Rihanna Manager Explains ‘One Album A Year’ Strategy

Published: Monday 15th Oct 2012 by David

He’s one of Pop’s most elusive but powerful men, steering the ship that is Rihanna‘s career.

However, for all his success with the Island belle, Jay Brown oft finds himself criticized for allegedly pushing the star to launch new LPs every year, leading to the premature demise of many of the singer’s eras.

Now, as part of her tell spread with ‘Vogue’ magazine, he has explained the logic behind the strategy.

His explanation below…

In the spread, he shared:

“If you have a new iPhone every year, why can’t we give them new content? But I don’t think she’s thinking of it like that. She’s thinking, ‘I love to make music. I want to keep going.”

Makes sense.

The only problem with this theory is when it comes at the expense of a successful project or potential #1 singles, like the one below:

Also, while we ‘get’ Brown’s ‘iPhone’ comparison, it is worth noting that unlike Rihanna, Apple’s software (or skills) improve with time, thus giving giving consumers something truly new. Not, the same product in altered packaging.

Either way, whichever way you look at it, Brown’s handling of Rihanna‘s career has been impeccable to say the least.

We just wish his genius was afforded to an act with a little more potential.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo October 15, 2012

    LMAO. hes right, Rihannas music is meant to be consumed then forgotten, ready for the next batch.
    “i love making music” but she doesnt even write music….

    • Wondering Minds October 15, 2012

      you’re acting like rihanna is the first singer not write music and she won’t be the last..there are countless others. plus Rihanna had writing credits to most of the songs if not all on her most critically acclaim album rated r.

      • Entertain101 October 15, 2012

        Do you really like Rihanna like that even though shes not really talented. She got some of yall under her spell. Don’t you guys know that Rihanna probably wouldn’t be excepted to a music school if she auditioned. Why can’t yall just say I like her songs, clothes, style, personality brand. Not the artist lets be real.

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! October 15, 2012

        Thats exactly what I’m saying!!!

      • mc the place to be!! October 15, 2012

        @ entertain its accepted not excepted i wouldnt be accepted to no school if i didnt know how to spell at least

    • STONY October 15, 2012

      totally agree with you the b**** comes in studio when everything is ready and she says she loves making music?? that’s funny any way

      • soulmusiclover October 15, 2012

        lol!! u’re so right stony!

    • matthew October 15, 2012

      lengends like celine dion ,whitney houston, jimi handrix, elvis never wrote any of their song and atleast she does write some of them and she CHOOSES song to sing nobody just makes her sing them

      • LolaChi April 15, 2013


  2. Spunkypoop October 15, 2012

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! AT SAM! @Also, while we ‘get’ Brown’s ‘iPhone’ comparison, it is worth noting that unlike Rihanna, Apple’s software (or skills) improve with time, thus giving giving consumers something truly new. Not, the same product in altered packaging. lmaooo!!

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! October 15, 2012


    • whyohwhy October 15, 2012

      She is not giving nothing new, she comes with the same mess each time. S**, Lies, and Video tapes. She does mags and the only topic is Chris Brown and her lying about not doing drugs and drinking but she tweets every stupid moment. That pic says a lot. Rihanna comes out every year cause she has to be seen the hearing part we can do without… She’s boring… How many ways can you be a s*** all the time.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        Yeah we know Shes not giving nothing new and that is the very reason so many tries to tear things down for her and the more they try the harder she works.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        In Australia, She Now Ranks Only Behind Madonna, Kylie, & Delta Goodrem in #1′s

  3. RealShitAllDay October 15, 2012

    Like who Rita Ora? You must understand, Sam, that success in the UK means nothing! USA is entertainment central! You want to make it big? Then it has to be in USA.

    • LanaGreen October 15, 2012

      True dat!

    • J October 15, 2012

      I’m from the UK and Rita’s not even big here.. its all hype

      • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

        L-O-L me someone help me it’s not healthy ………..

      • SdotB October 16, 2012

        Yeah that’s why her album is #1 in the UK with 3 #1 singles

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      Yea we know the Uk only counts when anybody other
      then Rihanna make waves over there,,,yep just like when Rita went number 1 and it was such a big thing,,,,

      In The UK, She Now Ranks Behind Only Madonna & Kylie For Most #1 Single For Female Artists

  4. Realist October 15, 2012

    Well it all make sense, maybe her counter parts can take few notes from riri book on how to stay relevant and consISTANT cause today you’re the s*** then the next some other pop chick steals your spot. the day when singers take long ass breaks between albums are gonna be the death of them in these fast food driven music industry.

    • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

      see nelly Furtado ……………

      staying on top IS SO MUCH HARDER than reaching it.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        Now i see Rih getting compared to maxwell and sade, you
        go Rihanna because you are straigy throwing it down…

        In The UK, She Became The Only Female Artist To Top The Singles & Album Charts Twice In The Same Year….

    • hmm October 15, 2012

      Not true artists like Maxwell & Sade can take years off and still sell more then her and others. On the Real.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        No matter what Rihanna is still one of the hardest working chicks in the game.

  5. Alex October 15, 2012

    I’m surprised “Unapologetic” isn’t named “Holiday” since we get one every year unless thats the name she has reserved for album #8 in 2013

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      Yeaaah She drops during the Holidays and do
      her navy love every minute of it.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        And since shes judged so harshly it’s clear
        that rih has to do what a girl has to do. Its
        such a smack up beside beyonce’s head when
        this chick from the caribbeans can show her ass
        up with albums sales and hits from her album.

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      When you are bashed as much as she get
      bashed she has to drop when she can drop.
      Its not her fault that she has to work harder
      then beyonce to keep her groove thing on.
      Perhaps she will find her a bad boy who
      used to sell drugs to stay on top and now
      has a empire and all is well while Chris
      has to be subjectived to people trying to
      keep him nailed to the cross ESPECIALLLLLLY
      jay and beyonce’s ass, what a dam shame.

  6. scorpio October 15, 2012

    Lol, chick can’t even “run” her life, she does what she’s told. Has NO CHOICE BUT TO!

