Director Anthony Mandler: 'Rihanna Is The Biggest Star In The World'

Published: Sunday 5th Jan 2014 by David

Believe it or not, 2015 will mark the tenth year of Rihanna“s Pop presence, introduced to the world by LA Reid, Jay Z and former manager Marc Jordan.

Now seen as competition for many of the acts she once cited as idols, the vocalist has now seen her career praised by long time friend and collaborator, Anthony Mandler- responsible for many of her more memorable visuals.

Yes, in an interview with Graydon Carter“s “Vanity Fair“, the “Unfaithful” director went to great lengths to explain why believes the singer is the biggest star in the world, revealing that she has overcome more hardship than the world will ever be aware of.

Moving words below…

“The way I look at it, she was a complete form—an undeveloped complete form, if that makes sense—when I first worked with her on “Unfaithful.” There was this incredible power and emotion, this kind of dark side, and duality. At that point, she was kind of a Bajan island singer. I didn’t know what to do with her. Was she R&B? Pop? Reggae? I think on “Unfaithful” she found the beginning of a lane and a voice.

If you look at the songs before that, “Pon de Replay,” stuff like that, they would kind of fit her De viser frem et nytt casino med et flott og behagelig design. into a marketable box, more like a female Sean Paul . . . That was what seemed like made sense. But the truth is that anybody who knew her at the time, anybody who worked with her, saw there was this other thing, this incredible fire, this incredible wise-beyond-years thing. It was just about her outgrowing the youth, outgrowing the constraints of the label, having enough hits, making your own decisions enough times.

If you knew every single step along the way, you would say, “This could never happen; this never happens.” And it doesn’t. She’s the once in a generation. She’s the biggest star in the world.”

“There is nothing she can’t do, in a way. There have been some incidents in her life that we all know about, and a lot of incidents people don’t know about, that have given her fuel to the fire to grow further into her character. Because, hey, they all have a character, whether it’s Robyn playing Rihanna, or whether it’s Shawn Carter playing Jay Z, or Marshall Mathers playing Eminem. And in that character, there’s sort of a safe zone. You can ask her [and she’ll say] “Robyn wouldn’t do that, but Rihanna would.” And that’s a very interesting mentality. If you can get under their skin and see who they are at a deeper level—and that comes from working with them direct—you can push them in different ways. You can hopefully create work that lives at a different level.”


Do you agree?

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  1. BeySting January 5, 2014

    Listen up Rihanna, Jay only signed you because he wanted to manage Beyonce but Mathew wouldn’t let him so he found two mini version, you and Teairra so you better thank Mathew for the opportunities he has given you.

  2. axecbgaw244 January 5, 2014

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  3. Really… January 5, 2014

    LMFAO. Is this guy delusional? I don’t think “biggest star in the world” title goes from opinions. Just because he has worked with her for a long time doesn’t mean she is this “great legend”. I laughed through the entire article. Oh gosh, this was hilarious. I can’t believe he was serious.

  4. Jon January 5, 2014

    LOL”there’s nothing she can’t do” – apart from sing, dance, put on a amazing performance!
    Rihanna is nothing without a hit song! To say she’s the biggest star in the world

  5. KerimelKisses January 5, 2014

    What a joke! Most of the Navy only started stanning for her around Loud so I’m sure the videos in this article will shock them.

  6. Lolz January 5, 2014

    Proud of rihanna

  7. CandyWarhol January 5, 2014

    Bull to the s***.

  8. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014

    I Expect Stans of fading Starlets to Get Mad at This One.


    Honestly I remain UNbothered Since I Know How they Feel 😀

    I’m gonna Conclude This By saying:


  9. Lana Del Slay January 5, 2014

    Cynthia is nothing but a Barbie wannabe so please stop. Did Cynthia even have her own TV show? No the f*** she did not so stop acting like she slayed anything besides her mirror when she looked inside of it and saw that dutty stinking hair style Angelica used to cut for her.

  10. BeyWhoUWanna January 5, 2014

    Biggest star in the world but has never sold 300k first week.
    Biggest star in the world but never won an album of the year Grammy.
    Biggest star in the world but makes less on a stadium tour than some do on an arena tour.

    Kiii to the the kii kii.

  11. KatyKadet January 5, 2014

    Look b****, keep Cynthia’s name out of your mouth before I drag Born To Botox again.

  12. OffToTheRaces January 5, 2014

    Contrary to what the FagHive, FlopSquad and LyingMonsters want to believe… Rihanna is that b****. Had artists like Pink, Beyonce, Britney and Xtina emerged in the same yr as Rihanna, they’d be flopping. Rihanna emerged at the dawn of the digital age which is why she’s a digital artist. She’s grossed nearly $375 mil from touring, she’s sold 30 million albums and well over 100 million singles. She has some of the biggest songs of the past 10 yrs: Unfaithful, Umbrella, Take a Bow, Disturbia, Live Your Life, LTWYL, Rude Boy, Only Girl, WFL, Diamonds. Rihanna is a legend and yall f*** will deal or die. I remember after CB beat her up and Rated R didn’t do as well as GGGB ppl were saying she was over then she dropped Loud and it sold 6 mil WW and the supporting tour did nearly 100 mil WW from 100 dates in over 30 countries on 5 continents, ppl stfu. Ppl said she’s never have a $100 mil tour but she just completed one of the biggest tours in recent yr which grossed $140 mil WW from shows on 6 continents. Rihanna is Queen

  13. Amanda Bynes January 5, 2014

    I don’t understand why talentless popstars who can’t sing dominating the music charts. Smh

  14. NT January 5, 2014

    I agree , but what do you guys think she’d have to do to be a legend?

  15. FlawlessBeyBey January 5, 2014

    Did Pop Peasant say fading? Sissie, the only thing that is fading is Rihanna’s p**** walls every time she lets another man hit it.

