Rihanna Secures 25th US Top Ten / Matches Elvis Presley Record

Published: Sunday 10th Nov 2013 by David

 Let’s face it….when it comes to today’s crew of Pop contenders, very few can boast of a career quite as impressive as Rihanna’s.

Sure, though she lacks the vocal prowess and general talent that elevates Beyonce and Lady GaGa to icon status, her impact on Pop culture has been enough to give both ladies a very serious run for their money, going as far as to outperform them on more fronts than their respective fan bases are willing to admit.

Now, as if the capital generated by her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ wasn’t enough to give her cause to celebrate, she has now broken a record that stands as nothing short of legendary.

Find out how below…

Thanks to her contribution to Eminem’s latest single ‘The Monster‘, the ‘Styled To Rock‘ producer has scored her 25th Top Ten single on the Billboard Hot 100, matching the same record previously set by Elvis Presley, the icon renown for his cover of Big Mama Thornton‘s ‘Hound Dog.’

Now enjoying a peak position of #3, ‘Monster‘ sees Rihanna secure a coveted spot on a list of acts with the most Top Tens on the chart. A list, now available to peep below…

38 — Madonna
34 — the Beatles
28 — Michael Jackson
28 — Stevie Wonder
27 — Mariah Carey
27 — Janet Jackson
27 — Elton John
25 — Elvis Presley
25 — Rihanna
23 — Whitney Houston
23 — the Rolling Stones


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  1. #Beyindependent November 10, 2013


    • pastordnnk57 November 10, 2013

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    • JamesDean November 10, 2013

      Rihanna is already ICONIC. decades from now her photos will be sold just like Bob Marley and Marilyn Munroe. Her music will still be played and the idea of Rihanna will be followed by the young, chic and cool crowd always!


      • Jess November 10, 2013

        Eww dont compare her to them please.

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

        The delusion..l

      • wake up call November 11, 2013

        why not compare Rihanna to the Bob Marley’s and Marilyn Monroe’s because shes not DEAD!!! When an artist dies, its like now we love them and acknowledge their impact on our generation and society. TUH

  2. mother monster November 10, 2013

    And yet she wrote non of them. Kii

    • Tallb November 10, 2013

      no rihanna fan but did elvis???

    • ATM JAM November 10, 2013

      neither did elvis, all of his songs where either covers or written for others.

  3. Stephy Tha Lambily November 10, 2013

    I thought this would become her 13th number 1 hit. She gonna end up beating Mariahs record. But Mimi will always hold the record as the female with the most number 1 hits on billboard writen & produced by her only second to The Beatles! Anyways, congrats Ri Ri. I love Rihanna!


    • ILoveJamesDean November 11, 2013

      Katy Perry has the potential to beat Mariah too.

  4. truth tea November 10, 2013

    Elvis was a thief.
    He stole many songs from black artists and claimed them as his own.
    Well done Rihanna!

    • Stephy Tha Lambily November 10, 2013


      • Lana Del Slay November 10, 2013

        I’m so happy you said that because people need to know how much of a sleaze bag he was.

  5. Caress November 10, 2013

    Rihanna WILL have surpassed the Beatles Hot 100 #1’s record by her 9th/10th album, 2014/15/16, at this rate.


    Meanwhile, BeYAWNce hasn’t had a top 10 hit since 2008 and has been reduced to a live act who releases calenders to keep ppl interested. #Boom. YAHTZEE. #YewMadDoe.

    • TinaMinaj November 14, 2013

      LMAO! Reduced to a live act??? But live acts bring in the most money. SMH

  6. Monica Fan November 10, 2013

    7 albums in 7 years and all those singles its inevitable.

    And no shade, but Elvis #1s were all his own as a SOLO artist. Cant say the same for Rihanna.

    • Jay Scorpio November 10, 2013

      We many stolen tracks he ain’t wrote …. Now STFU!

      • Monica Fan November 10, 2013

        And Rihanna aint write her songs fish

    • ATM JAM November 10, 2013

      elvis wrote NONE of his songs, they where either covers or stolen.

