Report: Lil Kim Sued For 15 Million Dollars

Published: Sunday 5th May 2013 by David

They were the life force behind her Nicki Minaj fuelled come back in 2011. Now, in marking the latest legal woe to be sent Lil Kim’s way, she is reportedly being sued for $15 million by the ‘International Rock Stars‘.

Unfortunate details below…

 TMZ report:

Andrew Ro says his company, International Rock Star Corp, inked a licensing deal with Kim back in August 2012 and planned to roll out a slew of products, including a perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink, energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line and even a honey maker. 

Problem is Ro says Kim was a menace to work with and often refused to come to project meetings unless she was being paid extra for her time — making it difficult to get anything off the ground. 

Not only that, he says when a project was finally executed — like her perfume — Kim refused to promote the product and then stopped taking their phone calls. 

After Kim cut contact, Ro says she fired off a cease and desist letter regarding future projects too … and then filed a lawsuit claiming IRS tricked her into a bad licensing deal. 

Ro fired back with his own suit, claiming Lil Kim’s to blame and her antics cost his company $15 million. 

This surprising legal drama comes after ‘Did It On ‘Em’ producer Bangladesh producer revealed that he had cut ties with Kim’s forthcoming album, hinting finance as the cause behind the action.

It also comes after she reportedly launched a lawsuit against her former brand managers, accusing them of tricking her into signing over the majority share of said brand.

This, one year after she came under fire from the LA Recorders Office when it emerged she had not paid taxes between the period of 2002-2009, owing Uncle Sam a hefty $1,026,862.42.

Here’s hoping this ugly matter is handled swiftly.

However, in what many who remember  what the full extent of IRS’ involvement with the Rapper was, it’s pretty ironic that that the ‘crew’ she employed to help her ill advised ‘anti-Minaj’ campaign has now taking aim at her.

Karma eh?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Loyalty May 5, 2013

    Oh dear. Whe I thought it couldnt get any worse…

    • OhNo May 5, 2013

      I’m no feminist but I feel like one when i see Lil Kim’s mess. Women have gotta be strong and smart in this world or you’ll end up like her. I think Nicki is inconsistent but what I like about her is that she is a serious business woman who understands her brand even she doesn’t make the right choices.

      Kim is lazy by nature and only got put on because she was sleeping with Biggie and now he’s passed on and Diddy has ditched her she can’t even handle basic finances.

    • truth(i will draaag the F*** outta icki and her stans) May 5, 2013

      F*** u Sam!! F*** YOOOOOU!!!!!!!! (runs off post cryn uncontrolably chile)

      • DaHotNig May 5, 2013

        Yessss b**** go run and cry h**! Now your p**** and eyes are both leaking salty fluids you disgusting c** dump! LMAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        Poor kimmy tho first her face now this! SMH

      • truth(i will draaag the F*** outta icki and her stans) May 5, 2013

        *stops cryn, Peaks around corner…Throws dog s*** at this B**** @dahotn and hits her in the mouf..hides back behind corner and continues to cry honey*

  2. Bey Fan May 5, 2013

    15 million seems like a lot money….

    • LOL May 5, 2013

      I’m inclined to believe this International Rock Stars company called TMZ to give ’em exclusive updates. Do they even own 15m? I googled them and came up with lyrics.

      Ah well, so much for new music Kim.

  3. Markell May 5, 2013

    See. It’s not only her ugly ass features and s***** ass lyrics and crooked ass flow and thrifty ass wardrobe that don’t allow her to come back. She’s also in debt of paying something back that’ll take her 10-15 years to get. By them she’ll REALLY be dead.

    • ImArii May 5, 2013

      Hopefully, you and your mom will be dead. Then you’ll be able to join your dusty ass granny in hell. Yay.

      • Markell May 5, 2013

        But your mad because……it’s truth…..bye felisha….

      • Cuntress May 5, 2013


  4. Whatever! May 5, 2013

    People have been backstabbing Kim every since Nicki blew up. I honestly feel bad for her.

    • nicko May 5, 2013

      Stop blaming Nicki !!! its kim’s fault , not Nicki’s !!! she’s a LAZY ass b**** ! she didnt want to go to her meetings and promote her products cause she’s lazy and stupid !!! Nicki didnt do anything to that B**** !! GTFOH !!

