Mariah Carey Confirms American Idol Exit; Announces World Tour

Published: Thursday 30th May 2013 by Sam

Like the seasoned PR maven she is, Mariah Carey eclipses the bad with the good.

For, the premium diva pairs confirmation that she is indeed leaving American Idol with news that she is set to embark on a world tour.

Details after the jump…

The bittersweet news came courtesy of a Tweet from the singer’s PR team, who wrote:

Carey famously clashed with fellow new judge Nicki Minaj during the early auditions and while it was hoped the pair’s feud would ignite ratings, their “she’s not there” approach to co-existing was largely deemed awkward and saw viewers switch off — much to the frustration to producers who paid both ladies megabucks.


While Mimi’s departure from the disaster of a judges panel all but confirms the media reports that producers are cleaning house, we feel Team MC’s approach to the announcement is super smart (despite being somewhat contrived). For, in touting the success of ‘#Beautiful’ and providing her International audience with the news they’ve been waiting to hear for years (literally), she manages to come out relatively unscathed from a situation that would have otherwise seen headlines read that she was “fired”.

In any case, the reason behind her departure is almost inconsequential for us. Just bring on that new album and tour (if she can keep her vocals or at least pre-records intact).

Your thoughts?

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  1. soulmusiclover May 30, 2013

    say what now? world tour? okay i need to see this legend live before i die

    • Victor May 30, 2013


    • mariah carey mothered you h***… May 30, 2013

      Lol and nicki fans thought Mariah needed idol. #b**** please… no Nicki is the one who needed idol and it didn’t help her at all and the b**** got fired lol

      • opd2 May 30, 2013

        MARIAH CAREY MOTHERED YOU H***… denial b-tch they fired her @ss,nicki chooses to leave one the other hand they said they were cleaning house,so you can faqll back on a big one.

    • JOANI888 May 30, 2013

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    • MariahFan May 31, 2013

      I’m right there with you! Hopefully she will come up my end and I can get to finally see her after years of waiting! She’s still got it and she puts others to shame!!!

  2. kassie May 30, 2013

    you monkeys love to suck minaj’s d***… Isnt nicki the QUEEN of pre-recorded vocals… I mean, she’s Mariah Carey, the VOICE, the ICON! The mother of Christina, Beyonce, and Brandy… Nicki a fake ass lil shim. girl bye.

    • FAF May 30, 2013

      Nicki a shim what you call linebacker?
      girl bai

      lets keep it about Mariah , pressed Queen. y’all p****** on TGJ kill me w/ these fake ass screenames every day

      scared to get snatched? LOL

    • King B Agent May 30, 2013

      Lol she will never be the mother of Beyonce. Beyonce will sing circles around Whistle little Booshe ass…. Now Pre-recorded lol? Everyone know Mariah Has the best pre-recorded tracks in the world that why she lip sing her performance…

      • Rach May 30, 2013

        Girl no Im a Bey stan but no. Just no.

      • Common Sense May 30, 2013

        Even better than Bey’s National Anthem?

      • kassie May 30, 2013

        why be beyonce? She has more money, more awards, more number ones… and she did it with out have 5 other backup singers (Destiny’s Child) to rely on. F** you better sit

  3. Yaz May 30, 2013

    Didnt she have to cancel dates on her last tour due to low ticket sales?

    • Jayla May 30, 2013

      Why is that so relevant to you? she still can buy and sell your gay worthless ass

      • Mother Earth Mariah Universe Carey May 30, 2013

        Lmaooo i see no lies

      • Yaz May 30, 2013

        Im not gay though babe.

      • Yaz May 30, 2013

        It was only a question, why you mad?

  4. YOOSONDALOOSE May 30, 2013

    Great news, both the American Idol departure and the tour plans!

    I will definitely go see her!

  5. Jayla May 30, 2013

    Can’t wait to be able to witness the woman live in action. True talent right here. She could retire but she loves what she does for a living, that’s passion. Her family will not have to work for the next 15 generations.

