Vote 2 Win: 2013 BET Awards Predictions (Competition)

Published: Sunday 30th Jun 2013 by Rashad

Urban music’s biggest night is set to get under-way live from Los Angeles tomorrow night!

Indeed, the Chris Tucker-hosted 2013 BET Awards will see acts R. Kelly, Miguel, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, and many more blaze the stage as some of Urban pop’s most celebrated also vie for the show’s coveted awards.

But, before the tearing of those shiny envelopes unveils the night’s winners,  That Grape Juice wants to make you a winner!  Tuck in below to cast your vote and sound off on who you think should walk away with honors.  One lucky commenter will win a very special prize of his or her own!

*Voting ends Sunday, June 30th at 8p/7p CST*

Your thoughts?

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  1. Von June 29, 2013

    You should’ve added the FANdemonium nominees too !!

  2. francis sey June 29, 2013

    Best female Beyonce

  3. Jon June 29, 2013

    Beyoncé will win Best female. No doubt, she does hold the record for the most BET wins of all time after all!!

  4. Lolz June 29, 2013

    I am a Beyoncé fan and all but come on BET need to get real she should NOT win best female again this year. Give it to someone who actually needs it (or at least deserves it this year). I think Alicia Keys should get it.

  5. RICHIE_RICH June 29, 2013

    Wait didn’t 4 come out 2yrs ago to be correct….

    Released June 24, 2011 (2011-06-24)
    Recorded 2010–11
    Genre R&B ·pop ·soul
    Length 46:33
    Label Columbia

  6. XtinaaLovee June 29, 2013

    Rihanna gon win best female rnb diamonds was number 1 on the rnb charts for like 5 months lol

  7. Cici slaaaays June 29, 2013

    Why is beyonce buying nominations tho? #Thirst

    • RICHIE_RICH June 29, 2013

      where do you people get this stuff from?

      • Cici slaaaays June 29, 2013

        Beyonce obviously has no new music out why is she nominated?

    • Team Tasia June 29, 2013

      BET will ALWAYS nominate Beyonce and Jay. ALWAYS. BTW “Love On Top,” “Countdown,” “Party” and “Dance For You” were getting heavy airplay last year. 🙂 Did you forget that “Love On Top” was a #1 grammy winning single? 🙂

    • Lolz June 29, 2013

      Why would Beyonce buy BET nominations? She cant help it they ride her vag because she keeps them relevant! She doesn’t need it honey.

  8. Team Tasia June 29, 2013

    What happened to the Centric category with Fantasia in the nominees? Well I predict that she’ll win that for “Lose To Win” 🙂

    Other predictions:

    Bruno Mars
    Emile Sande
    Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice
    Kendrick Lamar
    Nicki Minaj (duh)
    Rihanna – Diamonds
    Kendrick Lamar
    Tamela Mann (She had the #1 gospel song last year – 10 million YT views also)
    Rihanna – Diamonds

  9. Cici slaaaays June 29, 2013

    They can nominate Rihanna who is POP! Tamar who’s a NOBODY! & Beyonce who doesn’t have anything out! but they can’t nominate Queen Ciara? whos actually bringing female r&b back on the map f*** them luckily Ciaras performing so ill be tuning into this shitty show.

  10. FAF June 29, 2013

    Predictions? CH if u go on the site, it’ll tell you who’s winning .. Beyonce is in the lead of best female w/ 50 percent, Rihanna has like 30 something

    • Team Tasia June 29, 2013

      You’re from Baltimore boo?

  11. FAF June 29, 2013

    And Nicki is at 50 percent Eve is right behind her at 38 I think.. they were tied earlier this week. Ki! Get that award, eve, sis! 😆 Nickis won 4 yrs in a row, I think they should let a new girl have it, atleast

    • Team Tasia June 29, 2013

      I thought the public only chose the Viewers Choice Award winner?

      • FAF June 29, 2013

        @Teamtasia no I’m not from baltimore but I have family there.. & the public does only vote for viewers choice, but those votes are a good indication

        @Cici slays yes !

    • Cici slaaaays June 29, 2013

      Hey babe are excited for Ciara & Nicki performance? They bout to shut it dooooooooown!!!

  12. Kitty June 29, 2013

    Ugh.. Why is Beyonce even nominated?

