using their voice out of their comfort zone (RANGE) because musical theater is a different monster than the studio. And of course a celebrity will bring people to the theater; that’s obvious, but what also is obvious is an “okay” singing ass wouldn’t be allowed to do it as much as her. She’s done theater, opera and classical countless times, so in my opinion, NO, her voice is not just “okay”.

  22. dang September 30, 2012

    didn’t Britney just recently wear that cover outfit in a photoshoot recently?

    • lockmeup September 30, 2012

      And didn’t Britney just copy Christina Aguilera’s pink and blue extensions?

      • MaZ September 30, 2012

        damn right!

    • lolax September 30, 2012

      yesss and she looks better than nicole

      • grahamdiamond September 30, 2012

        “yesss and she looks better than nicole”

        Yesss and you sir, can have an amphitheater of seats.

  23. Donnell September 30, 2012

    Nicole never left the dolls, the rest of them quit. They broke up in 09, but in 2010 robin had formed a new pcd. Nicole was still in it. The other girls weren’t. Apparently that didn’t work out though. all of the girls could actually sing. of course they weren’t vocal powerhouses, but they were underrated. The problem was that they were being treated unfairly. They wanted more opportunities to share their talent, but weren’t given them. And nicole is a beast vocally. Ppl be sleepin on her. Even on the pcd albums she and melody was on point. Some artists just never get the right marketing strategy.

  24. Julien September 30, 2012

    When the hell is she going to release the studio version of “Pretty?”

  25. Cam September 30, 2012

    Why does that 1st pic look like the same flesh toned body suit with jewels on it that Beyonce had on the beyonce experience with a fluffy shrub…

    • dat nig October 2, 2012

      OMG, u took da words right out of my mouth…i was jus like “thats the same outfit Bey had on for the DC medley of the Beyonce Experience tour” lol

  26. MRDIVABITCH October 1, 2012

    She looks like a cheap tacky she-male in that pic

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