    • Bad Bytch May 5, 2013

      Kim is always the victim huh?.. I guess all her beefs with Ms Wallace, Faith, Foxy, Eve, Queen Pen, Charli Baltimore, Puffy, Lil Cease, Junior Mafia, Nicki Minaj, A.Banks, and etc ect ect were everybody elses fault right?…When one person seems to have issues with SEVERAL people…maybe its that person that has the issue. SIT DOWN

      • Still I Rise May 5, 2013

        This comment has so much common sense written all over it. I love it! i’ve been saying this for the longest. AMEN!

      • RoyalKev May 5, 2013

        Wow! Bad Bytch just said it all!

    • Ken May 5, 2013

      Did you not READ the article? This is ALL Kim’s doing.

  5. YES May 5, 2013


  6. . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013


  7. Lol May 5, 2013

    Reading that title and then seeing that face I died.
    But, damnit Kim. I was ready for you this year.

  8. your leader May 5, 2013

    This makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong.. Kim makes my skin crawl. I just feel bad that her brain capacity is so low. SMH .. Maybe her “fans” can help her 🙂

  9. JessicaTMUS May 5, 2013

    She is dumb, lets look at this she had so much oppertunities and blew it for more money. Kim was my fave long before Nicki but she is dumb as f*** as of now.

    She had an opportunity to Re up her image and blew it, and it always has something to do with Nicki. Nicki has nothing to do with people backstabbing Kim.

    And if you believe that Kim was just the victim once again you are dumber than Kim is.
    She was an unprofessional person by all reports given, I hate seeing black women throw stuff away.

    • your leader May 5, 2013


  10. Rosie May 5, 2013

    Well that’s $15 million more to add to her debt lol. Hopefully the same will happen to Nicholas Minaj.

    • your leader May 5, 2013

      See b**** that’s where your ignorance and age shows. NICKI controls her brand, this will never ever happen to her ffs. Get a grip on life hunni!

      • Rosie May 5, 2013

        Gurl please. She doesn’t control MAC. She doesn’t control that OPI line her stans love to brag about. Nor does she own that company that makes Puke Friday ~the fragrance~, when she loses her endorsements and her fragrance gets sent over to the beauty aisle at Walmart it’s all over and Nicki will be broke, like she should be.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

        Did Rosie lie?

  11. LA LA May 5, 2013


    This is the only picture that this site uses of her.

    This the only s*** pic of Kim (that is obvoiusly polished; photo shopped).

    “All these old rap b****** are only HOT! for one summer” – Nicki

    All of these old broads all of a sudden want to come back in the game and start picking up their pens, when WE the fans been waiting for a long time and now all of a sudden Nicki is taking over the game, they want to come back, and they ultimately fail. Foxy Brown FAIL! Khia FAIL! Eve just recently FAILED! With trying to get a cheap pop hit and it didn’t work. Now, Kim BIG FAIL! DAMN Imma put a F- minus on these old h***.

    Nicki Minaj killing the game right now

    NICK ————>>> ALL FEMALES MC’s


    • Still I Rise May 5, 2013

      YAAASSS! Cus where were these OLD broads b4 Nicki came through? Nicki is their leader and she’s a BOSS fo real.

    • VANNY May 5, 2013

      b****!!!! u better read!!!!! thats what the f*** i been sayin!!! dont get me wrong i love all female rappers “eve,kim,foxy,missy,laurin” BUT!! they left the game did not give a f*** about they fans! did not drop music or at least a single her or there in 10 or more years and now they see all the success nicki is having and they want to come back and try to compete!! NO! NO! and NO!! i wish them all luck but nicki has been in the studio alot late ly and she keeps saying on twitter that she is writing alot again and taking her time!! and when nicki’s 3rd album comes out!! b****** better hold on to they wigs,weaves , lacefronts and all hunty!!

      • ImArii May 5, 2013

        First, Nicki needs to SCAN platinum in the U.S. Wigs all over the world are more than secure. Have 10 pews worth of seats in the pits of hell.

    • truth tea (take a sip) May 5, 2013

      are you daft?
      Will nicki be relevant in 15 years?

      • Tisha May 5, 2013

        Well hunti even if she’s not she sure won’t be a broke & a joke as Kim.

        Add $15 mill to the collection plate and put another Paypal album out!

