Watch: Rihanna Performs Elijah Blake’s ‘No Love Allowed’ Live At ‘Diamonds World Tour (HQ)’

After butchering many of her upbeat smashes live, Rihanna has made a habit of redeeming herself when performing- and subsequently soaring- with her slower efforts.

In recent months, these have been faultless servings of ‘Stay’, ‘Diamonds’ and upon kicking off her world tour of the same, the Elijah Blake penned ‘No Love Allowed’ have joined the above two.

Now watch HQ footage pulled from her performances during the duration of the live show- showcasing just how impressive the singer(?) can be when armed with songs she can actually sing.


Sure, while she’s no Beyonce…or GaGa.…or Mariah.…,the above performance does it make it hard to label Riri completely void of talent.

Alas, as is oft the case with the model with the mic, her next set up of performances will no doubt overshadow this one by way of lazy performance style and Billy Goat Gruff referenced vocals, as showcased below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lisa May 27, 2013

    Rihanna need to go sit her fake drug addict non performing ass down!

    • FentySoSnatched May 27, 2013

      Non performing? Like Beywolf’s singles?

      • BeyWhoUWanna May 27, 2013

        How would you feel if I told you to kick rocks with open toe sandals?

      • FentySoSnatched May 27, 2013

        I would stay and shade but I’ve got singles to buy. My fave ACTUALLY releases new music you know.

      • Draggin4MrsCarter May 27, 2013

        Too bad she had to RELEASE Chris Brown back to Karrueondereplay.

      • FentySoSnatched May 27, 2013

        We don’t give two damns about Chris but I know you give a damn about why Beyonce is too scared to put out new music.

      • h2o May 27, 2013

        ^^ So how do you know she’s “too scared to put out new music”?

        Oh . . I forgot it . . .

        You’re her own maid / s**** / towel / footstool and you heard her saying so on the phone . . 😆 . . . . And then realized it was a daydream when she kicked you in your four guts 😆 😆 😆

        But anyway, I’m not mad because I know she’s coming to cut at least 4KMs of your filthy ass-licking tongue for the total delusional b******* you’re talking.

    • LENA33 May 27, 2013

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    • Shay May 27, 2013

      Chris Brown is that you..Jealous

    • NotAHugeFanOfAnyArtist May 28, 2013

      Do you ever look back at your posts and feel just a little bit ridiculous at the way you defend people that you don’t even know and who don’t even know you exist? You argue with random people like there is nothing better to do? Are you just bored? It’s just “ENTERTAINMENT” people. For those of you in your teens ignore this. You have much to learn. Enjoy the oblivion for as long as you can, because when it gets real the dream “usually” ends. These people that you are in awe of are just some of the “LUCKY ONES”. Youtube some of the extraordinary raw untapped talent doing covers, live I might add, for these “Celebrity’s” hit songs. You guys have bought the dream when it’s mostly just smoke and mirrors. IJS…One love.

  2. LADY GAGA May 27, 2013

    Another Rihanna post @TGJ?

    Why not do post on me having become the ‘MOST SEARCHED’ person on Yahoo this past week.

    I need as much exposure and Blog P.R as possible before the release of ‘ArtPop’ – I’ve yet to come up with another one of my Revolutionary Gimmick tactics prior to August so I’d really appreciate the attention.

    ‘ArtPop’, as it may, is going to change the scope of 21st Century Pop music – Vomit Dances, Meat Dresses & Hip Injuries defined the BTW era… The ArtPop era will be MIRACULOUS.

    PAWS UP!!!!!

    • TRUTH TEA May 27, 2013


    • ARTPOPPINIT May 27, 2013

      Oh f*** off.

    • Ballsy May 27, 2013

      Gaga is out in full force today. btw.. I love Rihanna and DWT is awesome! I see Sam is a undercover navy . Thanks for all the exposure you give her…

  3. BitchyBey May 27, 2013

    Drug addiction is real.

    • NaviKissKiss May 27, 2013

      Yes my dear, unlike a full Beyonce song.

      • PoItUp May 27, 2013

        Drag the b****.

      • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 27, 2013


    • kate May 27, 2013

      Like beyfatces weight problem…

  4. CiaraTurnsUp May 27, 2013

    Big whoop, she sounds good ONE time. What about the other 100 times?

    • GOLDEN LIFE May 27, 2013

      Says the Ciara stan…….

    • Ballsy May 27, 2013

      Ciara please go sit your non singing whispery voice down and go open up a Debbie Allen school of dance to create a legacy of your own!