  16. CiaraTheFemaleMJ January 5, 2014

    The Hive are mad because they were being dragged in the Rico Love thread.

  17. AzealiaBankable January 5, 2014

    Beyonce’s new album has outsold Unapologetic in three weeks. Think about that.

  18. Red January 5, 2014

    Yet she can’t sell albums.

  19. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Lol at this post being filled with the usual TROLLS!
    Anthony didn’t lie at all. Stay pressed damaged bottoms.

  20. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    RIhanna is the biggest artist in the world… this has been sold by:
    Times Magazine
    Diddy and many others

    Rihanna is the biggest artist in the World she is not a HUGE album seller but selling albums is only a part of it

    Youtube views, Fan following, Awards, Tour Gross, Hit Records comercial appeal(see how bogged down she is with add campaigns)

    i dont get why the hive is so insecure… beyonce was never the biggest artist before Rihanna it was Britney then GAGA then RIHNNA but at the end theres

    but Rihanna is the reigning Queen and Rolling Stones also said this. Rollingstones went has far as to write an article as to how Rihanna’s career as eclipsed that of Beyonce.

  21. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    DEATH!!!! So basically, she was CREATED?!! kii

    We will see how big she is when she releases her 8th Album! 😉

  22. The Great Lacefronce. January 5, 2014

    Of course she is !!!!! Who else? Queen Rih is a legend and inspires many artists to include THIEVINGonce which is why shes trying so hard to be like Rihanna with her current local album 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    SLAY HIVE stays being a dunce…. everyone was created and molded by their record label.

    ignorance is bliss in the HIVE

    creating an artist is creating a means to market them and record labels have control over the artist’s career in the first three albums.

  24. Red January 5, 2014

    Rihanna the biggest star yet people have
    More awards
    More album sales
    More successful Tours

    I beg to differ

  25. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    To the Azealia fan… you have no grounds to talk about albums when Broke with Expensive taste has been pushed back more times than you b**** has twitter beefs.

    BEYONCE will outsell Rihanna’s last two albums for sure.

    as i said album sales is not tantamount to being the reigning b****.

    Qhile 21 did HUGE NUMBERS her singles did HUGE NUMBERS as well

    we’e yet to see any track sertified tin from Beyonce.

  26. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    She has an album coming soon. They(Her team) have to get her some kind of spotlight, with all the press Beyonce has been receiving!

  27. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    Being Herself. ROBYN. But I think Everyone Like RIHANNA too, See her having many Hits and records to her name when she’s only 25! 😀

    She is doing so Good and Doing Anything but Go Down, she Currently has no competition and #1.

  28. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    I see I DID HIT A NERVE.

    Sorry about it. 😳

  29. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    The RED person are you aware that Rihanna outgrossed Taylor Swifts last tour With the Diamonds world tour

    are you aware Rihanna has 7 Grammy awards more than Taylor give my p**** to any body white clothes wear s*** swift.

    as in she is the most pretentious s*** in the industry at least my fav keeps it real.

    Rihanna is the digital artist of the decade in the US

    the BIggest artist in the Uk second to madonna
    the Biggest artist in Europe and second biggest in Australia second to only P!nk

    Rihanna is the fashion industries fav singer.

    She is the most viewed artist in the world.

    has the most hit songs WW and in every country

    Received the most endorsement deals last year

    Have a slew of awards

    Rihanna has the biggest social following

    the b**** slays…

  30. Antonio January 5, 2014

    At 25, Rihanna has sold 30 million albums, over 100 million singles, has 13 #1s on the Hot 100, 6 Grammys and grossed over $350 million from touring revenues.

    At 25, Beyonce as a solo artist, had only sold 17 million album, around 35 million albums, had only 4 #1s on the Hot 100 and only one tour that grossed $90 million WW and 5 Grammys

    Waits for the FagHive to start bringing up what Bey did with DC and after she turned 25…

  31. ~the arcade~ January 5, 2014

    *Side eye* to this whole article… that is all!!!

  32. Antonio January 5, 2014


  33. shauwndapooh January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is Queen ya’ll will deal @slavehiv+ Mathew knowles created beyawnces image she would be nothing without him with every album she gets better 30 million+ albums 75 million+ singles in the us alone biggest selling digital artist of all time one of the highest grossing tours of all time icon ‘She’ is

  34. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    Being herself???

    Kelis, Fefe Dobson, Grace Jones, and Beyonce disagree!!

    Thank her producers and song writers , and fashion photographers she stole from ( videos), for the success!!

    Ester Dean, mostly! It was HER sound Rihanna copied!

    BYE! 😉

  35. StateOfTheWorld January 5, 2014

    The Navy don’t understand why people include DC achievements to Beyonce’s records because most of them didn’t even stan for Rihanna until a few years ago. Beyonce was one of the world’s biggest stars even BEFORE she went solo and that’s just a fact. Anytime you try to take that away from her you just expose how little you know about music history.

  36. RICONHANNA January 5, 2014


  37. Bey Fan January 5, 2014

    Ummm I dunno about biggest star in the world… but she’s definitely made her mark. No denying that. But I think she’s as equally big as Gaga and Katy…

    Im sure ppl close to Taylor Swift will say the same thing…. Im sure Gaga’s people think she’s the biggest star in the world too….

    Rihanna is by all means one of the most popular “pop” acts in the world….

  38. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    Make no mistake slay hive Beyonce has never taken the Spotlight away from rihanna

    Your B**** got a 3 weeks window and its OVER


    The Navy is taking no prisoners this era.

    Lets sit and wait. The Hive said DWT was a flop yet still it was reported as being more sold out than the Mrs Carter tour.

    DWT was said by TGJ and many hive members to be a flop yet still it grossed 140 mill

    I await Robyn slaying the basics again. I Wonder which Records she will be breking this Year !!! my fav stays making HistoRIH

    while a certain Fossilyonce stays BEING History.

