Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ Storms UK Top 10 Following Price Slash

Published: Wednesday 3rd Apr 2013 by David

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

The above, a fact ‘Fancy’ singer Beyonce will no doubt be aware of today, following her British chart triumph on Sunday.

For, as if by coincidence, the hours that followed her chart win  saw long time rival Rihanna announce she was to slash the price of her new LP Unapologetic‘ by half in the very same market.

Did her seemingly reactive move pay off?

Find out below…

 Now priced at £5.99, the project has now found itself nabbed a Top Ten spot on iTunes UK, perched at number 6.

Moving more units in the last week than Justin Timberlake‘s ‘The 20/20 Experience’ and Taylor Swift‘s ‘RED’, the album is set to nab a similar spot in the Official Charts this coming Sunday.

Problematic, as it’s the only complete album to hold a Top Ten spot at a discounted price- marking a bittersweet achievement for the singer, who’s developed quite a habit of cheapening her product to score chart points.

Back in 2009, she came under fire when her fourth studio album ‘Rated R’ went on sale for $0.99 but still failed o secure the top spot on the Billboard 200, after moving 181,000 units in its first week.

It was this move that stood as one of the many catalysts behind Billboard’s decision to rework their chart policy, revealing they were to ‘ignore’ any albums that were priced below the $3.49 point in the first four weeks of release.

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  1. mrTooIncredible April 3, 2013

    But she’s still better than Beyonce tho …

    Any questions ?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

      Yes, on singles.

    • Lou April 3, 2013

      Yeah, what are you smoking?

      • Lateefah Mercy April 3, 2013

        I love ur song

      • DeeDeeBoyy April 3, 2013

        this crack w**** has the stage presence of a roach

    • lexi April 3, 2013

      I am a big fan of both of them, but I am not going to lie I prefer Rihanna over beyonce. why do people say Rihanna is just a singles artist, her albums go platinum and sell world wide on top of a number one hit. Most of the so called superstars in music can’t even go gold.

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 4, 2013

      Currently Rihanna is shytin on BeyaWnce. 4 and Un have outsold her latest flop 4clouser. Rihanna even had hits to back it up. Rihanna has got the better body. She is skinny, tall and in great shape.Beyflop has short tree trunks and used botox for her face.Rihanna’s vocals have gotten a lot better, she has more control and she’s doing more choreography. overall Rihanna is better than BeyaWnce.

  2. Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

    Oh….ok 🙄

    • COCKINESS April 3, 2013

      I’m sorry but does anyone one remember the post that TGJ did when Bruno mars cut the price of his album to get his first #1 album…..Does nanyone remember when TGJ said that they agreed with the idea and supported it but now that its Rihanna you wanna make up some b******* excuse

  3. my forehead tho April 3, 2013

    You better slay them charts gurl. I ain’t mad at her though. Not to many artist would feel comfortable having to sell the albums at 90% off just so people would buy them.

    Dead @ rated r sales

    That reign tho

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

      That Rihanna reign just won’t let up boo. 🙂

      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

        The singles reign?

        No, it won’t let up!

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013


      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013


    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 4, 2013

      Never letting up! @Navy Sailor

  4. LAX April 3, 2013

    Who cares, Everybody love whores, everybody love artist that smoke weed and get naked and do what the hell they please to do. All she is good for is singles, Do you think Rihanna can sing live and dance at the same time,,,wait wait wait i’ll never put dance and sing in the same sentence when compared to Rihanna. The trash barely can’t barely put on a show on her tour?? Do she even practice..smh

    • KING RIH April 3, 2013

      You call her a w**** because she’s better than your fav. Outsells your fav. Is considered the kween of pop and noone EVER thought of your fav as a legend.

      Get over your bitterness.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

        Considered the Queen of Pop by who?

      • Mariah carey mothered you h***…. April 3, 2013

        Rihannas the queen of pop alright…. queen of popping her p****!

    • Dray April 3, 2013

      No that would be Beyonce. . . . the 45 year old stripper

  5. JARED (WHITE DUDE) April 3, 2013


    So, are we just going to ignore the fact that Beyonce’s “critically acclaimed” album ‘4’ has already been out-sold by Unapologetic?

