Watch: Brandy Brings ‘Best Friend’ & ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’ To ‘Tom Joyner Morning Show’

Published: Tuesday 18th Sep 2012 by Rashad


As reported here, Brandy dropped by the Red Velvet Cake Studios to give fans a taste of what they can expect from her October 16th-due studio LP ‘Two Elevent’.

Interviewed by radio legend Tom Joyner, the ‘Have You Ever’ hitmaker had a lucky set of fans bobbing their heads to the sound of the new collection of tunes before blessing them with live renditions of some past hits.

Diving into ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’ from her first two releases ‘Brandy’ & ‘Never Say Never’ respectively, see the 2012 twist the ‘Vocal Bible’ gave on the numbers below:

Yes! The runs, the rasp!  Roll on October 16th! Even Fannie agrees…

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  1. LOURDES September 18, 2012

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for Two Eleven! Her voice is sooo smooth, versatile and effortless! I’m loving her energy this era!

  2. STunna September 18, 2012

    I am HERE for this!

  3. Nik September 18, 2012

    Love her voice and the braids got me feeling reminiscent. The people in the background ain’t no kind of back up but they tried!!!

  4. jodi September 18, 2012


  5. MC September 18, 2012

    Yesss *Brandy voice*

  6. RikQY September 18, 2012

    Theres obviously a track playin in the headphones that we cant hear, But ms B-Rocka still SLAYYEEEDD those runs for the GODS!!!!

  7. ASIPOFBRANDY September 18, 2012

    Let’s get it Bran !!! October 16th please come quickly. #vocalbible

  8. Teflon Boy September 18, 2012

    Lmao what I love about this is that THIS is Brandy on an off-day…, Jheeez most singers wish they sounded this vocally accomplished on their BEST day!

  9. vocal bible…my ass!! September 18, 2012

    If this is what you people call…Vocal bible…nevermind she looks nice though..but no on those vocals for real…those runs are nothing special…Kim Burrell,Beyonce,Monica,Jazmine Sullivan,Christina these singers are not only better singers. They also execute their runs better.

    • trillafood September 18, 2012

      Beyonce, Jazzy, Monica and Christina ain’t f****** with Brandy so GTFOH, hating ass h**!

      • quetta September 19, 2012

        Really? Beyonce was sick..and she slayed her live performance. So….????

    • trillafood September 18, 2012

      And not to menton, this was 6AM n the morning and she slayed it!

    • millhouse September 18, 2012

      uUUH SHE IS CALLED THE VOCAL BIBLE NOT ONLY FOR HER RUNS BUT BECAUSE OF HER PERFECT TONE AND PITCH…. As far as runs go… BEYONCE DONT DO RUNS LIKE THAT, AND NEITHER DOES CHRISTINA… OR MONICA… I can deffinitely see the Kim Burrell influence… and no one touches Kim Burrell, even Whitney had to bow down… but when it comes to mainstream music, Brandy is a vocal beast… She never screams, and she is always on pitch… Monica always messes up her runs, and so does Christina… Brandy does gospel runs, the other girls do pop runs… Brandy’s vocal coach is her dad who was a pastor, so she is heavily influenced bu the church…

      Clearly you are just a hater… Brandy has sang with the best of the best and always holds her own… Most artists cant even do what she does with autotune let alone live

      • Vocal Bible…my ass September 18, 2012

        You must not know music very well.
        There is nothing to hate. Brandy is a studio singer.
        Any idiot that judges Whitney’s in its decline and says she couldn’t stand up to Kim Burrell…Yeah you proved my point.
        Whitney in her prime and even during the 90’s is a better singer than what Kim Burrell us today.
        Christina shits all over brandy vocally,Beyonce leaves her in the dust and wind vocally,everytime she has gotten on a track with Monica she has gotten served,Jazmine Sullivan is a better singer also. I’m not going to front I have never say never,full moon, and adrodisiac. I’VE come to learn brandy is wonderful in the studio and her music with her normal boat load of writers and producers make wonderful well rounded albums. I however will not sit here and lie and say she is a vocal bible. She isn’t there are too many vocalist in the industry and outside of her generation that would murk her.Male or female. You’re delusional. When 2/11 flops I wanna see who really is going to be standing. I dont mean a Beyonce flop or Rihanna flop. S*** will ship gold not sell it. Mark my words. She didn’t slay s***,she isn’t going to slay s*** and her fans are queefs.

