Watch: Lady GaGa Shares Thoughts On Azealia Banks : ‘She’s Got A Bad Attitude’

Published: Saturday 14th Sep 2013 by David

She’s the mild mannered Pop philanthropist oft praised for her kind hearted and giving nature.

Alas, it seems not even Lady GaGa had time to deal with the mess that is Azealia Banks– whom she reportedly was due to collaborate with on a song allegedly named ‘Ratchet‘.

What the ‘Born This Way Foundation‘ founder had to say on the ‘Broke With An Absent Release Date’ star performer?

Meet us after the jump!

Your thoughts?

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  1. TGJ is the pot calling kettle black September 14, 2013

    The creators of this blog need some help. Because all the shady things that are posted on this site. Smh

    • GagitaMaraj September 14, 2013

      The only one they shade is Rihanna so try again.

      • TGJ is the pot calling kettle black September 14, 2013

        Here is my try again….they shade Lil Kim, Mariah Carey. They throw small jabs…maybe a person like you dont catch it all….ALL the time. I say keep up
        So for that alone, they are no different than Banks.

      • BeachHouseBritney September 14, 2013

        @TGJIsthepotcallingkettleblack You sound pressed, go away if you don’t like it here.

      • Riri4Life September 14, 2013

        Lady Gaga is a worthless human being…just like her fans. 🙁

    • CandyWarhol September 14, 2013

      The fact that you were the first to comment though.

      • TARA SARVELO September 14, 2013

        BOYCOTT LADY GAGA’S NEW ALBUM !!!!!!!!!!

    • WhitneyForever September 14, 2013

      Who do they shade? They’re actually quite nice to everyone they cover.

    • RiriRoyale September 14, 2013

      Ok sis, I would love to agree with you but two things.

      1. TGJ shade my fave and i don’t like it, but they’ve been around since I was in middle school. You don’t stay around that long by being shady.

      2. They’re the first to post on any Rihanna related news so everyone comes here knows what the deal is and accept it.

      3. You kind of look like a TGJ stan with the way you got here first and all.

      • TGJ is the pot calling kettle black September 14, 2013

        Been coming here since they started “sis”. So yes….. thats not bad. I love music, so I check for it. My work is based off music & fashion, so, yes I check for it.

    • SexDreamer September 14, 2013

      ‘Because all the shady things that are posted on this site’.

      Receipts or f*** off. Giving your opinion isn’t shade.

    • BeyWhoUWanna September 14, 2013

      Did you break your ankle running in here boo?

    • Lana Del Slay September 14, 2013

      Lol, not you being the first to comment.

    • BionicGlam September 14, 2013

      The irony of your comment is that all the stans like them because they’re so nice.

    • TGJ is the pot calling kettle black September 14, 2013

      You all sound like the creators. Lol
      I seem to pressed a button. Being nice and still shading folks is no different than a person with a bad attitude. At least the person with the bad attitude runs the chance of being called real. The nice/shady will be known as fake.
      So dont come for me being 1st thats foolish because u were 2nd to respond. Minutes after my 1st post. Try again lol

  2. Marcellas September 14, 2013

    Annoyng. Both of them.

  3. Kiii September 14, 2013

    Azealia burnt all the bridges in the music industry before she even finished building them.
    Such a shame…her music is amazing!

  4. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 14, 2013

    Thank GOD for those horse blinders she’s rocking…..if only she had a muzzle that extended up to her large massive nose then we would be All spared.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 14, 2013

      And I’m sure anyone would feel the same about ur face which is why it is hidden behind a gravitar….

  5. jake.ubb September 14, 2013

    Am I the only one loving all this “yassss gaga” s*** all over the blogs/internet… the kid kills me. Anyways I am not saying I agree with Gaga or Azealia on any remarks, but it seems Ms. Banks has chosen the route of “Any press is good press” – that may be the case when you have an established career, but no one will want to work with a newcomer known for the s*** she has pulled – not just with Gaga. Just sayin…

    Twitter: jmurdoc2 for a follow-back!

  6. Aloys234 September 14, 2013

    Yeah, Azealia Banks is tearing down her walls on a quick one.. No one is going to work
    With her, and if they do, she’ll be singing children’s anthems before she gets a reputation

  7. cake like lady gaga September 14, 2013

    The struggle to “hate” on Mother Monster..

    Meanwhile, Applause be on heavy rotation on your iPods. Kiiiiiiiiii

    The struggle is real and I love it!!!!

    • riri the queen of pop September 14, 2013

      too bad its not on heavy rotation on our radios

  8. Micks September 14, 2013

    Still using them ‘beefs’ to get some attention Gaga?

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 14, 2013

      How is she using beef when everyone she has replied to has started beef with her?? Say what u want about Gaga but at least she has success. Azealia doesn’t. Gaga also doesn’t have a bad attitude.

  9. Suicide Blonde September 14, 2013

    I love how hard Thatgrapejuice stand for Gaga, predictable, it’s like they like all the things i dislike, Sam you eat Pork?, right, cuz i don’t, lol.

    • NO September 14, 2013

      You and johnvidal seem to have like someting going dont like him?

      • Suicide Blonde September 14, 2013

        WHAT!…..What do you mean with something going on?

      • NO September 14, 2013

        LOOL Relationship.

      • Suicide Blonde September 14, 2013

        No, he’s from Spain and i’m a New Yorker so…..

      • JOHNVIDAL September 14, 2013

        LOL He gets on my f****** nerves with his crazy Lady Gaga hate and his crazy over hyping behaviour when it comes to a couple of artists. Apart from that he has great taste and knows who is who. But lately it´s just too much.

        I guess @NO thought we argue like an old married couple 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde September 14, 2013

        You also gets on my f****** nerves with your crazy Lady Gaga love and your crazy over hyping behaviour when it comes to a couple of artists too. 🙂

  10. BITCHPLEASEEEEE September 14, 2013


  11. james September 14, 2013

    Shame that Gaga even got influenced by this flop rapper who wants to bring out album #2 music before she has even dropped her first. At least she worked with T.I instead

  12. Tisha September 14, 2013

    Gaga’s a hypocrite but yeah Azealia f***** up her own career, the sad thing is I don’t think she realizes how much she screwed herself.

    One or two beefs and she’d have been fine, but she pissed off folks in every area that you want them to like you: music, gossip, fashion, producers…

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 14, 2013

      Hypocrite? How?

  13. caribbean native September 14, 2013

    the gay assholes in the background irritates every single pubic hairs on my body

  14. koshi September 14, 2013

    Flopga is just pressed that her stale ass song flopause is being slayed left and right by Katy and Miley…

  15. IM A FREE B*TCH September 15, 2013

    that Azealia shade is unnecessary tho

  16. Beats By Dre Solo Danmark October 4, 2013

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