    I like Beyonce as much as the next person but please, don’t try and discourage Rihanna’s sales, achievements and accomplishments all in the name of trying to uplift your ‘precious’ “KING B”.

    According to this site’s standards, Beyonce will be levitating, floating around on a cloud and bestowing blessings on all of us next. >>>

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

      Thank you. It’s so old now.

    • MC 4 LYF B**** April 3, 2013


      I love you. You’re such a reasonable commenter on this site!!! It’s too much.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

      YAWN @ the same old “Four has been outsold __” b*******.

      We get it, “4” underperformed and was outsold by almost every major 2011-2013 release. Will you stop comparing its sales to them?

      And Beyonce has already experienced much better album sales than Rihanna earlier in her career and has a higher TOTAL album sales mark now, so why would she give a f***?

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 3, 2013

        That wasn’t the point of his comment. Read it again.

  6. Lala April 3, 2013

    She needs to slash the price in the US. Has it even gone platinum yet?

    • KING RIH April 3, 2013

      Not necessary. It sells ~30K a week in the US. It will get certified when it actually crosses the million mark. Not like other artists who get albums certified after the 500k mark.

    • John April 3, 2013

      As of its 18th week on the Billboard 200, it has sold about 860,000 units, averaging about 28,000 units sold per week for the last couple of months. This means it will probably pass the million mark, required to reach platinum status, by the middle to end of May.

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

        It has sold 890k. It sold another 29k last week.

    • Lou April 3, 2013

      To answer your question simply….. NO!

      • John April 3, 2013

        Yeah, but it’s close. While her sales are not at the same level of Adele and Britney Spears (from years ago), they are nothing to scoff at.

  7. KING RIH April 3, 2013

    The UK needs another singe. Stay has charted for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. thats why the album is falling. they need another single. What Now? Nobodies Business? Jump?

  8. Drew April 3, 2013

    -____- Does this really need to be a post. Its hard anything to cry home about.

    • Drew April 3, 2013


  9. Lou April 3, 2013

    WOW!…. Not. The desperation is real in these streets. Slow news day Sam?

  10. ERIN April 3, 2013


  11. Brandys Starr April 3, 2013

    Cheap. Is Rihanna all over.

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

      How’s Two Eleven doing on the charts sis?

      • Brandys Starr April 3, 2013

        DW about a Brandy boo. She achieved what she achieved with talent and without desperate price slashes and p**** patting.

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

        No ones worried about her. That’s why her last couple of albums flopped. #staymadheaux

  12. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013

    I like Rhi nut this isnt winnin…its scheming. And its saaad. Bey 2yr old cd got to the top 10 at full price while rhi hot there by gemmicks. Ney winnin

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013

      Bey winning

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

        Not when TTT and UNA outsold 4. Oooop.

      • ERIN April 3, 2013


      • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

        4 outsold UNA…really? UNA has sold 2.7 million WW in almost 5 months. 4 sold 2.5 in almost two years. #goodbye

      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

        “4” has sold 2.8 million theaux, not 2.5 .

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 4, 2013

      O please. UN is coming for that 4 million and that lace wig. How long 4lop been out and still at 2.8??? King my a**

  13. Mariah carey mothered you h***… April 3, 2013

    Rihannas p**** soars after a price slash too lol.

  14. Mariah carey mothered you h***…. April 3, 2013

    Rihannas p**** soars after a price slash too lol.

  15. . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

    The UK?

    loool ok… grats.


  16. Express Yourself (Godonna Army) April 3, 2013

    Im not surprised, rihanna is the queen of discounts but in the united kingdom? thats just too much.

  17. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013


    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013

      Sam y did u take off the person i replied too? Now it looks like im calln rhi a b****

      • Lateefah Mercy April 3, 2013


  18. . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

    I use ChartNews (on Twitter) and MediaTraffic, and sometimes UKMIX, FanOfMusic, . . .

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

      Well, I was answering @ Nahjee’s question which got deleted.