  7. GAGARULES November 10, 2013


    • Now November 10, 2013

      Just give her the credit because it definitely due to her! The success she has had in this day when MOST artist can’t sell records Rihanna is selling out stadiums! name one artist in this era this can do that! I will wait

    • wake up call November 11, 2013

      Yall really need to wake up and do your history because Elvis and the Beatles have made it on this list because not only did they not write the songs, they completely stole them from black artist and re did them just a few years later if not the SAME year after the original artist released them. Today that s*** would be illegal but they were still able to get away with murder. So at least she didnt remake a damn britney spears song without her permission and take it to number one on her dime. TUH yall freakshows kill me!

  8. HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013


    #StayPressed #StayMad #StayRanting #StayBitter #StaySeated

  9. Janet November 10, 2013

    The biggest performer of our generation!
    Bow down to Rihanna.
    Queen of R&B and Urban Pop

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      Biggest performer of our generation? Please..

    • Marcus November 10, 2013

      “The Biggest Performer Of Our Generation!”

      -Excuse Me? Are You Serious! I Think We ALL Know Who Is The Biggest Performer Of Our Generation, & It’s Certainly NOT Rihanna.

      I’ve Heard Of Rih Being Known As Other Good Things, But You’re The First To Ever State That!

  10. dN November 10, 2013

    Yeah allowing a solo artist’s “featured” hits really does skew the rankings. Its should only count if it was THEIR song.

    • ATM JAM November 10, 2013

      but elvis didnt write the songs he was credited for.

  11. Monica Fan November 10, 2013

    Rihanna and her team are very transparent. They have to over compensate by pushing an album out every year to build up her stats.

    And her fans think its some type of out of this world achievement that she has these stats.

    Shes forced down our throats YEAR upon YEAR. I would not expect anything less. Which is why I stan for music and talent not stats. Damage control.

    • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

      A lot of artists have released albums back to back. She could’ve easily released more singles from her albums, but she opted to release new albums instead. Why are you always so pressed over Rih anyway? If Sam were to make a Monica post, your dumb ass would prob be MIA. Goodbye.

      • Monica Fan November 10, 2013

        Yeah and most of those artists actually write their own songs and are not just conveyer belt of hits so bye. Like Mariah Carey.

      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        So what? I like Mariah, but forgot about most of her songs. Whitney and Celine never wrote s*** but they’re legends. The general public (and people who have lives) doesn’t give a f*** if someone wrote their music or not. A good song is a good song and Rihanna has tons of them. Stay mad…

      • Monica Fan November 10, 2013

        Mariahs songs are forgettable? WTF does that make Rihanna when Im ALREADY forgetting most of her music. You tried. Because Mariahs sings stand the test of time.

      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        Ask the average person to name 10 of her eighteen #1 hits. I bet you any amount of money they couldn’t. Real s*** and I’m not taking anything away from Mariah’s talent but it’s true.

      • Monica Fan November 10, 2013

        And Rihannas are ALREADY forgettable themselves! Many couldn’t name hers and that’s in less amount of time. Only ones that stand are Umbrella and We Found Love. So whats it going to be like 20 years from now like Mariah?

    • dezi November 10, 2013

      She could release an album everyday but the truth is rihanna can’t force anyone to buy her albums so just because she’s forced down our throats like the rest of them means exactly what? Rihanna is not holding a gun to anyone’s head and making them buy a damn thing so just go somewhere with that predicted rhetoric you all like to spew. I knew i would come across someone saying she releases an album every year SO WHAT! Yall are so damn PREDICTABLE it’s PATHETIC!

  12. Gimme More November 10, 2013

    Its Eminem’s song tho.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      I’ve been saying that for the longest time honey. Let them remain delusional.

      • Jay Scorpio November 10, 2013

        Yet if the song wins a Grammy the both receive one…. STFU!!!

  13. Whut November 10, 2013

    If you count her solo hits, she slays all the new generation girls. Rihanna is the Queen of the new generation (sorry beyhive lol)

    • Marley November 10, 2013

      Beyonce is of the generation of Britney, Christina and Justin Timberlake. Rihannas is of the generation of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. And her and Katy are neck and neck.

      • Whut November 10, 2013

        They all came out within the last 10 years, so that would place them all within the same generation. In any case, Rihanna still places on top of all of them when it comes to hits.