  12. The truth shall set you free May 5, 2013

    She needs to get over herself and just hand her “Brand” over to a record label so they can do damage control and let them take it from there because she’s not doing s*** with what’s left of her career which is already on life support. Eve is getting ready to FLOP hard so that should tell her something about going independent. I have mad love for Kim but she needs to get it together

    • KEY May 5, 2013

      “Eve is getting ready to FLOP hard so that should tell her something about going independent.” <—I died after reading that. Too funny

  13. ShadeNoShade May 5, 2013

    When You Go Against The Kid It’s Gonna Cost Forreal. – Nicki Minaj


    Karmas A B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. FAF May 5, 2013

    DEAD. God don’t like ugly (Kim fans)

  15. rihking (godfather) May 5, 2013

    damn.I actually feel kind sorry for her.

  16. ShadeNoShade May 5, 2013



  17. nicko May 5, 2013

    THIS IS THE RESULT OF LAZINESS AND UNPROFESSIONALISM !! its time for kim to take responsability for her actions ! Nicki has NOTHING to do w/ that. Nicki is minding her business and doesnt give a f*** about kim !

  18. cocobutta May 5, 2013

    I warned the b**** about that crusty IRS crew in the 1st place.

    Those wack ass rappers were always WAY beneath the QB and see go take one to many licks.

    If this is true then Kim is f***** off permanently..

  19. Still I Rise May 5, 2013

    Lil’Kim is only worth 8 million if that, So how the hell is she gonna pay 15 million. Lil’Kim is a HOT ASS MESS! She’s getting that attention she so desperately wanted BUT… It’s all negative and what’s left of her image is being crushed to oblivion. Lil’Kim is NOT business minded and that’s why she’ll never compare to Nicki. Broke b!tches so crusty disgust me! – Nicki

  20. Ken May 5, 2013

    I feel somewhat bad, and was honestly kind of expecting her return to music with her new single.

  21. You Wanna Bey Me May 5, 2013

    The death!!!!! Kimmie, gurl u better file for Bankruptcy, then run for the hills. They suing her for money SHE don’t even have.

    • KEY May 5, 2013

      Hell yeah. Dammit Kim….

    • msteefromdc May 6, 2013

      and how do you know how much money she has??? do tell

  22. junior queens & lesbians in training May 5, 2013

    This is either lies or she is really crazy! Clothing! Shoes!! Perfume!!!! The fact that anyone wants to put endorsements her way considering her stock has dropped in recent years, and the fact that she sabotaged is strange?
    Didn’t she just release a date for a new single? I think it must be a marketing plan.

  23. MDNA May 5, 2013

    Lil Kim’s looking more like Michael Jackson by the day.

  24. truth(i’ll f*** nicki honey NNN WIIITTT NNN WIT B****! ) May 5, 2013

    Karma is a b**** and she is knocking at krim’s door chile.

  25. NT May 5, 2013

    These female rap legends need to get there money stuff together , first Lauryn now Kim

  26. er May 5, 2013

    Smh y’all really want kim to fail soooo bad on this site. The hatred is so genuine. Anyway, get it together Kimberly. At this point a musical comeback is near impossible with all this careless brand handling. Let us pray

    • Lana Del Shade May 5, 2013

      You’re looking at the wrong person. All they did was report on the story. You think it’s a coincidence she’s always being sued?

  27. Rosie May 5, 2013

    Why are Nicki stans celebrating? Her career is already over, Re-Up flopped, all her singles since Pound The Alarm flopped, American Idol is hitting series lows in the ratings every week, her new MAC lipstick is a flop, the general public sees her as a joke.

    • your leader May 5, 2013

      Rosie aka b**** who knows nothing. Please go find the rottweiler you dripped out of and STOP wasting your time in this thread. Thank you =)

    • truth(i’ll f*** nicki honey NNN WIIITTT NNN WIT B****! ) May 5, 2013

      Shut the f*** up b****. the only joke here is that flat voiced b**** as your avi.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

        Her debut album sold 3.5M worldwide, more than any Onika Garbaj’s entire album discography, and she’s like TEN times more talented and creative than her, so . . .

      • DeezNuts May 5, 2013

        Pink Friday sold 3.8 million WW btw. Get those facts straight.

    • nicko May 5, 2013

      Her new MAC lipstick is a BEST SELLER !! her first one is THE BEST SELLING MAC LIPSTICK OF ALL TIME ! She’s sold 5 MILLION albums (the re up is not a brand new album but a RE-RELEASE ,dumbass) ‘High School’ is her 44th Billboard Hot 100 entry. Stay mad !

