Breaking News: AEG Live Found Not Guilty In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial

Published: Wednesday 2nd Oct 2013 by Sam

After months of testimony, the verdict in Katherine Jackson‘s case against AEG Live has been handed down in a Californian court room.

The concert promoter has been found Not Guilty of causing the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson by way of negligence.

As has become cemented in history, the iconic star died on June 25th 2009, after being administered a fatal dose of Propafol by Dr Conrad Murray.

Though Murray was found Guilty of causing Jackson’s death back in 2011, this case (brought jointly by Katherine and the singer’s three children) decided whether AEG were at fault for hiring Murray and ultimately causing Jackson’s passing.

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  1. iconic cici October 2, 2013


    • cvncvnery548 October 2, 2013

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  2. BITCHPLEASEEEEE October 2, 2013

    HMMMMMM ……………………

  3. Dan October 2, 2013

    Michael deserved a better family. The Jacksons are a bunch of idiots.

    • Mother October 3, 2013

      Excluding his children, I see not ONE lie!

  4. Damn it October 2, 2013

    Lord Jesus!!!!!!
    Who they gonna blame now??? Illuminati

  5. CICI4EVA October 2, 2013

    Let’s just continue to blame everybody BUT Michael himself! SMFH!

    He was talented and will always be a pop culture icon but ain’t nobody got time 4 this nasty ass, pill & heroin addicted, peadophile. GWOOOOOORL.


    • Dan October 2, 2013

      Fu#k you.

      Respect Michael Jackson, loser.

      • Cassie lover October 2, 2013

        Why do they have to respect Michael? What Michael do for them.

    • Spunkypoop October 2, 2013


    • Stop the drama Start the music October 2, 2013

      B**** shut up. Fame and the media put him through hell. That’s y he was drug addicted. He had no escape.

    • Kylla W October 2, 2013

      You are not a Ciara stan. A messy Queen hiding behind that username. When did he ever use heroin? He was addicted to propofol which they used to treat him when he got burned in that Pepsi commercial. And there’s no evidence of him being a p********. I don’t think AEG is responsible though.

  6. stephy the lambily October 2, 2013

    Michael Jackson was a distured boy/man. He was turtured since a child & grew into somebody who hated himself & race. Michael Jackson I believe was molsted over a period of years & grew up to do the same! Michael Jackson was doomed once he came out his mother. But Michael will go down in history as the greatest entertianer of all time & talented beyond many peoples imaginations. Rest In Peace JUST SAD

    • Dan October 2, 2013

      Another idiot judging, talking …. Go to hell.

  7. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 2, 2013

    I wonder what Legendtoya has to say about this.

    The Jacksons need to let this rest and take care of Michael’s “kids”.

  8. NT October 2, 2013

    This is so sad. Rest In Peace Michael

  9. RoyalKev October 2, 2013

    What a sad day! It’s never easy for a Jackson to get the justice they deserve! EVERYTHING that family gets is always well earned (for most of them)!

    Bottom line, I’m sure it was already decided that everyone remain completely oblivious to how MJ died before this case even started! The Beatles catalog (as well as MJ’s) is in the hands “they” want them in! That’s all that matters. Yes, that is what the big fuss is all about! No further investigation was going to be necessary.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 2, 2013

      And “they’ve” also sold the easter bunny story so they can rake in huge profits every easter.

      “They” are everywhere, “they” even know when you take a s***.

      I mean do you hear yourself dude?

      • RoyalKev October 2, 2013

        My dude, what I said seems to be going over your head. You’re either going to get or you don’t. If you don’t agree, that’s dine as well. I hear myself loud and clear and your free to comment and exit.

      • RoyalKev October 2, 2013

        *get it

  10. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 2, 2013

    The music industry is shady as hell though.

    They are trying to replace Michael Jackson with the white boy who facilitated the end of Janet Jackson’s career.

    Like, what the f***?

    • RoyalKev October 2, 2013

      Right! MJ’s label sucked him dry and calculated their every move to end MJ’s career (in the 00’s) and gain his catalog fortune. I’m not an MJ stan, so my opinion is not coming from a bias place. I just realized like many people, that MJ was mistreated and had the burden of dealing with a label that was at odds with him. That’s his real story!

    • Spunkypoop October 2, 2013

      The Jackson vs. AEG Live verdict is complete B*******. They ignored Michael’s health & hired an incompetent doctor that couldn’t do his job.

  11. #hive October 2, 2013

    Sam why you haven’t posted on Paris Hilton video sneak peak of her song with lil wanye #Mess

    • Perry Power October 2, 2013

      Because no one cares about her.

  12. Valerie (barb) October 2, 2013

    Michael was used like majority of celebrities. smh

  13. Tyrone October 2, 2013

    Ok… Like I feel bad for what happened, but it’s time to let him Rest In Peace. Lets enjoy his legacy and stop trying to figure out what happened, because he isn’t here to tell us… No matter how many psychics they talk to.

  14. Cassie lover October 2, 2013

    i blame Michael he sold his soul to the industry and they destroyed him…

    • Dan October 2, 2013

      And you sold your brain

  15. Spunkypoop October 2, 2013

    AEG HIRED MURRAY but there NOT RESPONSIBLE? REALLY!!!?? THis is such b*******!! I pray for the Jacksons right now and God has the final judgment.


    WHoever is leaving f****** disgusting comments above can suck on a silver pipe and rotttt to ashes.

  16. Spunkypoop October 2, 2013

    The Jackson vs. AEG Live verdict is complete B*******. They ignored Michael’s health & hired an incompetent doctor that couldn’t do his job. PERIOD POINT SHOOT U HATERZ!

