Watch: Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’ Official Promo Sizzler

Published: Tuesday 23rd Apr 2013 by Sam

King B is back!

For the last week, the superstar singer has been delighting fans in Europe with her hotly anticipated tour ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’. With major stops still to go in London, well as both North and South America, the diva has released a teaser reel for the the global trek (which is almost entirely sold-out).

LQ quality clips don’t do this tour any justice. Watch the ‘Grown Woman’ singer work in HD below…


That said, surely-surely-surely we’re due for that new single now?! Bey has and will continue to save face due to the fact there hasn’t yet been any official announcements made. However, the masses are smart and are already wondering why in the midst of several high-profile media spots (see: Super Bowl, Vogue, Pepsi) there’s not yet been any new material to boot.

We trust that there is a plan and all will be revealed soon; we just hope “soon” comes sooner rather than later.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Drew April 23, 2013

    Sizzling! P.S Looked like Mitch Winehouse liked her cover of Back to Black after all just read his twitter he said she can do another cover if she wants! Oh how lies spread!

  2. cake like lady gaga April 23, 2013

    I see FRAUDyonce is still paying the H** dust, WHERE IS THE SINGLE????????????


    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

      Shut up b****…we payn YO b**** ass dust…h**!

  3. Scottie April 23, 2013

    It’s appalling TGJ that you openly support her when she’s doing Revel all over again. If Rihanna took the lazy route and did an identical tour, you’d be saying how lazy the ‘bajan model’ is. I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, but I think it’s so ridiculous that all of us BeyHive have been talking so much s*** about how MOTHA is coming to slay, and she comes and hits us with the same s*** that she’s been hitting us with for the last 4 years! I really wish we would get the Beyoncé again that stole everyone’s s*** and added her spice into it. After Bow Down, I had hope. I’m losing my Beyoncé momentum and I really hope she surprises all of us with the quality of her upcoming music. In my opinion, nothing is worth this much anticipation.

    • Yeah I Said It April 23, 2013

      People call Rihanna lazy because of the WAY she performs not WHAT she performs.

    • thando April 23, 2013

      people in Europe did not see Revel. Rihanna is not lazy because of what she performs, its because she is lazy period.
      Scotti I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT BEING PISSED THAT she doesn’t have new material or a new setlist because her discography is far larger than irreplaceable, destiny’s child hits, baby boy, naughty girl, diva, flaws and all, halo and the ilk.
      Beyonce is an incredible live female SOLO performer and you should pinch yourself and count yourself lucky that you saw her live once.
      however i will not support creative mediocrity.
      Use your setlist….just SING she has an incredible live voice and she has the songs for it.

      • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013


    • Neigh-Neigh Leakes April 23, 2013

      But every Rihanna tour IS identical. Walk back & forth across the stage, a few p**** pats, strained screechy vocals, and having your fans sing the lyrics when you don’t feel like it.

  4. Kayla April 23, 2013

    Seeing her in London! Cannot wait!

  5. Kayla April 23, 2013

    And for people moaning (who are ironically not fans) I am EXCITED she is performing her songs off 4 because I havnt seen them live. If she was doing new songs Im sure wouldn’t perform songs like Schoolin Life and Dance for You and even Party, so I am glad shes doing what shes doing. Not everyone got a chance to go to Revel!

    • king b April 23, 2013

      thank you that what they need to understand ROSELAND,REVEAL those where intimate show in one city each she never had a tour for 4

  6. Yeah I Said It April 23, 2013

    Omg I just read some of the reviews…. Amazing!

  7. Vanessa April 23, 2013

    Looking good Bey.

  8. Aquarius April 23, 2013

    Prepares for usual comment: Its the same s*** blah blah blah. Becoming about as predictable as Beyoncés shows. Anyway the show looks goods she always performs her heart out without fail. Cant knock her for that and I look forward to seeing her.

    • Aquarius April 23, 2013


  9. NΛVI April 23, 2013

    She needed to leave that Amy winehouse song alone. I can see the backlash coming soon.

    • Fran April 23, 2013

      If Amys own dad doesn’t have a problem with it why do you?

      • NΛVI April 23, 2013

        Amy is rolling in her grave as we speak cause she never acknowledged Beyonce when she was alive, the disrespect smh.