  6. ShadeNOShade May 30, 2013

    Idol Didn’t Want Her Back Anyway Tho. #TEA

  7. Teflon Boy May 30, 2013

    I’m here for a world tour but I need Mariah to stop being so damn lazy with her voice care…, I looove her to bits and she’ll ‘always be my baby’ *pun intended* but she seems allergic to rehearsal and preparation…, as someone who does follow her I can attest to the voice still being there, but anyone who has watched her career over a long period will tell you that Mariah has always had a sensitive voice that (even in her prime) literally implodes if touched by smoke, lack of sleep and/or alcohol and certain foods…, so far two ‘couldn’t ask for better’ promo slots have been totally squandered due to IMO a lack of preparation and probably any number of the above sins. She used to be such a perfectionist now it’s as though she can’t be arsed, probably sipping champagne and nibbling on cheesecake just before she hits the stage lol.

  8. Mother Earth Mariah Universe Carey May 30, 2013

    GOOD!!!! glad she got off the sinking ship before it was too late.

  9. Gary C May 30, 2013

    I’m a big Mariah fan. I’ve seen her live twice. The first time it was all completely live, the second about 1/3 was click tracked with pre-recorded vocals. I’m really unsure about this world tour. Shame, because when she was 100% in 2000 she brought me to tears! x

  10. Theman May 30, 2013

    Sam is so full of shyt. He can’t ever leave his disdain out of the picture. People tuned out because of nicki. Stop making excuses. These write ups are horrible..

    • FAF May 30, 2013

      Tuned out? What the f*** are you talking about? Nicki got the rave reviews and twitter #IDOL was always positive things about nicki trending. Mariah was a bore. YAAAAAAAAWN.

      • Toohot4tv May 30, 2013

        Wish I could like your reply lol…theman tried but he can have several seats! \_ \_ \_ lol

      • Common Sense May 30, 2013

        Nicki was ghetto as f***, and white middle America was not checking for her.

  11. ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

    yes, yes, yes to a tour..I will there….

    I know that fake juice is not coming for mimi’s vocals? WHEN YOU STAN FOR NICKI MINAJ….

    • Queen Barb May 30, 2013

      B**** minaj is a rapper have a seat

  12. Suicide Blonde May 30, 2013

    Let me guess the dates.

    Oct. 2 – National Olympic Stadium – Tokyo [Japan]

    Oct. 4 – Stadium – Yokohama [Japan]

    Oct. 6 – Nagai Stadium – Osaka [Japan]

    Oct. 7 – Nagoya Dome – Nagoya [Japan]

    Oct. 9 – Saitama Stadium – Saitama [Japan]

    Oct. 10 – Home’s Stadium Kobe – Kobe [Japan]

    Oct. 11 – Hiroshima Mun. Stadium – Hiroshima [Japan]

    Oct. 13 Koshien Stadium – Nishinomiya [Japan]

    Oct. 16 – Fukuoka Dome – Fukuoka [Japan]

    • FAF May 30, 2013

      u fckin tried it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO



    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013


      i wanna see her live tho , I will pull off a JT on those Boobs.

    • Suicide Blonde May 30, 2013

      I’m sorry folks.

      • Victor May 30, 2013

        Suicide I really want Mariah Carey to die, Like Whitney Houston! That would be awesome right?

      • Suicide Blonde May 30, 2013

        You’re insane!.

    • Common Sense May 30, 2013

      That would be a guaranteed money maker tbh… She could and should also do multiple Brazilian dates.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

      She´s the biggest international artist in Japan EVER. Any problem? 🙂

  13. Queen Barb May 30, 2013

    Really who wants to see a whale on stage

    • Common Sense May 30, 2013

      Have you seen Icki ass? It literally looks like Honey Boo Boo’s mother on each side. Saggy, floppy, and fat, yet you still see that m***** on stage.

  14. quetta May 30, 2013

    Since she won’t be getting any more checks or promo from AI..she decided to do a world tour to keep that money rolling in. Haha she is #hustling

    • MC May 30, 2013

      Death at you thinking that she needs Idol check to live 😆

      Don’t you know by now? She’s a mulch-millionair 🙄

      By the way baby, her then manager Randy already talked about Mariah doing a tour last year before Idol started.

      • quetta May 30, 2013

        I don’t curr about her..I just came on here to talk s*** because I was bored.


      remember to purchase the album dahling.

      • quetta May 30, 2013

        Nah, never bought one of her albums in my life and she’s not impressing me this era soooo….

