Must See: Dawn Richard Spills Secret Details On Danity Kane Break-Up

Published: Friday 9th Aug 2013 by Sam

With the divas of Danity Kane back in the spotlight amidst speculation of a reunion, the reason for the super-group’s initial disbanding is once again being debated and dissected.

Though usually coy on the topic of DK’s 2008 break-up, member Dawn Richard deviated from the script and waxed all sorts of honest when quizzed about the matter during a new interview.

The insightful narrative was relayed during Richard’s recent sit-down feature on Loungin’ With Tony.

Watch below as the group’s glue reveals the secret pact they made before Diddy dissolved the quintet….

(The “tea” commences at the 05.53 mark)

It’s this brand and strand of honesty that DK fans the world over have been angling for since they were disbanded. Indeed, it brings an air of clarity to what remains one of the most notable Pop crimes in recent memory. The irony is that we’re likely only hearing about this because they’re back together. But, hey, better late than never, right?

Now, if someone, anyone, could ditch the PC and spill the tea on D.Woods’ absence, that’d be even better.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LOLA August 9, 2013

    so diddy drops them but keeps cassie?? WOW!! cassie must have some bomb ass skills in the bedroom.

    • ES August 9, 2013

      right? danity kane was actually bringin in money at one point. wtf is cassie doin? dont answer that lol.

    • artPOOP August 9, 2013

      Diddy is to fault for the demise of some of Hip Hop’s greatest acts; that fkn egotistical SOB! He is to blame for Danity Kane, Total, 112, Mase, The Lox, MJB’s first fall from grace…. s***, you name it and Diddy CAUSED IT! I’m glad Baby Boy doesn’t exist anymore! NO ARTISTS SHOULD TRUST THEIR CAREERS WITH THAT ASSHOLE!

  2. FAF August 9, 2013

    this was actually a good interview 😀 LMAO @ her commentary on puff being like “I’m getting older, I can’t jump off stages w/ u B******”

  3. Ciara is everything August 9, 2013

    Boring interview dawns a non factor next

    • SooGlam August 9, 2013

      How ironic coming from a Ciara fan. You are only shading yourself… 😆

      • Ciara is everything August 9, 2013

        Has goldenheart sold 20k yet? Kiiiiiiiiiii

    • Gladly August 9, 2013

      A cierror Stan talking about non factors? Hhahaahhaha your fave is the biggest non factor ,w****, flop ass b**** in the industry lool why don’t you go sit.

      • Ciara is everything August 9, 2013

        No b**** you f****** sit.. Ciara has never sold 3k first week like dawns basic ass.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 9, 2013

      D*mn your a depressed ugly b*tch. Seek help, Ciara career has obviously f*cked you up…

  4. Rihking August 9, 2013

    Well I guess diddy didn’t want to drop cassie because she has true talent. Looooooooool.we all know what your doing cassie 😉

  5. SooGlam August 9, 2013

    I don’t know & I don’t care. I’m not really a Dawn fan, but I do know that she is an indie artist. Has “CIARA” sold 100k yet with it’s major label release and top 30 single?

    • FAF August 9, 2013

      It actually has & I love xtina so I hope glam isn’t a play on her song title off “Bionic” bc u’ll get dragged, ugly

      Y’all need to stop being so delusional & recognize trolls on this site

      its prolly Rosie or one of them obese freckle face f****** 😆


      good lord, u prolly came in this dawn thread (which usually rakes in 6-8 comments) to pop off about wtf Ciara doing

      Is your fave single top 40 after over 3 mos ?

      I’ll wait 😆

  6. Dawn = 3k August 9, 2013

    She a flop she need DK to get some type of relevance she obviously can’t do it on her own.

  7. b**** dont kill my vibe August 9, 2013

    amber rose look what youve dont,another b**** pulling an amber

  8. Ciara fan August 9, 2013


  9. Dev August 9, 2013

    It was a good interview….. after that horrendous camp intro sequence.

  10. tittyshaker69 August 9, 2013

    Her nose job looks great.

    • LOLA August 9, 2013

      it really does!!

  11. RG2 August 9, 2013

    You Ciara stans got some nerve dissing somebody. I like Ciara BUT she is signed to a major label and currently has 3 flopped albums under her belt. HOWEVER Dawn is an indie artist who isn’t signed to a label and she is doing quite well for herself without being backed with a labels money. Its funny how y’all call her a flop when Ciara relied heavily on BET for promo. BET couldn’t even help her pull great numbers in the first week (First week 57k, then the Second week 13k smh…). Focus on Ciara booking another stage, cause the VMA’s is right around the corner. I would hate to see her on the pre-show hosting or just posing w/ Future. Y’all tearing everyone else down but its not doing Ciara any good. C-Sqaud y’all should be mad at yourselves for Ciara’s short comings in the industry, y’all obviously don’t support her as much as y’all say. No one else is to blame, except y’all and her for not pushing her projects. Who goes on vacation a week after the album drops when you know you need to promote it?

