Report: Beyonce Bows Out Of ‘A Star Is Born’

Published: Wednesday 10th Oct 2012 by Sam

Touted as Beyonce‘s biggest movie role since Dreamgirls, Clint Eastwood’s ‘A Star Is Born’ has been anticipated in earnest by both the music and film industries. However, according to new reports, the remake of the 1976 classic has been dealt a devastating blow — Beyonce has departed the project.

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Variety report that the superstar songstress, who enjoyed Platinum success with last year’s ‘4’, was excited about ‘Born’ and taking on the role made famous by Barbara Streisand in the original. Yet, without a definitive shooting schedule and with her own calendar said to be jam-packed, the 31 year old had no choice but to drop out of the production.

The singer’s departure is sure to disappoint the movie’s producers who pushed back initial development due to her pregnancy last year. Though unconfirmed, reports suggest there is now strong interest in signing up Jazz star Esperanza Spaulding to replace Beyonce. However, until a male lead is locked-in (Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Tom Cruise have all been approached), no decisions will be made on the lead female.


Any one who’s seen Beyonce’s turn as Etta James in 2008’s ‘Cadillac Records’ will know how seasoned an actress she’s becoming. Hence, it’s somewhat unfortunate that she won’t be able to show what she’s working with on this particular project.

However, ‘jam-packed schedule’ sounds like music to our ears and hopefully means there’ll literally be new Beyonce “music to our ears” in the not too distant future.

We’ve heard A LOT of exciting behind the scenes chatter about King B’s next move. However – in only dabbling in the business of facts (and knowing how plans change) – we’ll leave it to the singer herself to divulge what she’s got coming up. We can say that her ever-loyal BeyHive will not be disappointed.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax October 10, 2012

    Beyonce i am so proud of you, because you has shown
    strength and after the way Clint’s ass acted i don’t blame
    you, there will be more movie roles bigger and better for
    you Beyonce.
    @Bey Hive, don’t try to start no shyt, i amd reminde of what Granny
    always told all of Us and that is….If you don’t stand for something
    you will fall for anything, and i was wondering how Bey was going
    to handle working with Clint Old Racist ass!

    • me October 10, 2012

      he aint racist. she was lucky to be cast in the first place.

      • kimberly October 10, 2012

        after what Clintwood did to Barack Obama I was not too sure about the role and prayed that the rumors were true. Well this is still a rumor but I cannot emajine working with that man after his stunt. Beyonce has almost grossed 1 billion in movies and will forever collect her royalties and with that schedule of hers next year. I f****** cannot wait. The haters will shout out their favorite line. “go take care of your child”.
        as confirmed that something big is int he making. and she always have surprises. good luck Clindwood that movie will go straight to dvd. lol

      • kimberly October 10, 2012

        .. and I hope Mitt Romney satisfy your asshole,

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 10, 2012

        Yes u r u cockroach h**

      • Blue the Real Hive October 10, 2012

        She lucky to take part with someone that sacrifice Witney Houston? I don’t think sooo

    • whocares October 10, 2012

      ain’t like the b**** can act anyway. lol

    • Kingphoenix October 10, 2012

      Hold up! Wait i know i haven’t been on here in awhile but whats going on. Lax have you matured? Did someone come to Barbadoes and teach you how to read something other than an internet article. So proud of you bew.

    • DERAS October 10, 2012

      PURE ( B)(S) .3 YEARS in the making ! No one in Hollywood wanted to be a lead actor in this obvious future FIASCO with her limited acting talent. That’s why they didn’t get a starting date for the shooting. She is using the Obama link and scheduling conflic to bail and save face 0__o. I don’t care if I get negative feedback. I just state the facts.

      • FAF October 10, 2012


      • alonzo wilson October 10, 2012


  2. Lax October 10, 2012

    Beyonce look as beautiful as ever in this beautiful picture.