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        So you downloaded them illegally, like the hive did for 4?

      • quetta May 30, 2013

        I wouldn’t get her album even if mariah herself tried to give it to me. She made some great hits but I’m not a huge fan.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Yes, she has made many great hits, more than Beyonce,etc.
        Oh well, at the end of the day she still one of the best selling artists of all time…

        Music Box – 32 million copies sold worldwide. 😀

        Love you. <3

      • quetta May 31, 2013

        Honestly, idc what she has more than Beyoncé. This isn’t even about beyonce but it seems like she stays on your mind.

  15. MC May 30, 2013

    That’s great news. She doesn’t make a good judge as much as she new about technique, she came off very flat and like she didn’t want to be there. I’m sure Idol isn’t heartbroken nor is she.

    Idol is a dying horse, she shouldn’t have been on it in the first place but it gave her a lot more exposure and she premiered her video, her first performance, etc on it so now she could proceed with the plans for this album.

    She better come to VA. I wanna see her so bad.

  16. Just To Say May 30, 2013

    Mariah is not ready for no damn tour sorry folks. Them GMA performances confirmed it all the more. Shes gonna be standing there behind a mic the whole time in dresses too tight and lipping for the gawds with them phoney hand gestures. Not a good look.

    • Common Sense May 30, 2013

      Actually the only thing the GMA performances confirmed is that Mariah performs terribly when in front of a camera. This is the #Beautiful rehearsal:

      • BeyoncesWigBrusher May 30, 2013

        The Rehearsals were FAR better than the footage that was used…. I am not sure why she didnt go all out like she did in rehearsals…. Mariah just doesnt care for TV performances… Never has… Mariah in concert is totally diffrent from Mariah in a concert.

  17. Super Cisus May 30, 2013




      • Super Cisus May 30, 2013

        More entertaining than ur straining Frosted flakes cereal box shaped fave. stay mad you b****

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Call me back when she sells 200 million records or at least make as much of an impact on the music industry.

  18. ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

    this is why I don’t like this site, they are so f****** biased that its not even funny…they will sit here and praise their favs all day, even their favs f**** up, they still praise their asses

    but when it comes to real talent, they are always throwing shade….

    news flash that grapejuice your fav has been cought in the pass lip syncing know the b**** thats suppose to be the greatest singer in the whole world..b**** was caught fake singing

    • Sam May 30, 2013

      You dont like it b**** then GTFO

  19. HoneychidlPlease May 30, 2013

    Sam just posted something about rihanna fan catching h***** from a lipstick than took it down smh…

    • FAF May 30, 2013

      lol the girl was at the tour & put it on by a mac agent who didn’t sanitize the lipstick & she’s claiming rihanna is responsible 😆

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        maybe it was one of Nicki’s and she thought it was Rihanna’s…

    • Rach May 30, 2013

      Yeah I thought I was the only one that caught that lol.

    • Super Cisus May 30, 2013

      That s*** was prolly fake come on the b**** was name Starkeema kii

      • FAF May 30, 2013


    • HoneychidlPlease May 30, 2013

      Sam knew people were going to get in his loosey goosey ass! That’s why he took it down! # Rihanna Navy

  20. Rach May 30, 2013

    Why did you just delete that Rihanna post about the fan saying her lip stick gave him h***** loool.

  21. HoneychidlPlease May 30, 2013

    A piece of what sam posted

    “A fan of Pop entertainer Rihanna has reportedly filed a lawsuit against MAC Cosmetics today, after she claimed that the lipstick they launched in partnership with the star gave her…h*****.”

    • Suicide Blonde May 30, 2013

      Wow, that’s very ugly.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013


      so what’s next ? she gave CB h***** and that’s why he beat her ?


      she give ppl h***** and beyonce’s breath stink.

  22. HoneychidlPlease May 30, 2013

    The truth is Sam knew people were going to get in his loosey goosey ass! That’s why he took it down! # Rihanna Navy

  23. Royalkev May 30, 2013

    I don’t think Mariah leaving Idol is such a big deal! That show didn’t make Mariah who she is. This won’t hurt her career and it will all be a distant memory next year. To be honest, even though I hated some of the drama I’ll miss Mimi & Nicki on Idol (I’m sure I’m not with the majority on this one). I guess I just got use to them! Anyway, it looks like Mariah is moving on! Good for her! I’m pretty much done with Idol now. I’m not interested in Kelly, JHud and Adam judging.