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      Thats a lie, but think what ever you want to think.
      Rihanna might not can run her life but she sure
      in the HELL is running her phucking career,
      because when JAY & BEY decided to keep
      clowing and threating Rih with things like
      Rih if you keep talking to Chris we want let
      you see baby blue Rih went aganist their asses
      and still did “Cake ” with Chris” helping to clear
      the path for herself and with Chris so they can move
      on pass what happened with the tow of them..

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      I Wonder did Rihanna do what she was told by
      beyonce and jayz asses, i wonder how this work
      out, trying to tell her not to talk to Chris Thereating Rih and using their baby girl as pawn to try and make Rih do what the phuck they want her to do, yet jayz sold drugs and was
      given a chance to get his life back on track ten tell Me why
      isn’t chris supposed to do the same thing? and why does it matter what Rihanna has to do to make her phucking point just like she have always done,,,dumn nutt..

  7. The Great Lacefronce. October 15, 2012

    rihanna>your fave, and you fat ashy b****** will learn to deal with it !!!! 🙂

  8. Sleazy October 15, 2012

    Rihanna fans = Rih run this mother…….. Adele just made her label over 40mil Now Her album sales are over 20mil Now tell me who the f*** is winning?

    • Xtina Lotus October 15, 2012

      not beyonce! bahahaha

      • Peter Griffin October 15, 2012

        This had me on the floor.

      • Virtuoso Intellect October 15, 2012

        Coming from an XtinctTina fan? Get real

    • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

      not ke$ha who wants to die young !!

      • FAF October 15, 2012

        F** how u using Beyonce lyrics to justify R****?

        It’s nothing wrong w/ new music every yr… Ppl been doing that since the ’60s most records came out yearly with only 8-9 tracks

        however, Rihanna needs growth she can’t put out an album full of leftovers from Loud & TTT and think its Ok!

  9. J October 15, 2012

    Rihanna isn’t the first artist to release albums every year..

    Cher released albums in nearly every year from the 60s-90s

    • CzarM October 15, 2012

      No she didn’t.

      • HOL UP October 15, 2012

        Actually sweety cher did look it up

      • DEAD October 15, 2012

        yes she did now sit yo ass down

    • Greg F October 15, 2012

      Cher even came out with 2 in 1 year a few times…But Rihanna barely has a shred of talent as opposed to Cher who has no shortage.

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      No theres nothing wrong with Rih dropping music when she and her team decides to do it. The only folks that or pissy is her haters and the bey hive any way.
      jayz dropped a album each year for ten years straight.

  10. B2B October 15, 2012

    To each it’s own, I guess. I personally wouldn’t want my fave to release every year because there’s no artistic growth in between the projects & you can’t see the artist evolve as a person, but since Rihanna makes party, dance music & doesn’t really write it kinda works for her… I mean I guess. 🙂

    • GURL I CAN’T October 15, 2012

      so basically you’re saying it takes more than a year to grow as a person um ok. people change in a split second.

      • Jeff October 15, 2012

        Its true, Rihanna in a year gets some new tattoo’s, a new weave, a new stylist, some new producers and songwriters.
        See, change right there

      • Greg F October 15, 2012

        @Jeff LMAOOOO

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      We want it once a year and why wait, wait on who, what, why wait? I mean who is to say what Rihanna should do especially those of you who’s talking out of your assees and you are not suppporting rihanna. Now wehn me and the navy around the world STARTS BYTCHING then its time to read the fine print, but until then haters can do what they do best and that is to keep trying to talk out of their asses, like they always do, lol.

  11. GURL I CAN’T October 15, 2012

    ON a real tho, why does it matter to the haters whether or not she release an album every year, it’s not like if you guys listen to or buy her music so why should it matter to you…there are other than i don’t pay no mind to so i can care less if they release an album every month JS or maybe you’re just a fan in denial #SHADE

    • Teacher October 15, 2012


    • Lax October 15, 2012

      Soooooooo true I remember when Talk That Talk leaked
      I remember how many was dancing in the streets and posting the links and laughting out loud they was so happy.
      But someday real soon they will realize that Rihanna has what is called “Staying Power” and the more they tries to bash Her the more Rih will Strive…

  12. JAKE October 15, 2012


    That’s why her albums FLOP!!!!!!

    When I-Phones go on sale, they are molested by the consumers… riGONNORHEOa’s LP’s are NOT!!!

    And what is this music this TALENTLESS H** loves to make???????

    This same music that is TACKY and GENERIC!!!

    I absolutely CANNOT with this UNTALENTED B****… That’s why unaFLOPogetic shall FLOP.

    Kiiiiiiii. 😉

    • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

      do u have another CD or do u live with a f*****’ lonely broken CD ?!!
      judging from the way you get your ideas through , you must be a fat ghetto hoodrat !!!

      molesting an iPHONE ?!!! 🙄

      • JAKE October 15, 2012

        @Rude Navy…

        And you are??? LMAO.

        Anyway – riGONNORHEOa wants her c*** rubbed. HELP HER OUT.

        But in the meqntime… Pre-Order ‘unaFLOPogetic’.

        Kiiii. 😉

      • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

        i will help her do that and i will pre-order it , anything else ?

    • JAKE October 15, 2012

      WELL… Just as long as u pre-order ‘unaFLOPogetic, ITS ALL GOOD!!!

      KIIIII. 😉

    • Teacher October 15, 2012

      “I absolutely CANNOT”

      YOu obviously CAN since u comment on her everyday!!!

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      In The UK, Sixth Number 1 in five consecutive years, a record unequalled by any other female solo artist.

  13. truth tea (take a sip) October 15, 2012

    Any pop girl could be in rihannas shoes if they were with her people. im pretty sure Ciara would still be relevant if she was with rihannas people, constantly changed her style and had a publicity stunt every few weeks and an album every year.

    • Jeff October 15, 2012

      Sorry, the best thing that happened to Rihanna was getting beaten up.

      • HOTSTUFF October 16, 2012

        Can ciara sing Only girl ? with her weak voice ….

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      Yeah we know and we also know that Rihanna is
      “Every Woman”.

  14. @091094_ Twitter October 15, 2012

    I have to admit Drunk on love is my tune, a good song, well I dont despise rihanna’s music but I do see through her strategy plan and gimmicks, but I will be Illigally downloading Unapologetic, I have all rihannas albums on my ipod except her first two, and I stan for BEYONCE B**** how you like that a Bey fan supporting rih rih- FOLLOW ME H*** @091094

    • HALF AMAZIN October 16, 2012

      That doesnt sound like “support” to me when you say you’re going to illegally download the album.