    • millhouse September 19, 2012

      .Two words…. Pitch and Tone… Christina is always off pitch… As far as Whitney vs. Kim Burrell… Whitney was influenced by Kim and even tried to do her runs. Just because one has more notariety does not mean that she had the best voice. Beyonce does not have a perfect tone… Brandy does….Sorry but you dont know music

      • Vocal Bible..My Ass September 19, 2012

        Wait a minute? Did you say Kim Burrell influenced Whitney Houston?
        B**** you’re a goddamn r*****. With every response you prove my point. Whitney Houston got her start in the mid to late 70’s. Kim Burrell is an artist who started in the 90’s.
        So how exactly can she be Whitney’s influence. The problem is YOUR DUMB ASS is a clueless brandy fan who knows nothing about music. I bet you don’t even know what the difference between a F5 and a F#5 is and where to find it on a scale.
        The only people checking for brandy is her tired ass fanbase that let full moon,Adrodisiac,and Human fail.
        Again Brandy isn’t seeing Christina(who does oversing, but her tone alone over powers brandy’s frail ass voice),Beyonce(who could out wail her do her runs and sound better doing them while playing around),and everyone else I named.
        With fans like you..I’ll buy the actual 2/11 malt liquor and pour some out for brandy’s career on October 16th
        But until then b****…_/ _/ …and get your knowledge up in music

      • millhouse September 19, 2012

        Well clearly you”re either an angry dark skin f*****… or you’re a fat troll looking b****… either way you’re ugly…. Whitney came out in 85, Kim came out in 89…. and so what? If you ever watched the video of Whitney explaining how she and Kim met, you would know that they knew each other before either one of them got a record deal… and she also explains how Kim Burrell influenced her riffs and runs…. NOw what your fat dark skin ass needs to do is go and do some research… You dont hear Whitney when Kim BUrrell sings… but you can definitely hear Kim BUrrell when Whitney sings… so who influenced who?… bye darkskin

    • lol September 19, 2012

      She sounds good. Nothing special AT ALL. She’s NO vocal bible!!!

      • trey September 19, 2012

        you crazy as hell Brandy has proven herself as THE VOCAL BIBLE on many accounts. Obviously you’re the one who doesn’t know music. #1 She has the best runs in the game. its one of the main things she known for not to bash other artist or anything but the ones you listed don’t dare compare to brandy’s runs. Her tone and voice control is outstanding. Obviously you need to do a lil research before this off one performance. But it is eveident that you only see musical greatness in people who have strong voices that are loud. Thats not tthe only thing that music is about. Get it together.

    • TRUTH September 19, 2012

      I agree





      • LOL September 19, 2012

        That’s just opinion and many others. CLEARLY she’s has no solid fan-base. Brandy vocals are OK nothing more.

      • LOL September 19, 2012

        @TRUTH….THANK YOU!!!!

  10. IMME September 18, 2012

    Why cant Tom Joyner sit down!

  11. KNUCK September 18, 2012

    werk Bran!!!!!

    she KILLED these performances.. There are recordings of the “completed” version with the instrumental (playing in the monitors) and her vocals together as heard on the radio and it’s even BETTER because you can hear every little thing she does.

    As for those saying she isn’t this person or that person, you’re right.. She does her own thing and the other “runners” respect her GREATLY. It all comes down to being well rounded. Try 20 years in the game – still slaying every platform touched, then come again!

  12. RG2 September 18, 2012

    That dance in the beginning was hilarious GOD I LOVE BRANDY!

  13. GAslickmouf September 18, 2012

    I love Bran Bran so much!

    I notice that Bran is still very much young. Her voice sound so much older and mature den a lot of other singers. I think her rasp gives her that edge over a lot of other singers.

    M j b, Fantasia even elle varner whom im starting to like has a rasp. All three also sream and yell while singing. Anyone can screaming yell. Brandy is very much pure, natural and also frm the heart. Whn singing brandy has no reason to yell scream and screech.

    The 1 bad thing I dont like is that whn she really n2 the song, the eye closing and faces must stop. Look at the crowd give them that emotion with your eye contact Brandy.

    other then dat. Paint this house nxt single plz, sxy dope video.