      • Fran April 23, 2013

        So just cos she never said anything if front of the cameras means shes rolling in her grave? Please she was actually cool with beyonce and jay z they hung out Glastonbury.

      • NΛVI April 23, 2013

        Lol no he didn’t there a post on sheisdiva.. if you lookk on sidebar of this blog.. there’s a post covering this same indicdent as we speal lmao.

      • NΛVI April 23, 2013

        lol You keep making up stories, it’s a mess and that’s that.

      • Fran April 23, 2013

        What did I make up? Go look it up. Youre making up bad feeling that’s not even there.

      • Little Monster April 23, 2013

        @Navi check his OFFICIAL twitter honey, he said he liked it.

      • SENATOR HENRY April 23, 2013


      • Yeah I Said It April 23, 2013

        But why are you making beef that’s not there though? Nobody knows what Amy thought. The fact she was cool with Beyonce and Jay Z is even more of reason why there is no need for bad feeling. Nobody on this blog gave two f**** about Amy before Beyonce did that cover now its aww poor Amy she was a legend. I wonder how many of yall actually own an Amy CD? B**** please. Besides, Mark Ronson was the one who wrote and produced the song so he owns most of the royalties so if anything HE allowed it (since he has ties with ROC Nation). And as Mitch confirmed, they have given him money which has gone towards the Amy Winehouse foundation which is a GOOD thing. So stop finding s*** to complain about.

      • Yeah I Said It April 23, 2013

        And yeah, if anything its the film producers that need to be blamed not Beyonce.

  10. Fran April 23, 2013

    Glitz & glam. Love me some classic Bey.

  11. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 23, 2013

    Yeah JLO , Give Me My Life 😀

    • Bow Down Bishes! April 23, 2013

      Get the FURTHEST OF OF F**** away with that J-Ho mess. No one is checking for that hag.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 23, 2013

        No , your Fav is def checkin’ for her , that’s why she Constantly COPYING her 😉 .

      • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

        Death @bowdown

    • F*** Half Amazin April 23, 2013

      I like the fact that Beyonce is a more talented and relevant version of JLO. Poor JLO fans…lol

  12. LaurieBlue. April 23, 2013

    I might be wrong, but i have a feeling she’ll release the new single next month! Which will coincide with crazy in love’s 10th anniversary! Kinda like a celebration or some s***! I dont no! smh!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) April 23, 2013

      It’s coming in 2weeks boo.

    • Jazz April 23, 2013

      Hey that’s a good point. Well I damn hope solos

  13. Little Monster April 23, 2013

    She looks amazing in that Blue cat suit. Werk it girl!

  14. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) April 23, 2013

    The haters will come with the same ole B.s
    : She paying her fan dust, where is the new single(Grown women should be out sometime next week…Album due in sept)
    : She is doing the same show(She only did live at roseland and revel for the USA stans. Europe Stans didn’t get to see her for almost two years)

    The T’s I got from Frank Gatson(yes I know him on an personal level no shade no tee)This era is going to be EPIC.

    Hi haters, hope you low class peasants have an bless day. Muah

    • LaurieBlue. April 23, 2013

      Gurl, u are not just rich and black! You are fabulous honey!! Yassss!!

    • Super Cisus April 23, 2013

      Girl bye you don’t know nobody stunt queen

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) April 23, 2013

        You what to bet. Get ya life hunty and have a blessed day.

  15. DAMIEN April 23, 2013

    BeyTHIEFce’s, current, reductive ‘Revel 2.0/Greatesy Hits’ tour is anything but “Epic”.

    BeyTHEIFce’ is, most probably, the least creative Pop-act in the music industry.

    Then there are those people pretend they dont understand why her last album FLOPPED; I mean, let’s face it: Beyonce is a one trick pony and always will be. The only credible aspect about her are her second-rate, Tina Turner- esquelive performances but that;s just about it.

    WHAT A BORING B****!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • QUEENYONCE April 23, 2013

      did u even go to REVEL b**** ???? U watch the amateur footage through youtube and u dare come and talk!!! u BEYONCE’s are so obssesed with her life su don’t like her top watching her performance and commenting her post then??

  16. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) April 23, 2013

    Yass ma’am motha is looking so good in that Blue Catsuit. Them LIGHTS

  17. IMHO April 23, 2013

    I love you Bey but we need something fresh…

  18. Micks April 23, 2013

    Its always the same people doing the most on Beyonce post smh. I am so glad I paid to see her this year over miss Rihanna Cancel Fenty. Never seen Beyonce live before so same routines does not bother me because people that actually GO never come out complaining.