    • kate May 27, 2013

      bahhahaah ciara? cierrors vocal range is lower than mute hunty the h** cant sing.

  5. KellyKDL May 27, 2013


    • GOLDEN LIFE May 27, 2013

      Says the Kelly stan….

      • KellyKDL May 27, 2013

        Said your mom after I showed her your h***** test results.

      • GOLDEN LIFE May 27, 2013

        I see the Kelly Stans haven’t mastered the art of dragging yet. Poor baby. Maybe you’ll get it when your fave masters the art of album selling. Byyyyyeeee lessor!

      • KellyKDL May 27, 2013

        Bye bye b**** and say hello to your fishy p**** for me. NEMO HAS BEEN FOUND.

      • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 27, 2013

        Deaaaaaaath @kelly

  6. Taytayhooray May 27, 2013

    She’s no beyonce? More like beyonces no Rihanna. Another pathetic shade full Rihanna post. This is my news just another attempt to shade. But in reality, you just look like a fool.

    • HausMuthaAdele May 27, 2013

      OMFG. Did you just say Beyonce’s no Rihanna?! In which way pray tell.

      • Blue May 27, 2013

        use logic honey if rihanna is no beyonce then beyonce will logically not be a rihanna…people in here ready to be offend by their own statements…

    • Draggin4MrsCarter May 27, 2013

      What kind of meth induced delusion?! You think Beyonce wants to be anything like that talentless cow?

      • MuiMui May 27, 2013

        Good thing Rihnnna know how to ignore crazies.

    • Ballsy May 27, 2013

      Did a Beyonce stan just refer to Rihanna as a cow?
      Have you seen your fav’s tired ass looking pics recently?? No wonder the media thinking she is preggo.. that gut she has spewing out of her tired a** leotards is enough to me me think she actually preggo on the real this time!

  7. LA LA May 27, 2013

    All the time this site mentions Elijah Blake a.k.a Redd Stylez.

    Anyways, Rihanna is slipping nowadays. Keshia Chante is way better than her and Vocally.


    • RitasLipstick May 27, 2013

      Nobody cares about Keisha Chante.

    • MuiMui May 27, 2013

      Rihanna know that they are all better than she is and that is what keep her energy level up to high, Keshia isn’t the only one who might be better but Rihanna’s performance at Morocco Festival along was a golden egg in her circle of influence all over the world, and now she has wrapped a sold out in Spain not to shabby for a Artist that is the lessor of all the other artist in the world according to the Weak Minded Pact that Bully’s Rihanna Very Existance on this site and other blog spots.

  8. Blue May 27, 2013

    Radio dj in my country was quick to set people right about the whole gaga being dead rumours on twitter and in her words

    ‘gaga will never die…not until madonna does it first’


    • MuiMui May 27, 2013


  9. JJFan1814 May 27, 2013

    Comparisons, comparisons. Haters, haters.

    Fortunately, negative comments and comparisons don’t overshadow Rihanna’s accomplishments nor take away her musical force.


    Rihanna reign just won’t let up tho. Maybe next era, yall can aboard the Navy ship.

    • GOLDEN LIFE May 27, 2013

      These f*** are already in their life boats trying to catch up.

    • h2o May 27, 2013

      For the 1814th time : What reign are you talking about?

      If you’re talking about singles, yes I def agree. If you’re talking about anything else, then you need to wake up from your flopped dreams.

      • MuiMui May 27, 2013

        H20 Rihanna does a super job of keeping you steamed and hot all of the time, and let me let you in on a little well kept secret,she sells albums and singles,and you can count the platinum albums count on the RIAA, and then you can Quietly shut your ass all the way up. However it is great seeing the likes of you and them Fans of others trying to get your point across about her not being a force in the music industry but also if Rihanna wasn’t doing something right She sure in the hell would not have the people who are working for her including Jay who we all know that he and Beyonce loves money better then a pig loves slop, and Rihanna is a Bonified Money Maker and a Jewel in Jay and Beyonce Crown Jewels and there’s not a dam thing you and Beyonce fans do about it but talk shyt about Her like you have always done.
        That flop dream you speak of if Rihanna isn’t whats happening then i wonder why haven’t Jay them gotten the Memo.

    • hergurl May 27, 2013

      Doing the most lol don’t even sound the same.

    • Kate May 27, 2013

      The sad thing is that the goat actually sounds better and has a smaller forehead

    • kate May 27, 2013

      But beyondafatass is worst that fat w**** cant even sing.

      • Yeah I Said It May 27, 2013

        You can come back to earth now.

