‘Diamonds’: Rihanna Hits #1 On R&B Chart / Slips On Hot 100

Published: Thursday 11th Oct 2012 by David

Arguably, Rihanna has never been an R&B act, despite dabbling in the genre every now and again throughout her seven year career.

However, in what is a testament to her far reaching appeal, the chart topper’s latest single ‘Diamonds’ has hit #1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop tally, despite being…well… not R&B.

Details below…

Despite being unable to compete  with Adele and Ke$ha on the Billboard Hot 100, the Pop star did beat Miguel’s ‘Adorn’  and Beyonce‘s ‘Dance For You‘ on an R&B front, coming in at #1.

All this, despite coming in at #61 on the R&B/ Hip Hop airplay tally.

Interesting, as it indicates the sales of the number were generated by its heavy rotation of Pop outlets  giving her a unique advantage over the Keyshia Cole‘s, Brandy‘s and Ciara‘s of the world,who don’t have the benefit of the singer’s ‘Top 40’ positioning.

Here’s hoping the release of its video will see‘Diamonds‘ take its rightful place atop the Hot 100 in time for the release of album #7.

However, with Adele‘s ‘Skyfall’ already pulling a ‘21‘ less than a week after release, chart domination may prove a little tougher than usual for ‘Ms.Take A Bow‘ this year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. sentfromupabove October 11, 2012



    • zzzzzzg October 11, 2012

      Rihanna is R&B dookie for brains.If you listen to MOTS,GLM those are her R&B albums.She can be R&B,Reggae or POP

  2. Aaron October 11, 2012

    She has always been R&B…..

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 11, 2012

      NOT FOR HELLL LMAO -Listens to Final Goodbye by rihanna- Horrid

  3. Viciousss October 11, 2012

    I guess so long as you’re black…

  4. JOHNVIDAL October 11, 2012

    So many things wrong with Billboard as usual
    Diamonds is not an R&B song so it shouldn´t be on the R&B chart. End of
    And from what I understand with this post she is not there cos R&B stations supported it big way or something (despite being pop), which would be a testament of her crossover appeal. But it´s not the case. So why is it there???

    Well the important thing is Adele is already slaying the rest on the main chart (Hot 100)

    • JD October 20, 2012

      Dummy if its not R&B then why R&B stations playing the song? Did it not debut on the R&B airplay charts??? And How is Adele already slaying when her new song just fell out the top ten on the Hot 100 in less than 2 weeks??

  5. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 11, 2012

    LMAOO I remember when the whores of navy came after beyonce when her single reached # 1 on R&B charts now look at this crack b****.

    • Blue the Real Hive October 11, 2012

      Navy said r&b don’t count look now they screaming mad lool they all idiots

      • zzzzzzg October 11, 2012

        Nobody is saying R&B doesn’t count.Bey had no bb hot 100 top 10,thats the problem lol Diamonds will be in the top 10 navy not press over an R&B song but Bey HIVS celebrating it like it’s the best thing ever.

      • We will stand tall…and face it all together October 11, 2012

        For someone who’s “WASHED UP” in all meanings, yes it MATTERS.

    • lax October 14, 2012

      And the Whores of the Navy says kiss a skunks ass
      because as yo ass can see Rihanna is right off into the mix with the so called big girsa it don’t get much bigger then beyonce and adele, scumbags.

    • Lax October 14, 2012

      @Blue the real bey hive,,,,I know why yo asses or Pissy, son.

      Rihanna was just named the No. 1 pop star of the Decade by Billboard Magazine…

      Billboard ranked the hottest 100 pop stars based on sales and your girl came out on top.

      Rihanna has the most chart appearances (34), the most top 10s (21) and the most no. 1 hits (9).