      • Marley November 10, 2013

        Nope, they came out before 2003.

    • dezi November 10, 2013

      Now if beyonce’s fans can compare her to artists from decades ago and yell to the world about her having more grammys than them why can’t rihanna who came along 7 or 8 years not even a decade after beyonce be compared to her? Oh i get it. rihanna reached yet another mile-stone that beyonce has yet to reach and to make matters worse beyonce was out first. See how that works when it’s other artist surpassing beyonce with HITS and AWARDS then here comes the EXCUSES but when it’s beyonce SHE’S SLAYING EVERYONE No matter how long other artists been around. See how wishy washy and delusonal her fans are? It’s rather f****** PATHETIC!

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        Its f****** facts. Shes been around less than her yet has release almost DOUBLE the albums. And you wonder why she surpassed in certain areas? (barley surpassed her in albums).

      • dezi November 10, 2013

        Meant to type delusional

    • dezi November 10, 2013

      @Jess So what! Rihanna can release quadruple the albums she can’t force anyone to buy a damn thing and that’s a fact so that lame ass excuse yall coming in here with can go to waste. Hears *Toilet flush*

  14. HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

    “…..Lady GaGa to icon status ” LFMAO. icon of hype, promo and stealing.

    • GAGARULES November 10, 2013


      • HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

        I know how u feel :/ running around naked like an idiot in the forest and flashing his hairy p**** at a concert was not enough to help ARTFLOP singles from sinking to the bottom of the itunes chart in a record amount of time LMAO.

      • GAGARULES November 10, 2013


      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        Yet Gaga is struggling for relevance LOL. Next!!!

  15. Rosie November 10, 2013

    Elvis is overrated, so congrats to her.
    But it should be noted that a lot of those hits were features.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      Thank you! These girls keep acting as though the monster is her song,when it’s not.

      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        Her name is listed as a performer, soooo…..
        Same with Christina Aguilera!
        Y’all be hating!!!

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

        Wrong comment section babe

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      5 of 25 is not ALOT… thats 1/5 which is not in any means a lot .. nice that you congratulating her though

  16. LOL November 10, 2013


    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      4 platinum number 1 albums>>>>>>>singles charts.

      • LOL November 10, 2013

        LOL ONE OF THE 10 BIGGEST ARTISTS OF ALL TIME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>4 PLATINUM ALBUMS

      • Marley November 10, 2013

        Where is the title saying that list is the 10 biggest artists? Otherwise I should be seeing Britney and many others on there.

    • XXX November 10, 2013


    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      Single ladies alone>>>>>Rihanna’s entire discography

      • TinaMinaj November 14, 2013

        Hahahahahaha nicely done! I don’t understand why Rihanna fans should bring Beyoncé into this because Beyoncé could give a rats ass about single success

  17. K November 10, 2013

    Gratz to her,

  18. Talk That S*** November 10, 2013

    25 forgettable top 10 hits. lol But will never make a impact in music like Elvis, Janet, Madonna, Michael, Mariah, and the Beatles

  19. BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

    All The Lights
    Run This Town
    Live Your Life

    So that leaves 20 SOLO hits…unless I’m missing something? Congrats to Rih!!

    • GAGARULES November 10, 2013


      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        But she is listed as a performer. Kanye featuring RIHANNA, eminem featuring RIHANNA, TI featuring RIHANNA…

      • GAGARULES November 10, 2013


  20. Motivation November 10, 2013

    Her chart power is impressive but her music is not as influential as those people in the list, kudos to her for being a mega-star at such a young age but le’ts not forget that she’s probaly would never be accdepted in the same category of those in that list, she might outsell them all at some point and still won’t be as big as they are, music charts and record sales are just a part of those legends incredible career, they’re real power comes from the impact and the big scar they leave in Pop Culture/Music.

  21. HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

    “when it comes to today’s crew of Pop contenders, very few can boast of a career quite as impressive as Rihanna’s ” = ICON.

    TGJ is a mess lmao, it’s just too hard for Sam to fully credit RHQUEEN.

    If there’s one icon of today’s generation, that would be Rihanna, 20 years from now (doesn’t matter who u stan for) we’ll all be telling our children how we danced our asses off to one of her songs.

