New Song: Girls Aloud – ‘Something New’

Published: Monday 15th Oct 2012 by David

Alright guys, try your best to contain yourselves when we tell you this.

Tonight, Brit Pop fiends will be pleased to know that Girls Aloud‘s comeback single, ‘Something New’, has finally hit Pop shores… and is kind of waiting for you to go crazy over it below.

Are you ready?

‘Something New‘ awaits you…


We like!

Clearly ‘inspired’ by Girls’ Generation‘s ‘The Boys’GA deliver a cut packing just enough sass to be truly ‘them’, and a dangerously infectious hook.

It’s only fault- as far as we’re concerned- are the fact its verses just aren’t as strong as its hook on a melodic tip, and its ‘busy’ beat, which also leaves much to be desired as far memorability goes.

Aside from that, we’d say the girls are onto a winner. Let’s just hope their live performances of the cut live up to the hype of their come-back.

‘Something New’ hits iTunes on November 18th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Peter Griffin October 15, 2012

    WTF, tranny anthem! All I can hear is Cheryl.

    • s** October 15, 2012

      Girls Aloud are made for the gays what do you expect. I love itttttttt!

      • Peter Griffin October 15, 2012

        Lol, I know but it just sounds like a random techno beat. This is their last song so I thought they would’ve pulled a very fat rabbit out the hat!

    • jamespierce1 October 15, 2012

      It’s not Cheryl, it’s Nadine… She has a similar voice… 🙂 And you can hear all of them… Besides it’s in a bad quality, so I’d rather wait for the official HQ release… It’s my favourite girl band, so I’m excited! 🙂 I mean… this group changed history of UK pop dance music… 😛

      • Sarah Says October 16, 2012

        Cheryl and Nadines voices are very different. One can sing and one clearly cant for starters so i don’t know what cheap ass stereo you have. This song has Cheryl stamped all over it, you only hear nadine in background

    • Eddie October 17, 2012

      Nadine is the first voice you hear “go girls, g g g g go, we girls gonna take control” and Cheryl does “you boys better no no no, we girls gonna run this show!”

  2. Honestly Speaking October 15, 2012

    From the moment the beat came in, I knew that this song was more like “something old”. I’m over generic dance beats and even more vapid lyrics. This song is not even a good single selection…much less a comeback single.

  3. Peter Griffin October 15, 2012

    It sounds nothing like SNSD. Thought they may sue to get get publicity, as usual.

  4. Sarah Says October 15, 2012

    This is dreadful and sounds dated. Cheryl’s lifeless vocals are dominating this song, and she isn’t lead singer material… neither is Nicole, Kimberly or Sarah. Nadine clearly was brought in just to additional background vocals and clearly her heart doesn’t seem in it.
    This isn’t a good single/song by anyones standards

  5. ry247 October 15, 2012

    it’s pretty good, will be exciting to see what the original Sugababes line up bring to the table 🙂

  6. Justme October 15, 2012

    I love it! I think it will be a huge hit for them!

  7. Junior in Jamaica October 15, 2012

    The beat kinda overpowered the vocals…

  8. the real xoxo October 16, 2012

    They have dissed Pussycat dolls and Spice girls before
    Victoria Beckham said it best – “Some bands dont sell records past Dover” lol.
    Nobody cares about their “reunion”, give me a sugababe reunion instead!

  9. ricksd October 16, 2012

    Its all in aid of a greatest hits album and then they are dis-banding for good, so no comeback at all. Haha! They hyped up everyone, lets hope they flop hard!

  10. Vincent Ko October 16, 2012

    It doesn’t sound like “The Boys” by Girls Generation, if anything, it sounds more like their old song “Something Kinda Oooh”.

  11. OhSoBleak October 17, 2012

    uggh my ears

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