  17. KOP October 2, 2013

    Rest in Peace MJ! Phuck the haters! @Cassielover bish have a f****** seat!

  18. Spunkypoop October 2, 2013

    “I don’t believe in the justice system. I have seen things go on in the world & how ppl get away with them”- Michael Jackson

  19. Perry Power October 2, 2013

    So who else are they going to blame for MJ’s death? I doubt MJ wanted his family to sue everyone for his death. It’s not their fault for hiring the doctor, it’s Murray’s fault. They need to let Michael rest in peace. Stop dragging his name into this mess.

  20. LEA October 2, 2013

    DIRTY ASS PEADOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This man was talented BUT I WILL NEVER RESPECT HIM.


    HE WAS A DRUG ADDICTED PEADOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Stop the drama Start the music October 2, 2013

      He was never found guilty of pedophilia and ur a f****** b**** Believing the white racist media tearing a successful black man down who was very loving and gave a large bulk of his money to charities.

    • Kylla W October 2, 2013

      Girl stop it with all these usernames trolling. “What he did to little boys”? What did he do?Because they never convicted him of anything. They did a raid of his house,computers etc. and found nothing to convict him on. I know because I read the FBI files . Also,he said they slept on the floor not in his bed AND he got the permission of their parents before doing so! These are all facts if you research. There’s more to the story then what people know! Youre another idiot who believes media sensationalism.

  21. DIGGER BEY October 2, 2013

    Aww I feel so bad for Catherine and the kids. I know she thought the concert promoter was the blame and now nothing will ever come of it. AEG should of done more investagating on Murray. They ass hired a money hungry doctor, that’s all about “what ever u want, ill do it”. Doctor shouldn’t be so damn careless. I really believe if he would of kept his family close to him. He would be still here. Its just all a tragic mess. #RIP FOREVER THE KING OF POP

  22. Ju don’t even know October 2, 2013

    Seriously?? SMFH

  23. DIGGER BEY October 2, 2013

    So @ Lea I guess u was in the bed with them b****??? #PIPE DOWN H**

  24. B****** ARE A MESS October 2, 2013

    Michael Jackson would have died from starvation anyway. He had the boy of a little boy. Let me paint the picture for you ( Miley cyrus)

    • B****** ARE A MESS October 2, 2013


  25. RICHIE_RICH October 2, 2013


  26. Stephy Tha Lambily October 2, 2013

    Heal The World & Stranger In Moscow are my favorite MJ songs.. So beautiful beyonce words

  27. . : : h 2 o : : . October 3, 2013


  28. Thando October 3, 2013

    Dr. Murray clearly disobeyed every known ethical code of being the guardian of human life and rightfully he was punished. He violated the essentials of bio-medical ethics. However, Michael Jackson is a hugely influential figure, and this was very clear by the time he died. Who is to know to what extent this doctor was pressured by him to give him a stronger dose of propephol?

    It seems to me (and a large majority of people)that the Jackson family are hell bent on blaming other people for Micheal’s death. The only person responsible for Michael’s death is Micheal. This man clearly had one of the most toxic relationships with drugs and it caught up with him. I do not fall for the stupid conclusions that Micheal Jackson was some kind of “victim” of fame, well how do you explain all the other countless celebrities who have survived (most longer than Micheal Jackzon) in the music industrial without being so-called victims of drugs. Let us not abuse the term victim in order to suit people who are undeserving of the title.

    Essentially, this all boils down to money. The Jackson family wanted A BILLION DOLLARS, A BILLION DOLLARS?!?! For what on Earth do they need a billion dollars for? This is a long line of antics by this family misusing the law to benefit their lust for money through glorifying the family member’s death.

    Micheal Jackson did not believe in the justice system because he said that he saw a lot of people walk away with serious crimes. This has an awful ironical ring to it because he himself would later benefit from this when he escaped those molestation charges. Every person who can use their minds and logic can see that this man clearly did r*** those children. He clearly lured them to that horrible place called Neverland, systematically bringing in vulnerable children so he could pray on them. His fans say he was found not guilty in a court of law, well O.J. Simpson was also found not guilty in a court of law.

    Micheal Jackson was obviously a once-in-lifetime talent, however no amount of talent or influence can ever excuse you criminal actions, especially those of having carnal relationships with children. Child r*** is the most disgusting and reprehensible of acts and that why I disliked Micheal for the rest of his life. The children who laid the charges against him were vilified and demonized by people who do not know the pain of being a victim of a violent crime such as r***, especially when it happened when you were a child. The perpertrator was celebrated by family and strangers alike while the victims were called greedy attention-seeking liars by deranged people flocking the courthouse everyday (and night) defending a man who did not know who they were.

    It is a shame that there is no hell for Micheal Jackson to go to and it is a shame that he died such a non-violent death, however I rest in the hope that the world is lightly better with one another man like him.

  29. Sandra January 4, 2014

    you are an idiot. Michael never did anything to any child, Michael was innocent.

  30. Sandra January 4, 2014

    I don’t know if AEG is really guilty of MJ’s death, but I really hope that the Jackson family doesn’t sue anyone else, because when they sued AEG, that a**hole liar Wade robson came forward and accused Michael ( Robson had been paid huge money from AEG to slander MJ to keep the attention off the trial)…. If they sue anyone more maybe some other liar will come forward and talk trash.
    But whatever the truth is about his death, all we know is Michael Jackson will forever be rememebered and loved for the amazing person and artist he was. R.I.P Michael <3

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