  39. RICONHANNA January 5, 2014


  40. joez January 5, 2014

    yeah. sure. do i need to read the post? 😆

  41. christinastherealtalent January 5, 2014

    Let’s see…the biggest star in the world right now is Miley. Just like what Rihanna’s label did to her image and sound, is what Miley’s is doing to her! This industry eventually finds a younger version of their biggest money makers and w**** them out while they leave their “used to be hot” acts like Rihanna behind.

  42. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    What is Fefe Dobson????!! where are her hits where is her album where is her impact?

    What is a Kelis the white hair b**** living off Alimony and her BABYDADDY Checks?

    where is her relivance was she ever big? WAS SHE

    im screaming!!! and of any stan base the hive should NEVER EVER talk about imitation.

    When your fave is a Human Photocopier i cannot LAUGH OF THE DAY

    the hive stays being a joke! i cannot LOOOOOL!

  43. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    One of The Topics The B-Flies have no room to talk about is “Stealing” since Beyonce is known to be a Certified COPYCAT , Every Artists Got Stolen By Beyonce, She Even Steal ppl’s performances.

    Bitchonce, the starlet, Has No shame in her Game!


  44. Antonio January 5, 2014

    Beyonce did not become a strong viable solo act until B’Day and that is a fact. Yeah, DIL sold 11 mil WW and won alot of awards, but she was not as big as Britney, Xtina, Alicia and Pink. B’Day solidified her as strong singles artist (Check on It, Deja Vu, Irreplaceable, Get Me Bodied, Beautiful Liar) as well as strong live performer (see her 2006 BET Awards and VMA performances) as well as solid touring artist and a bankable endorsement act. IASF just continued it. With DC, Beyonce was big, but she was still 2nd rate compared to other artists. Just like Rihanna was still 2nd rate even with GGGB and Rated R. It was Loud that solidified her position as strong singles artist and touring artist. It was also around the Loud era is when she became a huge endorsement artist. As a solo artist, Bey and Rih are pretty much equal tbh

  45. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    That is Beyonce in her real True Bitchy Form, But This Time it was caught on camera. 😀

    Rihanna is god’s Punishment To her and her stans. 😀

  46. RICONHANNA January 5, 2014


  47. StateOfTheWorld January 5, 2014

    Like I said, the mere fact that the Navy have to ask who Fefe Dobson shows how stupid they are. All stanning aside, your fave’s career is more layered than you even know but you spend more time hating on Beyonce and Ciara than doing your homework on her.

    If you don’t know, LA Reid took Fefe’s style and used it as the blueprint for the GGGB era.

  48. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    The biggest star in the world is not miley Cyrus aguilera fan?

    Miley has 1 #1 song…. her album is ONLY gold and it has been MONTHS!

    Anna Wintour dropped her from Vogue for being a sleaze ball…

    Where is Miley’s Radio number 1?
    ohh she has none.

    Is she the most followed artist on youtube? ohh thats RIhanna.
    Is she the most followed artist on Twitter? no thats Katy.
    Is she the most followed on Facebook? ohh Rih again

    DiDshe hae the biggest first week for a woman? no thats baddie bey

    is she the best selling woman of 2013? no thats Beyonce again.

    Did she recieve a slew of awards this year????! ohh no!

    DID rihanna recieve an icon award this year? ohh yes

    Pink was BB woman of the year.

    Miley was MTV for obvious reasons she made the VMA a talk about event so that doesnt even count….

    is she slaying any of the Billboard year end charts? ohh thats a no again




    b****** be talking out of their ass. Billboards has called Katy Queen of pop before, that has never happen for miley

    the fact that miley coppied Rihanna’s whole image and is still a reductive trashy basic mess.

  49. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    Tina turner,JLO, Ameriie, ciara, Rihanna (+More artists!) called Beyonce and they want Their Styles Back. 😀

  50. fatusankoh January 5, 2014

    Jocker ok I knowing why this man is saying all this lies bey just drope her amazing album and he want riri to be notice I always say the only reason all this hatters supporting this no talente riri is the hate they have for bey not do well but god keep proving to them bey is a born talented that is why she is buggiest stat no matter what you hatters try to do

  51. SoGone4Monica January 5, 2014

    I can’t take the Navi seriously when they don’t even know the facts about their very own fave.

  52. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    POP wasn’t Rihject SUED for 100 million dollars after stealig visuals for S &M?

    She has also stole images for You Da One video, Rude Boy , WFL video ETC!

    She also STEALS other star’s “style”

    She is COPY and PASTE!

    She is not Original!

    So don’t come for Beyonce, when this b**** is a thief! 😀

  53. Jamie January 5, 2014

    I think her and Katy are the biggest popstars in the world tbh.. People really hate to see Rihanna get praised.

  54. Jamie January 5, 2014

    @SoGone no one takes you serious when you stan for a hasbeen

  55. waterfalls January 5, 2014

    I’m from Europe, and Rihanna is the most popular now, being a biggest star it’s not about talent or music or credibility but popularity . if you think worlwide, not just usa, rihanna is the biggest popstar in this period.

  56. JOSE January 5, 2014

    LOL. The Beyhive should be the last fanbase talking about stealing ideas. The irony when your fave is the poster child for stealing songwriting credits/videos/multiple lawsuits.

  57. Draggin4MrsCarter January 5, 2014

    Because I have been a huge DC fan from the age of six I have seen the rise of both Beyonce and Rihanna and think it’s funny that the Navy are so clueless. Rihanna gave Beyonce a run for her money last year and the year before but you are foolish if you think she’s made more impact than Beyonce.
    You use numbers to explain why your fave slays. I can use numbers AND performances.
    Can you?