  15. carl October 15, 2012

    And iPhone’s will eventually be replaced, the same way Blackberry’s replaced iPhone’s…. go figure.

  16. pat October 15, 2012

    maybe he could work some magic for beyonce

    • DEAD October 15, 2012


      • Lax October 16, 2012

        Beyonce need a fire built under her ass.
        perhaps Rih will cause beyonce to kick it in gear because we all know that beyonce hates the idea of Rih being on top
        In The UK, Rihanna Spent More Weeks at #1 Than Any Other Artist.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! October 15, 2012

      Call me when Rihanna reaches BEY!! So childish Bey been making #1s since when again?!…Rihanna been out 12days and done gave 14CDs!!!

    • Virtuoso Intellect October 15, 2012

      Beyonce wil never release albums annually. She actually has a life and makes $35 – 40 million without doin too much. Maybe Rihanna could get some talent and sense of business.

  17. monstarebel October 15, 2012

    Exactly xo

    • Ren October 15, 2012

      You’re a f*****.

  18. boopboop October 15, 2012

    i don’t mind if she releases an album every year. i prefer to not have to wait 2 or more years for new material. and in today’s music industry, waiting too long between albums usually means losing a chunk of your fanbase who’ve moved on to someone else by the time your new album is released, unless you’re somebody like sade.

    • danny boy October 15, 2012

      thats usually only the case when the artist doesnt have mcuh else to fall back on. For example, i hate to bring her up cuz its going to start some s***, but Beyonce waits a couple years in between albums and although her last was not up to her usual standards in sales, her fanbase is still generally consistent every time she releases an album every 2 or 3 years. Her fanbase believes in her no matter how long they have to wait for new material and shes not insecure about that at all. I think the issue with Rihanna is that her team dont believe in her that she can keep a solid fanbase just based on the fact that shes Rihanna and her artistry stands for itself. Theyre so worried about staying relevant that its only going to hurt her career and longevity in the long run.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        Is that Right, danny boy.

  19. monstarebel October 15, 2012

    Top 10 Rnb Queens
    3.Keyshia Cole
    4.Mariah Carey
    6.Keri Hilson
    8.Kelly Rowland
    10. Ashanti

    • danny boy October 15, 2012

      your list is all the way f***** up.

      • monstarebel October 15, 2012

        Just like ya muthas face huh?

      • dann b October 15, 2012

        No, just like your father’s penis when he inseminated your mother’s cockroach infested v*****..

    • Ren October 15, 2012

      You’re a f*****…

      • monstarebel October 15, 2012

        thanks baby do 😉

    • Truth October 15, 2012

      Good list.

      Maybe not Ashanti in top ten though- and a few other adjustments

      1. Beyonce
      2. Mariah
      3. Alicia Keys
      4. Rihanna
      5. Brandy
      6. Monica
      7. Jill Scott
      8. Melanie Fiona
      9. Ashanti
      10. Keyshia Cole

      • Truth October 15, 2012


        1. Beyonce
        2. Mariah
        3. Alicia Keys
        4. Rihanna
        5. Brandy
        6. Monica
        7. Jill Scott
        8. Melanie Fiona
        9. Keshia Cole
        10. Kelly Rowland

      • monstarebel October 15, 2012

        lol thanks!

      • danny boy October 15, 2012

        yes TRUTH. THAT is more like it 🙂

      • danny boy October 15, 2012

        except, idk why ppl keep calling Rihanna R&B… because Rhythm and blues she is not.

      • mc the place to be!! October 15, 2012

        mariah needs to be #1 she mothered all these h***

  20. danny boy October 15, 2012

    While this comparison makes sense and I understand Rihanna’s response, its a little more than that. I want to see a time when Rihanna actually takes some time to artistically endow her self and reflect and come up with a heartfelt, meaningful project based on time of experiences a la ‘Stripped’ ‘HIStory’ and even ‘4’. She cant do that if shes constantly working nonstop. Yea she makes hits but i want to be able to have an album where i actually feel her heart and soul, even if she doesnt write it, she’ll inspire the writers and producers and the songs will be her story. Thats the kind of music listener and buyer I am. Yea everyone will flock for a new version of technology if released every year.. but its a little different when it comes to artists. Some may not see it, but at one point, if its not already happening, people will get tired of Rihanna because her team shoves her down our throats every year. I mean, comparing her to an iPhone subliminally means her team considers her more of a product than an artist and that sits a little uneasy for me. I care more about the artist Rihanna than the product Rihanna and I just wish Robyn will liken to being more artistic with her career than just changing her hairstyle every 8 months.

    • i suggest you listen October 15, 2012

      rater r

      • dann b October 15, 2012

        Out of 6 albums, yes Rated R was the only one that was what i described as a heartfelt album. Its actually my fav Rihanna album. But i feel shes at the point where that needs to be the formula. Not necessarily dark music all the time, but just reflective albums from here on out because a McDonalds pop album every year just doesnt do it artistically. And it shouldnt take someone beating your ass to make a personable album. True artists make their whole career personable when it comes to their projects, i.e. Mariah, MJ, Whitney, Adele, Tupac etc etc. Hell even Lady Gaga to an extent.

    • Lax October 15, 2012

      Excuses, excuses just type anything to try to
      kill Rih, Rih’s Navy Spirits,,,,lmao….

  21. RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

    “unlike Rihanna, Apple’s software (or skills) improve with time, thus giving giving consumers something truly new. Not, the same product in altered packaging. ”

    can i ask simple 2 questions :

    1. do u actually have an iPHONE ?

    2. do u think you fully understood his point and what he meant ?

    cuz I think “no” is the answer to them both judging from this saying above !!!! 🙄

    • Adrian October 15, 2012

      do you understand what he is saying an iphone comes out every year because its “new” or improved and its has STRONG FIRST WEEK SALES! rihanna has none of that when she comes out with a new album. she barely jitting 200k for first week. i think you should have read your response before you sent it.js and what does him having an iphone have to do with anything. you dont have to have an iphone to know about one.

      • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

        Dear Adrian , who the f*** care about first week sales ?

        all what it matters is the overall sales after a period of time ” a year for example”.

        and if u wanna talk about something as if u know a thing about it , u should at least know what you are talking about !! how you gonna decide if it was improved or just the same s*** with a new look and minor enhancements ? rihanna is a typical pop star , you won’t see her singing OPERA or something that is a totally new ! your improvements should be in parallelism with your skills and rihanna and her fans know her natural skills can’t be changed whenever she please as the case in the iPHONE. she just do the best with what she has/god gave to her !

      • Lax October 15, 2012

        whats with those who does not do as good as RIH
        does what kind of phone are they like i wonder?

      • Lax October 15, 2012

        What kind of phone is like beyonce’s album “4′
        because Rih has sold more then she has and especially with the singles added in?

    • Lax October 15, 2012

      2011 Year of “4”
      #1 Adele 15.3
      #2 Gaga 5.4
      #3 Rih 3.4 Loud
      #7 Adele 2.8
      #10 Bey 2.1 “4”
      #18 Rih 1.7 Talk That Talk

      Sooooooo why is RIHANNA’S name on a list like this in the Global Archives, like all the rest of them?

  22. christinastherealtalent October 15, 2012

    I am still laughing that he compared her to the iphone.

    That’s just his way of saying Rihanna can’t take a break because as soom as she does, her fans will grow up and move onto the next hot b****!

    • Teacher October 15, 2012

      He wasn’t comparing her u dumb b****!

    • Teacher October 15, 2012

      Just like Fatina’s fans did w. GAGA….

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 15, 2012

        Gaga will always be better than Rihanna in every way. performances, budget, networth, and musicianship. 🙂

  23. TeamBreezy October 15, 2012

    It takes 2 and Jay cant get all the praise..Rihanna’s drive and ambition is integral to her global success as well..

  24. ty October 15, 2012


    • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

      isn’t it the case with every artist that is out there ?

      • kythaman2u October 15, 2012

        No. Plenty of artists take breaks in between albums and come back to the same healthy fan base and are as commercially successful as they were before. It’s only the gimmicks and phonies whose careers can’t survive a piddly 2 year absence.

      • dann b October 15, 2012

        SAY THAT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ @kythaman2u !!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d name names but I dont want to get s*** riled up.

  25. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess October 15, 2012

    Co-sign. Everything Sam said was f****** true. And he really just compared her to an iPhone. Which perpetuates another point. She’s just a money maker and product to them. She’s a singer but I’m still waiting for the masses to actually take her seriously as one…when is it going to happen?? She’s equivalent to Britney Spears. Manufactured studio magic.

    • danny boy October 15, 2012

      The difference between them is that Britney has more talent and charisma. Yea she’s been handed music and whatnot, but she does have not a decent but good voice. BUt its her stage presence and dancing thats gotten her to where shes at now. Maybe the Britney of today is the equiv to Rihanna, but dont knock the Britney of yester years.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 15, 2012

        A decent voice? More like an autotune no range nasally voice. She COULD dance. She’s just horrible now. She got famous cuz of her looks and bubblegum music. Not too different from Rihanna.

    • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

      “She’s just a money maker and product to them.”

      WOW , i never knew of that.

  26. RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

    i run this mutha !!!!!! u just took what i posted in the other rih post and made another rih post ?!


    • EJ October 15, 2012

      Smdh. TGJ at its best. Woooow. Idk what their issue is with Rihanna but they just need to realize that their fav. aka Rita Ora could NEVER…

  27. thman October 15, 2012

    He reduced her album to just iphone music. That’s not a good comparison. She doesn’t grow as an artist because she just records music that’s prepared for her. She keeps releasing music to stay hot.

  28. CzarM October 15, 2012

    * snicker * The way they try to snow it. Rihanna releases a new album every year for three reasons:

    1. Her albums don’t generate enough of a profit to extend promotion past a year, so in order for Def Jam to eventually recoup the money they spend on her, they have to always have something on the market.

    2. She’s basically signed to a s****’s contract, which means she’s in no position to dictate anything. When they say “Rihanna, go take your ass to the studio,” all she can do is say ‘Yes massa.’

    3. This latest crop of “pop stars” aren’t built to last. In addition to the first two reasons, her team knows that the public only arbitrarily gets into her music and will easily move on to the next pop tart if she dares to take a beak. She has to keep something out at all times in order to remain relevant. The second she’s without some sort of product on the market, she’ll be replaced and no one will look back.

    It’s all going to backfire on her anyway. These yearly albums are force-feeding the public and will eventually be her undoing; probably by the time her s**** contract is up…and by then Def Jam won’t care, since they will have made their money from her. She’s becoming overexposed and overexposure can kill a career as easily as too long an extended break. You gotta know to back off and give people a break from you. If Justin Timberlake, who hasn’t had an album out in over five years, were to release an album on the same day as Rihanna, his sales would avalanche hers. A real fan base will hang around for a decent amount of time, even when you’re on vacation. It’s only when the artist is known for serving fast food music (that the health department will eventually shut down) that the public will take their business to another burger joint if they’re not open 24/7.

    • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

      i like the type of comments like this one of yours.


    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 15, 2012

      “YES MASSA” hahaha.

    • Lax October 15, 2012

      Regardless Rihanna can sell albums and She have got her bills all paid and a nice nest egg in her banks….


      COUNTDOWN 2011
      Adele – 21
      XL Recordings – 15,3 million copies

      Lady GaGa – Born This Way
      Interscope – 5,4 million copies

      Michael Bublé – Christmas
      Reprise – 5,2 million copies

      Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans
      Elektra / Warner Bros. – 4,0 million copie
      Rihanna – Loud
      Def Jam – 3,4 million copies

      Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto
      Parlophone / Capitol – 3,3 million copies

      Adele – 19
      XL Recordings – 2,8 million copies

      Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
      Island – 2,2 million copies

      Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
      Capitol – 2,1 million copies

      Beyoncé – 4
      Columbia – 2,1 million copies

      Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV
      Cash Money – 2,1 million copies

      Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
      RCA – 2,0 million copies

      Justin Bieber – Under The Mistletoe
      Def Jam / Island – 2,0 million copies

      Justin Bieber – My Worlds (My World+My World 2.0)
      Island – 1,8 million copies

      Pink – Greatest Hits So Far
      LaFace / Zomba – 1,8 million copies

      Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You
      Warner Bros. – 1,7 million copies

      Black Eyed Peas – The Beginning
      Interscope – 1,7 million copies

      Rihanna – Talk That Talk
      Def Jam – 1,7 million copies

      Jason Aldean – My Kinda Party
      Broken Bow – 1,7 million copies

      Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne
      Roc-A-Fella / Def Jam – 1,6 million copies

    • LolaChi April 15, 2013

      “force feeding the public,” then who exactly is making these songs go number one again, because….?

