Watch: Consumers Weigh In On New Nicki Minaj Fragrance… ‘Minajesty’

With an empire that now spans above and beyond the realm of music, Nicki Minaj welcomed the release of her brand new fragrance ‘Minajesty’ last month, unleashing it to a world she hopes will take it heights attained by its older sister, ‘Pink Friday’.

How Joe Public really feels about the scent?

Press play on reviews published by members of the buying public on the video sharing site YouTube below!

Pick up a bottle here!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 1, 2013

    This is good and everything but RiriHeartsMac sold out within an hour.

    • opd2 October 1, 2013

      it,s all love,some sell faster than some don’t mean the other isn’t selling too,it,s all love.

      • Ciara (The Female MJ) October 1, 2013

        Rihanna’s lipstick gave somebody h*****.

      • FAF October 1, 2013

        ok? how much of that money actually went to Rihanna?

      • FAF October 1, 2013

        And what does Rihanna MAC lipstick have to do with a perfume?

      • ,. October 1, 2013

        FAF that person is just trying to sh!t on nicki,man Nicki can’t win with some people Riri is doing her,Nicki is doing her thing too,let them win LOVEBIRD (PRISM – 10.22.13) sigh you don’t have to be trying to tear one down to put the other up,this is a Nicki post sigh,it said nothing about Riri.

    • Cookie October 1, 2013

      can you read idiot? this is a Nicki post not a rihanna post

      • MuiMui October 1, 2013

        Nicki keep right on working hard like you are
        doing ,because the sky is the limits,for those who work and is driven like you and a few others are.

    • vbmvbmrtu568 October 1, 2013

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  2. Joey October 1, 2013

    Part 1
    Now c’mon, how old is that b**** in the first video?! I mean! I can’t take the first review talking about how she liked the box, bottle and crimped hurr.

    • NickiQueenraj October 1, 2013

      Keep quiet. There is no age limit for who can enjoy nice things. Don’t be mad that YOU cannot afford to buy the Queen’s luxury products.

      • Joey October 1, 2013

        You fool. I was critiquing the review and not the product. I have no views on the product because i haven’t smelt it.
        I can afford anything i desire so take your weak ass comments else where.

    • Joey October 1, 2013

      Part 2 The queen in the second video was too much dragging that poor child around as well as swearing in his company. Call social services

    • GWEN STEFANI FAN October 1, 2013


      • Joey October 1, 2013

        Come harder. Like i did on your man

  3. MarinasDiamonds October 1, 2013

    I’m about to head out and buy this right now.

  4. Super Cisus October 1, 2013


  5. Slayty Perry (By The Grace Of God) October 1, 2013

    Sam what is the point of this post?

    • ,. October 1, 2013

      what if sam had put up a post with people reviewing Katy perry,s perfume,i bet your comment would have bin 100% different,like i said Nicki just can’t win with some people.

  6. GWEN STEFANI FAN October 1, 2013


    • opd2 October 1, 2013

      amm this is a best seller at macy,s so how is that a flop,please explain because it seems i am missing something are you just a hater.

  7. ROSEGOLD October 1, 2013


  8. FAF October 1, 2013

    I smelled it its better than the first, IMO its sweeter

  9. ♪►Muzzac◄♪ October 1, 2013

    Congrats Nicki on Minajesty being the best seller at Macy’s 🙂 LOVE YOU QUEEN♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Daniel Teflon October 1, 2013

    Queen? There’s only one QUEEN OF HIP HOP & that’s KIMBERLY LIL’ KIM JONES!!
    Tricki Garbagh is a Horrible Hip/Pop artist should have just been a Offkey Talent show singer!!
    Both scents smell BAD & very FLOPPISH!!

    • opd2 October 1, 2013

      i feel sorry for you,no lie i actually pity you,no one deserves to be you,i wouldn’t wish being you on my worse enemy.

    • SLAY ME GODNIKA (AKA ASSBEENISH) October 1, 2013

      LMFAOOOOO. IM READY FOR THIS HARDCORE MIXTAPE TO COME OUT AND FLIPPY FLOP. Your clearly so pressed That her first fragrance outsold any krim fragrance, and Minajesty is already a bestseller at Macys. Krim was done YEARS ago. LOOOOL #NEXT

  11. Os October 1, 2013

    Congratz to her on winning that awards for the first perfume and best seller and this new one being a best seller also.

  12. Bowel movement October 1, 2013

    It smells as bad as her p****

    • K October 1, 2013

      you ever smell her p-ssy,and don’t say so and so sad so,like i said you ever smell her p-ssy.

  13. . : : h 2 o : : . October 1, 2013

    That’s good, Go Nicki. Work on your brand!

  14. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) October 1, 2013

    this S*** is a bonifide JOKE huntae!!

  15. Scheissethroned(GrapejuiceKing) October 1, 2013

    Sam you STAY reaching! Ain’t nobody and I mean NOBODY checking for Onika Maraj because she like everyone says Sold Out! The only thing that will not be Sold Out on her is her new album and this cheap ass perfume!

    The bottle looks like her team pulled a prank on her but no… *pinches self* it’s real! SMH

    *Leans Back Into Castle because this isn’t worth walking out of it*

  16. Savannah October 1, 2013

    I’m not a fan, but I respect her hustle….

  17. Stop the drama Start the music October 1, 2013

    Lol at Rihanna getting all the attention from her fragrances and lipsticks leaving nicki in her shadow. I can’t.

  18. nicko October 1, 2013

    Minajesty is already a best seller 😀

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