      • MuiMui May 27, 2013

        The Goat keeps her Artistic Intergrity in tack, and behind every Successful Big Headed Curry Goat is a Pack of Broke Haters.
        They love trying to knock that Curry Goat and the goat keep right on laughting all the way to her bank,and so do Beyonce and Family., over this Goats much success and world Dominance.
        The Curry Goat know how to love those who drives themselves nuts, trying to low rate her all the time, and they are even dumb and stupid enough to use her Famous Big Head to do it with,Amazing.

  10. Bey-Minaj May 27, 2013

    But but but she was lip singing! How the hell could this be a good performance?

  11. Blue May 27, 2013

    She has been at her A game this era…

  12. rihking May 27, 2013

    YASSS RIH! She killed it. So unique her voice her style her dance everything BEYFAT CUD NEVA!

  13. VisionOfMimi May 27, 2013

    I wonder how many men Rihanna has been with in her life. I’m gonna wild guess and say 100.

    • TaylorWins May 27, 2013

      You’re too kind. It’s 200.

      • ThugInMyPuss May 27, 2013

        Both your favs are known whores, so fall back.

    • disney May 27, 2013

      Both of ya faves are huge whores taylor thinks shes foolin people with that nice gurl act when shes f****** 6 guys all at once and mooriaha carey the fat square body w**** who f***** over 1000 guys to get famous.

    • MuiMui May 27, 2013

      No she has been with 102 your dad and your grampa.

  14. BeyLikeMe May 27, 2013

    She probably sucked him off for the song.

    • Ballsy May 27, 2013

      more like he begged to lick her a*** in return for her to sing his song!

    • MuiMui May 27, 2013

      BEYLIKE ME Whatever.

  15. h2o May 27, 2013


  16. Lovebird May 27, 2013

    Man Rihanna is so f****** hot, I really really want to eat her p****. If I ever met her in person, I would tell her to spread them legs and let me go at it. Rihanna and I need to have s** ASAP.

    *Plays skin*

    • h2o May 27, 2013

      Why don’t you tongue my ass instead? It’s muscular, furry, and smells and tastes much richer than Rihanna’s p**** . .

      • MuiMui May 27, 2013

        H20 Why so mad at Rihanna don’t you know that nothing waist more time then hating and worrying about another.

  17. Lena May 27, 2013

    Boring. Was this even a performance?

    • MuiMui May 27, 2013

      Boring just like your whole existance and the only place you are famous at is on a blog.

  18. Kiss Me Nasty May 27, 2013

    Damn all of her royalties are going to the actual writers and composers of the songs she dose voice over work on

    • Ballsy May 27, 2013

      actually she will be getting Royaltie for most of Rated r and a few other songs she cowrote!

    • MuiMui May 27, 2013

      Kiss me nasety and just think you don’t have any Royalties at all,going no place fast.

  19. HOTSTUFF May 27, 2013

    Shes been slaying every song on the DWT…i come less on this blog now cause ive realized it makes no sense arguing with haters all the time BUT i’ll be there to drag you c**** on some posts. #DEAL

  20. beyfat May 27, 2013


  21. MariahIsMusic1 May 27, 2013

    She’s lip. But borring as HELL. B**** can’t perform to save her druggie life
    ciara >>> Rihanna
    She may be floping but she kills riri on stage. Stating them facts b******

    • MuiMui May 27, 2013

      Hey you little bitter bird, just so you’d know She know that she will never put to many limits on Herself because she has so many Dreams that are waiting to be realized, and you will always be a bitter bird, over her going on’s
      around the world on her many tour stops,keep your energy up because she loves all that you have got to share with her about her life as your weak ass sees it.

    • Shay May 27, 2013

      MariahisMusci1 so sorry but she must be doing something right.”The recipient of six Grammy Awards® and seven Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna has sold over 41 million albums and 150 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time. Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.9 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artists, over 70 million Facebook fans, and over 29 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 12 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 24 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts.” so go drink your hater Mariah

  22. mmh… so… May 27, 2013

    not bad. but you know those 2 vids are different. the latter are pre PA without the audience noise on it. she always sounds a tad loose on pre. reminds of the hackney. it was the same there. whatever… 😀

    btw… is that a rita reference there. sorry i know. and i’ve seen that performance too. no comment.

  23. makaela May 27, 2013

    All u haters leave rihanna the f*** alone all u hating broke black b****** who chose to tear Another black woman down f*** off and Stay off welfare and get a dam job leave This woman alone at least she has a job WhY the f*** you haters have dirty puss scum of the earth

  24. Yoyo May 28, 2013

    Is it just me, or is she not singing most of the time and being carried by the back up singers?

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