      The list breaks down like this

      1. RIHANNA
      2. P!NK
      6. KATY PERRY
      7. USHER
      10. MADONNA

  6. Lax October 11, 2012

    Don’t bug Rih with yo own personal problems, take
    it up with Billboard, soundscan, Global charts because
    nobody is wagging a war aganist Adele, Beyonce , or the
    woman that sold so much so years back oh yes Susan many
    songs being soul, r&b, dah, dah, dah talk to the hand and if you
    can’t figure it out then tell the big Oak Tree.

    Why not rewrite the music books to try and please yourselves..

  7. Lax October 11, 2012

    So, Who Finally Topped The 2011 Best-Selling Albums Chart? Beyonce Or Rihanna?
    Dec 30, 2011 By HelloBeautifulStaff Neither. Adele did! The results are finally in and 2011′s World Wide Year-End chart is available for all to see. The figures are based on the album sales made within the year – even if the album, itself, wasn’t released then.

    Holding the #1 spot is Adele, whose 21 album sold 15.3 million copies. (She also holds the #7 spot with her 19 album – despite it being released three years ago – with 2.8 million copies.)

    Lady Gaga technically nabbed the #2 spot, but she is still very far behind Adele in sales; her Born This Way album sold 5.4 million copies.

    Rihanna sits pretty at the #5 spot with her LOUD album selling 3.4 million copies.

    Beyonce, however, just made the cut. She achieved the final spot in the Top 10 with her 4 album selling only 2.1 million copies this year.

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 11, 2012

      H** hush and take a laxative. Your so depressed its making your p**** loose.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        @OMG Pleassssssse, be for real, bum bytch!

      • OMG Here comes the whores of Rihanna October 11, 2012

        Can’t even spell to save you’re life. Education ditched you baby.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        @OMG,,,,,H*** like you are a dime a dozen! Always on a Rih post trying to muddy the water, just remember, son Rihanna can look through Muddy Water and spot dry land, Son
        Rihanna Was…..
        Originally marketed as a reggae singer, Rihanna’s musical genre has changed throughout the course of her career, which includes pop, R&B, hip hop, dance-pop and dancehall.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        Volume 65 of the Contemporary Black Biography book series notes that “Rihanna is the rare rhythm and blues (R&B) diva to emerge from the Caribbean world.”[141] Becoming an international sensation, Rihanna is known for blending R&B with Caribbean music, such as reggae and dancehall.

        Known forblending R&B with caribbean music such as
        Regga & Dancehall….

      • Leepy-loop October 11, 2012

        @LAX you believe everything you read boo?

      • lax October 14, 2012

        As Beyonce’s hubby says Numbers don’t lie
        ass holes!

  8. me October 11, 2012

    SHE did not slip on billboard. she went up.

    sam celebrates when beyonce is number on on the hip hop and irrelevant dance chart but hates it when its rihanna

    • OMG Here comes the whores of Rihanna October 11, 2012

      No ya’lll hated it when beyonce reached the top so why should we like it when Slutanna reached it.

    • TRUTH SERUM October 11, 2012

      Hates??? When that song isn’t R&B and hasn’t been played in R&B Outlets there is a problem… Its not a R&B nor should it consider one to chart… if thats the case Justin Beiber should be number 1 on R&B all the time… Def Jam is pulling out all the stops to make that single seem successful..

  9. me October 11, 2012

    SAM when last did ur fave beyonce see her song in the top ten of hot 100? if this were her single there u would be celebrating. ADELE is the reason ur fave did not win grammys and went unnoticed last year. her rise also means the fall of ur fave, not only of rihanna.

    • OMG Here comes the whores of Rihanna October 11, 2012

      LMAO I can’t with the stans of Rihanna acting like the victim. Ya’ll want burning.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        @OMG,,,If you can’t with the Navy then GTFO..

  10. zzzzzzg October 11, 2012

    lol I see the haters are mad because Rihanna can slay on any chart including R&B!! While your fav is struggling for a hot bb top 10 single!! I can’t!! hate on Rihanna for anything.