  29. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 15, 2012

    Samantha and Davidina should be happy Rihanna does not take long ass break. Her name alone pays Samantha mortgage, Davidina’s lube, c*** ring and d****’s for when Samantha is feeling lonely. Her name alone pays Samantha’s internet bill, phone bill and car payments. People use her name to get people talking about their fav’s. They’ll diss her and mention their fav in the same sentence so people can talk about their fav. Samantha should be thankful to Rihanna because seeing that this is Rihanna post number 3 today, This blog depends on Rihanna’s name to survive.

    • Peter Griffin October 15, 2012


  30. Casual October 15, 2012

    I think this is a smart strategy – get the most out of Rihanna while she’s hot.

    Also, instead of doing album reloads/remixes, I like the idea of doing shorter 8-10 song albums more frequently. (8-10 song albums were the norm until the 90s.) Radio cycles for hit singles now run 16-24 weeks, and it’s hard to keep an album current for more than 2 singles nowadays w/o releasing multiple singles concurrently.

  31. HOL UP October 15, 2012

    What i really never understand is why ppl are mad that shes releasing an album every year its a dog eat dog world out here rihanna has a strategy that works for her her business her brand and her fans its a business why would she stop working when shes in her prime or stop working at such a young age beyonce worked her ass off and when she got older she took a break because she left the world with enough content to remember her with so you barely realized she was gone unless u were a die hard fan im not sayin rihanna is beyonce but since when is it that we start telling artist to take a seat because we tired of seeing them no sweety this is their job it may not be a 9-5 but its a job none the less how would you feel if u got a promotion and then everyone told you to stop working if you dont like rihanna or her music stop listening and dont give me that b******* thats shes everywhere because u can change the tv and radio station oh yeah and you dont have to comment on every post about her if you’re sick of her there are other artist that sam talks about on here granted he has taken a special liking to rihanna obviously but its on you nobody is forcing you to listen or watch something you don’t like if you hate something why keep going to it rather then leave it alone smh

    • True Tea October 15, 2012

      I couldn’t have said it any better,

  32. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 15, 2012

    Love to make music? What part does she take in her music? Most singers that dont write their own music make up for it in another way by singing, dancing, and hyping up a crowd but this b**** does none of that.
    She sounds like a llama when she sings, she cant dance and she has the stage presence of a mannequin.

    • Lax October 15, 2012

      The part She does is sell ALBUMS TOO 2010….

      Lady GaGa – The Fame (Monster)
      Interscope – 5,9 million copies
      Eminem – Recovery
      Aftermath / Interscope – 5,8 million copies
      Justin Bieber – My Worlds (My World+My World 2.0)
      Island – 5,6 million copies
      Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
      Capitol Nashville – 3,6 million copies
      Taylor Swift – Speak Now
      Big Machine – 3,5 million copies
      Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D.
      Interscope – 3,0 million copies
      Susan Boyle – The Gift
      Syco Music / Columbia – 3,0 million copies
      Michael Bublé – Crazy Love
      Reprise – 3,0 million copies
      Sadé – Soldier Of Love
      RCA / Epic – 2,3 million copies
      Alicia Keys – The Element Of Freedom
      J Records – 2,3 million copies
      Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
      Capitol – 2,2 million copies
      Take That – Progress
      Polydor – 2,2 million copies

      Rihanna – Loud
      Def Jam – 2,2 million copies

      Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream
      Syco Music / Columbia – 2,1 million copies
      Ke$ha – Animal
      Jive / RCA – 2,1 million copies
      Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
      Island – 1,7 million copies
      Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown
      RCA – 1,7 million copies
      Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits
      Mercury / Island – 1,7 million copies
      Usher – Raymond V Raymond
      Laface / Arista – 1,7 million copies
      Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns
      Warner Bros. – 1,7 million copies

      Rihanna – Rated R
      Def Jam – 1,6 million copies

      AC/DC – Iron Man 2 (Soundtrack)
      Columbia – 1,6 million copies

      2010 Rihanna JUST PAYING HER BILL AS USUAL….

      • Lax October 15, 2012

        Global Chart 2009…. ALBUMS

        COUNTDOWN 2009

        Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream
        Syco Music / Columbia – 6,0 million copies
        Lady GaGa – The Fame (Monster)
        Interscope – 5,9 million copies
        Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D.
        Interscope – 4,6 million copies
        Taylor Swift – Fearless
        Big Machine – 4,2 million copies
        Michael Jackson – Thriller (25th Anniversary Reissue)
        Epic – 4,0 million copies
        Michael Jackson – Number Ones
        Epic – 3,6 million copies
        U2 – No Line On The Horizon
        Island – 3,5 million copies
        Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
        RCA – 3,5 million copies
        Michael Bublé – Crazy Love
        Reprise – 3,3 million copie

        Beyoncé – I Am… Sasha Fierce
        Columbia – 3,2 million copies
        Michael Jackson – This Is It

        Epic – 3,1 million copies

      • Lax October 15, 2012

        Global Charts,,,,,2007
        #11 A Akeys 3,222,000
        #13 Rih 3,218,000
        #27 Bey 1,815,000

        Global charts,,,,2004
        Usher 11,867,000
        A Keys 3,362,000
        D Childs 3,299,000

        Global Charts,,,,,,2005
        D Childs 1,615,000

    • dann b October 15, 2012

      i dont even know what a llama sounds like but I died at reading this. LMFAOOOOOOO

      • Lax October 15, 2012

        COUNTDOWN 2008

        Coldplay – Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
        Parlophone / Capitol – 6,6 million copies
        Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
        Island – 5,1 million copies
        AC/DC – Black Ice
        Columbia – 5,0 million copies
        Duffy – Rockferry
        A&M – 4,5 million copies
        Leona Lewis – Spirit
        Syco Music – 4,3 million copies
        Soundtrack – Mamma Mia!
        Decca / Polydor – 3,9 million copies

        Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
        Def Jam – 3,7 million copies

        Metallica – Death Magnetic
        Vertigo / Warner Bros. – 3,6 million copies
        Madonna – Hard Candy
        Warner Bros. – 3,2 million copies
        Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III
        Cash Money / Universal Motown – 3,2 million copies
        Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static
        Brushfire – 2,7 million copies
        Soundtrack – High School Musical 3: Senior Year
        Walt Disney – 2,7 million copies
        Kid Rock – Rock’n’Roll Jesus
        Top Dog / Atlantic – 2,6 million copies
        Pink – Funhouse
        Laface / Zomba – 2,5 million copies
        Alicia Keys – As I Am
        J Records – 2,4 million coopies
        Michael Jackson – Thriller (25th Anniversary Reissue)
        Epic – 2,3 million copies

        Beyoncé – I Am… Sasha Fierce
        Columbia – 2,3 million copies

      • Lax October 15, 2012


        COUNTDOWN 2006
        James Blunt – Back To Bedlam
        Atlantic – 6.201.000 copies
        Soundtrack – High School Musical
        Walt Disney – 5.272.000 copies
        Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium
        Warner Bros. – 5.142.000 copies
        Justin Timberlake – FutureSex / LoveSounds
        Jive – 4.158.000 copies
        Pussycat Dolls – PCD
        A&M – 3.629.000 copies
        Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor
        Warner Bros. – 3.469.000 copies
        Nickelback – All The Right Reasons
        Roadrunner – 3.453.000 copies
        Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
        RCA – 3.351.000 copies
        Shakira – Oral Fixation Volume 2
        Epic – 3.349.000 copies
        Pink – I’m Not Dead
        Arista – 3.230.000 copies
        Black Eyed Peas – M***** Business
        A&M / Interscope – 3.218.000 copies

        Beyoncé – B’Day
        Columbia – 3.113.000 copies
        Nelly Furtado – Loose
        Geffen – 3.069.000 copies
        Evanescence – The Open Door
        Wind-Up – 2.990.000 copies
        The Beatles – Love
        Apple – 2.849.000 copies
        Snow Patrol – Eyes Open
        Fiction / Universal – 2.784.000 copies
        Rascal Flatts – Me And My Gang
        Lyric Street – 2.747.000 copies
        Gnarls Barkley – St.Elsewhere
        Warner Bros. – 2.524.000 copies
        Andrea Bocelli – Amore
        Universal Classics Group – 2.481.000 copies
        Mary J.Blige – The Breakthrough
        Geffen – 2.444.000 copies
        Christina Aguilera – Back To Basics
        RCA – 2.431.000 copies
        Eminem – Curtain Call (The Hits)
        Shady / Interscope – 2.420.000 copies
        Dixie Chicks – Taking The Long Way
        Columbia – 2.408.000 copies

        Rihanna – A Girl Like Me
        Def Jam – 2.406.000 copies
        The Killers – Sam’s Town
        Vertigo / Island – 2.362.000 copies

  33. Joya October 15, 2012

    So basically he confirmed what we already knew: that Rihanna is just a product (i.e., iPhone)…as opposed to being an artist. A real artist can take reasonable breaks then come back to awaiting fans, and it’ll be like they never left…if they’re that good. Products are replaceable…if they’re that disposable.

    Sade can go 10 years without putting out an album and then come back and slay the charts. Rihanna can’t go longer than 6 weeks between the last single from one album to the first from the next. Looks like they have no faith in her longevity. I wonder why…

  34. Peter Griffin October 15, 2012

    He didn’t really explain anything, he just compared her to a phone. Then 70 comments come in… What everyone already knows is that they release an album every year to keep this h** relevant, and she love the money, fame and attention. That’s why she loves to sings other peoples songs, just in time for Christmas. Let’s find some real news TGJ.

  35. queen ciara best performer ever is back!!!!! October 15, 2012

    nonsens, what the f*** ???

  36. MsThing485 October 15, 2012

    These bunched together albums are probably actually hurting her sales. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought “We Found Love” was on LOUD and “Diamonds” was on Talk That That. All these back to back to back to back albums do is confuse the public because two of her albums just seems like one long interchangeable era. It’s lazy handling. I remember when Michael and Janet used to work albums for 18 months, and would rack up 20 million in sales, because they were THAT strong and the labels knew it. Rihanna just records a bunch of songs they wanna issue as singles, and stuffs them in between obvious filler. That’s why her albums only last a minute, struggle to go platinum and then need to be replaced like toilet paper.

  37. olivia October 15, 2012

    but iphone gets better every year they release one Rihanna’s music quality is not getting any better in fact her era’s are starting to mesh together like people thought she was still in the loud era when she released talk that talk

  38. tyletrois_ October 15, 2012

    to say that she isn’t improving is soley your hatin’ ass opinion.

  39. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 15, 2012

    Jay Brown has been managing Rihanna since 2009,

  40. MC October 15, 2012

    Nothing we didn’t already know.

  41. Hilly October 15, 2012

    I’ m desapointed, I was expecting a honest response, “She Loves Making Music”, she’s not making any, she has a team and she doesn’t even seem to enjoy the stage, I’m sorry!

  42. MISHKA October 15, 2012

    Did he really compare Rihanna to an Iphone???


  43. mc the place to be!! October 15, 2012

    rihanna really needs that break shes needs to do what she did in the good girl gone bad era re release something with a remix dont release another album and go on tour for that new album and leave talk that talk in the toliet i dont think that was her best album but she shouldnt abandon it

  44. Era of Tin October 15, 2012

    This “strategy” will sooner or later play itself out and she’ll eventually hit a very hard wall. Black Eyed Peas used to do the same thing. New album just about every year and they would either sell as much or more than the prior one. But then that last BEP album wound up doing very poorly despite it coming on the heels of their most successful one. Eventually radio and the public is gonna get sick of you always being around. All Rihanna’s manager did was confirm that the company just sees her as a product to push and exploit for all the little bit of juice she can generate. If her team really cared about building a long term career, they would insist that she takes breaks here and there so that she doesn’t burn out -AND- so that the public doesn’t burn out on her.

