Hot Shots: Rihanna ‘Shines Bright’ In Santa Monica

Published: Wednesday 10th Oct 2012 by David


Peep these snaps of a glowing Rihanna, on her way to dinner in Santa Monica last night.

Glued to her cell phone and sporting a modest black number, the Pop enchantress was snapped two months before the release of her seventh studio album, which already boasts the US smash hit ‘Diamonds’ and numbers penned by ‘Enough Of No Love‘ mastermind, Elijah Blake.

More pics below…

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  1. Lax October 10, 2012

    Rih we see you and I know you are up to something
    new and exciting Mamma!

  2. Lock down October 10, 2012

    She looks old with this hair it shows her big forehead and wide nose more!! Anyway I like that Sia song “Diamonds”

    • Lax October 10, 2012

      @LOCK DOWN,,,Let me get this right now
      you want Rihanna to try and buy herself a
      Designer Head, Right, well tell me deery do
      you want the same for yo mamma and yo
      pappa and yo bull dog looking Self?

      • Lock down October 10, 2012

        She is still ugly she doesn’t look nice when she is dressed down (eg. Oprah interview etc) should I bring up that “Side show bob pic” mediaTakeOut posted? Lmao ugly as hell

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        @Lock Down STFU Yo broke, busted
        good for nothing , but talking shy like you
        are plugged into a electrical shyt talking
        machine. And there you or sitting behind
        your computer looking Like “Shyt On The
        Shingles, Of A Old School House” in the
        middle of a cow pasture.

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        @LOCK DOWN And another thing we can’t help how we look so if you feel good talking about Rihanna big head and blah, blah it’s still all good You little Frog!

    • raphael October 10, 2012

      you should get the award for most ignorant comment on here, rihanna is beautiful if you feel the need to bring down her looks then how insecure can you be about yourself.

      and sia wrote the song for her you d*** breath, just like a bunch of people write songs for beyonce and she “forgets” to give them credit for

      • barbie October 10, 2012

        nope, they were not thinking about Rih when the song was completed

    • James227 October 10, 2012


      STFU You are out of order.

  3. Lax October 10, 2012

    There’s many thing’s that She have already put in to place and has
    in her bag so to say that will keep her in the music fabrics of our lives
    for many years to come. While she may not be a strong dancer, or a
    belter she is still doing something that is right because shes still on top.
    I love how she has been taught, train and molded into the artist she is
    still learning, just as all of those others who or out their working their booty’s off…

  4. Lax October 10, 2012

    Rihanna has been already named the “Queen” of Facebook after she became the most liked woman. Now she is the most liked person overall! She has just passed Eminem who held that crown.

    Rihanna’s “Likes” weren’t harmed after recent Facebook action to remove fake Likes. The move follows the social network’s admission that 8.7% of its users are not “real”, many having been set up by spammers who use them to artificially make pages appear more popular.

    Rihanna has now 61,509,442 likes and still growing! Congratulations!

  5. Lock down October 10, 2012

    64 mil facebook likes Yet her last album pushed 3 mil? Uhm that doesn’t mean anything

    • Lax October 10, 2012

      Rih is on the artist of the decades Line up.
      Rih is on the Artist of the Century line up.
      Rih song “We Found Love” is the first song
      by any artist to top the UK & US charts for
      six six weeks since “Umbrella”.
      Her FB Count isn’t a Sin, Its “Business”
      Ass Hole!
      @Lock down! dumb ass.

  6. krys October 10, 2012

    Très belle comme toujours! mais qu’elle horrible robe! on dirais un moine du 17ème!

    • Likica October 10, 2012

      LoL Why do you keep posting in French? 😛

  7. RUDE NAVY October 10, 2012

    i like wearing black at night , that’s what we call “chic” !!

  8. Beyonce’s Weave October 10, 2012

    Beautiful as always, I just love Rihanna, she has an amazing sense of style.

  9. WaitUrTurn88 October 10, 2012


  10. kelly October 10, 2012

    Fresh faced beauty. She can rock short hair and no make up. Her style is easy breezey. After this dinner, she went to the recoding studio for a late night session.

  11. commanderofthedancefloor October 10, 2012

    i know i am on this post, but can we get more information about music and entertainment and less of look who just got out her car, and look who is walking down the street im just saying.

  12. Lax October 10, 2012

    @Grape any time you have to inject NEGATIVITY
    into the articles written and posted on Rihanna tells a great story of a girl from very Humble beginnings and made it big
    and she did it in the United states where there are many
    American girls who have did it good before her, but since shes a Black from the Islands who has clearly made it, to the haters there’s no reason to treat RIHANNA nice when yo asses are bitter, pressed, and stressed over her much success THEREFORE it is easier to call RIHANNA ho, s***, untalented, s**** dah, dah dah from now on to make yo monkey asses feel good. The only thing is many ill still support Rihanna because Rihanna has always been treated like the Under dog ever since She out lasted Her 15 minutes. Its okay for Ke$ha, Kelly, eve, monica, gaga, britney, jojo, rita, chris, trez, and countless others to do well but the haters FIXATION is on the “Caribbean”
    and if all goes well Rihanna will keep right on loosing some and winning some and you can keep right on Eating Yo Hearts Out
    Sooooo from here on i will try not to judge or ride the haters backs to hard because after all i know that they have to have Rihanna to try and feed off of her and do Rihanna love all of you inspite of your SHITTY slander and hate toward her so keep the Hateration parties going
    on because Rihanna knows how to serves up these Hate parties and Rihanna Hate parties keeps rocking till the wheels fall off. IMO GRAPE EVEN IF YOU POST A ARTICLE ON rihanna AND EVERY word is positive THE HATERS WILL STILL TRY TO TEAR, BEAT AND BASH
    Rihanna’s head off because the dye has been casted
    and there’s nothing Rihanna’s haters would rather do then talk me and the Navy down because we see things different from what they see, amazing.In the end nobody wins when they or trying to DOGGGGGG another and we all know that as long as any of the artists keep working as hard as they can there’s no stopping any of them not even Rih, Rih!

  13. F*** That Grape Juice October 10, 2012

    no negative comments about Rhianna today sour grape juice? !!!! I cant believe it!!!

  14. THE DIAMOND NAVY October 11, 2012

    She is so cutting-edge! I love her

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