Lady GaGa Confirms New Single Title / Pushes Album Pre-Order Date Forward

Published: Sunday 28th Jul 2013 by David

As anticipation for her new album ‘ARTPOP‘ intensifies, Lady GaGa has taken the bold step in pushing forward its pre-order release date to meet the growing demand for the project.

Exciting new details below…


Predicted to push its first week sales to heights akin to ‘Born This Way’s, her decision to announce her bold new move came before she revealed the single’s artwork is to debut via Paul Jowdy‘s ‘Women’s Wear Daily‘!

If the images launched to push this campaign are anything to go by, it seems the world can expect the GaGa many a casual listener has been asking for since ‘Born’.




With DJ White Shadow still at her side, we can’t wait to see how the last two years have shaped their collaborative efforts, and- how GaGa will reconcile her desire to be unique with her need to be as ‘mainstream’ as she was circa 2008.

Whatever happens…there’s no doubt ‘ARTPOP’ will dwarf every album set for launch this year on all fronts!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Little Monster July 28, 2013


    • RoyaleNavi July 28, 2013

      How did they get this up so fast?

      • Belladonna1363 July 28, 2013

        This photo is beyond amazing & I think #ARTPOP will beat Britney Spears record for biggest first week seals for a Female Artist & I think She’ll come second or beat NSYNC’S 2,400,000 first week! Just Wach! lol

      • IIQQQ July 28, 2013

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  2. Gopit July 28, 2013

    Meh. Hoping it actually lives up to the hype unlike btw tbh

  3. R**** stan July 28, 2013

    Stefani is still alive?

    • stephy the lambily July 28, 2013


  4. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) July 28, 2013

    Ok. 🙂

    This Pic is not good.

    • stephy the lambily July 28, 2013

      Pop Royalty… SHUT YOUR ASS UP

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 28, 2013


  5. CandyWarhol July 28, 2013

    You guys are so f****** quick. She just tweeted all of this.

  6. Daniel Teflon July 28, 2013

    Well alright Lady GaGa!! U Betta Werq!!

  7. quite July 28, 2013

    nice hype machine. and pre-order for itunes? ehh what? it’s just a freakin download.

  8. Lovebird July 28, 2013

    Oh I see, in a DESPERATE bid to distract the public from her repetitive, generic, basic Madonna rip-off’s, she is now posing naked in this Desperate Pop era.

    Caca should know that the public is up to and sick of her antics and desperate bids for attention. We all know what to expect and that has now made us concentrate on what really matters, the music, of which you are greatly lacking that you decide to steal from the empress of pop music, Madonna.

    There is absolutely nothing original Caca has done to this day, her music, image and sound is reductive, redundant and a rip-off of Madonna’s iconic hits. Only her band of brainless zombies seem to place her highly and her constant signing of pay checks to the media so they can cover her desperate antics. Well Caca, we are not here for it, goodbye.

    • DOSSOME July 28, 2013

      ”We all know what to expect and that has now made us concentrate on what really matters, the music”

      Concentrate on just that (the music) & rid yourself of unnecessary heart ache….

      • Lovebird July 28, 2013

        This is what I hear when I concentrate on the music, someone STEALING an entire song.

    • Little Monster July 28, 2013

      Not you going in for originality while stanning for Madonna at the same time. But please keep entertaining us all with your hypocrisy.

  9. Lovebird July 28, 2013

    So what exactly will Tranny Caca bring to the table this time?? Will she successfully STEAL from Bjork? Will she force feed us a dosage of basic,reductive and repetitive Madonna rip-off’s??

    Keep on posing naked Tranny, tuck in that penis and photoshop your manly body to death because clearly no one is here for the music.

    By the way, do you still hold on to your “album of the decade that will change pop music forever” delusion? I’m just curious.

    • miao July 28, 2013

      Back to your hole pressed sad creature!

  10. TurntUp4Cici July 28, 2013

    But she deadass wrote this just now.

  11. Lovebird July 28, 2013

    “Due to public anticipation ITUNES will now offer preorder for ARTPOP album/app AUG 19 the same day you can purchase my new single ‘Applause'”

    The hilarity of it all, you’ve got jokes Caca, you’ve got jokes.

  12. Nana Yaw July 28, 2013

    TGJ you guys are so fast! She tweeted this just some few minutes ago.

  13. Queen Gaga July 28, 2013

    Damn! that was quick. TGJ is officially the best blog!

  14. Belladonna1363 July 28, 2013

    OMG!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!OMG!!!! I can not believe this is really happening! We monsters are so close to getting the new Album/APP & single And that photo is My Every thing!!!!! ARTPOP IS COMING!!!! THE NEW KING OF POP!!!!! I Guess SHE HAS THE LONGEST 15 MINUTE’s in HISTORY!!!!!LOL

  15. La Perra July 28, 2013

    I’m curious as to what concept she is doing. But her music has gotten pretty basic and repetitive, wonder if she will even try something different.

    • quite July 28, 2013

      i just thought.

      what if she starts rapping, do some ratchet s*** and start posting pics smoking weed.

      that’d be hilarious. 😀

  16. Xtina_Gaga lover July 28, 2013

    I’m really looking forward to what she brings. I just wish the image was more original and wasn’t just a copy of Bionic by Christina Aguilera, because all the shoots so far remind me of Xtina’s from 2010. Anyway I think I Artpop will be great 🙂

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 28, 2013

      You talking about originality when your fave has been copying Mariah from the start?

    • mr.m July 28, 2013

      I swear xtina sounds better in that video
      Keep tryin

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 28, 2013

        R u dumb? read the comments under the video on Youtube. Screamtina struggled to hit the high notes while Mariah opened her mouth and did it with ease. #TryAgain

    • Katy+Gaga=Queens July 28, 2013

      B**** bye. Christina is better than dog whistle Carey. Lambs are so f****** pressed all the time. Its sad and pathetic.