    I can tell you what’s gonna happen now. As soon as Rihanna has her “Glitter” moment -and she WILL- she won’t recover from it. She doesn’t play to a broad or mature enough fan base who will remain fiercely loyal through through a commercial backlash or slump period. Her minions are mostly high school and college aged, who largely like her in some kind of group atmosphere. They will either grow out of her in time, or will jump ship just as soon as it’s implied that she’s out of style and someone else is hotter.

    • Umm October 16, 2012

      wow you just killed her career with words. lol

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      Keep right on giving it yo best shot to try and perdict
      Rihanna’s future and keep trying to write her off because
      as it stand right now her navy is growing even stronger.

  45. bibi93 October 15, 2012

    Hits and Strategy

  46. brian October 15, 2012

    Rihanna likes anti-gay music acts from the Caribbean. She was seen on stage with homophobe Beenie Man at a concert in Jamaica after he had been accused of singing songs that call for the killing of gay people.

    Why would Rihanna support such anti-gay acts? I’m suprised at her.

    • True Tea October 15, 2012

      lol the lieas. being on stage with someone and supporting a cause is two different things, smh at the attempt to discredit a successful singer, the struggle Kiiiiii

  47. Junior in Jamaica October 15, 2012

    I guess you guys really have not much to post…you posted like 3 times on this one Vogue magazine. All of this could’ve been done in one post…

    • True Tea October 15, 2012

      ikr lmao

  48. S****** Blonde October 15, 2012

    What is the problem in releasing an album a year?, Elvis released two albums in the same year, Bob Dylan and The Doors too so i don’t see nothing wrong with it, i think the haters have a problem with the fact that the more albums she release, the more she sells.

    • dann b October 15, 2012

      Elvis is no one’s legend. He also stole music from black artists and posed it as his own. Bad example. And plus that over have a century ago.

  49. Elijah October 15, 2012

    Honestly it’s really crazy how some of y’all argue on here… Like really?? And over a b**** that don’t pay none of your bills… I’m not a rihanna fan at all but y’all really need to get a life! This is just #sad

  50. Shanice October 15, 2012

    Not a Rih fan, but I’d like for her to take a break because 1.) She doesn’t have strong positive people around her to tell her no ala Beyonce.
    2.) WH and MJ worked their azzes off early and well….
    I don’t think she’s had time to reflect, not on her career and not on the incident however many years ago it was. She’s just album, product, magazine shoots, and let’s not forget the “alleged” drug abuse. She’s trying to escape, but she’s just adding to her burden.

  51. Chile…. October 15, 2012

    Why do everyone have sumthin negative to say about Rhianna’s career… she’s still so young! If she wants to put out music every year for her fans so what! If youre not interested then don’t pay her any mind as simple as that… I am not a Rhianna fan but I do like some of her music. And you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for tearing this young woman down.

  52. Jer October 15, 2012

    Yal are just jealous Rihanna moved with the times and killed off her own eras instead of waiting for her eras to go cold and fizzle out like yal faves. Don’t make me go in on the Born to Slay era and how people were over it after 4 months. (SEE: Judas, Marry the Night)

    You BeYAWNce stans need to get over the fact that waiting 2-3 years between albums and “writing” an allegedly 70 songs is what ruined your faves career. Had BIONCI or XXLtina might have been on the cutting edge of any genre of music. BEY isnt serving good pop or R&B anymore.

    Rihanna is on that legendary path. Hit em hard with everything you have and create a resume of work thats so dominant that people always have something new to enjoy AND go back and rediscover. What the f*** do you think Prince was doing? Not every Prince song was great but always had newmusic. And Whitney didnt write a damn thing but her eras were monsters and she was always present on radio 1984-1996. And dont start with Mariah. She never stopped and the songs were almost always good. And then you have Madonna who had 20 years of nonstop hits from albums, remixes, and soundtracks.

    Rihanna is on that path. Nonstop music, singles and albums and almost all of her singles have been great, and her last 4 albums have been solid and somehow different in such a short amount of time. Meanwhile almost all of BeYAWNces songs sound like they could be on B’Day GURL BYE

    • True Tea October 15, 2012

      High Five

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      @JER right on.

    • boopboop October 16, 2012

      thank you! well said!

  53. Beyonce’s Weave October 15, 2012

    I wonder why the haters are encouraging Rihanna to take a break when they clearly hate her and don’t buy her music. I, as a fan enjoy having a new album every year. It shows that Rihanna is willing to work for her fans, I don’t want to have the same material on replay for 2 to 3 years because eventually I’ll get bored, I like having new material every year. And if I still want to listen to RIhanna’s old albums, I can still go back and listen to them.

    As has been proven in the UK with LOUD and Talk That Talk both charting, it shows that both albums can still sell, so the whole “saturating the market” argument has been debunked. Rihanna makes music for her fans and not her haters.

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      @BEYONCE WEAVE,,,Now that is really something i thought
      that also.

    • boopboop October 16, 2012

      i agree. i like bein able to look forward to new music every year insteada havin to wait 2-5 yrs between albums.

  54. Donnell October 15, 2012

    That apple statement isn’t true. All they do is make the screen bigger. Iphone 5 sucks.

  55. dann b October 15, 2012

    Oh, and to Rihanna’s comment, making music doesnt mean you HAVE to release it. If you really loved making music and its craft, then simply going to the studio and being inspired would be therapeutic enough. That’s how the likes of MJ and Tupac have so much unreleased material. They didnt always go to the studio with the expectation to make a dollar. So Rihanna kinda just put her foot in her mouth by saying some shyt like that, that that’s the reason she needs to release something every year. I mean, have you ever noticed that she doesnt have many “unreleased” or unused songs floating around? That’s because every time her ass walks into a studio to record something, she puts it out. Hell, I bet she’d put out her voicemail greeting as a single if she coud.

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 15, 2012

      Who cares, her fans like her music and like that she releases new music every year. Her fans will buy her music regardless of how many essays you right. Now enjoy this seat _/

      • Virtuoso Intellect October 15, 2012

        Has that ever stopped u from writing essays on Beyonce u bloody hypocrite

      • Lax October 15, 2012

        Eminem has releases less albums and has sold double what jay has sold and that don’t bother any one either i wonder why?