  11. quetta October 11, 2012

    the only thing interesting about this post is the GIF of adele

    • Lax October 11, 2012

      QUETTA Yo ass can quietly shut the f*ck up because Adele did a number on Beyonce’s ass too, not only did Adele mop
      the dam floor and charts with Beyonce’s ass Adele also Waxed the charts REALLLLY good with Beyonce’s ass,,,AND EVEN THOUGH RIHANNA is the less likely artist to even stand a chance no place on the charts Rihanna still was able to be a PHUCKING CLOSER on the charts with “Ttt’ and Rih also was lucky enough to make some Hits.
      1-800-RIRI-HITS, Ass Wipe!

      Adele 15.3
      Rih 3.4
      Bey 2.1

      • quetta October 11, 2012

        I like adele..so your point?? Didn’t read the rest of your post because its nothing but s*** your’re talking, nothing new.

      • lax October 14, 2012

        Quetta it just proves My point you low life scumbags can’t stand the phucking truth, bum bytches.

  12. pat October 11, 2012

    RIH is included in r and b too now….i guess that means no more number ones for ur fav ever….

    • We will stand tall…and face it all together October 11, 2012

      UNLESS, she has the BIGGEST R&B hit of the YEAR.

  13. A October 11, 2012

    The big labels must have paid so much to Billboard.

    really sad news. really really sad

  14. Hilly October 11, 2012

    Wait, what? Diamonds is R&B? It’s the same type of song as “Wide Away”.
    Anyway, congrats… I guess

  15. GURL (I LOVE A PRESSED B**** THEY MAKE ME LOL) October 11, 2012

    It’s gonna hit #1 when the video comes out 🙂 where is beyonce on the hot 100 tho?? no where to be found. LMAOOO

    • JD October 20, 2012

      LOL Beyonce fans coming I here upset that Rihanna hit #1!

  16. Blue the Real Hive October 11, 2012

    Being black doesn’t automatically make u r&b and soul f*** American charts they don’t even which category an artist like Richie should b on disgrace

  17. ENOUGH ONIKA October 11, 2012

    Anything negative TGJ can find on this girl will of course be posted. Samantha where’s all Rita’s singles on US Billboard? I never saw a post on her chart positions..

    • boopboop October 11, 2012

      MTE! i don’t see rih’s supposed “worst nightmare” anywhere on hot 100

  18. WaitUrTurn88 October 11, 2012


    • LDC October 15, 2012

      Liar. You ain’t never heard Diamonds played on a black station. Quit lying.

      • JD October 20, 2012

        Yes it is being played dummy!! It debut at #61 and has since moved to #40!! And still #1 on the R&B charts for 2 weeks!!

  19. blue diamonds October 11, 2012

    With this rule almost every rihanna song will rule the r&b chart for years to come. Seeing as she is the top single selling black artist around holy mother!!!!! Here comes the r&b records. Smash!
    if i was a hater i’ll go hang myself with gum

  20. Blue October 11, 2012

    Being black, having r&b elements in ur music and getting airplay on urban radio makes u r&b

  21. mr.m October 11, 2012

    She’s flopping HARDER than ever ..
    Ke$ha slayed her black ugly ass and Adele buried her alive
    RIP, Goathanna

    • GURL (I LOVE A PRESSED B**** THEY MAKE ME LOL) October 11, 2012

      and i’m pretty sure you’re black smh

      • quetta October 12, 2012

        . Not everyone who downplays someone black is black. Get a life!! Get out your feelings..because your in WAY too f***** DEEP!!

    • lax October 14, 2012

      She might be flopping in yo Saw dust brains you DOUCH BAG, But the truth is Rihanna did Better then Beyonce’s ass and that ijs with albums U scumbags. i know it kills your spit=rits to see Rihanna selling albums right along with singles and Rih is doinfg better then beyonce ever did at her phucking age and bey has had a lot of Formal Training.

    • JD October 20, 2012

      She spends her second week at #1 on the R&B charts and she is flopping?