  22. BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

    Congrats I guess. Most of them are features tho.Anyway,I’ll give my credit. Let’s just hope round 8 doesn’t struggle for number one like the rest

    • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

      So 5=most? Lol you haters try so hard 🙂

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

        The final in that list is 23 hits,rihanna has 20 solo top ten hits. She doesn’t really belong on that list. #FACT

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      nicki minaj has around 50 BBHOT100 entries

      of which half of it is FEATURES she is piggy backing on other peoples talent

      lets not get it twisted !

      Rihanna has 12 #1 of which 3 are features leaving 9..

      she still has more than EVERY ARTIST OF THIS GENERATION

      and having 5/25 top 10 songs does not mean feature. Get yourself aquatinted with a dictionary most represents majority and 1/5 of something does not represent the MAJORITY!

      ya’ll n***** are DUNCE AS S*** i cannot and will not… looking a mess just to shade

  23. BeyIsKing November 10, 2013

    Only a fool would deny how successful Rihanna is,no matter who you stan for.

    • im goin numb November 10, 2013

      Real s*** .

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      Keeping it all the way real!!! i love this

  24. WaitUrTurn88 November 10, 2013


  25. im goin numb November 10, 2013

    Lmao you people are such haters she only has 5 featured singles in the top 10 that’s bearly 15% of her top 10 hits yall look for anything to hate on.

    • XXX November 10, 2013

      ONLY 5? LOL!

      • im goin numb November 10, 2013

        Love the way you lie
        Live your life
        Run this town
        the monster
        All of the lights

        Those are the singles she was featured on that made top 10.

      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        All The Lights
        Run This Town
        Live Your Life

        Unless I am missing something, yes FIVE

      • XXX November 10, 2013

        Yeah? That’s 5. Which is a lot of features considering some people earned that without a single feature.

      • BRANDY>>>>MONICA November 10, 2013

        Lol you haters reach for straws. Her name is listed as a performer so why shouldn’t she be credited for it? Same with Christina Aguilera!!!!

      • iconic cici November 10, 2013

        B**** yall forgot about take care so its 6

      • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

        NICKI MINAJ has had 2497032395324 amount of features YET she isn’t on the list is she?

        so has Lil Wayne, Kanye and Jay-Z

        rihanna is just winning and you will deal

  26. im goin numb November 10, 2013

    I dont know any artist who is as consecutive as Rihanna besides maybe pink. but seriously Congrats Rihanna

  27. pat November 10, 2013

    features or not…that list is comprised of the most impactful artists of all time…..kinda odd to see her there..but that’s a great accomplishment

    • GAGARULES November 10, 2013


      • pat November 10, 2013

        but SHE IS

      • GAGARULES November 10, 2013


      • pat November 10, 2013

        go save DO WHAT YOU FLOP and DOPE FLOP

  28. iconic cici November 10, 2013

    May not be a fan of the vocals or shitty dancing but the girl obviously slaying the chart if only her vocals where as consistent as her chart entry. And you know what when Beyonce was 25 she was never this successful just saying

    • XXX November 10, 2013

      When Beyoncé was 25 she only had 1 solo album of songs to her name so why would she?

      • iconic cici November 10, 2013

        She had 2 solo albums out and 4 destiny child albums under her belt by 2006

      • XXX November 10, 2013

        But wait… I thought DC didn’t count? And B Day came out on her 26th B Day.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      Beyonce has been successful since DIL era. You tried it.

    • king b November 10, 2013

      the thing is that beyonce has been contantly succesfull since te debut of DC she never went down during 16 years she had competion from TLC britney christina aaliyah j lo ashanti alicia to rihanna katy and gaga but SHE remains constant she has been slaying non stop for 16 years Nobody has her longevity & relevanct ratio

    • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

      LMFAO a shitara Stan talking about shitty vocals loooooooool.

  29. LOL November 10, 2013


    • XXX November 10, 2013

      Except the Hive aint the ones talking about Beyoncé, its Rihannas own fans.

      And all your comments have been about BEYONCE. The f****** irony.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      Pressed my ass. Y’all are the ones bringing up beyonce on a post that has nothing to do with her.