  13. Kate June 29, 2013

    looks at list of nominees. *sigh* they don’t call it the Ebt card awards for nothing

  14. Lana the legend June 29, 2013

    They couldn’t nominate Keyshia Fantasia or Kelly over Beyonce & Rihanna wtf? That just shows they know nothing about real r&b music they add those 2 because they the most popular black females out right now both make basic generic r&b & pop

  15. cici June 29, 2013

    Emeli sande deserves to win

  16. Cake like lady gaga June 29, 2013

    Rihanna & Beyonce? Such a diss to the real r&b stars out who can’t ever win because of these two manufactured b******.

  17. Cake like lady gaga June 29, 2013

    Tamar deserves it more than Beyonce & Rihanna im putting my money on her…

    • Team Tasia June 29, 2013

      The only thing Tamar deserves right now is a Reality Show Award. Let’s see how she does (performance/promotion wise) for the remainder of the year. That should determine whether she’s deserving of Best R&B/Pop Female. She doesn’t even have an album out.

  18. Cake like lady gaga June 29, 2013

    & People bitching about ciara not being nominated stfu Ciara ain’t real r&b either the b**** is wanna be thats about all…..

  19. DeezNuts June 29, 2013

    QUEEN NICKI for Best Female HipHop Artist….obviously.

    #NOcompetition #Wheresyourmusic? #Giveitup #itsme

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  20. Tootie June 29, 2013

    I love Beyonce Lord knows I do but c’mon now! She doesnt need a nom this year! Where’s Brandy? Remove Tamar and add Keyshia. Axe Rihanna and add Fantasia. BET doesn’t like Rihanna anyway lol.

    • mochaprince09 June 29, 2013

      thats what im sayin… ok beyonce had love on top (It was #1), riri had diamond(It was #1), brandy had put it down (It was #1), and tamar had love and war (It was #1)… like keep the awards true to the music…. elle her stuff came out two yrs ago.. scratch!!! ms. keys flopped her way through 2012 so Sratch!!! come on BET now be reallll

  21. earth June 29, 2013

    adele doesn’t get a nomination she has some nice rnb.

    • Nope! June 30, 2013

      The EBT ARARDS are not about to let adele come in there and embarrass their people. She would win them all!

  22. Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

    Beyoncé should not be in the best r&B/pop category, she did release a album this year, Elle Varner ok, even though she didn’t have that much success on the charts besides refill, Tamar Braxton has only released two singles with no album, Rihanna, ok, cool she released something last year, Alicia Keys, cool. But bet no Keyshia, (even though I can’t stand her, lol but I’m not going to be biased, no Brandy, yes it wasn’t commercially successful, but it was good and well produced to please her fans, no Kelly, girl was everywhere last year and this year, and no Fantasia????? Bet, bet, bet. Really, What’s up?????

  23. ratedxxx(tic toc) June 29, 2013

    who takes EBT ass serioulsy?..they basically nominate the same basic b****** over and over again….I mean what those real female r&b…that actually have music out..

    when was the last time rihanna been to the EBT awards..beyonce fake ass only showed up after not been there for years, because she wanted to get black people to suporte her ass again

    • Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

      Girl please, why the hate???? Beyoncé always had the black peoples support. If you want to take things there then lets go, cause I can say Rihanna goes to the hottest rapper whenever she want’s people to remember she is a black artist. To be honest she doesn’t check for use like that.

      • Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013


      • ratedxxx(tic toc) June 29, 2013

        where do you see hate? oh I forgot when it comes to beyonce anything negative people say about her is call hate..

        but let me get this straight, you are accusing me of hate and yet turn around and do the same thing i did…

        and wonder why people cannot stand yall fake asses…

        oh please, beyonce lost alot of black fans especially when she start to lighting her skin, in every pic..wanting so bad to be white……

        and as for rihanna only using rappers to remind people she is black, ahahahahaha..ok when you guys ain’t got s*** to say, yall just start making up any type of s***

    • Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

      Girl just stfu, you know I’m telling the truth, and btw Beyoncé never has bleached her skin, where did you get that from? She’s always had light skin. And again you ARE a HATER, SO DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

      • etone June 29, 2013

        @BEYOND DUMB,

        DUMBASS her tour is based off using white images she stole from kerli with full white painted face and wig. you are blind, deaf and dumb.

  24. Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

    she didn’t

  25. Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

    God knows I love Bey but she should not be up there. Bet you guys are staning into delusion, lol, smh.

  26. Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

    I think Rihanna is gonna win the r&b/pop award. Usher and Chris Brown should not be up there in the best male r&b/pop award category nominations this year. Chris hasn’t even dropped his album yet and Usher dropped his album last year.