  24. Super Cisus May 30, 2013

    The Lambs are bothered kii kii f*** that washed up no vocals Diva Mooriah

    • Todd May 30, 2013

      Bothered? More like happy .

  25. HoneychidlPlease May 30, 2013

    Sam just put the post about rihanna back up…I already called you out! LOL

  26. Todd May 30, 2013

    Yay Mimi! Tour De Force!!!!


    I don’t think her voice is in shape for a tour though…

    • MC May 30, 2013

      She will have to do what she did in Aussie and lip some parts and sing the others. She has to protect her voice or whats left of it.

      You’re worrying too much, its more than likely going to be a small tour like her previous ones.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Yeah, I do worry every time Mariah goes on stage. Btw, do you know if Mariah is scheduled for any performances prior to the Macy’s special?

      • MC May 30, 2013

        Nope, I think that’s the only promo plan. S

        eriously she needs to focus on practicing that and sing it properly and not singing all of her other songs well and then butchering the actual song she’s trying to promote a la GMA.

        No need to worry though, #Beautiful is holding up well on iTunes, radio, streaming, etc.

      • Common Sense May 30, 2013

        What she needs to do is get those nodules removed. The Julie Andrews incident happened almost two decades ago. I’m sure surgical techniques have improved since then.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        But #beautiful has fallen out of iTunes top 20. It’s really doing well on radio and moderate in sales. Streaming is also doing okay. She needs to promote more. Get those interviews + Tv performances. I remember how All i want For Christmas is You soared up iTunes after she sang it on Jimmy Fallon in December. Honestly, GMA did nothing for the song because the only thing people were interested in after the performance was her wardrobe malfunction. I just have a feeling that second single might just do the job though.

      • MC May 30, 2013

        Slayriah, you’re worried too much. 😆

        iTunes U.S. positions:


        #16 Mariah Carey – #Beautiful (feat. Miguel) 0.3478 0.3491 0.3478 0.3407 0.3280 0.3129 0.3119 0.3120 0.3132 0.3179 0.3191 0.3179 0.3156
        0.3105 0.3027 0.2955 0.2858 0.2833 0.2843 0.2900 0.2939


        #127. Mariah Carey – #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)

        Total combined around #10 – #12 on iTunes.


        Radio Position – All Formats:

        #15 = MARIAH CAREY #Beautiful f/Migu… 6837 +75 845 -80 35.295 +0.415 24 17 15 6837 4076 35.295


        She was #45 of streaming with over 145, 000 + streams.

        She is doing fine. The song is rising and doing well.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Lol, I guess I am worrying too much. The combined sales (explicit + clean version) = 300, 594, So i guess we are heading for gold. The last time I checked iTunes it was @ #23 so I’m surprised to see it made its way back into the top 20.

        The single is also doing well in The UK and Australia.

      • MC May 30, 2013

        Unless you use livepopbars or kworbs (dot) net the update isn’t quick. You can check now if you want lol

        She is doing fine in general.

        UK iTunes without promo:

        #22 Mariah Carey – #Beautiful (feat. Miguel) 0.0782

        Aussie iTunes also without promo:

        #9 Mariah Carey – #Beautiful (feat. Miguel) 0.3500

  28. Suicide Blonde May 30, 2013

    In other news, Kylie Minogue’s Skirt is fire.

    • ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

      you make me sick…lol


    The Madonna stan has been trying it today though…

    Anyway, I really hope she changes up the set list. I would love to hear her sing ‘Petals’ again. Anytime you need a friend and Butterfly too.

    • Suicide Blonde May 30, 2013

      I’m so sorry, i should behave, i need a slap in the ass.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Lol. You sure do!

    • MC May 30, 2013

      Its not just this site on another blog, they come to her fan base (a base dedicated to Mariah only), make threads about her, come to the #Beautiful thread to sa’y negative things.

      It’s so funny because you can click on the Jennifer Lopez fan base on a—-t—-r—-l and they’re busy talking about Mariah and the lambs and the same with Live it Up thread.

      Don’t worry about it, even when they’re not talking about Mariah, they’re too busy obsessing over Gaga so same difference really.