      • Rosie May 5, 2013

        Best selling lipstick of all time… back when she was relevant. How is that lavender mess doing?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

      CO SIGN

      CO SIGN



      WHAT IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rosie May 5, 2013

      I know nothing? Icki is a joke, American Idol is getting beat out by the Big Bang Theory and even Scandal, no one is buying that tacky ass purple MAC lipstick, High School is barely getting any airplay and is flopping, and she’s only sold 3 million albums. You dumb h*** tried.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

        I thought I was the only one who clocked the lies.

        5 million albums my muscular ass.

      • Likica May 5, 2013

        I don’t even like Nicki, but Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant is the biggest flop album of all time. Your fav has the worst live vocals in the industry and the most boring music.

        Lana Del Rey Net Worth
        $500 Thousand

        Nicki Minaj Net Worth
        $25 Million

        It’s pretty obvious who is a joke here.

      • Rosie May 5, 2013

        B**** how many times are you going to bring up Lana’s INDIE album? She wasn’t even signed. We are in the PRESENT, and in 2013 Born To Die has outsold Nicki’s discography. Don’t even let me bring up American Idol’s ratings

      • Likica May 5, 2013

        It’s her debut album, not my fault that it flopped. It makes part of her discography.
        Born to Die is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. ^^

        I’m not going to defend Nicki Minaj because I don’t like her at all. Weren’t you coming for Pink yesterday? One of the best performers of our generation, if not the best, more critically acclaimed and commercially successful than Lana del Rey who is only popular in 3 countries? Your comments can’t be taken seriously.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

        @ Likica

        Lana is a musician and she just wants to release music and have people buy her albums, and I believe she’s satisfied with whatever she’s having, she’s not some money-hungry FLOP b**** like Onika Garbaj, the biggest try-hard in the industry.

    • SHADENOSHADE May 5, 2013

      And yet you have Lama Del GAY who has like 2 hits in your Avi?

      • Rosie May 5, 2013

        She has more than 2 hits outside the US, has outsold Nicki’s discography with one album, has won more awards than Nicki, and her tour will probably outgross Nicki’s. Speaking of tours death @ everyone and their mom outgrossing her in North America, her career is truly over.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

        I’m sure she’ll outgross her lol

  28. FAF May 5, 2013

    Stupid h** shoulda befriended me … Y’all finish lmao

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

      Stop PROMOTING that FLOP song from Onika Garbaj’s FLOP album K***.

  29. Kitty May 5, 2013

    Damn They are dragging her on Tmz lol

  30. DOSSOME May 5, 2013

    Why are some people celebrating?This doesn’t look like good news

    • MC May 5, 2013

      Hey, tune in for ‘The Annual Lambily Awards 2013″ <——– google that to get to that thread and website to see your fellow lambs in the ceremony! I know you like the site, so you can what goes down if you want. (a —– t—– r——- l—-)


      B**** you got banned again, I can't at your dumb ass going after @michael like that in PYP smh 😆

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

        I could NAWT hold it . . HE IS SO F****** U.G.L.Y. 😡

        Like . . His face looks like something PHARAOH would S*** OUT after a LONG day of causing all kinds of F***** UP S***!!!

        And that CREATURE bobiix . . . . . .

  31. KEY May 5, 2013

    …well…I guess it’s time to say bye bye to Kims comeback.

  32. Back 2 J May 5, 2013

    Okay, i remember hearing about her suing her manager for signing a bad deal but I didn’t know it was this deal they were referring to…I don’t understand what was so bad about the deal? She was getting her own line of perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink, energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line and even a honey maker. That would have been great. I didn’t know you supposed to get paid for showing up to business meeting though? Bangladesh cut ties with Kim? That’s not true because she said she is releasing a single that was by Bangladesh, he just isn’t producing the whole album. I don’t know it’s so hard to keep up with all these posts since there always so negative anyways. Either way this does not sound good.

    • Anon May 5, 2013

      No sis. These are two different lawsuits.

      She’s suing her brand people and her crew are suing her.

      • rin May 5, 2013

        anon sorry its all the same lawsuit so you are wrong

  33. mi May 5, 2013

    i feel bad for kim because it looks like she’s serious to come back this time, and now everyone decides to turn and attack…if only biggie was still here….

