Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes’ Sister On TLC Biopic: ‘My Family Is Hurt / We’ve Spoken To Pebbles’

Published: Friday 1st Nov 2013 by David

The general public may have given the movie the positive reviews it longed for, but it seems TLC‘s ‘Crazy Sexy Cool‘ biopic has rubbed many of the ladies’ former ‘acquaintances’ the wrong way.

For, as former manager Pebbles continue to face the wrath of many a music lover for her portrayal in the piece, the sister of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes has now come forward to express the ‘hurt’ her family felt, due to the involvement – or lack of – they were allowed to have in crafting the finished and allegedly accurate product.

Peep Reigndrop‘s heartfelt estimation of the movie and its supposed inaccuracies below…

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  1. HOWYOULIKEIT November 1, 2013

    Chile please. Were you involved in the group? Do you know everything that happened? Then why would Chili and Tboz call you for the biopic? Just sit

    • Kenken November 1, 2013

      You hit the nail on the head boo!

    • adasrvcbvcb57 November 2, 2013

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    • JENNY JONES!!! November 2, 2013


  2. UbettaWERK November 1, 2013

    Rain Puddle. .. Go away.

  3. typo i don’t ask November 1, 2013

    i always thought it was ‘lopez’ with a Z.

    that’s all about it. 🙂

  4. Realest November 1, 2013

    wow she looks just like lisa

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) November 1, 2013

    Lookin for attention…Just wait, the “family’s” gonna release a book or do some reality show centered around left eye….

    • KANYE KARDASHIAN November 1, 2013

      Don’t you EVER try to come for me. I know your real identity and will spill ALL your tea.

  6. HOTSTUFF November 1, 2013

    Wait a hot minute, why do all these people feel that they should’ve had an opinion on the biopic ? It was made from the group’s point of view. Fans were waiting on this for so long : TLC’s side of the story. Rip Left eye .

  7. Teacher November 1, 2013

    B**** hush! They said they had to crunch a lot of s*** in two hours so of course they’re not going to include all the little details like that so they could cover the highlights!

  8. Logic November 1, 2013

    She doesn’t know anything . Her Brother handles the business . T-boz and Left Eye said that on The Breakfast Club. She just want us to google her and check out her s***** music.

  9. Molly November 1, 2013

    This was the TLC movie not the tlc and every other irrelevant b**** story ok did pebbles put yall up to this? is she paying yall to speak out??? hmmmmm.

  10. TONIO HIZZO November 1, 2013

    She was like 3 years old… cmon man really

  11. GAGARULES November 1, 2013


  12. Shaquinisha-Rose November 1, 2013

    The thing is she even says the family signed away the rights to use ‘Left Eye’s’ likeness in the film…That is all. Once that’s done, and if they didn’t ask for anything else, that’s what they get…I think this is more of a moral issue. Yes, it would have been nice for the production company to have included the family in discussion/filming but legally they didn’t have to.

  13. LOL November 1, 2013

    They all need to sit. They can’t sue anyone because the story was from the group’s point of view. Plus they all had to sign off on permission for them to use their name & likeness in the movie, so if they had a problem with the story they shouldn’t have signed off on it.

  14. AALIYAH FAN FOREVER November 1, 2013

    I’m really shocked and upset by the comments people made on here and twitter making fun of the dead.

    That’s when you know you have a serious mental issue and you shouldn’t be allowed access to a Computer.

    I’ve seen the disrespectful Aaliyah and Michael Jackson halloween tweets. They were just retarded.

    People need to stop being so celebrity crazed. And stop taking out your frustrations about how your living your life on the Internet and actually live one. I’m disgusted.

    • QUEEN MINAJ November 1, 2013

      yeah i’ve seen em too.

      They were really ignorant and I agree with you saying that those people are seriously ill in their heads because I don’t know anyone or ever see myself stooping low talking mad disrespectful about the dead.

      I was really hurt by them too.

      People need Jesus!

