Watch: Britney Spears & Simon Cowell Catch Up With ‘Ellen’

 ‘Criminal’ lip syncher Britney Spears joined media mogul Simon Cowell on the couch of ‘Ellen’ earlier today to discuss the highly anticipated second season of X Factor USA (September 12).

Spears, whose involvement in the show banked her a cool $15 million, kept it cool most of the interview letting the controversial Cowell do most of the talk – including lend comments on his frustration with ‘The Voice’ (which premiered last night).

When chatting about her kids however, the former stageblazer did light up (even if just a bit).  See what we mean below:

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(Sigh).  Old Britney…where are you?  Can you hear us?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Randy September 11, 2012

    Mind me asking… What was WRONG with Britney there? I didn’t see anything bad at all

    • MC September 11, 2012

      Its her eyes….there is no spark there……she seems I dunno, gone……

      • credits September 11, 2012

        You’re right, there’s no spark. I’m not much of a fan of britney spears and even i can see that. She does look good though.

  2. Sarah Says September 11, 2012

    I don’t like Simon Cowell and what he stands for.

  3. JJFan1814 September 11, 2012

    I think Sam and some of his ‘followers’ have a problem with people growing up. Sam thinks an artist should possess the same
    skill sets, if not better than his faves, that the artist had when they were younger and fresh on the scene.

    Hello Sam, this is your wake up. This is reality. People change. Music change. Nothing is forever. Help yourself to some acid in order to swallow that huge pill.

  4. JJFan1814 September 11, 2012

    I think Sam and some of his ‘followers’ have a problem with people growing up. Sam thinks an artist should possess the same
    skill sets, if not better than his faves, that the artist had when they were younger and fresh on the scene.

    Hello Sam, this is your wake up. This is reality. People change. Music change. Nothing is forever.

    • irene46 September 12, 2012

      because an artist matures doesn’t mean that their talent completely diminishes as in britney’s case.

      case in point:

      1. christina
      2. pink
      3. beyoonce
      4. usher
      5. brandy
      6. justin t
      7. mariah
      8. m j (to the day he died)
      9. mick jagger
      10. cher and so…

      all are still extremely talented. “this is reality”.

  5. christinaslilfighter September 11, 2012

    We all know Simon only wanted Britney to help boost his flop ratings.

    I still can’t get over that Britney is going to be judging people based on their vocals, and stage prescence when she herself has none of the above.

    • irene46 September 12, 2012

      he’s just using her as a freak show attraction. many will be just tuning in to see if she falls on her face. i feel sorry for her.

  6. mobwife September 11, 2012

    I love that fact that you can have can befriend a man for the express purpose of screwing his WIFE and all is forgiven. So it’s okay to sleep with Lou Diamond Phillps wife and run off with her becuase your name is Ellen DeaGENERATE o_0? …s****!!

    Anywho, why is Simon worried so much about The Voice? Do your thing if it’s worth doing and ppl will watch it’s as simple as that!

  7. mobwife September 11, 2012

    On a positive note: BRITNEY SPEARS LOOKS AMAZING! Get it Brit-Brit 🙂

  8. IJUDGEFLIPFLOPS September 11, 2012

    Britney seems like, dead. She seems lost & it makes me cringe just watching her sit there very awkwardly. The old Britney will never come back, sorry. She’s still the Princess of Pop.

  9. Arthur September 11, 2012

    OMG! You guys in this site are just haters. I can’t believe this! Britney is super cute, sweet and funny here. She is just like Brit in her old interviews. It is so unfair. You are not impartial at all. When it comes to your favorites artists, you praise them no matter what they do. For example, Aguilera and Mariah are f***** rude and impolite women and you are proud to write in here how cocky they are. WHAT THE F***! Everything I read today was only positive things about Britney and how much she made people laugh at this appearance on Ellen. I really used to like this site, but you are just haters. If you don’t like some artists just don’t talk s*** about them.

    • MC September 11, 2012

      First of all, there is no need to bring any other artists here. Secondly, no one said she was mean; all that was said was that she looks dead in the eyes. This is very true. Any pictures or videos you see of her after she cleaned her act-up she looks brain washed and uninspired. There is no spark in her eyes and she looks….dead….

      • Arthur September 12, 2012

        I just wanted to say how unfair this site is with some singers. There must be something wrong with me because for me she looks very happy. Yesterday at the Chinese Theatre she looked more than “lighten up”. Anyway, Britney rules. More power to her!

  10. Suicide Blonde September 11, 2012

    I still think this is the lowest point of her career, this show is not on her level. Every time I see Britney she makes me feel sad because behind that smile you can see her pain, she’s not happy, i still don’t know why but this girl has no peace, she’s not the same, i mean Kevin Federline must have a golden d*** because he makes her go nuts, all that just for a Man.

  11. Monstarebel September 11, 2012

    Oh yes britney looks fabulous and all you people hating can STFU and suck my fat f****** d***!

  12. DOSSOME September 11, 2012

    maybe its because she just realised she is a mother to two growing kids & that she needs to stop making headlines with controversies all the time like her mentor Madonna…personally i love the old britney more but the new britney seems more mature,calm and focused on other responsibilities other than pop music…Sam only hates britney coz her recording career is more successful than beyonce’s (in terms of album sales,singles sales and touring receipts) coz her record sales are in the league of janet jackson,which beyonce is far from reaching…Everyone including britney and her fans know she is not as talented as most of her peers but still love her regardless coz even on a bad day she still sells records (see blackout)

  13. K-as September 11, 2012

    really? she is great, she is doing her best so i really don`t realize why this comments. By the way the Ellen audience was the higher since 2003, even Gaga`s or Bieber`s wasn`t so hot and whatched as Mr. Spears. i think this is everything. She dance, she talk, she scream what people wants more? even Britney receiving 15 milion Simon is the owner of this show, so is normal he talk more than her. Give a Break folks

  14. JER September 11, 2012

    Still trying to start s***.

    Britney has acted like this–distant, not completely there– since motherfucking 2006. Yal get it TOGETHER acting like it’s a pressing issue. The only thing pressed is you broke h***. BREAKING NEWS!!!!! BRITNEY SPEARS ACTS LIKE SHE’S ON ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. gurl bye

  15. HD live September 11, 2012

    too many Britney’s news this week I’M SO HAPPY FOR HER SHE IS DOING AN AMAZING JOB WITH THE X FACTOR

  16. Nirvana September 12, 2012

    Sam we get that yu don’t like musiicians other than your faves but britney has shown improvement,she’s a pop icon her debut album outsells Beyonce’s solo discography,I know it’s hard but have some respect!!

  17. Shaquinisha-rose September 12, 2012

    @ the first video; Boo-Hoo Simon!! For real though, that is the nature of the beast. He can’t sit there and pretend he wouldn’t do exactly the same thing if the table were turned…

  18. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 12, 2012

    I don´t think she is unhappy in her life. I just think she is not happy with her work as a musical act. She doesn´t want it anymore. It´s kind of a forced thing. Just that. She doesn´t have it anymore (sad cos not having what you had just by the age of 26 or so is sad). Not that she had much anyway, just the spark and some it factor, musically she is nothing

  19. irene46 September 12, 2012

    simon’s boo-hooing over the voice is a silly and ridiculous attempt to alienate the audience against the voice. he’s trying to make it appear competing against the x factor is a cruel injustice to the audience. this happens in programing all the time and he’s lying when he says he wouldn’t do the same to get ratings.

    he’s playing the “mean old christina” against the “sweet humble britney” game. he’s not even sleek.

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