Album Snippets: Eve – ‘Lip Lock’

Published: Saturday 20th Apr 2013 by Sam

Fiery femcee Eve is set to ‘Lip Lock’ next month when her first  album in ten years hits stores.

Preceding singles ‘She Bad Bad’ and ‘Make It Out This Town’ are hot, but the self-professed Pitbull In A Skirt is packing an LP full of heat. How do we know? We were privy to hear the album earlier this week!

Fans eager for an early listen can do so below, where snippets awaits…

Click here to preview Eve’s ‘Lip Lock’

‘Lip Lock’ hits stores on May 14th via Eve’s own label FTR Music (From The Ribs Music).

Your thoughts?

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  1. You Wanna Bey Me April 20, 2013

    Girl! #FlatScreen

  2. RUPAULOGIZE April 20, 2013


  3. Tisha April 20, 2013

    I’ll give her credit for following through.

    Too many people who’s music I loved back in the day have been all promises and buzz singles with no real push to show for it (Missy).

    That being said…whoo. Yeah.

  4. THISISBAAADDD April 20, 2013

    WOW…. This is really bad, EVE Give It Up Boo… I was hoping she would bring something hot… all of it sounds dated and her flow and lyrics are very basic…


  5. sam April 20, 2013

    I’ll be gettin it!

  6. MrTooIncredible April 20, 2013

    WHO ?!

  7. DeezNuts April 20, 2013

    uhhhhhhhhhh…Im really nervous for her… 🙁

  8. truth tea (take a sip) April 20, 2013

    Sounds decent! i have her 2nd album, its fire.
    I might buy this if i can be bothered.

  9. truth tea (take a sip) April 20, 2013

    damn, some of these snippets are hard! the beats are okay but the lyrics are just as hard as they have always been with Eve.
    of course the pop stans on this site don’t care about lyrics though.

  10. TeamEveandMissy April 20, 2013

    Yesssssssss Eve is bout to bring that heat for ya ass!! Haters gonna hate bcuz that’s y’all job for freee without pay while eve getting paid. Fallback haters and watch eve werk. Nicki could never. Eve I need to see u do live tv promotions and performances to let them knw how its done. Eve’s back #LipLock in stores and amazon may 14 2013!!!!!

  11. Social1 April 20, 2013

    Fire! Loving it so far. Ill be getting LipLock

  12. Social1 April 20, 2013

    Nicki has only been the most success female MC because there was no one else to listen— no other options. Nicki is far from the best MC…..PERIOD!!!! I’m glad to have Eve back. I hope they both and others will come out/ comeback (Missy) and do their thang!

    • DeezNuts April 20, 2013

      NO…Nicki is the most successful female MC because she WORKED HARD…expanded her fanbase, stayed about her business and Branded herself in a way that NO OTHER female rapper in the industry has done or was able to do!

      STFU B**** with that foolish b*******!!!

      • janet1814 April 20, 2013

        Yeah, worked hard at SUCKING D***!

      • DeezNuts April 21, 2013

        I’m talking about Nicki not Lil Kim babe.

  13. Truth April 20, 2013

    I don’t understand Nicki is a cartoon character rapper, how can grown women take up for no talent rapper,how many people u know rap in a fake voice, nobody but nicki, thats ridiculous !!!! I mean we know her body and face are fake, but voice to,now thats to much !!!!!! Is her name really what it is. NICKI belongs on Sesame Street. Point Blank Period. She didn’t work hard, she spreaded them wide, to get all the fame n publicity that she has gotten .
    Who got next ????

  14. And What?!?! April 20, 2013

    Eve did that s***, cant wait for the album to come out. Oh and btw, Nicki is a wack b****.

    • nicko April 21, 2013

      Nicki is extremely smart and talented. She can RAP AND SING. f*** is a eve ?

      • Shawnee D May 3, 2013

        Eve Is A Way Better Rapper Then Nicki Is. Eve Has A Way Better Flow Then Nicki And Eve Doesn’t Have To Make Up Words To Rhyme Or Change Her Voice.

  15. Tyra April 20, 2013

    Ain’t nobody buying this s***.

    • RAHRAH April 21, 2013

      like nobody watching America’s Next top model. RIGHT Rejected booboo.

    • Shawnee D May 3, 2013

      I Will Be Buying It.

  16. undeniable April 21, 2013

    the barbz fail to realise that every female rapper has a peak era. lets see if nicki has the longevity to drop an album 10 years from now.
    These snippets are great, and i have ALL of Eve’s albums. I will definitely be supporting this.

    • DeezNuts April 21, 2013

      LMfao I cant. Anybody can drop an album after 10 years. That doesnt mean the album will be successful. Furthermore..nicki wants to be finished after 5 albums so….

      This album will flop; 50-60k first week at best. The sound is dated and boring. *shrugs*

  17. eric April 21, 2013

    The pop and rap styles don’t blend very well on the tracklist. I’m still rooting for Eve because I’m tired of the same few artists being all over the TV and radio.

  18. Drew April 21, 2013

    I really dislike the cover of the cd but ‘Eve, Make It Out Of This Town, She Bad Bad, Wanna Be, Forgive Me, & Never Gone’ are the only songs that i liked. ‘Never Gone’ sounds like another ‘Make It Out Of This Town’ type of song. Not bad for a debut or should i say a re-introduction. But sadly this album will not sell well because it’s on Eve’s independent label, which means she has to promote the album herself with no major label support/backing.

  19. Dafreshprince84 April 21, 2013

    The ppl that saying this is a flop are obviously pop fan, if your a real hip hop/rap fan you would know that this is a solid album! I don’t understand this generation because a album does make it to #1 that means it a flop 0_o that’s some bull s**t but it each its own IN MY OPINION she has a solid album with good tracks

  20. bARBIEbEY May 14, 2013


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