  19. IM A FREE B*TCH April 3, 2013

    sam oh sam… smh

  20. Hmmm April 3, 2013


  21. DOSSOME April 3, 2013

    RIHANNA:-Accumulating those hits won’t help in the long run when you can’t perform them..Endorsements will disappear,beauty will fade and radio will turn back on you..mind you DIONNE WARWICK filed for bankruptcy after accumulating more HOT 100 hits than most of our faves..

    BEYONCE:-Only have 8 more years to put out a classic,which you haven’t done in your solo career..If you think CHECK ON IT,SINGLE LADIES and 80% of your entire catalog will still fetch you millions in your 60s,dream on…However great performer you may be,generations to come won’t bother paying for an amazing performance of a song they don’t know.


    • Lou April 3, 2013

      Ok I like your mind set but Beyoncé has some classic songs I think you are downgrading her music a lot. Like hello, Crazy in Love was named song of the past decade. If that doesn’t make it classic I dunno what is.

    • Diamond Navy April 3, 2013

      Neither of them are going to read this hon.

  22. cake like lady gaga April 3, 2013

    I will NOT fall for sam’s trap. But nice try sam.

    You can have a Soccer City stadium of seats next to the arab f** @H20 and your flop fave FRAUDYONCE

    _/ _/ _/ _/

    (One for u sam, one for the arab f** @H20 and two for your FAT FLOP FAVE, FRAUDyonce)

  23. LAX April 3, 2013

    O WELL I SAID IT AND WHO GONNA CHECK ME …. Like i said My fave can a least sing better….. I rather go see Fanny then a fukin chipmunk trying to sing

  24. LAX April 3, 2013

    RIHANNA IS a b****

  25. xedos April 3, 2013

    you’re so obsessed with rihanna its becoming starking

  26. SNIFF MY BALLS April 3, 2013


    IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NEW SINGLE ON 4/4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013

      utjkyv etyeyv etyer mj/8m1677y/n75966/n77h4 5mdkiuo;lyykkjujkyfgjht5fg75y4t67u86t7y86j74ty8jkl87u87jkty68d;.7jluiyk6yyv etyer mj/8m1677y/n75966/n77h4 5mdkiuo;lyykkjujkyfgjht5fg75y4t67u86t7y86j74ty8jkl87u87jkty68d;.7jluiyk6yuty8uty8r mj/8m1677y/n75966/n77h45mdkiuo;lyykkjujkyfgjht5fg75y4t67u86t7y86j74ty8jkl87u87jkty68d;.7jluiyk6yuty8


    • Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

      Well it’s about damn time. I like the beat 🙂

  27. just sayin’ April 3, 2013

    another post on Rihanna, another post on Beyonce. I like both artist but it sickens me to see all of you hate the way you do, but for some reason this site still gets visits from me. I go to many other for my music news but this site should just become the Beyonce and Rihanna forum. They the only two that get TGJ all the hits to pay their bills

  28. DEAD April 3, 2013

    who’s on the post? beyonce. tgj blah. that’s seriously getting old. and still b****** in here fighting over that setup s***? and chart my ass. who cares? but right her pocket’s full with dollarz, chart’s the only thing to achieve something worth it. 😆

    must be boring for her. *shrugs*

  29. Lateefah Mercy April 3, 2013

    I truely love you and ur Music

  30. RIQUEEN April 3, 2013

    RI is queen END OF STORY!

  31. RIQUEEN April 3, 2013

    Rihannas is queen…that is all

  32. DeeDeeBoyy April 3, 2013

    her album needed that price slash

    ppl only buy this bald crack w****’s singles

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 4, 2013

      Good Girl Gone Bad 9 mill
      Rated R 3.3 mill
      Loud 6 mill
      TTT 4 mill
      Unapologetic 2.6 mill

      Rihanna sells millions world wide f**. Don’t be mad because your flop fav can’t crack the BB Hot 100 top 10.

  33. Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 4, 2013

    Who give a crap if she lowered the price. Is she the first?? No. Many artist have done this,even BeyaWnce. At the end of the day you will still see her on the only chart that matters.Stay press

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