New Video: Britney Spears – ‘Perfume’

It’s finally here!

The official visual for ‘Perfume’ – the second single from Britney Spears’ 8th studio album ‘Britney Jean’ – made its triumphant debut to VEVO just moments ago.

An album billed the singer’s ‘most personal to date’, ‘Perfume’ reportedly shines as one of the set’s best vocal performances.  With days of teasers leading up to this moment, was it worth the hype and the wait?

Watch below and let us know:


Britney certainly gets our applause, applause, applause for A) looking good, B) the absence of choreography, and C) not making this video the product placement special we expected it to be considering her own lengthy line of fragrances.  For such a vulnerable and stripped down tune, less is certainly more.

The concept of ‘less is more’, however, should have a ceasing point.  The narrative builds you up, buoys you with anticipation…just to let you down.  And, like so many of the songstress’s performances, falls short of hope – starting on a high note, but leading to a dead end.

Normally, the videos that accompany Brit’s ballads (i.e. ‘Everytime’, ‘Criminal’) follow the ‘less is more’ principle, while yielding striking visuals and engaging storylines to match.  ‘Perfume’, not so much.

Doesn’t smell like much of a hit to us. But, we still give the video a very generous C+.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Miley Riri December 10, 2013

    #LadyGaGaHasPenis !!!


  2. Britney Jean is NOT MY December 10, 2013

    HOT! anyone got something different to say, OH WELL. I still say HAWT! HAUTE! HOT!

  3. Lipstick December 10, 2013

    God I’m sick of all these sycophantic Lady Gaga fans thinking she’s original. If you seriously think she is you’re a twat…..

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 10, 2013

    The video actually was ok and Britney looks great! I still can’t with this song and entire new album..

  5. Amanda December 10, 2013

    I love Britney but the video looks boring. I was expecting more from her.

  6. Mascara December 10, 2013

    Hot video…unlike Gaga’s videos…all garbage.

  7. Molly December 10, 2013

    Cute video brit! Really love this song it shows a mature side to Britney and btw she looks amazing in the video i give it a 4/5

  8. aunt jemima December 10, 2013

    Better than Gaga’s Applause….

  9. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 10, 2013

    I love it! Say what you want about Britney,but this album was actually pretty good.

  10. Unbiased December 10, 2013

    Hang it up, Flat Screen! Now I love Britney, but these vocals are terrible, and if anyone says other wise their delusional! You want beautiful a beautiful ballad from Brit, go listen to “Everytime” or “I’m not a Girl/Not yet a Woman.” It’s clear, Britney’s heart or mind is no in music. She is an Icon and has a strong enough pop catalog and receipts to retire and raise her family, and that’s what she should do. Sia should have given this to Christina Aguilera, I think she would have done the song justice vocally.

  11. idgi December 10, 2013

    @Unbiased wtf no Sia should not have given it to Christina, have you even heard an Sia and Xtina song? Lmao. This song suits Britney well…. Not saying its bad I like the song, cute video

  12. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* December 10, 2013

    Is Okay, Not Bad.


  13. RoyalKev December 10, 2013

    Omg this is so good! Kind of fell for Britney all over again after seeing this clip! Love it!

  14. Hivy December 10, 2013

    Britney looked so pretty. 🙂 I like the video but the song is still ok to me.

  15. m December 10, 2013

    I love it, she looks beautiful

  16. Beyonce’s 17 Grammys December 10, 2013

    Cute video, forgettable song, ugly vocals.

    Final Grade: D+

  17. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 10, 2013

    Baby One More Time teas…

    Its Okay nothing special tbh

  18. JohnVidal December 10, 2013

    Perhaps in 10 years#ArtFlop will be like Showgirls. So bad it becomes good.


  19. Hivy December 10, 2013

    @ Beyoncé 17 grammys B**** eject reject witcho fake stan ass aint no body got time for you.

  20. JohnVidal December 10, 2013

    Beyonce bought Grammys….shame on you !!!

  21. Perry Power December 10, 2013

    She’s still trying with this song?

  22. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 10, 2013

    I don’t see anything Iconic here… Its giving me Baby One More Time teas…
    I’m being critical because I want her to SLAY!!

  23. JOHNVIDAL December 10, 2013

    Well, it fits the song, so they did good.
    Why is this person probably posting under different names talking about Lady Gaga in this post? LOL No one mentioned her b****. Lady Gaga haters have serious problems.

  24. Molly December 10, 2013

    I think Britney should release tik tik boom or Til its gone as the third single i think that will help it save the era.

  25. MILEY THE NEW POP PRINCESS December 10, 2013

    I hate S****** but Miley loves her so I love her! But she is generic and Miley is better but Smilers please read this message! T***** Gaga must go down she will never surpass QUEEN Miley EVER!!!!!! SMILERS LETS UNITE 2 TAKE THIS UGLY B**** OUT OF THE GAME!!!! Lil Monsters are almost non-existent lets RID THE WORLD OF THE REST OF THE BOTTOMS! #SMILERZ

    h t t p s : / /

    Have A Blessed Day!

