Chris Brown Announces ‘X’ Album Release Date

Published: Tuesday 30th Apr 2013 by Sam

All roads lead to Summertime for Chris Brown.

Having given fans a taste of ‘Fine China’ earlier last month, the stage blazer is trickling out details about its parent album ‘X’.

Described as a conscious “return” to R&B, the set’s release date was revealed today via song today. Flip the hood to find out when you can snap up a copy of C.Breezy’s sixth studio album…

The date was unveiled via new track ‘I Can’t Win’. Check it out below…

Let the countdown to July 16th begin…

Will you be buying ‘X’?

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  1. j April 30, 2013

    free downloading

    • CBE April 30, 2013

      Go ahead, some us will be buying…if does well, it was meant to do so and vice versa.

    • HALF AMAZIN April 30, 2013

      I like Fine China….this, not so much.

      • zania April 30, 2013

        I love Fine China, but he didn’t promote it right. He just release screen shot of him on the set of his video shoot and then weeks later he just dropped it out of no where. He wasn’t really using twitter months ago and he had no communication with his fans about his upcoming project. Like Fame, era, he stayed on twitter,instragam and he did ustreams and personal videos. He hasn’t connected to his fans, only connection his fans have is through Rihanna, because she stay on social media and his fans are only interested in his personal life. His music directions since 2012 was all personal and twitter fights,rants-Frank Ocean, Drake. In 2010-2011 he was communicating to his fans about his music and about him self. Every tweet he did around that time he thanked his fans-team breezy, he has lost connection with them. He promoted too much of a bad boy since 2012, Rihanna can get away with that image, but CB already didn’t have a good image after the 2009 incident. He shouldn’t stuck with image he was portraying in 2011-not a guy who is playing two women and a womanizer. I really don’t believe he is a womanizer- I think its all an act for this hardcore Rap image he was trying to go for. His fans fell in love with the emotional CB, not hardcore Rapper bad boy image- with ho’s. Then did a whole lot of partying losing weight, tattooing himself to look hard to keep up with this bad boy image. I think sometimes Cb goes through peer pressure, he around all these guys who look rough and he wants to fit in this bad boy image, he made himself look terrible over the past year. Just like the interview with The Breakfast club talking about lightskin men and pretty boys, I know CB wants to be respected in the rap world and doesn’t want people to think he is getting by on his looks and being light skin, but God gave you the looks and you are light skin except it. I know Blacks folks are more racist within their own race separating light from dark skin blacks but you have to love and accept yourself. losing weight, putting all these tattoos on your body- trying to look hard will not make you get repected from the rap community. Look at Drake- he is one of the top selling rapper in the music today and he isn’t hard, but then he is trying to come hard to prove a point to all the haters and get respected by hard core rappers. Both Cb and Drake needs to be themself they got far in their careers by being Chris Brown the s*** singer and Drake the sensitive rapper.

      • zania April 30, 2013

        His manager from Def Jam Bu had him going the wrong direction. I am glad Tina is running things now. CB fans loved the pretty boy look, talented singer and dancer, not the hard rapper bad boy look trying to fit in and be respected by rap world. Just Like Charlamagne on the Breakfast club talking about he like CB because he acts like a dark skin man. So a light skin and dark skin man acts different and light skin men are not respected in rap world. Just venting this morning this morning about my fav. Want the old CB from 2011 to come back.

      • Wside5678 May 1, 2013

        Zania there’s enough air in your head to fill a tire.

  2. JARED (WHITE DUDE) April 30, 2013

    I have a feeling that this is going to be his artistic album since ‘Graffiti’…

    I am ready.


  3. tam April 30, 2013

    yep i will and that can’t win track is real and raw. loving everything he drop so far

  4. The real xoxo April 30, 2013

    I will definitely torrent a copy and delete it after a month. Just like his last album.

  5. CBE April 30, 2013

    Ok CB Management need to bring their A game with Promo, last year he didnt do any interviews and late night shows which contributed to low first week sales along with the drama. This year more TV show appearances would help.

  6. nobitchassness April 30, 2013

    He definitely needs to step up on the promo if it’s set for a July release.

    I’ll support and BUY a copy.

  7. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 30, 2013

    it sounds just like his old stuffs……..

  8. Navy Sailor!!! April 30, 2013

    Not feeling the song. I can hardly understand what he’s saying on some parts….

  9. zania April 30, 2013

    Loving this song, raw emotion, this is what I like from CB. I am hoping he will start promoting his album.

    • lulu May 9, 2013

      I think we as fans need to email Tina and Bu abt his musical direction. His personal life has really overshadowed the promo for X

  10. zania April 30, 2013

    Loving the song and I am glad he is putting emotions back into his songs. I don’t know who advised him that he look weak being emotional. Woman love an emotional and strong man. His interviews he did were good, but he didn’t show a whole lot of emotion, like he did in 2010 and 2011 when he was interacting with his fans. I think this bad boy rapper image has really change him.

  11. Mark111 April 30, 2013

    It’ll flop as bad as his last 3 album. Singles artist.

    • HOWYOULIKEIT April 30, 2013

      his career is done

      • zania April 30, 2013

        His career isn’t done, when he is #4 on the R & B chart with promo he did for that song. Did Ciara even chart yet on the chart? He needs to get back to being Chris Brown, no Bad Boy CB hanging with Big hood, Kidred and trying to cover his body with tattoos to be hard like Lil Wayne- Wiz Khalif and other rappers. Cb is fine and handsome he should accept that.

      • HOWYOULIKEIT April 30, 2013

        Ciara flopped too

      • Mark111 April 30, 2013

        #4 on the R&B charts, aww, that’s cute.

  12. eric April 30, 2013

    That logo is TERRIBLE!

  13. Rihbellious_navy April 30, 2013

    I like it but I can’t stand the beat it’s very annoying.

    • IDK April 30, 2013

      Yea, the beat really isnt a attention grabber.

  14. Mark111 April 30, 2013

    I challenge Team BeatMe to post a 4 Chris Brown performance of him singing LIVE and sounding good in the past 4 years. Vocals! from 2009 to now, not non of that age 16 bull. Why are we acting like this dude is amazing when he’s just a dancer with pre-recorded auto tune vocals. This is the only one I could find and it’s basic. Male Britney Spears, all image.

  15. snapper April 30, 2013

    the beat sounds good. his regular voice. just like alyways. but is that rihanna backing the track and do some harmonics? yeah yeah. i heard that.

  16. rihking April 30, 2013

    I dont think this was the right time for him…I love Chris but I’m going to be honest here .I have a strong feeling of floppage for Chris.He needs a break from music for a year.

  17. EJR43 May 1, 2013

    The only time I like Chris is when he’s beating on Rihanna.

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