    • LOL November 10, 2013


      • XXX November 10, 2013

        Have you bought it yet? You seem more obsessed with it than the fans.

  30. XXX November 10, 2013

    Cant you just congratulate without throwing shade. You celebrate your fav yet you have others still on your mind. Such a shame smh.

  31. XXX November 10, 2013

    Anyway congrats to her AND Eminem, yes many of her #1s are features its only fact. So don’t get mad when people point this out, when you’re the same people to drag when the Hive credit some of DCs stats sometimes.

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      5 of 25 is not many… its some! just like any other asrtist… I’m pretty sure every artist does features why is it so problematic when rihanna does a feature?

      i know.. her features are a smash!

      Not Like Beyonce featuring on the Dream’s flop that was Turnt… or the numerous flops that nicki has been featured on as of late

      • XXX November 10, 2013

        But she still relied on being a feature to get her there.

      • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

        I’m pretty sure Rihanna didn’t ask to be a feature on these songs…

        She was asked to be apart of it.. if said artist didn’t think her a perfect fit or beneficial to add her to the song in terms of her commercial viability she wouldn’t be a part of the songs

        You people make it seem as if Rihanna is parasitic as it regards her features but rather its mutually beneficial to both artist in question STOP THE FUCKRY AND USE OUR BRAINS CAN WE

  32. Jass November 10, 2013

    The hive is upset lol

  33. Omari November 10, 2013

    Why yall worrying about the Hive? Smh. Death at them coming before Rihanna. Why would they be upset? Rihanna has always been about quantity. The girl has almost double the albums. Yall act as if Beyonces the only one she has more #1s than!

  34. Heavy Metal Lover November 10, 2013

    6 of her songs are features LOL. Stevie would NEVA, Elvis would NEVA, Mooriah would NEVA. DamagecontrolANNNA strikes again.

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      Elvis stole music.. lets not… stevie isn’t on the list and as for Mariah she is about to be superseded on the arrival of ALBUM 8

      Its so sad the nothing from the ART OF LETTING GO will make a top 10 entry though…. ALL MARIAH IS IS A WALKING LEGACY… she’s done.

  35. Bartnik November 10, 2013

    Thanks to Eminem…

    I’m not impressed.

    Her own recent singles haven’t peaked anywhere near the top 10.

  36. HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

    The HlV wanna talk about featuring blablabla. The last time Beyonso had a top ten hit was when she featured on the fading star that is Lady Gag TELEPHONE. kiii LMFAO
    Have a stadium of seats = > _/ _/_/ _/ _/ _/

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 10, 2013

      4 wasn’t for the charts sis

      • HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

        No but what im saying is that if they wanna discredit Rih’s for her hits where she’s featuring, the same should apply to beyonce, so i reminded them about Bey’s last top ten hit…

    • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

      Lmao clock the hell otta their tea!

  37. Jess November 10, 2013

    She churns out music like a machine are we surprised. I dont see what this has to do with Gaga, Beyonce, Christina, Britney or anyone else you’re bringing up. None of them release albums back to back like her.

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      so ma y artist churn out music at a fast pace… if yOUR MUSIC IS WACK NO ONE WILL BUY

      this is so f****** stupid. While Rihanna release music at a fast pace if it wasn’t quality or loved it wouldn’t chart.. no one on def jam is forcing the general public to buy her music.. nor is she preventing any other artist from leasing just as many albums yearly……

      EVERY ARTIST HAS THE SAME 24 HOURS… all i see is excuses…. or reasons to discredit a success that Billboards and the world over see is as clear as day…

      discredit her vocals and dancing.. but NEVER discredit the CHART FORCE THAT IS RIHANNA

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        By you logic her music must be better than Prince and Aretha then since they’ve had less top 10s?

      • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

        people are so bothered by something new… If we don’t want the records of the legends to be broken.

        We should stop supporting the New top of Artist and just put on replay our old madonna micheal, patty, prince and mariah

        stop listening to these new artist, you’re clearly fixated on the past. What the Legends created were great and it was profound in the moment when it happened.

        They are a new crop of artist and we live in a new age and new time with a more evolved pop culture where things are more trendy than meaningful… we cannot expect then that songs that top the charts then like a Whitney Houston will top todays Hot100 because things people and time have changed

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        Where did I say we shouldn’t. But by your logic, her music must be way better than theirs.