    • sisa sly October 10, 2012

      did you just compliment beyonce?

      • Blue the Real Hive October 10, 2012

        Lol she is begging for (likes)

  3. Lax October 10, 2012

    Beyonce is the best!

    • FAF October 10, 2012


  4. kimberly October 10, 2012

    They cannot be mad . Beyonce was avaavailable this summer but clintwood too busy in mitt romney ass and busy still trying to find a male lead. Now that beyonce have her music to focus on what is she suppose to do cancell her entire callender 2013. hell no. her fans want music and a tour.
    If he had the male lead role already then ok, but during her pregnancy he still didn’t have one.
    F*** F*** clintwood. HOLA smiles… that means no f****** music delays

    • Lax October 10, 2012

      Let Clint old ass kiss a skunk, acting a dam fool
      with his stupid ass.

    • DERAS October 10, 2012

      PURE ( B)(S) .3 YEARS in the making ! No one in Hollywood wanted to be a lead actor in this obvious future FIASCO with her limited acting talent. That’s why they didn’t get a starting date for the shooting. She is using the Obama link and scheduling conflic to bail and save face 0__o. I don’t care if I get negative feedback. Ijust state the facts.

  5. me October 10, 2012

    ” the remake of the 1976 classic has been dealt a devastating blow — Beyonce has departed the project.” No she was kicked out.

    No they could not find a serious white actor willing to star with her coz they know she cant act. Clint had no choice but to dump her because he realised he made the biggest mistake casting her.

    • Ziggy Stardust October 10, 2012

      I was thinking the same exact thing. The fact that it took so long for an actor to be cast to star opposite Beyonce, says alot in and of itself. Beyonce is good at singing and dancing, but let’s keep it real, she’s not that good of an actress. And, most “A List” actors were not willing to take a gamble on starring in a film with her, based on her “lack of acting chops”. The movie wouldn’t just reflect on her, but it would reflect on that “A List” actor as well.

    • kimberly October 10, 2012

      you just changed the report boo. ur confused

    • Virtuoso Intellect October 10, 2012

      You just wish she was taken off the project booboo.

      Official report >>> your bias fabrication

    • Blue the Real Hive October 10, 2012

      Get ur nasty ass out of here

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      You are 100% right,. There is a blind item on the hollywood blogs, that a white actor ( one on that list ) will only do the film if they hire Rihanna.

  6. kimberly October 10, 2012

    btw esperazah lead role umm. This movie will go straight to DVD.

  7. me October 10, 2012

    cant they find talented actresses out there instead of casting someone who cant act just coz she is pretty and famous and will bring in the cash? she was terrible in obsessed. by the way, i am not a rihanna stan. i think bey has a voice but truth will be spoken

    • Truth Teller October 10, 2012

      lol i hve to agree not a rihanna fan but she’s a better actress. i saw battleship and her acting was pretty convincing whereas beyonce is like a brick wall

      • islandboi242 October 10, 2012

        i have to definatly have to agree she sucks ass as a actress its really not for her so she just do her overrated music

    • commanderofthedancefloor October 10, 2012

      i was thinking that lea michelle would be good for this role.

  8. me October 10, 2012

    “Though unconfirmed, reports suggest there is now strong interest in signing up Jazz star Esperanza Spaulding to replace Beyonce. However, until a male lead is locked-in”


    she is talented and educated and fluent and perfect for the role

    i want new music from bey though. Bring it on!!!!!!