  58. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Lol slay_hoe is always perched in my favs posts. She’s worse than Lovebird at this point.

  59. Molly January 5, 2014

    Its funny how the hive are calling Rihanna a copy cat when Beyonce built her career on stealing from others like that’s what Beyonce is known for is being unoriginal lol

  60. Molly January 5, 2014

    Anyways i think Katy is the biggest star in the world.

  61. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    DEATH@ Antonio

    DIL gave her, her biggest hit CRAZY IN LOVE. #1 for fourteen weeks and she earned FIVE grammys with that album!

    DIL 11 Million WW

    What was Rihject doing with her first album? Being CREATED, and flopping!

    You can never deny Beyonce’s impact 😉 She only got BIGGER with each release!

  62. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014

    beyonce’s record of Stealing from other artists is yet to be broken, Poor Rihanna can’t Top her in that one! 😥

    Beyonce is a Walking shell With a xerox Being her Mind. her father worked for them so I see Why she’s a Serial Copycat! 😕

  63. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is a copy and paste

    she stole the irrelivant b****** style and became a STYLE ICON

    as quoted by every one in the fashion industry… the basic s**** you say she has taken he rimage from have no musical or fashion relivance.

    Look Windows started PC and Apple made em better…

    anyone can sue someone…… the duche never got a penny for S&M not a dollar he lost… the YDO suit was DROPPED faster than Drunk In Love down the charts.

    so you were saying?

    Rihanna has NEVER BEEN CALLED OUT by Musical authorities as being a THEIF BEYONCE HAS BY BILLBOARDS.

  64. Draggin4MrsCarter January 5, 2014

    Beyonce does steal, I don’t like it but I accept it as part of my stanning for her. I KNOW all there is out there to know about my fav. You didn’t even know who Fefe Dobson was until someone brought her up on here. Here’s another question. Does the Navy even know Rihanna has a song with Nicole Scherzinger?

  65. Molly January 5, 2014

    Biggest stars in the world imo


  66. royalkev January 5, 2014

    I’m not big on Rihanna, but I admire any singer that pulls off what she done in her career. She doesn’t remind me of Janet (artistically), but her career has taken off in a similar way. She didn’t start off big, but she ended up making a name for herself and now has her own lane. I would have never predicted it. She’s going far in the game. I respect any artist that makes it in the business beyond 10 years (so many don’t)! I’m sure she will. I take my hat off to Rih!

  67. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    I just cannot with these lessor stans (Monica, Azealia, Keri, Kelly) coming outta the woodworks to shade the queen! Whole time they’re shading themselves. 😆 as I stated previously, Anthony Mandler told NO lies. Rihanna has the pop game on lock. She is a household name. Blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Indians…everyone knows her. Everyone doesn’t LIKE her, but even her haters have at least three Rih songs on their iPods. Rih is in it to make GOOD MUSIC for the people, which she does effortlessly. 🙂

  68. mimi Carey January 5, 2014

    Oh theres actually a Beyonce fan that admits there fav is a thief shocker lol

  69. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Ummm who DOES know Fefe Dobson? She was a FLOP! Why should the Navy know her? Ask any person on the street and you’ll get the same reaction. #FAILEDLOGIC

  70. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    How’s S** with Sheikh ABeech ? 😉

  71. waterfalls January 5, 2014

    are you serious slay hive?

    have you seen all the image, choreography, beyonce stole for her videos? single ladies, run the world , countdown , get me bodied, run the world billboard perform

    tina turner is the original.

  72. christinastherealtalent January 5, 2014

    lets just put the sh*t on out there right now that you do not have to be “#1” to be the biggest star in the world. Your empire and brand is what makes you who you are! But if you really want to talk about numbers, last time I checked, Miley Cyrus’ first album debuted at #1 and Bangerz debuted at #1. Rihanna didn’t score her first #1 CD until she was in her 7th year and had just as many albums out.

  73. Naomi January 5, 2014

    People arw talking about what Beyonce did at 25, but what will ne interesting is where Rihanna will be at 32. Beyonce has probed her longevity. She been in the game almost 2 decades and still as relevant as the newbies.

  74. mimi Carey January 5, 2014

    I can’t believe its already been about 10 years since she’s been out she’s came a long way lots of artist can’t even stay on top for 5 years so kudos Rih let the hive hate.

  75. Naomi January 5, 2014

    Excuse typos.

  76. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    Christina fan are you stupid. There i go with rhetorical questions sigh.

    How does Miley’s first debut and Bangerz debuting at number one and rihanna not getting a number one till album 7 have to do with Miley being the CURRENT biggest artist

    what country is she dominating in? what chart is she dominating?

    Where are her endorsement opps? where o where is she slaying?

    the only thing miley is slaying is my eyes with her tired as f*** look in the Adore You video….

  77. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014


    yas bxtch like you are perched in every Beyonce post with partition on repeat! 😉


    Rihanna is not original EITHER! Sorry i have to eduacate you bums! Doesn’t mateer who’s stole “the most” Stealing is stealing! The bxtch is a fraud!! Sowry 🙁 kiii

  78. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Since y’all love to throw DCs sales into the mix, Destinys Child’s debut album was a FLOP, only selling 800k. In the 90’s, 800k was grounds to be dropped from your label. That’s why they rushed into the studio and released TWOTW which didn’t really BLOW UP until the breakup drama. And did we forget “Work It out”? Beyonces first solo single? FLOP! The moral of the story is: who gives a f***? It’s not how you start, it’s how you FINISH! Beyonce BLEW UP after CIL, and Rih moderately blew up after SOS, and massively BLEW UP after Umbrella! The artists who start off at the top fall harder anyway!

  79. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    SAM is such a c*** he always moderates my most juicy comments.

    i cant post the billboard link where they dragg baddie bey for copying

    leh sigh… its that serious sam?