  38. GAGARULES November 10, 2013


  39. mromero November 10, 2013

    The thing with Rihanna its that after 7 albums, she still in the hit single phase, she has ro real impact and despite what most of her fans think, most of those #1s and top 10s are really forgettable. Rihanna has NO respect in the music industry. She its talented im not going to say she its not, but in my opinion she is far from influential, look at those artists she is around those lists, in their unique and particular way they changed the music business, they have a real impact beyond,# 1s and top 10s. Thats how u become an icon. Rihanna its been overexposing herself and its going to hurt her career, her public image its becoming worse and worse.. Its just a matter of time!! Thats what happen with Gaga these days people are SICK of her, It did happened to Beyonce, the difference is that Beyonce has a real impact and legacy on music indust thats why some of you cant compare her to Rihanna, theyre on different levels. Amd thats a FACT and i like them both but im not a huge fan of neither. All I see in Rihanna fans its an obssesion for her to get those records but they are forgetting something or I must say someone, Katy Perry.

    • LOL November 10, 2013


      • mromero November 10, 2013

        Are u serious??? Wait and see!!! Payola??? Pleasee!!

      • ILoveJamesDean November 11, 2013

        Katy is 4 #1 hits away from Rihanna. And with the release of PRISM, she will catch up very very soon.

    • SMH November 10, 2013

      Personally I can’t really feel impressed by this. I bet u if you asked some random people on the street, they wouldn’t be able to name 10 Rihanna songs. But they would be able to name 10 songs from every other Legend on this list.

      • Michelle Williams November 10, 2013

        I’m not a Rihanna fan but I disagree. In 2013, people will be able to name ten Rihanna songs before they can make ten Madonna songs

  40. HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013


    So to continue in your logic , so those who wait 2-3 years to release an album, that album should be packed with hits right? since they’ve waited so long and have gathered so many hit songs. Makes no sense right ? Also Rihanna is not the first to release an album every year…

    You believe that releasing an album every year is a guaranty for hits but it’s NOT.So many artists out there are struggling for a hit! Ask : Kelly, C error, Nicole S, Demi, Alexis Jordan…. Rihanna makes it look simple so people take it for granted. But she has a it factor. She’s a hard working talented superstar.

    • Jess November 10, 2013

      You wrote all that yet More albums = More singles = Riding off the previous exposure from your other albums. Thats why many of the people on that list have had albums out year after year. Its not a coincidence.

      • HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

        YAS i agree “More albums = More singles” but what is the guaranty that those singles will be successful (and even the album…) ?

        If Rihanna’s voice couldn’t sing a song like Pon de replay, to We found Love, to Diamonds. She would be OVER by now and it has nothing to do with releasing an album every year although i agree that it’s a part of her success (but only a Part )and that’s a FACT. So give credit where it ‘s due. Eminem recently said that she’s a great vocalist and can sing anything ! and that’s the primary truth to her success.

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        Who said she doesnt sing her songs well? Thats not what Im saying. But her habit of releasing albums is the MAIN reason why she has that many top tens. Not because shes better than people with less top 10s.

      • HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

        no you’re not getting my point…. My POINT is that she has that many hits FIRST of all because of her voice ( she sings one genre to the next with ease and uniqueness ) then comes the aspects of the music industry which are apart of her success. for me her voice is the MAIN reason not the other way around. and i never said that she has more hits because she’s better etc…

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        I get you. But that’s like saying you couldn’t get Rihanna to sing Beautiful like Xtina, Single Ladies like Beyonce or Everytime like Britney. All artists put their own spin on songs.

    • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) November 10, 2013

      Hardworking = laziness?

      • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

        Someone’s mad their t***** fave could never.

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        She could if she took Rihannas route of release after release.

      • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

        Why does she @JESS everybody has the same 24 Hours

        Katy Perry herself says she is TRADITIONAL meaning after every album she takes some months/years off and disappears
        so as to not run the risk of being OVEREXPOSED

        What happens to artist she they are in the media too much or release too many songs? They become overexposed and then their career starts to decline

        Thats the problem that GAGA and Nicki Minaj are facing OVEREXPOSURE

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        And Rihanna is not overexposed at times?