      • Danny LeGuen July 28, 2013

        How funny that the b**** thought Carson was saying she sings better than Mariah lol

      • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) July 28, 2013

        Lmbo, she actually thought he said you sing better than mariah. You can tell she’s been wanting that compliment

    • R**** stan July 28, 2013

      But can your fav even belt out a decent G5 these days? She can’t even mime a decent G5!

    • Music July 29, 2013

      Mariah had better technique than Christina and always will. Though they are both powerhouses, MC manages to not strain every single high note. Her voice has only weakened cuz of age and vocal health problems such as nodules. But can we plz stop these stan wars? They are both amazing singers.

  17. mr.m July 28, 2013


  18. Belladonna1363 July 28, 2013

    Can you imagine How Amazing her Videos & performances are going to be with this Album!!!! And the best part NO MORE MADONNA like things in her work at all! I know how much she loves Madonna & I did to but if the Woman doesn’t like you then just move I still loved the BORNTHISWAY Album way more then The FAME & FAME MONSTER!

  19. rihking (na na dont be shy) July 28, 2013

    gurl hush dont nobody give a damn about ya ugly ass anymore bishhh.Its not 2010…

  20. Lovebird July 28, 2013

    You better stan Katy….YASSSS.

    @katyperry OMG!!!!! I CAN’T IM CRYING twitpic . com/d58f26

  21. FAF July 28, 2013

    I wanna hear this song & see her performance on the vmas

  22. Katy+Gaga=Queens July 28, 2013

    Even if you don’t like Gaga you can’t deny her promo plan is executed the best. The only acts who roll out better promo are Justin Timberlake who does it similar to Gaga and Katy Perry who made sure she was everywhere for the Teenage Dream era. I’m exited to see what the video is going to look like. I predicted Artpop will do first week sales over 800k at the minimum.

  23. Lovebird July 28, 2013

    ‘Gaga accused of bullying’

    Lady Gaga has been branded a “bully and a monster”.

    The singer – who has repeatedly spoken out against bullying – has been accused of “unpredictable behaviour” which has seen her lash out at her staff for no reason, leaving others afraid to step in or speak out.

    One of Gaga’s former crew members who worked for the popstar on her Monster’s Ball world tour between 2009 and 2011 described how she “crucified” a back-up dancer in front of others.

    “She would have a prayer circle before each show,” the worker said. “One night she just suddenly turned on one of the backing singers, branding her unprofessional and ungrateful.

    “She crucified her in front of dozens of people – she skinned this girl alive.

    “It was so painful to watch – and no, you couldn’t step in.

    “She offers support to her fans who are victims of bullying and calls them her monsters – but she is a bully and a monster herself.”

    In May, Kelly Osbourne slammed Gaga as being a “hypocrite” for not intervening when some of her loyal followers – which the stars calls her “little monsters” – inundated the reality TV star with death threats over her comments about one of the singer’s outfits on her TV show, Fashion Police.
    The heated exchange spurred a war-of-words over social media between Gaga, Kelly and her fiercely protective mother, Sharon Osbourne.

    au . news . yahoo . com/thewest/entertainment/a/-/entertainment/18179215/lady-gaga-accused-of-bullying/

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 28, 2013

      No one gives a f***…..

      • Lovebird July 28, 2013

        Well obviously you do seeing that you commented.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 28, 2013

        Oh, hey HateBird!

        What did I expect… All the artists you stan for are generic, so why would your drags not be?!!!

        “You commented so you care…”


  24. Slaydonna is the Queen of Pop so BOW the F#ck Down Bishes!!!!!! July 28, 2013

    No one is here for ARTFLOP!

  25. Beyonce Is better than CaCa! That bish is a FLOP! July 28, 2013

    It is gonna FLOP! Beyonce is better than this bish.

    • XXX July 28, 2013

      Oh stop trolling. I don’t believe you are a Beyoncé fan.

  26. XXX July 28, 2013

    This should be interesting to see what route she takes.

  27. Gilberto July 28, 2013

    I can’t wait. I hope it is not another Born This Trash kind of shitty song.

  28. . : : h 2 o : : . July 28, 2013

    غو غاغا!

  29. Danny LeGuen July 28, 2013

    Lady Gaga, T-Pain, and Kei$ha will be remembered as the symbols of what happened to music in our generation. Such a shame

  30. RihBoy July 28, 2013

    As hard as it is for me to see to say this…I am ready for Beyonce to wipe her ass with this tranny b****…I was hoping he would stay dead…i forsee her trying to go the ratchet route, maybe having some highly unexpected collaborations, and the same extremely bizzare but unnecessarily long music videos. I cannot even tell where she is going with these blan but awful photos she keeps releasing….her face is beat for the heavens hear because she looks like a walking corpse without it…..

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 28, 2013

      So that’s how you see it?

      Artists “wiping their asses” with each other??

      What an ugly person from the inside…

  31. Beyawnce July 28, 2013

    I’m excited to hear the new single

  32. Mark111 July 28, 2013

    I said a few years ago I want Gaga next era to be stripped, just her, no meat dress, no eggs bs, no wild out of this world costumes, just the real her. She has the talent, but like Beyonce, it’s not pushed in front. True fans gets it, but the public think one’s a nut case and the other an ass shaker.

  33. Xtina_Gaga lover July 28, 2013

    Christina sounds nothing like Mariah and neither does her music obviously they have simularties but they defiantly have their own individual sounds and all I said is that the shoots so far remind me of Xtina in her bionic era but I think Artpop will be great, because GAGA is really great and why bring Mariah into it all?



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