      What do you want her to include other than those songs? They’re vocally demanding and I don’t think that her voice can handle any of that.

      • ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

        her voice hasn’t been the same because, you have to remember she has been doing this for years…singing live while people use a backing track, 23 years

        so it does do damage to your voice…..

        I don’t have an issue with her using help on her tour..because we already know she can sing..

        I want her to do songs from the music box album….I think that was her greatest album to date

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Whenever I go on YouTube to watch #beautiful music video, I see many JLo stans dominating the comment section by saying a lot of mean things. It’s funny how they keep calling her a flop but dedicate so much of their time to her and th lambs.

        You are right, AYNAF and Butterfly are vocally demanding but Petals, not so much. I remember she was in tears in a concert while performing Petals back in 1999 (i think). I just want her to change it up. She did an amazing job with ‘Vision of Love’ on idol so i’d like for her to perform that. Melt Away, Outside, Looking In, Dreamlover, and All in Your Mind would all be some that I’d like to hear. Vanishing would be lovely, but too much pressure on the vocal chords. I really do’nt want her to perform Obsessed and Touch My Body though.

  30. MC May 30, 2013

    I do she changes up her set-list and includes some songs from Memoirs and includes “Never Too Far”/”Lead the Way” from Glitter as well.

  31. Victor May 30, 2013

    I want her to die after this tour like Whitney Houston did.

    • HoneychidlPlease May 30, 2013


    • Todd May 30, 2013

      Ugly. How does that make u happy?

    • Rach May 30, 2013

      Troll alert

    • JER May 31, 2013

      fagbye. Yer just mad your gut bucket bottom c*** hungry hole is full of 3000 A***-filled d**** and your life support is ticking. GTFO

  32. ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

    umm mariah doesnt need to keep any checks rolling in..the broad is loaded

    the bish is worth 500 million….how is she worth that much..lets see she writes her own songs, not take a song and slap her name on it, the bish actually writes her own songs…

    she makes a killing alone, writing her own songs….and when she left her ex husband, she had the biggest settlement in the music history….

    now i dare a b**** not to hate


      Maybe when Mariah becomes much older she will just become a songwriter.

      • ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

        yea I can see her actually doing that….the songs she wrote actuall had meaning…

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Yes, her songwriting abilities really showed in the Daydream/Butterfly albums (IMO). I actually expanded my vocabulary by listening to those songs. The woman has such impact on my life. lol

  33. ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

    I know what some people going to come she never made forbes list..

    because people that actually makes real money, doesnt need to brag about it to forbes…..

    mariah used that 18 million she made from idol to wipe her ass…

    I already know which stan base are going to get b*** hurt over mimi’s 500 million

    • Rach May 30, 2013

      So Oprahs bragging now?

      • ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

        have you read any of her magazines…she mentions how much she makes all the time…

  34. Rach May 30, 2013

    Why does this person commenting stay on Beyoncés c*** all the time #theobession *Prepares for 100+ comments from it*

  35. TurnUp4cici May 30, 2013

    shes tired tbh

    • MARIAHISMUSIC1 May 30, 2013

      Says the f****** Ciara stan

  36. Victor May 30, 2013

    SPAM: Offensive comments will not be tolerated.

    • muss May 30, 2013

      In your crazy rant you did not say why you feel she deserves to nolonger live?

  37. Fran May 30, 2013

    I don’t think she is ready for a tour.

  38. RICHANDBLACK11 May 30, 2013

    Her old ass needs to sit down somewhere. She’s the only legend who can’t sing anymore

  39. Rosie May 30, 2013

    Good @ her leaving American Idol. I don’t even like Moo but she’s too good for that show, it’s for tired hasbeens like Nicki who can barely chart or even sell 2 million albums in a year.

    • Common Sense May 30, 2013

      While the size comment was unnecessary, I agree with everything else.

  40. Common Sense May 30, 2013

    Maybe Mimi will get some hocus pocus done to her vocal chords and bust out some Daydream vocals. At least that’s what I like to dream about.


      lol, Yes, I LOVE Daydream vocals >>>>>>>>

  41. Yeferson Ochoa May 30, 2013

    Flop Tour 🙂

  42. quetta May 30, 2013

    **on the phone with my friend**
    Her: why you texting in my ear?

    Me: I’m not texting I’m writing on this blog

    Her: what blog?

