2013 MTV Video Music Awards: Winners List

Published: Sunday 25th Aug 2013 by David


You’ve seen the night’s performances, now meet us below for your first look at the winners list for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Did your favourite performer make the cut?

Find out below!

Austin Mahone

One Direction, “Best Song Ever”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Same Love”

“I Knew You Were Trouble”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Can’t Hold Us”

P!nk featuring Nate Ruess, “Just Give Me A Reason”

30 Seconds to Mars, “Up in the Air”

Selena Gomez, “Come and Get It”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton, “Can’t Hold Us”

Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu, “Q.U.E.E.N”

Justin Timberlake, “Suit and Tie”

Bruno Mars, “Treasure”

Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound”

Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors”


Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Navy NIck August 25, 2013

    this is a JOKE, BUT happy 2 see Macklemore repping, he is a positive guy & I like that, BRUNO FOR SURE & JANELLE MONAE YAY!!!!! SUIT & TIE AMAZING, BUT MIRRORS SUCKS! ONE DIRECTION-LAWD HELP US!

    • cxbxcbery46346 August 26, 2013

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  2. FutureCIARA August 25, 2013

    The awards were boring AF!!!! I wonder how their ratings were considering i stopped watching and changed the channel right after that horrible Caca opening.

    Congratulations to the winners though

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 25, 2013


  3. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

    Honestly, after the shambles that is this award show, I can no longer give the BET Awards a hard time.

    Compared to that mess, the BET Awards seemed like a much more classier award show. Mess MTV, mess.

  4. FutureCIARA August 25, 2013

    My fav was deemed best dressed,

    What did Lana Del Taco go home with @ROSIE??????

    You were bragging about all those nominations in the other post, but the b**** didn’t snatch not ONE Moon-man……

    • Beyhive August 25, 2013

      We celebrate best dressed awards now? #onlyFLOPStanbasesGiveAFuck.hun

    • Rosie August 25, 2013

      I’d rather have my fave losing hers to other critically acclaimed videos than Cedric losing Best Choreography to

  5. tits mcgee August 25, 2013

    This was the most boring VMA’s I can recall. It was like mediation. Congrats to Janelle and Bruno. I just can’t with the s*** performances. #reductive

  6. Kingstown August 25, 2013

    Where was the aalyiah tribute????

    • ~The Arcade~ August 25, 2013

      MTV really sucks! they didn’t even acknowledge Whitney’s and Donna Summer’s passings.

      • Kingstown August 26, 2013


  7. ~The Arcade~ August 25, 2013

    Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu, “Q.U.E.E.N”


  8. Angelica August 25, 2013

    Where the hell was Beyonce she should’ve put the single out and perform it I don’t know what’s going. On from a concerned Beyhive fan

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 25, 2013

      Huh..waits for Grammy’s 2014…..

  9. DIGGER BEY August 25, 2013

    The VMAS been fell off compared to The BET Awards. Its official! The VMAS is a mirror of what it use to be.

    • Mark111 August 25, 2013

      1999 and 2003 were the best shows.

  10. JoJo August 25, 2013

    Iggy was cheated on that award

    • Slaysurfav93 August 26, 2013

      #chuurch like wtf is an austin mawhatever

  11. Kingstown August 25, 2013

    Lady ga ga…just nooooooo

  12. Shauwndapooh August 25, 2013

    Was the show that bad? Im glad i had to go to work. There suppose to be an Aaliyah tribute?

  13. JER August 25, 2013

    Not them paying “Blurred Lines” complete dust.

    Video of the year….. BYE!
    Female Video…. BYE!
    Song of the Summer…………………GURLBYE!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

    Horrible winners except janelle monae

    • irene46 August 25, 2013

      bruno mars was also and acceptable winner. it kills me when white men take home awards for the best ‘hip hop’ songs or videos. that’s like a black man snatching the “king of rock and roll” crown from ‘elvis’ (remember him)? that would never happen. they even had to invent a title for mj (king of pop) who was a much bigger global star than elvis. blacks and others can’t do s*** without whites proclaiming they do it better. oh, the disrespect!

  15. Rosie August 25, 2013

    Dead at a C-Error fan trying to come for anyone when her flop ass actually showed up to this lame mess and walked home with absolutely nothing either, losing her one nomination to Bruno Mars’ low budget Michael Jackson tribute.

    • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

      The same Bruno Mars who slays your fav in every arena. Honey, Lana will never touch Bruno Mars, not even on a bad hair day.

      Now sit your talkative attention seeking annoying ass down somewhere.

      • Rosie August 25, 2013

        I wasn’t even shading Bruno, the hell? I like him.

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

        You better not, I go hard for my favs.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      “Low budget MJ tribute” that wasn’t shade? Umm ok…

      • Rosie August 25, 2013

        I like Bruno but the videos from this era<<<
        I will admit they fit the songs though, so they're tolerable.

  16. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

    Like now, you all better appreciate the BET Awards next year, this VMAs here was a f****** mess.

