Hot Shots: Britney Spears Steps Out With “New Boyfriend”

Published: Saturday 23rd Mar 2013 by Sam

{Images removed as requested}

Talk about out “out with the old, in with the new”.

Fresh from ending her engagement to former manager Jason Trawick, Britney Spears has wasted no time pairing up with a replacement. Looking happy and healthy, the superstar was snapped walking hand-in-hand with reported new boyfriend Dave Lucado in Los Angeles yesterday.

27-year-old Lucado is described as not being part of the entertainment industry and is, by most counts, an “everyday Dave”.

Having left the US X Factor, 31 year old Spears is currently working on the follow-up to 2011 album ‘Femme Fatale’.

Peep more pics of Britney and her new beau below…


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  1. Carmen (JJ Fan) March 23, 2013

    That hair color looks so much better on her

  2. XtinaaLovee March 23, 2013

    This girl needs to be single and get her mind right… She always dating someone im pretty sure they only use her for money she’s not cute anymore..

  3. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    I hope she is happy.


    He’s handsome and Britney looks so ADORABLE. I love how she is always smiling.

  5. BeB March 23, 2013

    WTF is she wearing? Grandma dress? She has no taste at all!


    • DOSSOME March 23, 2013

      NEVER seen some people here but they always make a point to make a cameo on this site just to hate

      • mik bailey March 23, 2013

        I agree; some folks don’t know style if it slapped them in the face. I can imagine what they wearing…. what everyone else is…..

  6. Suicide Blonde March 23, 2013

    She looks so much better these days, i see some pressed b****** are doing the most here.

  7. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    She looks amazing, glad to see she’s moving on. Plus he’s a good looking guy too. Go Britney, cannot wait to hear your new material.

  8. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Which of our faves flopped the hardest on ONLY the 4th studio album era???

    Mariah – Merry Christmas 5x platinum, 15 million WW

    Rihanna -Rated R Platinum , 3.5 million WW, WW #1 hit Rude Boy

    Alicia – Element of Freedom 4 Million WW

    Mary – Mary 2x platinum

    Janet Jackson- Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, 6x Platinum, 14 Million WW
    (4) #1 Hot 100 Hit
    (Only artist to have (7) Top 5 Hits from 1 album)

    Britney – In the Zone 3x platinum, 10 Million WW, Top 10: Toxic, 3

    Beyonce – 4 , top 10’s n/a, top 15’s n/a, top 20’s w/o exploiting an “unborn child” n/a, # of videos released – lost count, memorable iconic single n/a , 2.3 million WW…..

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013

      OMFG B**** STFU!!

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013

      Ans u may hate it but RTW, BTINH and LOT will all b remembered and they all went gold and platinum as well as Countdown

    • DOSSOME March 23, 2013

      Irrelevant but Rhythm Nation should’ve sold more,unless these figures were revised downwards as they always do with Janet’s sales

  9. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013

    LAAAWD i get dizzy tryna count the men who done ran thru this s***. Having s** with her must b like throwing a hot dog down a schools hallway honey….just open air.

  10. irene46 March 23, 2013

    looks to me like just some more phoney pr like her fake engagement.

  11. DOSSOME March 23, 2013

    She looks happy but honestly though,it’s like she needs to have a boyfriend to feel complete…she should’ve taken time off men to focus on HER and her amazing kids.learn to be happy without men first,you owe that to you

  12. HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

    Very cute brit brit…She looks happy, and that’s all that matters!

  13. RihNaj March 23, 2013

    This woman change man more than she changes her draws cant stand anymore….

  14. DOSSOME March 23, 2013

    I agree with you,but you puttin it rather too harshly…the term “S***” is just too mean considering she actually dates these men..whether her relationships last long or not,it’s not for us to judge

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013

      U right

  15. lotus2012 March 23, 2013

    I don’t know who gets around more Taylor or brtney lol..Britney has so many guys in and out of her life. Doesnt she get the hint they just use her… Her ass needs to stop dating men worry about herself..

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013

      I agree with u

    • mik bailey March 23, 2013

      I like Britney. She lives life on her terms and don’t try to impress anyone. Sad part is her kids have numerous “uncles” they not related to.

  16. SantiLu March 23, 2013

    You must be talk about Jennifer Lopez…

  17. SantiLu March 23, 2013

    You must be talking about Jennifer Lopez…

  18. TDM March 24, 2013

    Her styling is always f****** awful!

  19. scars March 24, 2013

    she looks so happy with him

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