  9. Lax October 10, 2012

    @BEYONCE,,,I have a question before the Crazies get in here and it
    is this Kang Beyonce , What do you think about Rihanna being named by Billboard,,
    Rihanna named Billboard’s Queen of Pop
    Create a hardcopy of this page
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    Posted: Monday, October 8,
    Rihanna has just been announced as Billboard’s Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years, a title based solely on her “Pop Songs” chart performance.
    The singer’s achievements on the chart include 34 total appearances – with 21 top ten hits and nine number one songs – all since the pop songs chart began on Oct. 3, 1992.
    The top ten was dominated by solo women singers, with Usher the only male, and Black Eyed Peas the only group.
    Pink is in second place, followed by Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey.
    Rounding out the top ten were Usher in seventh, followed by Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson and Madonna.
    Beyonce i know that even though RIHANNA don’t dance as hard as you and is not a Belter as you or, still yet this will be seen as a great ACHIEVENMENT for the Mega Artist , How do you fell Beyonce? I REALLLLLLLLY don’t want to fight and this is a fair Question” wouldn’t you say Beyonce, and if you feel like it is a FAIR Question then pleassssse tell the hive to not start picking on me Kaaaaang Bey, Thanks….

    • kimberly October 10, 2012

      someone is looking for attention from the artist who has been named female artist of the decade from billboard. Ringtone and ariplay artist as well as most certifications FROM RIAA in HISTORY . OH DID SHE GET THE AWARD ARTIST OF THE MILLINNEUN FROM BILLBOARD. OH IT WAS NOT ON A LIST. SHE TOOK IT HOME. SHE CANNOT TAKE THE LIST HOME. SORRY.

      and dummy may i mention that beyonce’s catalogue is mostly R AND B not POP. That was a pop list.

      In addition what do you think of her never making the VH1 history listings. Voted by real musicians. Please check Beyonce’s History b**** or take a week off to read wikipedia, I promise ther’s a lot to remember


      • CHILE October 10, 2012

        lol someone is pressed *whistles*

      • Virtuoso Intellect October 10, 2012

        U still read LAX’s rants ??

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        @KIMBERLY While I respect what you or saying
        but, less be real here, RIHANNA earned the best of pop in 20 years, and this will be something they will go forward with from hear on. Now also this Artist of the Milliinnuem was a FIRST and I am sure it will be given to some one else in the
        near Future, i am not saying jack shyt aganist and never have i said anything NEGATIVE about Beyonce winning that award, and you can call it looking for ATTENTION or what ever you please i was SIMPLY Asking a question and you or saying that I AM lOOKING FOR attention FOR rihanna WELLLL YOU KNOW KIMBERLY When you or the most popular artist in the world dead or alive there’s no need to look for ATTENTION because attention will Look For You, Bettta ask somebody , KIMBERLY! Peace.

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        @Kimberly and here i was thinking you was at least
        a little smart and since you want to go H.A.M. I take
        offense to that SHITTY part about ATTENTION,,,,And want you
        to know that while i have already did enought but wanted to say that it Matters a dam how they got here just know that they made it and it’s of record, which i know you love TALKING POINT so you can bite, stratch, kick, bop, hop and claw all you want to but Hey Rihanna has got something going on here, okay..
        Hey Kimberly when others or populat then folk such as yourself can always do anything or say anything to make yourself feel good….

    • RIAH October 10, 2012

      This is stupid. Beyonce is not a pop artist like Rihanna. She’s R&B! Plus Beyonce was named Billboard Women of the Year in 2008, Billboard’s Radio Songs Artist of the 2000s decade and Billboard’s Female Artist of the 2000s decade! And let’s not forget RIAA named her the Most Certified Artist of the 2000s decade!

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        Yeah we know about all of Beyonce’s Wins, and now Rihanna , adele, gaga, taylor, katy, and others or winning , what ever is the problem?

      • Magina October 10, 2012

        her certification are mostly for polyphonic ringtones! not even mp3 format singles!

  10. Jessie October 10, 2012

    Wow I was going to go and watch it because of beyonce. She was the best person For the job. But since she’s not in it, it’s going to be a flop. Focus on your music bey!