    • Baby I November 2, 2013

      Let me tell you something you aaliyah fans want to make everything about her!!!!!!! Telling beyonce ands ciara fans if it was not for her to die they wouldn’t be here like she gave birth to them like wtf? Yall wanna talk about disrespect STOP disrespecting other artist aaliyah is dead rip she would not have allowed s*** like that if you know her like stop!

  15. Navy Nick November 1, 2013

    GIRL HAVE SEERAL SEATS! SAT DOWN PLEASE!!! U were NOT apart of the group, this was about the GROUP! They did Lisa just fine!!! This was amazing, and u all just want attention….u & PEBBLES!!!! GO SAT DOWN!!!!!!

  16. PYTFROMAL November 1, 2013

    Why should they have included you, Rain Drop? Were you in TLC? T-Boz and Chili were telling the story from THEIR point of view as members of TLC. I understand the family wanting to be involved but come on now. Everybody wants a little shine and recognition from this movie.

  17. Meet S≜∞ (Sterling Infinity) November 1, 2013

    why is she even getting a interview…. now come on son!

  18. Loyalty November 1, 2013

    Just let it slide. Lisas name was not tarnished, people embraced her as the heart and soul of the group even more! I can understand if they felt slightly left in the dark as her FAMILY but there are better ways to approach it dont get on the radio and bad mouth the whole thing. The biopic is not portraying Lisa your sister, its Lisa one third of TLC from their perspective.

  19. Beauty November 1, 2013

    I couldn’t watch this whole interview. Go away! This movie wasn’t about you and your family. Fans loved the movie! Point blank and the period!

  20. Piece5 November 2, 2013

    It’s funny how she says the things in the film that weren’t included such as Lisa’s creative role for the group. Yet the specific examples she lists (Lisa having the vision for the way they dressed and the xondoms during the firs album, the futuristic style and staging for FanMail, etc.) were actually touched on in the movie AS WELL AS all the interviews TBoz and Chille have done. They always give Lisa the credit she deserves- sometimes I feel they may over do it just to make sure they are showing her respect.

    I honestly think it’s a matter of the family wanting to just tell Lisa’s story and not necessarily TLC’s. If that’s the case it’s good that they weren’t too involved in the film. Either way, be more cautious of what you give permission for people to do with your sisters name and likeness and this never would have been an issue.

  21. Baby I November 2, 2013

    Please its about money!!!!!!!!!!!! The movie is about TLC not LISA no disrespect there are 3 stories to be told NOT one

  22. tera November 2, 2013

    num1 i luv tlc 2 every1 in my house hold no that no 1 in the world to me like left eye kelly rowland and nelly but sum how i am just not into reindrops she doesnt move me at all just sayin

  23. KC_Diamond November 3, 2013

    Hell yeah Pebbles is paying them to speak…….$25/week!!!!

  24. bluebell77 November 4, 2013

    i dont get why people are dissin her and sain she was 3yrs old! if your a real tlc fan you would know she performed with them at an award show doing lisas rap with her. tlc have lied and left out a lot of things in the biopic people are acting like tionne and rosanda cant do no wrong. the way the film ended was a bit insensitive to me didnt mention lisas name when it was it was meant to e their first time back in the studio. on top of that you never seen lisas mom make an apperance or sister in the film of her having any sort of conversation like they had with their mom her family were cut right out they just used her father who wasdead they missed out a lot with lisas relationship, and they missed out a lot of people who helped create their sound like jermaine dupri who was the one who told tionne to sing low! the way they acted like the group got together was wrong even on the behind the music a lot was cut out. i wonder why.

  25. CCNOLA November 10, 2013

    Well you cant please everyone. They could have reached out but they didn’t because at the end of the day it is TLC’s interpretation of what their journey was like. not even family can speak on lisa’s behalf as they weren’t in her head to know how she dealt with everything. You also have to remember that everything had to be fitted into a 2 hr time frame so its impossible to cover everything about every member of the group. They picked which parts of there life that would make for a good movie so they wouldn’t completely bore and lose their audience with info overload. I think the portrayal of left eye was fair as it was chilli’s and tboz’s perspective. I still show love buz everyone luvd em some left eye rip.

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