      Her single just moved up to #11 on the Hot 100 up from #18(and passed Adele) and she is flopping?

      Diamonds has hit top 5 in over 17 countries and she is Flopping?

  22. anano October 11, 2012


    • lax October 14, 2012

      Prove that it is Bullshyt!!!!

  23. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 11, 2012

    Oh so Riri is also on the RnB charts? That means Flopyonce will not even have a hit on those charts. Poor Flop-Hive, I hope you’ve warned your fave.

    Diamonds sounds like Adult Contemporary pop to me but if it’s getting requests on RnB radio, can’t be mad at Riri. Rihanna is a versatile chick who does Euro dance, RnB, reggae, pop rock and adult contemporary pop. She has a lot of crossover appeal.

    • zzzzzzg October 11, 2012

      Rihanna is crushing the HIVS hopes and dreams.BB R&B was the only thing they had left to celebrate for Bey.Now when they see Rihanna’s name going straight to the top they thumbs down everybody’s comment.I can’t with the stans!! lolI I guess when Rihanna’s new album goes #1 in the US that will be the end of Beyawnce.

    • We will stand tall…and face it all together October 11, 2012

      **Waits until the Year-End R&B Chart is released**

      • lax October 14, 2012

        Phuck the end of the yrea this is for right now scumbags and i know it is hurting you down to your bones, to see.

  24. Beyonce’s Kryptonite October 11, 2012

    Billboard made a human mistake. Brandy’s “Put It Down” is supposed to be #1 while Rihanna’s song jumped up to #16.

    You stand fell for Sam’s posting of this story because he can tell it was an error so then he can write a follow-up story about how he knew that Rihanna being #1 is impossible so that the stupid stans can come and attack and give the site more hits.

    I am RihannaNavy, but I cannot believe that some of my fellow Navy cannot see thru the BS here.

    • lax October 14, 2012

      Billboard, sounscan, acharts and the Offical chart company
      always Makes a mistakes when Rihanna music is selling.

  25. RoyalKev October 11, 2012

    Just odd!!! None of this makes any logical sense. It’s seem like it’s very difficult for people over at Billboard to distinguish R&B artists from Pop artists (and their music for that matter). It’s really screwed up because artists making pop friendly music can’t get a Hot 100 hit to save their life. Take a look at their top 20 , every song is a carbon copy of the general style of music that is out today. Diamonds is a pop song, period! It’s not R&B AT ALL . Even Beyonce’s partially R&B laced ‘4’ didn’t ONLY release R&B singles and that’s were most of them landed (on that chart). Chris Brown’s #1 R&B topper on Itunes, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ is a pop song! Brandy’s PID is easily crossover Urban pop. The same goes for music by artists like Janet, Ciara and even Alicia over the last couple of years! Billboard is clashing the genres and it’s really ridiculous. PSY being the #1 Rap song says it all!


    • lax October 14, 2012

      It don’t have to make sense its the law, son.

  26. Jer October 11, 2012

    Yal stay mad. You’ll love it wen your faves get a boost

  27. islandboi242 October 11, 2012

    Im so sick of this f***..This b**** aint f****** rnb and the song is trash so how come its number 1. Billboard so f*** up for changing that because put it down and ice was coming for that number 1 spot. This is so f***** up ..i guess now only rihanna, beyonce, gaga, Katy, Adele and nicki could get number 1. Music industry so f****** racist these days and it needs to stop. even with award shows the same white/bright artist getting nominated when none dropped nothing or even sing rnb for a few years

    • lax October 14, 2012

      Island,,,,knock yourself all the way out and get over it, because i know u r pissed because its rihanna, but as you know the show must and will go on.

  28. SASHA October 11, 2012


    To all the MOTHERFUCKETS moaning about being black automatically makes you an rnb artist……. STFU!

    There have been plenty of black rock, indie, folk, country artists whose songs hasnt graced an rnb chart ever!!!