  11. KD October 10, 2012


  12. Let’s Be Real October 10, 2012

    GOOD! I am a huge Beyoncé fan but saw this as a BAD career move.I’m so sick of her playing singers. I always felt a star is born was a BORING movie.The only one I can really watch is the Judy Garland version. Beyoncé! NO MORE SINGER BASED MOVIES! Go out the box,get some lessons and do a sci-fi or play a s*** villian or something. But before that,get back in the studio and lay down some upbeat happy songs for your next album.Now I would say Clints dementia based rant to that chair had a lot to do with her departure since she is a huge Obama supporter.Overall good move.this movie will probably never be made and will flop of it does.Hollywood can you get some fresh talent in there to tell us new stories? remakes ate so tired.

  13. Xtina Lotus October 10, 2012

    They should give it to Rihanna, she’s a better actress.

    • Oh Yeah!!! October 10, 2012


    • kimberly October 10, 2012

      let’s laugh together joke of the year. and how do you konw she is a better actress from her 5 second role that flopped. oh and what’s about her accent she may have to suck some more c*** and polish these vocals with the c**. We talking about f****** jazz b****. I see you trying to put this girl on a level no one sees her nor respect her on. You should even be ashamed of your suggestion.

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        ROTF,,,,LMAO AT Kimberly!

    • RIAH October 10, 2012

      LOL! LOL! LOL!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Rihanna is not an actress either

    • Virtuoso Intellect October 10, 2012


    • Xtina Lotus October 10, 2012

      YASSSS LMAO I love Pressed b******, Rihanna is a better actress basically… don’t be mad and actually battleship wasn’t a flop it gross more than it’s budget.
      now take couple seats \_\_\_\_\_\_

  14. Oh Yeah!!! October 10, 2012


  15. Hilly October 10, 2012

    Well I’m actually relieved, everytime she has those Singer Characters to play, it’s like she’s being herself. I love Beyoncé she’s my queen but I’m not convinced by her acting skills.
    Also I want Beyoncé to focus on her music, slay everybody and come back to Paris for one hell of a concert (yeah I’m being selfish but I’m a fan 🙂 )
    Can’t Clint go to Broadway and find an actress who can sing, and not a singer who’s trying to act?

  16. thepleasureprincipal October 10, 2012

    I think it has everything to do with Clint Eastwood advocating Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention and his ill words against our current president Barack Obama. Quite frankly, I’m glad his name won’t be associated with Beyoncé…

    • Lax October 10, 2012


  17. mc the place to be!! October 10, 2012

    thank god!!! i hope they drop the movie all together even the one with barbara didnt do the one with judy justice how in the hell beyonce was gonna do it justice smh beyonce need to do a movie with just her acting period no action or nothing just pure acting if not then she needs to stay away from movies and stay in her niche which is performing

  18. RIAH October 10, 2012

    I think Bey dropped out of this movie because she’s focusing more on a new album and tour! 😀 Which means we can now expect new music early next year! She misses the stage. I’m so excited! 😀

    • kimberly October 10, 2012

      one of her creative designers said that she is working hard, I see conversations with her creative directors already. She likes to surprise her fans and I know all this time away from the camera alot is being done. A star is born was suppose to be 2011-2012, It just cannot mess with 2013 plans. she will gain more off her music than this remake. If clindwood wants to wait till years again. fine. his problem but don’t hold down beyonce. I am hungry for a new musical project and fell relived now. QUEEN TARA IS ENOUGH. iT MAY ALWELL PSUH HER GROSS FIGURES TO 1 BILLION

      • RIAH October 10, 2012

        I’m sooo excited for her new album! Bey is not playing around this time. She means business. I hope she’s recording songs that can take her back to the top of the charts. Queen Tara comes out in May 2013 so I think she’s releasing the album before May.