  80. Draggin4MrsCarter January 5, 2014

    I don’t know why Pop Royalty is laughing at my boyfriend’s name when he knows he wishes he had one. Don’t be jealous that I spent my New Year’s eve being wined and dined in Dubai while you searched for scraps in that s*** hole you call a house.

  81. Ty ty (ghetto gothic dance queen) January 5, 2014

    Why do people keep comparing Rihanna and Beyonce, Rih is 25 Bey is 32 believe it our not Beyonce was not as popular at 25 like Rihanna is Beyonce does have longevity which is great hopefully Rihanna will and wont end up falling off like Christina Aguilera.

  82. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    @Christina and? Who cares about debuting at #1 when you have SIX platinum albums and 7 ww platinum albums? ArtPop is outselling Bangerz so that should tell you something right there. 🙂

  83. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what if the person imitating is a polarizing icon that should be doing otherwise — someone like Beyoncé?

    On Monday (April 29), pop singer Kerli posted a side-by-side photo on her Facebook page of her and Beyoncé donning the same Amato Haute Couture dress. The photo of Beyoncé comes from the pages of her 2013 “Mrs. Carter Show” tour book.

    Except, it’s not just the Furne One designed dress — which also Nicki Minaj wore in her “Va Va Voom” video — that’s similar in the photo. Both singers can be seen painted in white, from head to toe, and stylistically posed as sculptures.

    No one owns a look, image, dance move (after all, how many artists have pulled out signature Michael Jackson moves?), or in this case, an experimental costume. They’re not copyrighted property, but filed as intellectual property.

    Any artist, including Beyoncé, can wear whatever another artist wore, but that multiplicity gets suspicious and easily pegged as stealing. And understandably so, when it’s not only the look of the artist that is being traced, but his or her entire idea.
    Beyoncé first caught flak for working up a dance similar to Josephine’s Baker’s iconic banana dance in her “Deja Vu” video, then was seen sporting a skirt with dangling bananas when performing the “B’Day” track. But let’s be honest: that wasn’t that serious, at least not at that point in her 20-year plus career. She later borrowed from Bob Fosse’s routine, “Mexican Breakfast,” in the video for her girls anthem, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” There are also references to “Rich Man’s Frug” scene (of Bob Fosse’s “Sweet Charity”) in Bey’s “Get Me Bodied” video.
    There’s a difference between inspiration and imitation. “Countdown” is a good example of Beyoncé doing both in one piece of work. She references Audrey Hepburn’s “Funny Face” dancing and both Hepburn and Peggy Moffitt’s late 50’s/early 60’s fashion, then elaborates with color schemes and pairs the choreography perfectly with the pace of the soundscapes. She also samples Boyz II Men’s countdown from their song, “Uhh Ahh.”

    As the video continues, we see Bey’ using the same choreography, cinematography and costumes that Belgian choreographer and dancer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, used in “Rosas Danst Rosas.” It’s one thing to be inspired by someone else’s work and revamp with one’s personal style, but it’s another to duplicate exact movements, which is ultimately violating the artist’s intellectual property. Context matters.

    Before the debut of “Countdown,” Beyonce was criticized for nearly replicating Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini’s live performance with her performance of “Run the World (Girls)” at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. She later stated that she had hired the same choreographers that had worked on Cucarini’s performance, but it’s still puzzling as to why she didn’t work with them to create a groundbreaking concept of her own.

    The choreography, seen in the performance and the song’s accompanying music video, comes from Mozambigue dance troupe Tofo Tofo. Instead of thanking them for the inspiration after the fact, as she’s done with Cuccarini and Keersmaeker, Beyoncé brought them to the U.S. and hired them to dance alongside her in the “Run the World (Girls)” video.

    The 2011 song, off her fourth studio album “4” swipes the beat from Major Lazer’s 2009 “Pon De Floor.” According to Diplo, one half of Major Lazer, the making of “Run the World (Girls)” started out as a “joke” (whatever that means).

    Beyoncé’s “1 + 1” video features scenes similar to the unfinished French film, “Le’Enfer,” while her “Love On Top” video has dancing scenes much the same as those in New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” video.

    But more bothersome than Bey’s inspiration-turned-imitation act – and less subtle as her career progresses – is that she’s playing off the risks that other artists have been brave enough to take (and appropriately praised for) instead of challenging herself and taken some herself.

    Perhaps visual and dance concepts don’t come as naturally to her as vocal prowess, but I’m doubtful that she can recruit those for which it does. No shots at Frank Gatson Jr. (but shots?) who is a director, visual artist developer, creative director and choreographer who’s worked closely with greats like Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner and consecutively with Beyoncé.

    Even as a vocal performer, Beyonce is more of a canvas than a creator. The majority of her discography was written (yes, some co-written) by other singer-songwriters, from the likes of Ne-Yo to The-Dream. But the formula works for her: she holds 19 top 10s on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with six No. 1s.

    The bittersweet side of Beyonce stealing imitable art is that when she does, she does it well. Perhaps it’s why we give the diva a pass, or two, and will in the future. Let’s also not forget that voice of hers and stage stamina that hypnotizes many into disregarding such acts — after all, words and imagery can only strike a chord or transcend to a degree if they’re executed with astounding talent.

  84. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    Rihanna Already Outdone beyonce in Every possible field, she left beyonce having no other options but to copy her in her last album just to stay “Hot of the moment” ….

  85. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    ^^^^^^ is Billboard dragging the KANG!

    baddie bey has a time line of theifry…

    The count Down Video..
    1+1 video

    Her tour promo photo where she looks exactly like Kirli

  86. Ty ty (ghetto gothic dance queen) January 5, 2014

    Miley cannot be the biggest star in the world when the so called flop “Artpop” is outselling bangerz worldwide.