  26. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 10, 2013

    “Beyonce bought her Grammys” is that shade still relevant?
    Stans are basic tbh

  27. Godney Slayears December 10, 2013

    The hive still mad because their fat jelly roll fave doesn’t have a diamond album? Pawdat

  28. Lordney Saviorears December 10, 2013

    Kiiiii at the Miley stans coming for Flopga

  29. Christney Jesuspears December 10, 2013

    Matthew did buy them hun

  30. Casual December 10, 2013

    I like the song, but I’m not crazy about the video. It does show maturity,though.

  31. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 10, 2013

    She has a diamond album in Brazil ….
    She is more relevant than any other pop star who had a diamond album. Your shade is a fail yet again.

  32. Onika Slays A Bxtch December 10, 2013

    Darlings I love Gaga but why can’t she release a video like this? All of her videos contain gimmicks and s***.

    With the video I feel that this song will chart in the top 25 of BBH100

    Queen Britney Slays me once again with this stunning visual, plus she looks AHMAZINGGGG!

  33. Holyney Spiritears December 10, 2013

    What is diamond in brazil? 500 copies? Kiii 2 diamond albums > 0. Dangerously in flop is still struggling to reach 5 million kiiiiii

  34. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 10, 2013

    LOL I saw it on twitter!!! Miley Stans are crazy.

  35. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 10, 2013

    4 > Femme Fatale / Britney Jean

    Its 2013 now you snitney stan.

  36. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 10, 2013

    Hey Sam,remember the days that you would clock the trolls with multiple accounts? Why did you stop? I can detect a number of them on this post

  37. Adam Monster December 10, 2013

    Britney is over a decade past her expiration date.

  38. Navy Nick December 10, 2013

    I like it a lot, BUT she also needs to release a club banger – TIK TOK BOOM!!! the cd has a lot of good stuff, this slow stuff is for Katy Perry & Rihanna, Ciara, & Britney need to keep us dancing!

  39. 108KNEY December 10, 2013


  40. m December 10, 2013

    b**** gtfo with your hating ass

  41. Onika Slays A Bxtch December 10, 2013

    @108KNEY hun just call me when Mrs Piggy reaches Britney’s status. Or has 2 diamond albums. Imma need you to settle down. Britney doesn’t need to prove that she can sell anymore.

    Tell me when Tamar sells 100,000,000 records. #ITSBRITNEYBITCH

  42. Rosie December 10, 2013

    Not 108K for someone who’s supposedly a “global legend.”
    Will this even sell 200K worldwide first week?

  43. JER December 10, 2013

    I love the song and video. I see the same hating ass heauxs grasping at straws for Britney to fail. Britney has literally only put out videos for this era. There has been not an ounce of effort to even try to promote. While yal faves try to book any and every promo spot, Britney keeps her eye on that Vegas deal. This is the b**** that shaved her head at the height of her fame. Britney has done it all and remains unbothered about sales or success. “Work B****” slayed so hard and had it been pushed properly could have been a huge hit. Too bad it wasn’t. Same with any of the singles off Britney Jean. If Katy Perry sang “Perfume it would be huge. And if BeYAWNce sang it, yal would be drooling about how ICONIC it is. Yal stay perched on Britney’s career with voodoo dolls and everything. GET YOUR LIFE YESTERDAY! She’s had more hit singles and albums than yal faves so BYE! Let’s see where Gaga and Katy Perry are on their 8th album. We already know where BeYAWNce, Cerror, Ke$ha, Onika Garbaj are at… WOOO ch….

  44. Christina still shits on Britney December 10, 2013

    Not Britney being out sold by Arianah Carende…..

  45. KINGREEKO December 10, 2013

    THIS IS BEYOND BASIC. glad that Gaga doesnt stoop to such a level. Legends of Pop do not make basic material such as this s***. How is it fun to be a homewrecker?

  46. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 10, 2013

    Gaga doesn’t have to stoop to this level if she already there! Basic ass b****! oh yeah how Chartflop doing? I’m having a hard time finding the album of the millennium can someone help me?

  47. Chile Please!! December 10, 2013

    Yesssss….Ms. Britney was Sit’n WERK! They had her BEAT To CAPACITY!

  48. NAVY COMMANDER December 10, 2013

    Not here for this song, I like tik tik boom better, should’ve been te lead single. But Brit looks great as always.

  49. bobbysworld2487 December 11, 2013

    Video Really Did Fall Flat. WasHopingForSoMuch More. SheShould Do A Concert SpeciaL In JapaN Shut Down A MainStreet (WorkBitch, Perfume_Passenger Mix , Then Alien TikTikBoom) .LipsynC Word “Stop!”Drive Me Crazy, Then Lip Words “Oops I Did ItAgain” DropTooFLoor Out Sell Everyone. But BritneyDon’tGotTimeForThat.She’sStillThat GirlInPigtailsWaitingToGetOUT Of Class . Sorry For #IlliteracY WritingThisComment On PhoneAndSettings Suck . Love Britney She’ll AlwaysBeWorth MoreThAn Most BrandsAnd Her Kids Will Be Stars Too With Xtinas.

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