    • Rosie August 25, 2013

      The EBT Awards were actually good the last two years or so.
      However they will never be forgiven for that struggle Michael Jackson tribute they tried to attempt.

      • _NoFucksGiven_1 August 25, 2013


      • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

        I still don’t take the BET seriously after snubbing some real artists tho on nominations. Will be here for the Grammys next year.

      • Rosie August 25, 2013

        @_NoFucksGiven_1 Are you really seething over a BET Awards comment? All I said is that they could’ve done better, Whitney died like the day before the Grammys and they still managed to pull off a short yet very beautiful tribute.
        @Fierce Yeah their actual winners are a mess. Honestly so are the Grammys sometimes. They play it so safe. SMH at Babel winning AOTY over Channel Orange, Blunderbuss, etc.

  17. Rosie August 25, 2013

    This is having little to no impact on the iTunes Charts.
    The song on the Taco Bell commercial about the nobody bands got the same amount boost as Gorilla did. Mess.

  18. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 25, 2013

    Katy…that performance was boring… JT was the only watchable part of the show (minus the tracks from 20/20). And Gaga, the audience read you before you even began to perform kiiii

    • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

      ” And Gaga, the audience read you before you even began to perform kiiii”

      I CANNOT…..I AM F****** DONE.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

      That’s a fail shade when that was apart of the performance. Y’all wish that could happen tho which is y u keep repeating it over and over? I live for the pressed comments, the pressed comments. XD.

      • JER August 26, 2013

        I didn’t realize Gaga’s tribute to… herself was such a DEEP spiritual experience.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 26, 2013

      It was a part of the performance! Is it that difficult? No wonder why basic b****** like Rihanna or Katy Perry get some shine with people like you following music industry. Why the hell were they going to read her when she is a real performer on that stage for once? Cos aprt from Gaga, Justin and Bruno…

  19. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 25, 2013

    Anyway, y’all hear about Brandy performing in front of just “40 people” in Africa???? I can not…

  20. whocares August 25, 2013

    they have most of it right

  21. jeff August 25, 2013

    This was the worst VMA ever. JT the great. Drake, Kat Perry and all the rest except Lady GaGa was boring as hell. MTV used 2 b a white affair mostly white performers Guess MTVis going back to how it once was’

    Also Drake looked so lame singing that song to Rihanna. His performance was horrible. Kendrcks Lamar rap was mad good. Dude is not King of New York but he can rap his ass off

  22. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 25, 2013

    Low key tho Austin is cuter than JB. His music is too cliche for my taste but here’s to hoping this win will sit JB’s overrated non talented ass downe.

  23. DIGGER BEY August 25, 2013

    They didn’t know Brandy was performing.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 25, 2013

      There was no promo?? Why set her up to fail like that…

  24. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

    The best part of the show though,


    • Rosie August 25, 2013

      Holy s***.
      The way I was screaming at Rihanna’s reaction during that entire performance.

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 25, 2013

        I know right, I was like shady with a taste of class hahahahaha

  25. Daniel Teflon August 25, 2013

    Didn’t watch the show so I don’t feel bad!!

  26. irene46 August 26, 2013

    i just saw that (performance?) by macklemore who beat out drake and others for best hip hop. seriously?!

  27. mark jones August 26, 2013

    Only here for Janelle monae congratulations to her and her vision!

  28. Selenator August 26, 2013

    Lmaoo @ Miley not winning anything! Further proof that no one is really checking for her. Selena snatched her weave for Best Pop Video and even beat out JT! Proud of her and us Selenators for pulling through

    I’m mad Bruno beat Ciara for Best Choreography though >_>

    • wth August 26, 2013

      Selenators? Gtfoh, rotfl is that a stan base?

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 26, 2013

      Y wasn’t Selena performing tho if ppl were checking for her instead of Miley? I mean she had the best song right? Pff….

  29. . : : h 2 o : : . August 26, 2013

    The winners’ list gets a major “g0rl BAI” from me.

    Like … “Diamonds” was HANDS DOWNE the most artistic, best and biggest pop video released during the past 12 months and YET not even a nomination ❓

    Lessors, flops and 2YO’s like Faylor, Selena, Macklemore and One Direction got nominations and WON, while Queen Rihanna got the C-Error treatment ❓ ❗

    No sir, NO!

    Anyway, Rihanna still holds the rec for first female to win two VOTY VMA’s …

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 26, 2013

      Artistic tho? Running around in the fields with horses? I like the song but Diamonds wasn’t her best video. It was pretty disappointing actually.

  30. moe August 26, 2013

    this sucks . jlo should have won best choreography . mtv sucks

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 26, 2013

      JLO definitely deserved it!

  31. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! August 26, 2013

    “I Knew You Were Trouble”

    The queen slays!!

  32. HOWYOULIKEIT August 26, 2013

    Beyonce is not there so there are only flops on that list. And where is kelly rowland? where is fantasia?

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