  19. YouDoRealize… April 23, 2013

    Beyonce already has a sold out WORLD TOUR. She’s not worrying about success. However, I feel like the Hive should have new music. The Super Bowl was almost 3 months agao. There should be no reason why she’s going on a world tour without at least 5 new songs. The best time to promote an album is when you’re on tour abroad. Idk I could write a paragraph but,I won’t. As the original Beyonce stan, I believe she needs to get it together and release a single next and album in June/July.

    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

      B**** hush…writn that damn novel and sayn u won’t write a paragraph..chile please! She’ll release new music when she ready b****

  20. Sass April 23, 2013

    Great! B****** so impatient. She will shock us all eventually. This is very calculated what shes doing.

  21. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) April 23, 2013

    The haters are up bright and early for the King I see….Get ya life hun , but she is this, that, and the third.

  22. Listen April 23, 2013

    Well… Like someone said, not everybody got the chance to see the Revel show.
    She’s been rehearsing for these shows as well as the Superbowl and I think the plan to go on a World Tour was thought out for a while now…

    I don’t mind that she’s “recycling” some “old” stuff, that aren’t that old anyway since she hasn’t been on tour since “I Am…” and that most people haven’t seen/heard 4 live.

    Now the big disappointment is that there is ZERO new music. I mean c’mon, give us a taste, a ballad + an uptempo or something. This is what annoys me the most… So what’s the plan now ? Another world tour whenever the album will be released ?

    I’m thinking this will be out late 2013, around Black Friday. Maybe she’ll go on tour again next spring in 2014 ? I don’t know… This is all confusing.

    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

      those have been my thoughts all alone. I felt this was merely the $ tour, which i’d like to see, and the new cd will bring another tour early 14.

      • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

        ‘4’ not ‘$’

  23. truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

    Epic b******!! Seeeethe!!

  24. Rach April 23, 2013

    Hm I was having a Beyoncé yesterday she has some good slow jams and pretty ballads. People actualy really underrate her as this shallow c****** popper who don’t know her songs properly.

    • Rach April 23, 2013

      Beyoncé session

    • F*** Half Amazin April 23, 2013

      That’s only the haters. She’s capable of delivering a nice ballad. She just doesn’t have many up her sleeve so ppl like to pick out her booty shaking anthems like that’s all she’s worth. Smh.

  25. LDN Chick April 23, 2013

    See you on May 5th Bey 😀

  26. Super Cisus April 23, 2013

    What a stupid tour

    • LDN Chick April 23, 2013

      Like that Ciara persons whole career. Stupid comment.

      • Super Cisus April 23, 2013

        And ur a stupid b****. Fall back p****

  27. Neigh-Neigh Leakes April 23, 2013

    Not really a Bey fan but I loved the promo.

  28. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013


    • Super Cisus April 23, 2013

      Brokeback f**

    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 23, 2013

      Hold up now…Janet sweetie

  29. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Lookin at this brings me to tearsssssssss. I can’t believe we are witnessing One of The Greats of Performing!!!!!! The 60s had James Brown! The 70s had the Jacksons! The 80s had MJ! The 90s had Janet! And we got THE MUTHA F*CKIN QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Mark my words. This tour will b one of the biggest n music history. The b**** isn’t even a legend and bringing n rave reviews on every tour! And fans are fainting wanting to touch Greatness. No artist of this generation has caused anything close to that! #THE GREAT BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES CARTER

  30. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Bwahahahahhahahahahah @ Super Ciflop is mad Ciflop can’t even tour local malls bwahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahah the b**** is OVER!

  31. RoyalKev April 23, 2013

    That was amazing! I love Beyonce’s energy! She gives a 110% everytime and that’s what set her a part from most of her peers. I really can’t wait to see her. I havn’t seen her go awf since ‘Experience'(she held back at Roseland).