  19. JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

    Who the hell do these Beyonce stans think she is when it comes to films???
    You´re acting like a Clint Eastwood movie is going to flop cos Beyonce is not in it?? LOL Give me a f****** break.
    The man (Republican or not) is one of the biggest as a director and his movies are always respected and successful. I don´t think a Beyonce movie has ever worked well outside the USA. On the other hand Clint´s movies are successful all around the globe, huge success in occasions, again and again… and the man is like 120 years old already 🙂
    I don´t know why this happened. It doesn´t matter cos we are not going to know. But beyonce is not a good actress anyway. Get over it. She can work on it but she´ll never be great. It´s not natural for her

    “However, according to new reports, the remake of the 1976 classic has been dealt a devastating blow — Beyonce has departed the project”

    Sam, you mean for Beyonce fans right? Cos I know for damn sure the general public is not waiting for a Beyonce movie or for her to be in a good director´s movie…

    You m

  20. Leepy-loop October 10, 2012

    Barbra Streisand’s film was not the original…SMH. There were two other earlier versions of the film. The first being in 1937 and the second in 1954…

  21. krys October 10, 2012

    C’est une bonne nouvelle! Bee devrait trouver un rôle ou elle n’est ni une chanteuse ni une actrisse! il lui faut un rôle ou elle pourait montrer ses talents! Pourquoi pas une méchante hystérique! elle qui est si posé ce serais “crazy”
    Sinon peut être qu’elle as refusé pour se consacré sur son nouvel album!
    Je veux un “dangerously in love 2” S’il te plait bee reviens à la pop avec une touche de jazz,R1B et reaggea! Et surtout moins de crie (tu nous à prouvé que tu as une voix on as compris!) et d’agressivité dans ta voix(ring the alarm, déja vu, halo, best thing i never had) Des fois pour pouvoir profiter d’une voix il faut juste l’entendre a nue….

    • Hilly October 10, 2012

      Exactement! *j’applaudis*

  22. October 10, 2012

    welp. there goes her chance of ever coming close to an oscar nomination. b**** cant act to save her life anyway so its probably for the best.

  23. Blue the Real Hive October 10, 2012

    Beyonce say f*** racist c**** I’m sticking on my black side! New music and tour tour next year

  24. MC October 10, 2012

    “Any one who’s seen Beyonce’s turn as Etta James in 2008′s ‘Cadillac Records’ will know how seasoned an actress she’s becoming. ” Beyonce is a horrible actress, in all honesty, especially in “Obsessed” .

  25. RUDE NAVY October 10, 2012

    bye bye “OSCAR for beyonce” 😥

  26. Jon October 10, 2012

    Thank god she has came to her senses. This film is destined to flop, nobody wants to see this s*** be remade.
    BEYONCE 2013!!! Cant wait

  27. Blue the Real Hive October 10, 2012

    This site brings funny s*** a navy called bey a bad actress loooool dream girls slaaaayyyy battleshit

    • Yea i said it October 10, 2012

      because of oscar winning JENNIFER HUDSON baby1

  28. Dee October 10, 2012

    thank goodness she dropped out. Everyone and they mama knows that Beyonce has played the same old texan/down south role whether she’s in Paris and everyone is speaking with French accents (Pink Panther), whether it was called for (Etta James), whether everyone was British (austin powers), or ANY OTHER ROLE (dreamgirls—weren’t they from Detroit??, fighting temptations, that one with Idris Elba). Respect her music hustle, but that’s about it. #IMHO #IJS

  29. Jamilaaa October 10, 2012

    WHAT THE F***?




  30. King. October 10, 2012

    Honestly I’m glad, I’m ready for new music! I feel like she should focus on that.

  31. pat October 10, 2012

    Clint obviously took his dimentia medication and came to his senses.

  32. Honor your Heroes, Laud your Legends! October 10, 2012

    Actually the first thing I thought when I saw this was…so Beyoncé actually is pregnant, huh? Maybe it has to do with Clint Eastwood’s politics, but it’s not what immediately came to mind for me when I saw this.