  27. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] June 29, 2013

    BET Female Pop/R&B Artist
    Rihanna <======
    Elle Varner
    Tamar Braxton
    Alicia Keys

    Best R&B/Pop Male
    Chris Brown
    Bruno Mars
    Justin Timberlake <======

    Best Group
    The Throne (Kanye & Jay Z) <=====
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    Mary Mary
    Mindless Behavior

    Best International Act
    Emeli Sande
    Rita Ora <=====
    Marsha Ambrosius

    Best Collabo
    Kanye West f/ Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz – Mercy
    2 Chainz/Drake – No Lie
    French Montana f/ Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne – Pop That
    Kendrick Lamar f/ Drake – Poetic Justice
    A$AP Rocky, Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar – F*ckin Problem
    Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-Z – Suit & Tie <====

    Best Male Hip Hop
    2 Chainz
    A$AP Rocky
    Drake <=======
    Kendrick Lamar

    Best Female Hip Hop
    Rye Rye
    Azealia Banks
    Nicki Minaj <======

    Video of the Year
    Rihanna – Diamonds <======
    Miguel – Adorn
    Drake – Started From The Bottom
    Kanye West f/ Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz – Mercy
    Drake f/ Lil Wayne – HYFR
    Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-Z – Suit & Tie
    Kendrick Lamar f/ Drake – Poetic Justice
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis f/ Wanz – Thrift Shop
    A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar – F*ckin Problems
    2 Chainz f/ Drake – No Lie

    Best New Artist
    The Weeknd
    Joey Bada$$
    Azealia Banks <======
    Trinidad Jame$
    Kendrick Lamar

    Best Gospel Artist
    Tamela Mann
    Mary Mary
    Deitrick Haddon
    Marvin Sapp


    Coca Cola Viewer's Choice Awards
    Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-Z – Suit & Tie
    A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar – F*ckin Problems
    Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)
    Miguel – Adorn
    Rihanna – Diamonds <====
    Drake – Started From The Bottom

  28. ratedxxx(tic toc) June 29, 2013

    it never fails..when ever somebody say something negative about beyonce, the stans are quick to call hater
    but turn around and bash other people in the same breath….

    people would take yall asses seriously with the hate thing..if you guys didnt turn around and bash somebody, while yall crying hater…

    and I don’t know why the stan always assumes that if you don’t like beyonce you must be a rihanna stan/fan…

    I like rihanna’s music….thats it….if she does some dumb s***, ill be first one to call her ass out..hence why alot of the rihanna stans/fans cannot stand me…

    • Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

      Ok, I get what your saying, I just don’t like how you always come in Beyoncé post with nothing but negative intentions. I mean you might not like her music, dancing, and etc. But can you at least say something positive about her. I’ve never understood why people have/had such a dislike for Beyoncé. Even when she does something nice it’s always, she planned it, she staged it, this b**** is fake but she’s trying to act nice blah, blah, blah. It’s down right annoying. But I think it stems from her early DC days with the whole Letoya and Lativa situation. You guys need to realize all of that shady drama business came from her father, she didn’t have any saying in that. For heaven sacks the girl was 17 when that stuff went down. Her father was the adult in that situation he tried to control that issue, he was the one who was biased because Beyoncé was his daughter and he wanted her to be the star of the group. She didn’t have anything to do with that. And if that’s not the reason you guys have a problem with her then I don’t know what else it could be. If it is something else please, tell me. Guess inquiring minds want to know.

  29. Ciara fan since ’04 June 29, 2013

    Female R&B: Alicia Keys
    Male R&B: Miguel
    Female Hip Hop- Nicki
    Male- Kendrick Lamar
    Collabo- Mercy
    video of the year- thrift shop
    group- macklamore
    viewer’s choice- Diamonds
    U.K- Emeli
    Best New Artist- Kendrick
    Gospel- Tamela Mann

    Best Performance- Ciara

    • Beyond Amazing June 30, 2013

      Girl you know if Bey was performing on the same day as Ciara she would murder her on the stage? So Ciara’s lucky. Lol, had to through that in that in there. But in all seriousness though I want Ciara to do good and hope she brings her killer dance moves for this performance.

  30. yourlate June 29, 2013

    Why is Beyonce in these categories with no damn music out this past year? THERE SO MANY OTHER ARTIST BESIDES HER ASS WITH MUSIC ACTUALLY OUT! HER ASS KNOWS SHE SHOULDN’T BE ON ANY OF THESE LIST ATM!