    Then Bran u back at the top!

    No shade but damn whr monica go??
    Lmao mess

  14. Sarah Says September 19, 2012

    Some people write essays on stupidness. The bottom line is you either like someones vocals or you don’t, and blogs give people a forum to voice their opinion, but when people start arguing, insisting and shooting downs people’s views and get personal it just borders on ridiculousness. I like Brandy’s voice but am not to keen on Beyonce’s, now i understand that people like Beyonce, maybe more than who likes Brandy (who knows) but it doesn’t mean my view means less. People on here need to learn to discuss and not argue…. it’s tiring

  15. RoyalKev September 19, 2012

    Wow! C’mon people, everyone has something different to offer. I think some individuals feel that something is being taken away from other singers because someone is given a title. That’s not the case at all.

    Artist earn these titles after putting in the time and work necessary. It’s simply a matter of recognizing what that musician brings to the table. I don’t think Brandy has a better voice than Whitney, but in my mind no one really does. What I think impress people most with Brandy, is her unmatched skill, versatility and technical abilities.

    Her riffs are colorful and unique. It’s nothing typical about her approach. She’s also singing in perfect key and she doesn’t miss the mark live. Monica may have more vocal power, but she often appears to be singing songs bigger than the range she possess. She doesn’t have the execution Brandy does. This is often Alicia and Jennifer Hudson’s problem as well. They own big vocal chops, but the delivery is messy. I give Christina props because she’s a no nonsense singer. She doesn’t have the voice she use to, but most of it is in tact. She’s also still one of the generations best. Beyonce has proven herself time and time again. The diction, the range, power and execution – she has it all. She’s just another rarity.

    Great singing goes beyond showcasing great power. Brandy is not sluggish in those areas either, but she brings so much more to the art of singing. I personally think the whole vocal bible thing is fitting because you won’t really find such a flexible vocalist in too many other real singers. Brandy’s creative styling, harmonies, technical accuracy live, control, emotion and passion is what she’s mastered, evenly. I rather have balanced out all those things and do well in all areas of singing, than dominate only one area. Great singers don’t have one strength and just fall flat everywhere else. Bran no jack of all trades, she’s a master of all!

  16. Bey Fan September 19, 2012

    I just died and came back to life……This woman’s tone…. amazing….

  17. HAHAHAHA September 19, 2012

    Did someone say that goat voiced, no control having Monica slays brandy?! HAHA!!! Christina sing through her nose and scream until she’s hoarse aguilera!? PLEASE! Jazmine cited brandy as one of her inspirations. She’s better than both of the afformentioned! Beyonce can do similar stuff as brandy (go from contralto to soprano with ease), but as far as tone goes she can become very overbearing! Sit down q*****!

    • LOL September 19, 2012


      • millhouse September 19, 2012

        Beyonce cant even walk in her own shoes with them fukd up hammer toes and corns….

  18. Love September 19, 2012

    This girl almost made me cry with the passion she brought to these songs! LAWD she’s GIFTED!

    • LOL September 19, 2012


  19. RnbGenius September 19, 2012


  20. Totin_Sabroso September 19, 2012

    Vocal Bible Indeed! This btch is fkn brilliant from her tone,to her vibrato, to the scale combination, her stacatto & attack techniques, her breathing & enunciation, her incredible low register, her soulfulness, her rasp & her texture, everything shits on our existances & our mamas, Brandy B’rocka Norwood is a bad btch can nobody compare 2 this woman, fk haters I’m getting my copy of 211 4sure!


  21. bran – the vocal bible September 19, 2012

    go branbran!

    you SLAYED dem all witcho raspy voice 6am in the moouurnin… :dead:

  22. riffand rasp September 19, 2012

    beasttttttt. sing brandy!

  23. riffand rasp September 19, 2012

    her tone s unmatched! sing heffa!

  24. Ayo September 19, 2012

    All I’m gonna say. Love her.

  25. Danny September 19, 2012

    Ummm Monica may be known for her range as far as holding notes longer than necessary but that’s about it she can no execuse runs like brandy her tone is not as pleasant or versatile as brandy’s and her control doesn’t
    Match brandy’s only thing Monica has over brandy is holding a note longer… That’s it,

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