    • Minaj May 5, 2013

      but he’s not so sit .

  34. rin May 5, 2013

    parts of this story is COMPLETELY wrong grapejuice you all need to do better research, first of all kim meet her former attorneys/business partner last year in 2012 so how could they been apart of ANY anti-nicki campaign which there wasnt one to begin with and secondly these are NOT two seperate lawsuits her former business partner/attorney “Ro” is the same person that kim initally filed her lawsuit with and lastly lil kim is still the CEO of IRS corp ( all of this is in the court documents), geesh but either way this s*** dont look good for kim she gotta get her ish together,

  35. Nahjee May 5, 2013

    Damn Kim, what going on with you? Huh? You must really be trying to come back and compete with nicki with all these failed deals & lawsuits. Kim needs to get it together fast! Meanwhile eve is about join kreayshawn in row section 8 of seats ( flop album lobby)

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 5, 2013

      And I don’t see that much difference between Kreayshawn and ONIKA’s last albums sales, so . . . I guess she gotta join the “Giga Flop Albums” bench too :mrgreen:

      • Nahjee May 5, 2013

        Are you being serious right now???? Kreayshawn sold 3k the first week. Nicki minaj will never sell them number EVER!!!!!!!!

        Now for eve I don’t think she will sell 3k the first week cause she has more of a fan base then kreayflop does. So I think she will hit about 20k or 30k a pop first week sales.

  36. Molly the maid May 5, 2013

    Wows she stupid she belongs back in jail tbh

  37. KAMEHAMEHA B**** May 5, 2013

    This old, crusty, flop-weave having mess it at it again. I believe she looked her best in prison – can someone please escort this broke-down mess to a few years in solitary confinement? At the most, it can stop her from injecting herself with silicone and trying to make herself look like a white woman with a pork face. I mean damn. Can this b**** do anything right? Obviously not. Now I have to live in shame that Lil’ Kim has failed me – defeated by the mighty Transvestite Icky Minaj and now I have to live a life with my head hung low – ashamed that this b**** has f***** up the voice of my generation for good. Where is an old school Missy Elliot track when I need it? Someone save me!

  38. BeyoncesWigBrusher May 5, 2013

    Suing Kim for an amount of money that she clearly doesnt have is RIDICULOUS…. Kim isnt even WORTH 15 million.

    I feel so sorry for Kim, everything with her name on it is just a JOKE.

    I wonder if this is KARMA getting back at her. Its like she keeps losing.

    • DeezNuts May 5, 2013

      I thought she was losing after the PayPal struggle crisis! But this s*** is just…..!!!!!

      Faith, Ms. Wallace, Foxy or sumbody mustve put the Voodoo on this h**’s career because everything she touches turns to S***!

    • msteefromdc May 6, 2013

      and exactly how much is she worth? do u even know? i doubt have several seats..that celeberitynetworth site is b.s. don’t believe it. just because that site reports her net worth is not what she truly has earned. so don’t get it twisted. yall can keep sleepin on kim if u want, but we all know she’s a hustler all yall have a bunch a f***** seats

  39. teamkim May 5, 2013

    What does nicki have to do with this? Since this blog wants to talk about nicki I guess everyone forgot that nicki has her own lawsuit pending with fendi. Nicki signed a dirty money young money deal. Go here nickiminaj . Com and it takes you to the come up dvd website. That’s all

    • DeezNuts May 5, 2013

      Yall Kill me with this!

      Youre not even acknowledging your favs floppage and instead of helping your fav, you divert attention to Nicki Minaj.

      Dont yall get it? Lil Kim’s fanbase is so preoccupied with Nicki that yall refuse to accept the fact that your fav is DONE! smfh

      • teamkim May 5, 2013

        First of all sam pressed a*s brung up nicki. Second nicki is being sued by fendi, fact. Last if kim is so done why are commenting on a post of lil kim? Now don’t you feel stupid you clueless b*tch

      • DeezNuts May 6, 2013

        LMFAO DO I feel stupid!?!?! BITCHHHHHH you stan for Lil Krim Chung Lee-San! I just. .. 🙁

        Your fave is trying to come back and she cant because her fans are too worried about Nicki!!!!!!!!!!!! bwhaahha

        Help your fave come back!!! Shes selling albums off Paypal and yall steady calling her the Queen?! Her face is turnt, bent, froze, dragged, and f***** and yall steady saying she’s beautiful?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!
        Dont YOUUUUU feel stupid! hahahahaha!