  87. xedos January 5, 2014

    TGJ are of bunch of shady queens they did not post the whole story or the part to make their argument about how she don’t make her own music decisions.her is the rest of the story. she’s been making decision longer than we think.

    “’Disturbia’ was probably the biggest moment because that was the first time she let the world see what was inside her. [‘Disturbia’] was the 5th or 6th single off the album. I think she probably paid for a lot of it herself. And she said “We’re doing whatever I want. You can’t tell me anything.” And I said “No problem.” When I saw it together, I knew it was something special. It scared the s*** out of the label. I think there was a conversation at one point about shelving it. It was one of those moments when she was kind of smarter than everyone else” he says, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

  88. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014


    i think we scared off the HIVE.. well this was fun.

    Back to Vampire Diares i goooooo.

  89. Lily Fenty January 5, 2014

    Look at them they’re the first to post. Always staying Mad and Pressed on a Rihanna post. I Lived fo Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Rihanna remains unbothered with you ppl sh*t.

  90. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    DEATH @Rihject out doing Beyonce in every field kii

    Generic #1’s YES

    Album sales NO

    Movies/Acting NO

    Grammys HELL NO

    Awards and recognition in general NOPE

    Impact (SL, CIL) NO

    Performing HELL TO THE NO!

    Singing BYE! kii

    Touring UMM NO!

    Singing for President TWICE? B**** PLEASEEE

    Releasing More Albums YES

    kii She’s only ahead in singles and the number of albums she releases!! SMH

  91. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    @Fresh lol! They are reaching with t-Rex arms! Rih has been in the biz for 9 years. She’s not going anywhere ANYTIME soon. They will just have to remain pressed and fuming at the fact. 😀

  92. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014

    @Fresh Navi:

    As usual. 😀

    B E Y – F L I E S

  93. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    @Pop I love your gravi!!!! She slayed that pic 😀 Chameleonhanna 😀

  94. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    @ DingyNavy

    You could have kept that old long article!!

    That’s the same Billboard that said “All of the pop girls should be scared” (including Rihject) kii Just LAST MONTH!


  95. JOSE January 5, 2014

    @Fresh Navi

    Billboard dragged Bey back in May. LOL. I remember the article!

    “But more bothersome than Bey’s inspiration-turned-imitation act – and less subtle as her career progresses – is that she’s playing off the risks that other artists have been brave enough to take (and appropriately praised for) instead of challenging herself and taken some herself.

    Perhaps visual and dance concepts don’t come as naturally to her as vocal prowess”—LOL, OUCH!

  96. Unbiased January 5, 2014

    How the hell can you compare 25 year old Beyonce to 25 year old Rihanna. Bey was on her 2nd or 3rd album, being nominated for Oscars. I love Rih, but don’t downplay Beyonce’s sucess at all. She was recieving endorsements, doing great live performances and etc. Rihanna just passed Beyonce albums by a little after 7 albums, Bey was at 4. Bey will most likely pass her with this album. If you think about it, Rih album sales should be higher than they are. With all those hits, airplay, tours, promotion, etc. Her album sales terrible for 7 albums. It’s not shade, it’s the truth. The only thing she is really dominating is singles, and what does that say? People don’t take her serious enough to buy her albums. It’s not shade at all, and we have discovered Beyonce steals a long time ago, so pls. If you believe Rih has been completely original her entire career your delusional.

  97. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    • Now Playing: Firebomb •

  98. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Rihanna releases Y-E-A-R-L-Y! She has released an album every year except 08 & ’13! Her sales would be horrible if she released every 2 or 3 years, but she doesn’t. The mere fact that she goes platinum will every release, YEARLY speaks volumes! She didn’t release last year so that tells me she’s cooking up a massive era! 🙂

  99. xedos January 5, 2014

    Rihanna found her lane during GGGB era and she stays in it. beyonce steal from everyone. now she’s merging into rihanna’s lane trying to be all sexual. the girl have no shame when it comes to stealing other artist ideas. rihanna took the risk and get call ho for not been afraid to show her sexuality. beyonce saw it and said Oh, i can cash in also. Beyonce is a coward she would not have gone this route if she did not see it works for rihanna. this is a woman who will do anything to protect her endorsement so she would not be the first to take the risk.

  100. Naomi January 5, 2014

    @pop royalty I am going through every possible field and actually, Beyoncé has outdone Rihanna in more babe. Facts only.

  101. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    *NP BOW DOWN* 😉

  102. xedos January 5, 2014

    i hope at the top of the list you put STEALING OTHER ARTIST IDEAS

  103. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    SHE did release in 2008 though!

    GGGB re-release with Disturbia!! kiii

    2013 is the ONLY year she didnt release and we ALL know why ;)What else is left for her to do, but recycle and become EXTRA whorish!

    I expect a green wig this era! kii

  104. Naomi January 5, 2014

    @Unbiased I agree B Day came out when Beyoncé turned 26. She had like ONE solo album to her name at 25. No logic to compare whatsoever.

  105. xedos January 5, 2014

    LIke her new found sexual freedom. which is nothing more than a page from rihanna playbook.

  106. Sean January 5, 2014

    30 years later Madonna (despite her age) is still the biggest star in the world. She’s known EVERYWHERE and been though might not sell physical records like she used to there’s still insane interest in everything she does and immense loyalty. People still care to see her in person unlike the girls you mentioned above (Bey being the exception bc I believe she’s the closest thing we’ll see to a Madonna female star ever again)

  107. SLAY_HIVE January 5, 2014

    Bye Rihject didnt invent sexuality.. Beyonce has been a s** symbol since 2003 before Rihject existed BYE

  108. Suicide Blonde January 5, 2014

    She’s the biggest star in the world for today’s standards.

  109. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    No we all DON’T know why. Go back a few pages to 2012 where Ryan Seacrest reported that she wasn’t gonna drop an album in 2013. You should remember boo. You were probably the first comment. PERCH baby, PERCH!