      • HOTSTUFF November 10, 2013

        Gaga just came back and people are tired of her already nobody is here for the Force feeding Queen this time LMAO.

      • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

        How is Rihanna overexposed if with every successive era new records are achieved… while they’re hasn’t been a sustainable growth in sale for every album she has a stellar track run at the end of it all….

        She has 6 consecutive Platinum songs 7 #1 songs in the UK in seven years 12 #1 songs in the us in 7 years… whiles competing with break through stars she has old her own ranking amongst the top ten best selling album and single artist every year since her 3rd album

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        Overexposure =/= less success.

  41. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) November 10, 2013

    Congrats..I guess? but why do they count her features and no one elses? Just asking.

    • Michelle Williams November 10, 2013

      They count Ciara’s…

  42. SMH November 10, 2013

    Personally I can’t really feel impressed by this. I bet u if you asked some random people on the street, they wouldn’t be able to name 10 Rihanna songs. But they would be able to name 10 songs from every other Legend on this list.

    • Michelle Williams November 10, 2013

      You’re delusional if you believe people will name ten Mariah, Elvis or Madonna songs before they can nane 10 Rihanna songs.

      • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

        thats afucking lie! why is DWT such a hit because she has a slew of hits

        rihanna has more hits and more memorable songs than any artist of this decade… so discrediting her is discrediting every artist in the music industry

      • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013


  43. Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

    When the f*** will your fave NEVA B**** THAT’S WHEN! Rihanna navy!! Queen FOREVA!

  44. Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

    For the Cierror stans :LMFAO don’t worry ciwho?ra will get there she’ll just need 17364637477747737477373 more singles to go

    For the beyawnqa stans: when’s the last time beyghetto’s had a hit? Oh yeah like hot-stuff said all the way back in 08 “telephone” FEATURING lady-ran-out-of-gimmickaga LOOOL

    Haters have a seat! have a seat! have a nice comfy seat.

    • Jess November 10, 2013

      Stop worrying about other stans. Beyoncé has 4 consecutive #1 albums to her name while Rihanna only managed to get there after 6 tries. You don’t see the Hive going on about that.

      • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

        I’m not worrying over other stans faves I’m setting things straight because as you can clearly see other stans are worried about my fave. Oh and 4 consecutive albums my ass 4 flopped like hell.

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        What do you me ‘my ass’ its a fact. And you people cant just stay on topic and move on the first shades came from Rihanna stans if you re read the comments. If anyones worried about others its you guys.

      • Jess November 10, 2013


    • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

      ( -_- )That’s b******* and you know it. Keep it real the hive are ALWAYS the first ones to throw some quick shade.

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        Just re read to see.

    • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

      I’m not talking about just this post I’m talking about in general..

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        They’re both as bad as eachother. In fact, the navy talk about/name drop Beyonce more than the Hive talk about Rihanna in general. Lets be real here.

      • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

        But your not being real cuz it’s not true boo. I’m done talking to you because talking to you is like talking to a brick.You can believe whatever delusion you want dear idgaf.

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        The proof is in the damn pudding all you have to do is read other posts. Many navy commentators cant make a comment without throwing Beyonce shade I wont name names. Dont be mad. But if we’re being diplomatic, they are both terrible at times. I wont deny that.

  45. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* November 10, 2013

    My Fav is a Certified YOUNG Legend on a List With Legends.

    When Will The Others ?


    please hate on her more People, Give Us more FUEL,we are ready for the next level. Give Us Fuel.

    Keep on Slaying Robyn. 😥 😀


    Don’t Be Bitter and come for Elvis, He’s a God To Music, Everybody copied everybody.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily November 10, 2013

      I sat on it & you cam all inside me. Im preggos get ready to pay child support POP

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* November 10, 2013



  46. Mark111 November 10, 2013

    And she’ll be breaking another record next week. 5 more #1s and she’ll take Mariah’s #1’s record. Who’s mad?

    • Stephy Tha Lambily November 10, 2013

      She might do it since she is the singles queen

  47. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) November 10, 2013

    @ju you just got here and already doing the most. You should take your own advice and have a nice comfy seat. And why would I be mad that my fav doesn’t want to be lazy? I mean she did that one time and still earned 40 mil.