        -Tune into American Idol stupid pressed angry irrelevent stank p**** biotch! 🙂

  40. May 5, 2013

    I know I don’t have $15 million dollars, but neither does Lil Kim, so this person is delusional if they think they will ever receive that amount of money from her.

    • RG2 May 5, 2013


    • msteefromdc May 6, 2013

      just cuz u sue someone doesnt’ mean you will win..damn do yall even know how this thing works? she sued them and so they are countersuing her. dumbasses

  41. denise black May 5, 2013

    what the hell!!!! again what the hell!!!! wow all that c** swallowing didn’t pay for your taxes wow!!! you swallowed to owe 15 mil you suck my bad you suckked. what you couldn’t read the contracts or your lawyer ? cant no body trick you when your reading skills are up to par on signing anything. you tricked your self by tricking for c** and did not take that c** money and pay taxes.

    • RG2 May 5, 2013


      • RG2 May 5, 2013



    I love Mariah Carey

  43. IDK May 5, 2013

    Damn kim smh.

  44. RG2 May 5, 2013

    May 5, 2013 at 3:38 pm
    F*** u Sam!! F*** YOOOOOU!!!!!!!! (runs off post cryn uncontrolably chile)”


  45. DeezNuts May 5, 2013

    Listen, Bruce Lee is rolling over in his GRAVE! She has dishonored the WHOLE Asian Community with her Floppage!
    TF h**!?!? I just..I can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Krim ole lazy a**! Yall can drag NIcki all day and all night but at the end of the day…Nicki handles her BUSINESS! THat can’t be denied!

    Krim is getting sued for 15 mil and she is only worth 18 mil; after 15+ years?!!

    • KAMEHAMEHA B**** May 5, 2013

      Not only did she disgrace the entire Asian Community with her floppage – I’m referring to her botched plastic – pork – stir -fry looking surgery infested face; she also disgraced the entire Female MC genre by dishonoring one of the greatest Rappers ever. This! F******! Lazy! B****! How does she start her career off – sucking, f****** and swallowing to only have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it?! Like for real, B**** YOU WAS F****** BIGGIE!! And she has NOTHING?! *puts on church hat and prays* This is exactly what she gets for killing her meal ticket…aka Baby with Biggie. Dumbass b****. I don’t understand?! This b**** – getting sued for 15 million, is apparently worth 18 million – and sadly enough, she honestly isn’t worth the 15 cents sitting in my collection plate. Death to this dumb h**. She doesn’t deserve life right now.

      • DeezNuts May 5, 2013

        *Opens Bible*
        I’ll be reading from the book of Raggedy. Lil Krim version verses 1996-2005:
        “And HE said unto her, Thou shalt Not win! Thou shalt HANG it the f*** up or sit the f*** down. Has thou not sucked enough d***?”

        Look to your neighbor and say, “neighbor”..”hang it THE f*** UP”

        HUNTEEEE! DRAG HA! This H**…..*starts crying*….this h** has the audacity to call herself a Queen when her Empire is on struggle mode and looking as decrepid and raggedy as her weave?!! *wipes tears*

        I dont even know what to do at this point. I tried telling the PayPals,Krimlyns,Hasbeans, and General chows, that their fav is WASHED in CHINESE and they still didnt get the picture. I just…
        *tosses a dollar in your collection plate and walks away*

  46. linda May 5, 2013

    They are counter suing. Sam meaning she is the plaintiff

  47. JER May 5, 2013

    I knew something was brewin after she was all about IRS then suddenly hide nor hair!!!!! I knew someone was getting sued

  48. msteefromdc May 6, 2013

    all yall are ignorant as f&ck…kim sued them so in turn they are tryna sue her.

  49. Jay May 10, 2013


  50. Honey BooBoo May 12, 2013

    I would love Lil Kim to sue this raggaty ratchet site for false information…See they didn’t post he’s headlining one of London’s biggest festivals. The queen bee is coming the beehive are buzzing and i can smell a massacre because let’s face half of these b****** don’t deserve to rap and Kimmy is comin back to murda these h***. #Whogivesafuckwhatshelookslike #yourfaveswholelifeisinspiredbyher #thebestthateverdidit

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