  33. Peace ! October 10, 2012

    I’m like her biggest fan , and i thought dropping her father was the biggest mistake , well obviously not , you do not pass on an Oscar opportunity movie with Clint Eastwood ! Even I would be a better manager for her career get yourself together Beyoncé !

    • kimberly October 10, 2012

      what different would mathew do for beyonce career in the time of her pregnancy. pimp her pregnant! This woman has been incharge of her career over her father for years. Her decision has always been finale over her father’s. She is well on her way darling. Every east clintwood movie doesn’t get oscars and how are you so sure that she would win an oscar. It has been beyonce’s dream to do this and she was honored with the role. It has to be a dead end for her where she just cannot do it. and she will not do it.

  34. NOPE October 10, 2012

    They finally realized she can’t act. Good for them.

  35. Hello October 10, 2012

    B**** better come out with a new SMASH album that destroys the competiton once and for all , and a 200 dates world tour! She has had way to much time on her hand now , we want something!

  36. RoyalKev October 10, 2012

    I love King B movies! This is nothing to be bothered by, Beyonce will end up being a part of something wonderful again down line. I firmly believe that what is meant to be, is what is meant for you. Bey has made her mark in films and that will continue. A star was born 9/4/81!

    • Teacher October 10, 2012


  37. dboy6 October 10, 2012


  38. dboy6 October 10, 2012


  39. dboy6 October 10, 2012

    BABY #2

  40. dboy6 October 10, 2012


  41. dboy6 October 10, 2012


  42. kelly October 10, 2012

    This has nothing to do with the barack Obama thing. Clint Eastwood has always been republican. In fact, most TOP WHITE CEO in Hollywood vote republican to keep their taxes down. If Beyonce would let something as minor as someone political affect her career, she might as well not live in America. Who would really turn a job down, because of who someone choses to Vote? So, tell me, would u turn a six figure job down from Donald Trumps firm cos he is a staunch Republican?

    No, Beyonce left cos she was about to get fired. Why? NO TOP WHITE MOVIE STAR WANTED TO GO NEAR HER. She is fat , she speaks ebonic southern accent and she cannot act. All she plays are fat singers. That is why EVERY WHITE MAN IN HOLLYWOOD SAID NO.

    Also, now that Rihanna – her younger, slimmer, sexier, prettier Rival, is acting, Hollywood do not need her. Rih has worked with top white actors: Alexander Skarsgaard from True blood is a top white actor. Rih has more range. She does not play singers – she played a s*** kick ass sassy navy seal. A role that could have gone to a white woman. Steven spielberg has endorsed Rih. In fact, Rih next roles are Comedy with Seth Rogen and An animation movie. Rihanna was even up for a role in the Fast furious.

    Rih has proved she has the slim s*** body and can act. Most of her music videos have acting: Russian Roulette ; Te amo; Hard; WFL; Disturbia; Rehab with JT ; Unfaithful; Take a bow; SNM; WE run this town etc.

    Rihanna expresses a range of emotions in her music video; she does not just twek on it. She acts in her VIDZ. Plus, she is very very very s*** and Hollywood like s*** young women with hot bodies. She was Esquire sexiest of the year – that alone will get her more acting work.

    There is one blind item saying Beyonce was sacked for Rih. They claim a top white actor will do it, unless they fire Beynce and go with the younger hotter sexier Rihanna.

    MARK MY WORDS: BEyonce is finished.

    • Rick October 10, 2012

      She can’t sing and they all know this so her ass will be in lessor flopping roles… which will always flop just like her… imagine if boreanna was in dream girls….. straight too DVD….

      • kelly October 10, 2012

        What does Singing have to do with be an hollywood actress? Also, Rihanna is too s*** and hit to play frumpy roles like Dreamgirls. Dreamgirls was ghetto film.