    • FAF August 9, 2013

      I’m not reading all that, but I did not see you mention her first album which outsold nearly every current black female entertainer so when u talk that s*** be sure to state #facts

      • RG2 August 9, 2013

        This is 2013 not 2004 so if you think Ciara’s first two albums are supposed to mean something after her 3rd, 4th, and 5th album have failed to be state-wide and internationally successful, then you are seriously wrong. For the past 6 years Riri and Beyonce have been outselling Ciara (CHECK THOSE STATS) Hell even Kelly Rowland’s last two albums have flopped and they outsold FR and BI. Brany’s Human and 2Eleven have outsold ciara’s last efforts LMAO.

  12. Calling all hearts August 9, 2013

    Ci Error stans are something else…

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 9, 2013

      They’re just in a severe state of depression due to their fav’s fading career. It’s very sad…

      • Dray August 9, 2013

        . . falls to floor, kikcing and laughing. . . .choke. . .death. . . @Enough’s comment. . ..LIFE

  13. Rosie August 9, 2013

    Ciara stans calling someone a flop when their fave had Teenage Drean levels of promotion the month leading up to her album and it still didn’t do 60k. At least Dawn is indie. Kii at C-Error still not selling 90k worldwide to date. Kii at Local Party charting in 1 1/2 countries and refusing to go gold let alone sell 400k. Kii at I’m Out (of the Charts) getting ready to drop out of the Hot 100 in only 5 weeks.

    • FAF August 9, 2013

      how’d I know you’d be in this thread .. still searching for relevance for Lana del gay through ciara, I see 😆

      • dustin August 9, 2013

        that doesn’t even make sense. lana can wipe her ass with $100 bills meanwhile ciara can barely afford 2-ply to clean up after future.

      • Rosie August 9, 2013

        Sis why is Cedric out of the top 50 on Billboard 200 while Lana is still there AND enjoying a sales increase one year and eight months after release?

  14. cocobutta August 9, 2013

    Some singers are popcorn h*** and some singers are true ART!!

    Dawn is true art when you listen to the way she talks about music.
    The portrait is not always perfect but when the feel is right the artistic merit shines

  15. FAF August 9, 2013

    Wait… no, next time I logon, I’m changing my name to “Sade Lover005” and u dumb, DELUSIONAL APES will go wild & try to drag Sade and site as ur reason bc Rishitta last single outperformed hers .. 😆 thats how basic & underage the posters on this site are. Longevity & consistency with impact >>>>>>>>>>>

    Funny how 40 usernames come out the woodwork on a Dawn Richard post when u f*** cant be bothered to even watch her videos on youtube unless its a stan war concerning the likes of Ciara or Nicki Minaj …. Their impact is MAJAHHHhhhhh 😆 😆 😆

    • Kimbella August 9, 2013

      Girl you have issues

  16. Dustin August 9, 2013

    Lol dead @ciara is everything!

    Dawn is independent. Should I bring up how the hot mess that is LA Reid has resorted to selling Ciara’s new album on f****** groupon? You and ciara need to take enough seats to fill Madison square garden.

    Meanwhile dk is about to reunite and slay. Not to mention all 4 of the remaining members could fart in key better than ciara could sing.

  17. Kimbella August 9, 2013

    Ciara stans are jokes especially this h** @FAF

  18. channel_ROMAN August 9, 2013

    I like her talking voice and she’s beautiful and she seems smart. I think I’m going to check out her music. I loved Danity Kane when they were a group. I’m eager to read their next chapter. I peeped she mentioned Nicki Minaj lol Nicki gave Danity Kane life one day on twitter. It was crazy. People were like WTF why is Danity Kane trending.

  19. Vegas Girl August 9, 2013

    Dawn didn’t say anything that people who REALLY watched the show could figure out. We didn’t know about their pact but it was clear ego caused the dismissal of certain group members. People may applaud certain members for “standing up” for themselves but I didn’t see it like that at all. It was Diddys money and his vision and some folks were feeling themselves way too much to make a group work long term so what happened was meant to happen. I wasn’t a fan of DK, I watched the show because I enjoyed the concept and process, not so much the girls in the group. I guess it’s great that there are folks eager for them to get back together.

    But I do like Dawn as a solo act, she’s impressed me and I dig what she’s doing with her overall vision.

  20. knuck August 9, 2013



    who ever did her nose job, jaw line and face lift need a noble peace prize..that’s alli gotta say

  22. RyanS August 11, 2013

    Honestly think that she is the best new artist that has came about in a long time

  23. YonceAllOnHisMouth January 24, 2014

    Let’s not waste time talkin about these basic b****** its Beyonce season you guys are sooooooo simple minded caira the dancer and dauwn the Bad Boy receptionist who’s checking for them? BEYONCE THE VISUAL ALBUM IN STORES NOW!

  24. December 16, 2014

    Tres bonne lecture, merci !!!

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