  31. Beyond Amazing June 29, 2013

    I understand what your saying but you get blame her. She didn’t call and tell them to nominated her, that was there doing. And I know the lame ass jokes are coming in, such as “well you know knowing her she probably did since she calls in every other award show around so she can award or nominated for something because she always has to be the it girl, she want’s to spotlight to herself. So you all can miss me with all of that.

    • Nope! June 30, 2013

      @ Beyond Amazing, well you, know knowing her she probably did since she calls in every other award show around so she can award or nominated for something because she always has to be the it girl, she want’s to spotlight to herself!!!

      • Lolz June 30, 2013

        And how do you know that for a fact darling?^
        If she does, then so does everyone else.

  32. Beyond Amazing June 30, 2013

    Best female r&b/pop winner: Alicia Keys or Rihanna Best male r&b/pop winner: Miguel Best female hip hop winner: Nicki Minaj (such a damn joke, anyways where not going there) Best male hip hop winner: Kendrick Lamar

  33. Beyond Amazing June 30, 2013

    @Eton, look here b**** watch your f****** mouth. I’M NOT A DUMBASS YOU DUMB B****. I DON’T RECALL ME SPEAKING YOU. I WAS SPEAKING TO RATED X. YOU MENTALY RETARTED B****, UGH, GO SIT YOUR ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Sabel June 30, 2013

    Jay z and beyonce shouldn’t win anything to be completely fair, they haven’t released anything this year that deserves BET AWARD recognition. How many times is BET going to nominate the same songs and people for awards? Give new artists a chance! All in all, I hope Macklemore x Ray Lewis win best group, they really stood out this year.

  35. Sabel June 30, 2013

    Jay z and beyonce shouldn’t win anything to be completely fair, they haven’t released anything this year that deserves BET AWARD recognition. How many times is BET going to nominate the same songs and people for awards? Give new artists a chance! All in all, I hope Macklemore x Ray Lewis win best group, they really stood out this year.

    • San Andrea June 30, 2013


  36. Shauwndapooh June 30, 2013

    The same ppl are going to win nicki jay.z or kanye chris drake or someone from yjoung money and beyonce rihanna as usual is probably going to get snubbed like that time she won fan favorite and they gave it tochris b because she wasnt there or the fact that beyonce why dont you love has been nominated for like three years straight.

  37. Dev June 30, 2013

    No SWV! No Brandy?, No Fantasia!?. BET can suck a….
    I bet Rita Ora will win best international and as the camera pans out to the audience there will be a stream of confused faces and people looking at their mobiles (googling her) Unless Jay-Z has sent all in attendance a booklet explaining.

  38. Dunk June 30, 2013

    I feel the best Male should be Miguel and Best female should be Rihanna, the only reason i’m not choosing Beyonce is because she has not offically released a single or album in the last year, she may be touring, but there is no official release just yet.

    Diamonds is the best release of Rihanna’s career, its an anthem on the strength of that song alone she should win best female.

    Miguel has one of the best R&B records with Adorn in a very longtime, his really reppin the true essence of R&B, Justin will clean up atll the pop awards

    Poetic Justice from Fredrick lamar and Drake is my jam

    Azealia Banks is my b**** so had to vote her as best newcomer, but her or Fredrick

  39. YOOSONDALOOSE June 30, 2013

    Voted for Tamar, I think there is so much to come from her! But Bey and Alicia also are great!

    WOW hardly any females in video of the year?

  40. Bey-Minaj June 30, 2013

    I am only here for Bey and Nicki. I am confident that they will win in their respective categories. Too bad Bey won’t be there to collect her award as she’s on tour. But hey I get to see my HBIC Nic!

  41. Beyonce Brazil… June 30, 2013

    Diamonds is not RnB you dumb f******!!

  42. J June 30, 2013

    Macklemore and Ray Lewis – really stood out.

  43. tjay June 30, 2013

    Don’t think The Throne collabo should win.. Tbh thought the ablum was a bit weak on a whole..

  44. Super Cisus June 30, 2013

    Beyonce will steal that award im sure. She’s a f***** thief

  45. Tamartian June 30, 2013

    I may not even watch the show they so Snubbed Brandy Not cool. she put her blood sweat N tears in that record, and to not be recognized by her own people is effed up.

  46. noah June 30, 2013

    I will always be a beyonce fan and I don’t think that she can control if she is nominated or not there are plenty of people that are nominated that shouldn’t be people should just get over because bitchin about is not going to change anything the names are already out if you you don’t think beyonce should win then vote for the person who you think should win simple as that.

    • earth June 30, 2013

      its not that simple, especially in music where millions are made, it is cut throat business, its not as simple as vote/win

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