      • Rick October 10, 2012

        Its has everything too do with it… she can’t act sorry kelly…. she got bad reviews every where for the flop of the century battle s***….
        A mess

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Navy just admit how much u appreciate beyonce s work so y’all was waiting for that movie aswell eniit

  43. kelly October 10, 2012

    Rihanna GQ US cover was the second biggest selling of the year. That alone will garner her more s*** leading lady movie roles.

    S*** appeal helps get roles. Meagan Fox, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Halle – none of these b****** can act – they get work cos they are s***! Rih will join them as a Leading lady. Plus, Rih is a bad ass b**** and Hollywood love a s*** kick ass b****.

    Bye fat old beyonce. Your movie and singing career is OVER!

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Nivea kick that ass out wat until QG do the same thing they only use her

  44. lolli October 10, 2012

    Wonder if she really si preggers??? Anyway, I dont think Esperanza would take it… but who knows… she is BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL. …. this would take her career to the next level… Luv me some Esperanza Spaulding and Beyonce.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Even if she is what ur problem? Go sort ur miserable ghetto life out

  45. kelly October 10, 2012

    Clint Eastwood is a legend. The fact that not a single white man had signed on to work with Clint, proves Beyonce is Over.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      In ur white eyes h** f*** out here

  46. kelly October 10, 2012

    And the say she dropped out cos of her new LP. What is the new LP flops. The market has changed since she was last on top – 5 years ago. Kesha, Katy, Rihanna, Lady gaga, Adele, Emelie, Jessie j, Lana – a lot of new singers have grown stronger than her.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Hater die Everyone you’ve mention named beyonce as their motivator or hero

  47. kelly October 10, 2012

    It has nothing to do with Obama. Beyonce was in the lead from 2008. They plan to shoot in 2012, but they could not find a top White hollywood guy. S, they moved it to 2013 – they still could not find a top hollywood guy. Beyonce was the problem. Clint should hire Rihanna or a white actress and watch all the white leading men come running.

    When has a leading man turned down Clint eastwood – a legend ? Beyonce time is up. Her career ended at 30. Most do!

  48. kelly October 10, 2012

    What is the mainstream AKA Whites who run showbiz trying to tell Beyonce this week.

    1) She was cut out the picture and not mentioned in the final edit of the jay Z concert , which Robyn Brown and Chris Brown stole the show.

    2) Her house of deron new ad for fall was ignored by the media. Rih new Nude ad was tabloid fodder

    3) She was fired from star is Born because no white movie star wants to work with.

    4) The mainstream media accused her of being preggers. She said she is not! Ouch!

    Well, talk about the writings on the wall……..and I do not mean DC album!

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012


  49. Rick October 10, 2012

    Jesse you is one dumb ass b****………. all this rant for beyonce…. the Queen…
    Hmmmmmm just goes too show she is hotter than ever…. and those HOD outfits she models most of them are sold out and are hot sellers.. you are a dumb ass b****… keep hating mad ass

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Navy sucks let talk BATTLESHIT biggest flop movie of all time

  50. Dane October 10, 2012

    This seems about right because after I saw what Clint Eastwood did to President Obama at the republican convention in late August I knew this was not going to sit well with Beyonce and Jay Z.

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      But they never ever ever secured a male lead. What does that tell u? So u are saying beyonce will be throwing her weight around in Hollywood because of who votes against Obama? Good luck on the movie career.

      • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

        They are many black actor out there do STFU

  51. Bey Fan October 10, 2012

    I had a feeling the movie wasnt going to happen.

    Thats fine by me….. I want an album and a tour.

    Cant wait til my Bey hits the stage again….

    BTW, i think Esperanza would be a good actress….

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      I want new music an tour

  52. Suicide Blonde October 10, 2012

    Like she would ever take the opportunity to have the attention away from herself. I think there is more to it than her just “pulling out”, she’s not an Actress, i’m glad this happen this is and insult to Judy Garland and Clint is a legend, she could always make movies for the black cinema.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Ur life s sooo miserable

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      But the b**** has sold near 70 million physical albums worldwide, with Destiny’s Child counted, and her US sales alone p*** on Rihanna’s entire career.