    I’d love new music, but I don’t make it a habit to rush someone’s creative process. Some of these people making demands aren’t even fans. I can’t understand that for the life of me. The Hive seems a little curious about what she’s doing, but people that don’t care for Bey at all seem to want this single out IMMEDIATELY. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! I rather B take her time and craft something that she stands behind (whether it becomes a hit or not). I’m here for great music. I expect excellence after ‘4’ and there’s absolutely no need to rush Bey to drop a single that people are in a hurry to bash! It’s been the same ever since B went solo. They were mad in 2003 and they’re still mad today!!! People really need to FOCUS ON THEIR FAVES! I never get distracted by people I don’t like! IGNORE THEM! How hard can it be???? It’s just the same people hating and leaving comments about Bey every mutha fukkin day. Then they have the nerve to be soooo sentive about their own favs(even when they release s***** ass singles)! I Can’t! People stay bothered, it’s so tragic! Hive can’t enjoy anything without 20 pressed mofo’s making 5 – 10 comments each! GTFOH!

  32. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    And what I mean n terms of an successful tour n music history. The b**** will earn $116 million alone from the tour. That’s monei n her pockets for touring bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaahahahah. #THE SUPREME B**** OF POP CULTURE

    • just sayin’ April 23, 2013

      Digget Bey,
      Hello, from the Lamb camp.
      Question, why does The Hive feel the need to defend Beyonce with such forceful words? I mean, I get it, ’cause back in the day when they came for Mariah, I would go off, but then I realized, my girl was on her way to being in the history books of music. So is your Diva.
      Also I have to inform you and I do hope you know this, that Beyonce & other artist may have a tour gross of 80-200 million but they do not get all of that. So, if & when Beyonce tour gross ALOT she will have to divide that with crew. Meaning, at the end, where the tour can gross 116 million, the artist may only walk away with 10-20 million, which is NOT BAD

  33. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Broke bac f**???? Bwahahahhaahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha u are mad as hell bwahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha

  34. BEYSUS OVER JESUS April 23, 2013


  35. just sayin’ April 23, 2013

    This is the real problem. It is not that Beyonce is on tour doing the same shows, it is that the public is making a HUGE deal and keep reporting the same story about her. If new music was attached then it would be welcoming, but posting the same story to create the same comments is where the problem lies.
    As a lamb, I can not find time to read Beyonce for the same set list (although I do feel she should of came at least w/ a royal theme)because my fave gives the same set list too.
    There is other music news out there and the same Beyonce story is getting old. Wait til’ she does something new, and then post on that.

    • Lydia April 23, 2013

      Then dont click on the post her fans dont have a problem shes Beyonce shell get reported anything she does.

      • just sayin’ April 23, 2013

        i am not the one with the problem (if you read properly) I am cleary up the real problem because I scroll through these post and read non sense.
        I like Beyonce and click on the post to see if there is anything new, as I stated in the original comment, I can not find time to read her, my girl does the same thing too.
        I do stand by my comment in informing the blogs to try not and report the same story on different days in the same week (to be more blunt)
        If fans enjoy reading the same post over and over again, then I get it, but you share this blog with music lovers. at least see that point. Not everything has to be about one person. thats all

      • Lydia April 23, 2013

        Clicking on a post is not conventional. So anyone who doesnt agree can scroll past. And since Beyonce brings in a lot of hits to this site (and blogs in general) its inevitable they will report on her a lot.

      • Super Cisus April 23, 2013

        Stfu beyfatce is repetitive and her fans are stupid queens

      • just sayin’ April 23, 2013

        clicking on a post is not conventional, but they can be informative. So, a person like me, clicks on a post to be informed. If I click, I must be interested, but even if it was all about my girl Mariah, I would still say ENOUGH of the same story. New news is good too.
        Posting on a certain topic just for hits is smart and may bring money, but the truth is, it is a SAFE smart move ( safe being key word). Then it brings all these fights, that I think are just wrong. It is music, not North Korea vs The World

  36. Lydia April 23, 2013

    I love her. That is all.

  37. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013


    • just sayin’ April 23, 2013

      I think the Michael Jackson thing is the wrong direction, but Tina Turner FOR SURE.
      We have yet to see a person who has impacted the world like Michael Jackson. They try and push Beyonce in that direction, but until she has a CLASSIC ERA (with instant classic music w/ meaning) she could never be a child of MJ’s. She is not deep enough. Michael had songs of meaning that was apart of a movement throughout many decades, Beyonce just makes us move and feel good, many artist do that. NO ONE Is LIKE MIKE #respect
      Now, Beyonce is on her own level, one that can not be touched by today’s artist. She is amazing, but sometimes people go too far w/ comparing

      • live4now April 23, 2013

        I agree 1000%! I never understood the MJ comparisons….Beyonce is more like Tina Turner.