  110. Let’s Be Real January 5, 2014

    Let’s Be Real…the biggest star in the world right now? BEYONCÉ plain abd simple. She’s breaking records left and right and hasn’t shown her face on a tv show for an interview YET! its two weeks after the holiday and the album is still selling well.

    However, Rihanna is huge. I counted her out when she debuted vut RocNation made her a STAR!!
    Rihanna ..and I have said this before. .maybe this generations true Madonna in that girls dress like her, and want to emulate her. Beyoncé however is catching a second wind and I believe this era is just tge beginning of how strong she’s going to come from now on.

    Rihanna and Beyoncé serve two separate ideals. Its funny how artistically Rihanna is more Madonna based, but Beyoncé is a TRUE Mogul at 32.

    Now Rihanna may or msy not be worth the 350mil Beyoncé is worth in 7 years, but I will say she’s well on her way to being a legend.

    I like them both, but Beyoncé proved who holds the most star power on 12/13/13

  111. Unbiased January 5, 2014

    I noticed the Navy has been pressed ever since Beyonce released her album lol. Beyonce has been sexual since “Naughty Girl”, so stop the delusions. Janet and Madonna were the pioneers of expressing sexuality through their music, and other pop stars followed suit. I’m excited for Rih’s new album, hopefully she gives us another Rater R, I loved that era, very Grace Jones.

  112. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Rihanna didn’t invent anything! But these girls weren’t showing their ass cheeks, bending over, talking about eating cake, getting skeeted on, acting ratchet and wearing denim shorts with the ass cheeks exposed until a certain Bajan princess decided to do so. 🙂

  113. Bey Is Grown January 5, 2014

    People are delusional

  114. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Beyonce has always been sexual, but she’s never been ratchet! Upgrade You, Check On It, Diva, Video Phone and others were urban, yes…but ratchet NO! Miley, Katy, even Elle Varner whose supposed to be all high and mighty took a page out of Rihanna’s book.

  115. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. January 5, 2014

    Slay Hive You nappy headed n i g g e r. Beyonce is only a symbol for copyright infringement. 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  116. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. January 5, 2014

    THIEFonce is not the biggest star out right now when her local album has only sold 1.8 million ww, flop flop flop!! : 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  117. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    And it kills me when people say, “Rihanna didn’t invent anything,” when the hive is always talking about Tamar’s low budget Beyonce tribute act. If that’s the case, Beyonce didn’t invent anything (which she didn’t)….but we all know where Tamar pulls her inspiration from. 🙂

  118. Unbiased January 5, 2014

    How old are you? Rihanna isn’t the first female artists to express her sexuality. Madonna, Janet, Britney, Christina A., Beyonce, Kelis, etc all did it before her.

  119. Valerie January 5, 2014

    Beyoncé has a lot more star power than Rihanna. Which is why she can do the most simple thing and BREAK the internet. She does not have to say a word and it will be headline news.
    Rihanna has popularity right now because she is at her peak I will give her that. The fact that people are still debating between Beyoncé and Rihanna (while Rihanna is at her peak) and Beyoncé is in the same generation as Britney and Christina etc, shows how big of a STAR she is.

  120. lessors January 5, 2014

    Lmfao, you forgot to include that she released up to three more albums, over 10 more singles, and had more tours. Thats embarassing. You guys want to say it is because she “loves” to work but it is becuase her music dies fast. You got a lot of Beyonce stats wrong, you deflated them to make Rihanna seem better. But you’re Navy, What else is new. Continue Seething.

  121. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014

    Beyonce flies Remain Seething and fuming at the mouth and Rihanna remians #1 (see: BB hot 100) As we talk.

    Proceed B******… 😆

  122. GILBERTO January 5, 2014

    Biggest star in the world, and yet she can’t book a f****** sponsor for her fop tour. Styled to Flop flopped in US and UK. BYE! Her deals are so cheap that they don’t even have cash to shoot a f****** commercial. Beyoncé is the one breaking records right now, having her name on CNN and Bloomberg’s headlines, while her carbon copy is singing chorus. LOL. The delusion.

  123. Valerie January 5, 2014

    And that is coming from someone unbiased.

  124. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Let’s step outta the 90s and into 2014 please. Thanks.

    The only CONTEMPORARY female singer who pulled off ratchet was Christina in 2002. Now THAT was raunchy and ratchet. Dirrty was so sexual and disgusting that people refused to accept it. Britney was s*** at times, yes but not Rihanna s***. Janet’s mainstream stuff was pretty clean and poppy in the 2000’s. Beyonce was s***, yes but RATCHET and RAUNCHY, no!! Kelis was not a mainstream act nor was she as explicit as Rihanna. Rih brought that s*** to the mainstream and made that s*** acceptable…hence the influx of modern female popstars adopting the ratchet, raunchy, sexual culture!!!

  125. HOWYOULIKEIT January 5, 2014

    Show me how many albums you can sell, how many grammys you can win in one night and then we”ll talk about it.
    Before that keep stealing Kelis’ swag

  126. Suicide Blonde January 5, 2014

    While i agree with u about Madonna being the biggest star in the world overall, i think Rihanna is indeed the big star among Beyonce and the rest of the Pop girls, remember in the 90’s when Mariah, Janet and Whitney were having great sales and #1 hits, those were the days when they peaked, popularity + sales and still despite all that Madonna wast the greatest sensation, her name alone is hype, same with Rihanna, no matter how many ‘it girls’ will be, these two would always be in another level.

  127. GILBERTO January 5, 2014


    “Beyonce flies Remain Seething and fuming at the mouth and Rihanna remians #1 (see: BB hot 100) As we talk.”
    She’s singing a f****** chorus, it isn’t even her song. She still needs Eminem, Interscope, Shady, and Aftermath’s authorization (AND PAY THEM) if she ever wants to use that on DVD/Greatest Hits album. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL.