      Plus, her movies / featured movies have grossed a combined total of $781 million. As well as her tours, more than $300 million. Her music DVD’s have received 25 Platinum certifications around the world, 11 of them in the US.

      We both know Rihanna can’t even be compared to her FEET . . . But keep calling her a “FLOP”, while your fav is the biggest FLOP out there.

  53. commanderofthedancefloor October 10, 2012

    i think that lea michelle would be good for this movie, she can sing and act.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Lol so u don’t think R**** s talented enough

  54. Kingphoenix October 10, 2012

    Okay, now i am starting to think she is pregnant again. If so congratulations im so happy, if not, please have an album by next spring ready!

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Ur mum!!! Suck ass

  55. I’m african October 10, 2012

    Comeone guys! Beyonce has done a lot for black people, she inpires alota kids and young females out there! I can’t believe you type such trash about her! Its childish and stupid. I’m talking about a woman who has the most viewed video ever! The sngle ladies was an athem! She kills in perfoming! No artist performs like her. She’s good at acting, fighting temptations say it all! She’s diva! An icon a global sensation and she has a legacy that you will never had! I am sasha fierce was one of the most succesful albums done by a female artist she kills everyone with albums! 4 was underatted and she didn’t promote it much but she slayed and sold platinum! Have you sold platinum? Rihanna is a flop the b**** can’t even perform I mean rihanna will be rembered for what? Trashy pop songs that are forgoten in 2 years! She has released another album this woman annoys the hell outta me! I mean the big forehead and bitchy language is not for me! She must join her pal nicki imfake and just fly away they make stupid songs! While beyonce alone makes hit songs that shall forever and ever be rememberd! Can’t wait for 2013 for my gal bee I’m so proud at 30 she has achieved so much emmys grammys I mean this chick is blessed and she’s not done watch the billarboard perfomance she kills evey perfomance and legends comment about here succes! How beautiful is that? Yoi

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012


  56. Bey Fan October 10, 2012

    are Rihanna fans talking about Beyonce acting??? I cant…..

    And whats said is that Rihanna has a new single out, but all ppl are talking about is her social life……

    I really like rihanna, but that damn Navy is delusional sometimes…..

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      R**** navy broke ass diamond s flopinf hard world wide

    • Teacher October 10, 2012

      Rihanna’s acting>>>Beyonces acting #DEAL

  57. Yea i said it October 10, 2012


    • Peter Griffin October 10, 2012

      Have you seen her acting? She got away with it on ‘Moesha’ because that was a kids programme. Music suits her more. Some people need to stick to one talent…eh Beyoncé.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

      Beyonce slay Brandy s entire career

  58. BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

    Beyonce a a legend

  59. BLUE The Real HIVE October 10, 2012

    Beyhive remember beyonce s filming QUEEN TARA

  60. Being Real October 10, 2012

    Beyonce can’t act. I think it bothers her lol.
    Still Beyonce>Rihanna. Wtf does she have to do with this s***? The navy is delusional.
    Rihanna had a bit part in battleship and the reviews for her performance were terrible.
    She hasn’t even had top billing in a movie.
    So until she sells what Beyonce has and grossed what Beyonce has at the box office fall back. No one is here for the navy’s lies. Rihanna only sales singles.
    Lets talk about why Beyonce would embarrass riri off stage. Why is Rihanna more know for her dysfunctional behavior more than her music?

    • mc the place to be!! October 12, 2012

      ppl knows rihanna music if not then she wouldnt be a singles artist look at what you write son! sorry that rihannas life is more interesting than beyonces boring “i have everything” life

  61. TeamBreezy October 11, 2012

    yall know she pregnant right? …

    • It’s Utterly Bizaar! October 12, 2012

      Yess, she’s gon have another baby. The fans are gettin delayed from new music again.

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