        Hopefully Bey brings it with this 5th album. I wasn’t a fan of 4, it definitely wasn’t a bad album it just wasn’t my favorite from her.

  38. Kate Middleton April 23, 2013

    GOOD LORD!!!!

    If I see more postings about this whale I might cry an ocean so she can 4lop into it.

  39. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    U sure right ur Fat Sour Ass can cry an Ocean B****. Ur ass is shaped just like an whale. H**, did u even wash ur crusty face and nasty ass before u start ur day checking on THE QUEEN?

  40. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Lmao @ Kate Middleton. U mean ur gonna cry like when u found out the twinkies were going out of business. Fat Piece of S***.

    • Super Cisus April 23, 2013

      I know u ain’t calling nobody fat look at ur big ass fave

      • F*** Half Amazin April 23, 2013

        @Super Cisus b**** there’s a difference between curvy and fat. And there’s a difference b/w Relevance and your fave. BYE.

  41. just sayin’ April 23, 2013

    ohhhh i get it, you guys like to drag and fight. #sad
    saying hurtful words and bullying is the way of the world. smh

  42. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    She looks 100 times better than Carl known as Ciflop H**. Don’t get mad cause Ciflop can’t keep an man. She date guys up to 2 months. That’s when they found out she has a penis bigger than theirs.

    • Super Cisus April 23, 2013

      Are you mad because Ciara is in tip top shape and gorgeous unlike your flabby photoshopped fat ass savior beyonce? Staaaay mad because Ciara slays ho u is real pressed

  43. MARY April 23, 2013

    Congrats to Beyonce. Luke James starts with Beyonce in Paris.. Good Luck Luke James…….



  44. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Lmao U can tell Super Ciflop is an damn child. ” look at ur big ass fave”. C*nt please tell ur h** ass parents to buy u some glasses. Cause ur retarted ass can’t see for s***. And when u say big, I think u mean big fyne hips and big ass. Something Ciflop doesn’t have. And I know something ur f** ass probably have. By getting ramed up ur ass daily.

  45. just sayin’ April 23, 2013

    I’ll lead by example
    HEY YOU GUYS! I read this a few days ago and was waiting to see if TGJ would post it. VIBE gave a list of the greatest albums since 1993. B-DAY made that lisT

  46. fatusankoh April 23, 2013

    amazing the one and only bey the greatness I can’t wait for the tour and album fellow fans don’t let this hatters get to us lets love support our bey more than ever long live queen bey

  47. Loyalty April 23, 2013

    Thats my girl slaying that stage like usual, old routines or not. Get them 5 star reviews girl. Haters fall back.

  48. Honey Bey April 23, 2013


  49. F*** Half Amazin April 23, 2013

    Sooo funny yall like to tease the beyhive about their homosexuality but this site is run by homosexuals and you RIHtards come on here EVERYDAY. That goes for the NAVY, barbs, and other lame stanbases. And I’m STRAIGHT and a beyfan BTW. So stfu!

  50. mc the place to be!! April 23, 2013

    that was a great fashion show and love on top pre recorded 🙂

    • Loyalty April 23, 2013

      And your fave does the same so bye. Stop shading yourself.

      • mc the place to be! April 23, 2013

        so i myself pre record?? dumb stan smh

      • Loyalty April 23, 2013

        No smartass the person you stan for… You wanna shade Beyonce for pre recording when your fave does it too which makes YOU sound pretty dumb. Dont get smart wit me boo.

  51. Loyalty April 23, 2013

    @F*** half amazing.. Its ok the amount of times ive been called a f** and I am actually a female lmao. They have no clue.

  52. Loyalty April 23, 2013

    @f*** half amazing… Its ok the amount of times ive been called a f** and I am actually a female lmao. They have no clue

  53. Tupac Lives April 23, 2013

    LMAO At The Beyonce fans saying people should think themselves luck that she is touring again.
    Lucky? yeah she’s doing the world a great service making money.
    I’m sure all those diamond encrusted champagne bottles Jay Z spent a ton of money on, are helping keep a roof over the heads of the fans, working their butts off to afford a ticket so these two can class themselves as royalty, while NYC has it’s highest percentage of homeless people, ever.
    Snap, there goes reality.