    The reason why they confuse black artists who arent rnb is because the majority of black acts in mainstream music is pop.

    And pop music is a very versatile genre so its harder to classify. THE END!!!

    • lax October 14, 2012

      SASHA so what, if it was bey;s ass there wouldn’t
      be a word uttered.

  29. ZANIA October 11, 2012

    Can someone explained to me why CB Don’t wake me up isn’t on the R & B chart, and it is actually higher than Alicia Keys song on Itunes chart. On itunes they have that song listed as R & B.

  30. nunu October 11, 2012

    I like Diamonds but its not R&B its more pop/soul

  31. Mad-On-Her October 11, 2012

    I’d love to see what would happen now if Britney released Slave 4 U part 2. Would that go to number 1 on the RnB charts? It’s a lot more RnB than Diamonds will ever be… But Billboard only sees colour now it seems.
    I hate this change. It’s just opening the door for acts that are already overexposed to get more accolades, whilst robbing acts who would genuinely benefit from it.
    I really wanted Brandy to get the RnB number 1…

  32. real October 11, 2012

    Many people arent happy about this, we should complain to billboard to reserve the rnb/hiphop chart the way it was!!!

  33. mobwife: blowin’ money fast October 11, 2012

    Wait, Beyonce‘s ‘Dance For You’ song and video are horrible although she looks good in the vid I can’t lie! LOL 🙂

    I really do like Rihanna’s ‘Diamond’ and can’t wait to see the video for the song. @TGJ STOP comparing Black Women to WHITE females! Adele is the overall favorite female (if not artist) in the media today….PERIOD! And not just compared to Rihanna but Beyonce, Lady Gaga, KatyPerry, Xtina, Britney etc. so lets not be surprised when she dominates the chart. And lets be honest, SKYFALL IS THAT CUT!! 🙂

    ***On player repeat right now – Skyfall, Don’t Judge Me & Diamond

    • lax October 14, 2012

      That grape loves the shade that is out there for Rih and i agree with you MOBWIFE, they or always pitting one aganist the others and white aganist black and never pit any one aganist Rih but the so called big girls,,,
      Rihanna is never hardly pitted aganist any body else as hard as shes pitted aganist beyonce’s ass and now they throw Adele into the mix knowing that Adele mopped the floor with all of their asses and if they wanted to say that beyonce was a hot rapper these d***** bags would embrace it with open arms,,,, phuck these scumbags from the bey hive, especially.

  34. joker October 11, 2012

    it gained r&b audience sales? good thing right? then i guess that cb stunt did sumthing. 😀

  35. JJFan1814 October 11, 2012



  36. Boss October 11, 2012

    Fuc Rihanna, her gavy nd billboard real talk.

    • lax October 14, 2012

      Boss and the same to yo ass, boo, boo.

  37. Mr. B! October 11, 2012

    Rihanna may have started out TRYING to be R&B, but she is ABSOLUTELY NOT R&B!!!

  38. MC October 11, 2012

    So sad that R&B acts are being pushed to the side on their own chart.

    • lax October 14, 2012

      Yes it is.

  39. STFU July 27, 2015

    I like Rihanna, but she like a Carribean Log on stage, i’m sorry. Charts my ass, i am not a fan of either so i am crossover…but Bey is a way more versatile performer than Rih nasty tramp ass will ever be. Sorry FACT….now carry on with your arguing kiddies????

  40. STFU July 27, 2015

    I lied about liking Rih…i absolute hate the b****!! She only getting her success from all the lies she told about CB abusing her. SHe was just a w**** and she used that to get fame and gain people liking her to boost her career. She will never ever be the Queen that beez Beyonce. She just thinks she is better. So does her fans….Adele not much either because she copied soul singer vocals…she can’t dance at all!! Both them b****** fans wish they could crush Beyonce as a triple threat but no luck…she is still the most wanted performer!

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