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 15, 2012

        Has that ever stopped u from writing essays on Beyonce u bloody hypocrite

        Nope, and I’ll continue writing essays on Beyonce because I hate her.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        Rihanna twitter feed over 26 Million and counting
        Rihanna’s Youtube views 2.7 Billion & counting
        Rihanna Facebook likes over 60 Million & counting
        We are in no way TIRED OR BORED with what Rih, Rih
        is doing we love her and her music and quite frankly can
        hardly wait for the new album.

    • Lax October 15, 2012

      Jayz didn’t hava a problem RELEASING a album
      a year for ten years straight! Nobody had anything to say about that!

      • danny b October 16, 2012

        um.. Jay-Z actually writes his own s*** tho….. #oop

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        With Rih it’s dam if she do and dam
        if she don’t.

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        Its not Rih’s fault that others have not DROPPEDas much music , and if this was Beyonse dropping it would not be a
        problem there would be no bytching about when she dropped and how often Beyonce was DROPPING music
        the subject then would be why is Rihanna and others DRAGGGGGGGGIN their asses behind,,,LMAO at you
        Lames and your thought process works.

    • danny b October 16, 2012

      B**** Im actually a fan of Rihanna’s music but unlike you delusional asses I care about her as an artist and not a f****** music vending machine. You pressed ass Navy cumguzzlers will be the death of her. And when that happens, I’ll WILL be SITTING.. front row at her funeral.

      • danny b October 16, 2012

        @NOT Beyonce’s weave

      • Lax October 16, 2012

        @danny …stfu.work has never killed anybody , but hate will, son.

  56. True Tea October 15, 2012

    The only people i see really having a problem with this is the hood hive it’s not like ya’ll even like the girl to begin with so why the f*** does it matter to you if she puts out an album for her fans every year, the time you hoodlums spend commenting on her post with your b******* you should be nagging your fav to put out music and maybe just maybe you guys wouldn’t be so damm pressed over her constant reign.

  57. danny b October 16, 2012

    LAX is spam and needs to be erased from life.

    • Lax October 16, 2012

      @DANNY B You can’t stand the truth can you, this site
      is a Blog sight and that is what people do, Funny how you say i am spam when Blue the real hive posted twice on Rihanna POSTS Beyonce’s entire Resume and then posted a whole Phucking Book on Rihanna being in the ILLUMINI
      and i did not see you ass calling that SPAM,,,,and i see you are not calling Rihanna’s HATERS SPAM whicjh do include yo Dog D*** ass,,, If you want me to stop SPAMMMMIN THEN WHY NOT THE HATERS, YOU “SCUMBAG”,,,

      I feel that as long as the bey hive aka Ass Wipes goes in on RIHANNA i will defend and when yo ass starts TELLING THAT GRAPE that they need to try some how stop RIHANNA’S HATERS FROM HATING ON HER THEN PERHAPS YO ASS WILL BE COOKING WITH GAS,,,,,,,

      But ,,,,as long as the HATERS HATE I Think this site will keep people on board to keep the BLOGGGGGIN experience going….I could go on any Beyonce post and
      ask THAT GRAPE to block their asses or say they or SPAMMMMMMMIN but see I am not like spot the dog
      u know Spot the Dog can give it but he wasn’t able to take it when it’s put back on his ass, and thats you, yo ass drops 2 or 3 comments on a board in Rihanna, and you see Me as spammmmmmmin and the HATERS AS ALL BEING saints GTFO,,,,,,

  58. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 16, 2012


  59. Lax October 16, 2012

    @DANNY B……
    Read what JAKE of the Bey Hive , had to say about RIHANNA
    And just so you’d know i did not ASK “That Grape Juice” to
    Block Jake and nor did I say that JAKE was SPAMMMMMMIN
    What I am MAN enough to do is go after JAKE’S Ass…here it is,,,
    Some one from yo getto hood rat pack…..
    October 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Thats because the TALENTLESS H** is a FLOP!!!!!!!

    5 FLOP ALBUMS, including unaFLOPogetic (2012) which will also FLOP.
    A FLOP movie.
    A FLOP single – the riGONORRHEOa navy said ‘DIARHEOAmonds’ was gonna slay but yet it hasn’t even graced the BB Hot 100 top 10 yet. For the SINGLES ARTIST that she is… It is a FLOP thus far.
    And now… A FLOP show that is facing cancellation.


    She better release that GENERIC club anthem quickly because this era, concurrently is looking like an EPIC FLOPPAGE.

    riGONNORHEOa needs to fix uo… She cant afford to go a year without being in the spotlight like KING BEY can.

    Listen to the LEGENDARY BEYHIVE riGONNORHEOa… Take a break!!!

    @DANNY B Soooooooooooooooo It make you feel GREAT as long as
    they or taking DIGGGGGGGGGS @RIHANNA , Right? But DANNNNNNY B
    Tell Us how much fun would BLOGGGGGGIN be if no other person was
    blogggggin on this site but RIHANNAS haters???????????????????????
    @DANNY B What make the BLOGGGGIN Experience is reading folk like you but then again DANNY B you are not my type because you brings not a dam thing to the talks and the parties because you TYPED less then 20 Twenty Lines and part of that was Directed Right at my Red ass sooooo how or yo ass helping or hurting the cause, tell you what DANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNB
    KISSSSSSSSSS MY “Entire Ass”, Son!!!!!!!

  60. Bey Fan October 16, 2012

    Why would you compare Rihanna to a product…a device???

    I like Rihanna, but an album a year is just overkill. I guess she’s striking while the iron is hot….

  61. Whatever October 16, 2012

    An Iphone lool… Thats right, Rihannas music is all about consumption thats all. That comment don’t even make sense anyway, just because she makes an album every year don’t mean she loves music any more than a person who would rather spend real time on their music rather than poppin out trash for the moment every year. #B*******.

  62. Michael December 16, 2013

    I love that about Rihanna, don’t you just hate waiting for ages until your favourite singers release something? It’s a pop music I mean maybe she doesn’t write the songs but she is great in what she is doing. A person who said that her music is meant to be forgotten – I don’t think I’ll ever forget umbrella, unfaithful or man down. And I’m not even Rihanna’s big fan but I do like to sing along to her songs. That’s what pop music is about to be catchy if you are looking for something more then purchase a Bjork’s album.

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