    • Lala April 23, 2013

      Eh? No one said that. Theyre happy shes touring with 4.

  54. Lala April 23, 2013

    Looks like glamorous high class star she is!

  55. KD April 23, 2013

    I love this woman…anyway, I don’t foresee new music anytime soon though…4 wasn’t her biggest selling album and I believe that she would want to give any future albums her all in order to see a resurgence on an album front.

  56. Mark111 April 23, 2013

    Why are the haters hating on her not releasing new music? She didn’t tour the world with 4, so this is pretty much making up for that era. I see a winter release, as she should, albums don’t do well in the summer anymore(For whatever reason.)

  57. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    No No No Lamb @ Just Sayin. U got that all wrong. The 116 million dollars are going n KING B’S pocket. Honey that’s monei she’s receiving for touring. Roc Nation announced that last year. That when she starts her World Tour, they will pay her 100 million dollars. The tax man will get some but she will get most of it. All of this isn’t included with her gross at the end. If the tour grosses 120 million WW. She still gets that 116 million. And to answer ur question about being forceful. That’s me! That’s me all day, especially when she start Slaying!

  58. Suicide Blonde April 23, 2013

    2012 – “Beyonce Is Named As One of the Most Overrated Music Artist of All Time”.

    Is Beyonce overrated? Well according to one writer, the R&B superstar is nothing more than a lackluster bore. And this has been a subject that many music enthusiasts have pondered.

    In fact, King Bey was recently named as the 3rd most overrated music artist of all time.

    The writer of the controversial list claims that Beyonce is overrated not because she lacks any talent or an amazing singing voice and stage presence, but because she lacks any originality. He even claimed she was lazy:

    “Again, it must be pointed out that I don’t dislike many of these artists. I actually quite enjoy Beyonce as an R&B singer; I gave last year’s 4 a solid rating in the review I did of it. She has a fantastic voice and she has made some very good albums. What I cannot abide is the amount of overcredit she gets for being some kind of innovator in the genre. Any innovation her albums present is the product of her other producers and writers of her music; for the most part she doesn’t actually write her own stuff. She contributed lyrics to barely over half of the songs on 4, and frankly the ones where she seems to have the most creative input are the weakest (for example, “1+1″). It wasn’t always this way; she has never completely written her own songs, but she contributed a lot more to I Am…Sasha Fierce and had input on every song on B’Day. As time has gone on, “Queen B” as her fans call her has become lazier and lazier and seems willing to rest on her laurels. Yet she is still considered to be the top female R&B singer out there. Crap on other R&B stars all you want, but many of them are more complete artists than Beyonce, who is increasingly becoming a good performer and little else.”

    Of course Beyonce’s fans were outraged. Many of them made points such as Beyonce working harder than most artists in the business and the many long hours she puts into her craft.

    I love it………

    • Lou April 23, 2013

      And Rihanna and Gaga have all been voted this too. Do they care? No. They have success. In fact, even Madonna had been called overrated. Everyone with huge exposure gets called overrated. You are so petty.

    • Lou April 23, 2013

      LOL ‘according to one writer…’ Says it all really. Goodbye biased b****.

  59. fatusankoh April 23, 2013

    that article is written by hate mongers who want to take bey out is all lies and trash even they know that you all can hate bey but you all are not god

  60. Lou April 23, 2013

    Cant wait! An ultimate must see performer!

  61. rihking/queen April 23, 2013

    YAWN!!!!Wake me up when beywhalece isn’t a boring b**** who can actually can get a hit.

  62. Rob April 23, 2013

    That new nose job looks a mess and that weave is tired. She looks like she aged 10 years since 4. SMH

  63. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Wake my up when ur f***ot no life miserable ass finds an job and life. KING B IS PAID AND THAT B****! Where do ur wack lames ass fit in? #HOODRATS

  64. DIGGER BEY April 23, 2013

    Lmfao The Delusional. Its so funny when lames try to discredit some. When there fav is The Queen Of Overrated! The b**** migh have sold over 200 million albums but where is the legendary talent. B**** Please. Talent wise KING B >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Crypt Keeper

  65. Dray April 24, 2013

    Where is her single tho?

  66. Dray April 24, 2013

    It’s damn near the end of April and still no single. . . where’s the single?

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