    Me: an urban blog..they talk about beyonce, rihanna, mariah, etc and this one I about mariah doing a tour

    Her: mannnn, mariah carey better sit her old ass down somewhere and take care of nick n them kids before I do


  43. Fifi May 30, 2013

    Can’t wait for the album and the tour !!

  44. DOSSOME May 30, 2013

    To me,this is great news…ALL i want is TEOM hunger,an era Mariah never gave lazy ass performances despite vocal decline.Her voice now is much stronger than it was during TEOM days,all she needs to do is rehearse…

    She needs a new setlist though,her catalog is too wide to be hearing SHAKE IT OFF every damn time…perform the unpopular tunes as well,you know how we lambs love those songs.

    *Plays Bring It on Home*

  45. DOSSOME May 30, 2013

    No offence to Madonna stan(s),but history has proven that everytime you mock Mariah,your fave flops harder…you mocked GLITTER film for grossing $5million worldwide only for your fav to gross $800k worldwide with SWEPT AWAY.Madonna’s later films FILTH & WISDOM ($400K WW) & W.E ($500K WW) tanked harder…You mocked CHARMBRACELET,then see what happened to AMERICAN LIFE and the 6week cameo it made on BB 200 album charts…You mocked MEMOIRS,then MDNA happened…According to Soundscan (you know where #s are never inflated),MC has been slaying your fave on a 2:1 ratio since 1991..Let’s keep it all the way cute 😉


      *waits for the blonde*

  46. Raden May 30, 2013

    Lets Refresh Back What Mimi Had Accomplished So Far

    1. #Beautiful Is #1 in 30 Country World Wide.
    2. #Beautiful Remain Steady at #20 In Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks Now,
    3. #Beautiful Still Stay Strong At Top 20 In U.S Itune For Several Weeks
    4. #Beautiful Getting High On Airplay every day On Radio..what else
    5. .. Ohhh She Exit American Idol!!!!! Good For her and she don’t need THAT!!!!!
    6. #Beautiful Dominate The Chart World Wide Especially In UK (They Count Her Out And They Have To Count Her Back In)
    7. She will Perform At Macy’s Firework 4th Of July Next Week
    8. Getting ready for World Tour Start in October (Start In ASIA)
    9. Her New Album Getting Ready soon!!!!!

    The One And Only, The Legendary, The Icon, The Diva, The #1, The #Beautiful … Mariah Carey!

  47. veo99 May 31, 2013

    Following her tweet, Fox and producers FremantleMedia and 16 Entertainment released a statement that said:

    “Mariah Carey is a true global icon — one of the most accomplished artists on the planet — and we feel extremely fortunate that she was able to bring her wisdom and experience to the American Idol contestants this season. We know she will remain an inspiration to Idol hopefuls for many seasons to come.”

    Don’t copy and paste something incomplete SAM!!!

    PRESSED!!! That Mariah will never acknowledge this site!! She is Global and on the Planet phrase can never be used for broke Icki

  48. JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

    I can´t wait for the album!!! I mean it´s so damn near… and #beautiful is so damn promising (#15 on itunes US now btw). Where is that other single released at the same time who some delusional people thought was going to do better? Ok
    About the tour… why do u guys worry so much? Even if u are Mariah fans it´s clear some of you are still kids. Of course she will use some backing tracks. I´ll tell you this: no more than my beloved Celine Dion for example. It´s a common thing and if they don´t want to totally lose their voices they have to do it. Nowadays young girls rely on backing tracks for whole concerts despite performing easiest songs (o nana goats my name) but they get a pass cos they are “singing” over the track the whole time. It´s normal that true vocalists have to lip some high notes after 25 years in the business. Get over it. They are still showing her current vocals with the backing tracks and of course still sing live for the most part of their concerts. She will be fine, she has made many tours by now, even if not too big

  49. MISHKA May 31, 2013

    A music legend like her had absolutely NOTHING to do on that show in the first place.

  50. Elenora Garwin July 4, 2013

    Hi there, great web page however there is a problem whereby sometimes I get redirected to the base page whenever I look at other topics within this web page.

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