  48. ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 10, 2013

    where is overrated FRAUDYONCE on the list.

    • Jess November 10, 2013

      Where is Prince? Where Is Aretha? Where is Queen? Where is Britney?

      • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 10, 2013

        Girl bye… those artist you listed are not overrated, they are successful real talent that the world respect… not a fraud of a woman..

      • ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 10, 2013

        expect queen of lipsyn britney.

      • Jess November 10, 2013

        But where are they? You seem to only be worried that Beyoncé aint there. Beyoncé being overrated is subjective not fact.

  49. JER November 10, 2013

    Madonna and her 38 Top 10’s are unbothered.

  50. ARTPOP WILL FLOP November 10, 2013

    The only girl in the game that is wordy of breaking all the records set by legends.

  51. Bionic November 10, 2013

    Her songs are forgettable. Who will be singing S&M 10 years from now. Only songs of hers that stand out is dated ass Umbrella and WFL.

    • Ju don’t even know November 10, 2013

      Not as forgettable as screamtina’s music. The only song people know of hers (not including her stans) is beautiful. Shutup and have a seat.

  52. Lucia November 10, 2013

    Honestly whos (contemporary artists) songs WILL be memorable ten years from now? All I can think of is Adele.

    • FRESH NAVI November 10, 2013

      adele isn’t memorable she’s a fad! she will struggle next era ever 3 years we have a new susan boyle

  53. musiclover November 10, 2013

    now that i think of it…are any of rihannas music really all that memorable sure its good and catchy but none are classics her music doesnt really stick with you for all that long.

    but congrats on the success

  54. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) November 10, 2013

    Icon? LOL! Call me when she can slay with album sales, acting, television, live vocals or any other venture she’s dived into. She’s CLEARLY made to sing .99 songs..

    • RIH IS QUEEN November 10, 2013


  55. Adam Monster November 10, 2013

    Sing those hooks girl…

  56. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 10, 2013

    Congrats Rihanna. Well deserved.

  57. JOHNVIDAL November 10, 2013

    With itunes and the likes around these type of “records” on singles charts doesn´t mean the same. AT ALL.
    Now Rihanna is better than Elvis for some of her fans… LOLOLOL

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 10, 2013

      Ooooohhhh someone is mad. Do you need a hug, a cookie?

      Not at you slamming iTunes when you were bragging about Dope being #1 on iTunes and Celine being #1 on iTunes in multiple countries.

      You should have warned us to bring a shovel because your b******* is deep.

    • HOWYOULIKEIT November 10, 2013

      @ Johnvidal. I completely agree. These teenage girls think they are setting new records. Completely delusional

  58. FutureCIARA November 10, 2013


    The gimmicks, tricks and soul sacrificing to get to the top of the pyramid.

  59. HOWYOULIKEIT November 10, 2013

    Why isnt she releasing music this year? I thought she was very hardworking. H** remains a featured artist.

  60. Dreamlover November 10, 2013

    Wow you guys are so fickle. First you criticize Rihanna for releasing new music every year and then criticize when she doesn’t release an album, saying she’s lazy or scared of other releases by her peers. Pick one or the other, sheesh! Anyways, she is doing her thang as a young black female artist in a notoriously racist/sexist pop music industry and she is doing it more or less on her terms. Her accomplishments are pretty extraordinary especially for an artist of her age. She is an icon in the making, and we are witnessing her rise right before our eyes! I have a feeling she is going to be legendary. She may not be the best vocalist or dancer (but she ain’t bad at either), but she has that “it” factor!!!

  61. jlove November 11, 2013

    riri i still want ,,drunk on love,, to b release as a single love .love that song

  62. Touché November 11, 2013

    Congrats to her, although it doesn’t seem like much of a record considering Elvis deserves no credit with his lack of talent and thievery. Anyway, I’m just glad she didn’t have to steal songs and song writing credits unlike some other artists….

  63. http://goo.gl/dkYwJF November 11, 2013

    Amazing record!! If you want to make your skin smooth like Rihanna’s, click my username!!! You wont regret it!!

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