  128. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    And the only similarity between Kelis and Rihanna was the “Bossy” haircut. Please try again. She was inspired moreso by Fefe in 07 that anything. Lmao ===>

  129. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Than anything*

  130. Unbiased January 5, 2014

    You must be crazy, “Video Phone” is rachet? I hate that song, it’s the most rachet ratchet thing she released. I remember awhile back it was Beyonce only makes anthems for the hoodrats. Ya’ll are so confused and pressed by the success Beyonce has been recieving lately, including Rihanna’s label. They are even checking for her stats. Columbia don’t give a damn about artista who aren’t theirs.

  131. Sass January 5, 2014

    @Pop royalty no shade but this is how you looked on the last few Beyoncé posts. I just sat back and watched.

    I laugh when people talk about ‘seething’ when they are guilty of doing the same. The only Navy who does not seem pressed is @The Boy Toy.

  132. shauwndapooh January 5, 2014

    Like i said b4 slavehiv+ if mathew knowles wouldve create beyonce s image and managed her career she wouldve fell flatter than ciaras vocals

  133. The Boy Toy January 5, 2014

    Re-read baby. I said it was urban, not ratchet. Reading is fundamental dear.

  134. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014


    Budweiser was her sponsor for the DWT how is a 140 Mil grossing tour a flop…. when YOUR FAV has only done more than 140 mil in her 15 year.

    The Fossil fans kill me.

    All in all Beyonce is a mess a has been. Rihanna is the reigning queen dont take my word for it. Bring on R8 and let the slayage begin.

  135. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    on a deferent note. how is slutyonce doing with her 2013 calendar?

  136. Fresh Navi January 5, 2014

    ohhh and last but not least i DIED when i saw Beyonce in the SAME SHORTS Rihanna wore in her PIU in her FLAWLESS video…

    WIll The KANG ever not BEY inspired?

    The questions that haunt the general public?

    im so bored of Beyonc eplaing catch up to b**** who is a no talent singles basic gernic mess artist.

    If Fenty was so basic why is she being compared to Beyonce IDGI

    Fenty stays snatched and Bey stay BEING HISTORY

  137. Barb B**** January 5, 2014

    Beyonce is a has been? After what she is currently doing with her Tour and album? Those kind of statements is what makes the Navy sound like a bunch of 12 yr olds smh.

  138. quetta January 5, 2014

    I want to drag her so bad but I’ll keep it cute

  139. GILBERTO January 5, 2014

    @Fresh Navi
    “Budweiser was her sponsor for the DWT how is a 140 Mil grossing tour a flop…. when YOUR FAV has only done more than 140 mil in her 15 year.”

    Budweiser started to sponsor her tour like DWT was almost over. She still had to pay to go on tour, ugly ass dumb b****. Know the damn facts. She didn’t make 140kk, like I said, she still had to pay to go on tour (like every flop artist does when they want to go on tour).
    Beyoncé has Pepsi and Mastercard paying her s*** since day 1. Oh! Let’s not forget that Budweiser got 2 for the price of one deal, Rihanna only got the deal because Jay-Z was involved as well.

  140. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    Lmao @ you delusional f****. Beyonce was more successful than Rihanna when she was 25. Common sense fails with some people

  141. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 5, 2014



  142. Sass January 5, 2014

    After 15 years? Oh so now they want to include DC where convinent. Rihanna has achieved this after her SEVENTH era. Why would Beyonce have 140 mill grossing Tour at 25when she had one album? Navy logic.

  143. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    @Sass they love to compare their ages. Meanwhile at the hive,where we use common sense and stats as a tool to drag,we know that at 25,beyonce had achieved more than Rihanna

  144. FreeBreezy January 5, 2014

    I read no lies in that piece

  145. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    Yes Please, Tell Me Why are U mad?

    And this very chorus is what made it a #1, and God knows your Fav is trying for 6 years now to get a #1.

    Can Your favorite Get a Hit by her Own anymore? Why is beyonce incabable of doing it? Why the King can’t do it anymore? Snatched by Ms. Fenty? 😆




  146. JJFan1814 January 5, 2014

    I know right? Not many people can be the biggest star in the world without those accolades, but Rihanna manages to pull it off quite well. 🙂

  147. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    Yet,Stan has made more impact than LTWYL,and it didn’t even reach top 40

  148. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014


    With Rihanna at 25 and beyonce at 45, RIHANNA did outsold Her With 9+ HITS and Multiple records Mathew’s daughter is yet to catch up to.

    Rihanna at 25 is a Bigger Icon than the 25 version of Beyonce.

    hell, she’s a Bigger icon than Beyonce at 45.

    and Hive and common Sense are not to be in the same sentence, this fanbase lack any kind of sense. 😕

  149. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 5, 2014



  150. GILBERTO January 5, 2014

    “And this very chorus is what made it a #1,”
    So are you saying that a f****** chorus is all that it takes to go #1? How cheap. And you still want to brag about it? DEAD.

    “and God knows your Fav is trying for 6 years now to get a #1.”
    Really? So why did she release her album BEFORE releasing the f****** single? LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. Beyoncé leaves the single area for singles artists like Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Rihanna.

    “Can Your favorite Get a Hit by her Own anymore?”
    You should ask the same to your fave. She’s always on somebody’s track or calling someone to jump on her tracks to get cheap a hit. Don’t forget the discounts, payola, and remixes. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL.LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL.LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL.

  151. My Forehead Tho January 5, 2014

    Didn’t know the majority of the songs he listed in that rant of flat out blatant lies, which is a testament to the longevity of her music .

    Anyway, we already know who the biggest celebrity in the world is.

    Hint: her greatest hits arena tour out grossed this b****** ‘stadium’ tour, and her album will sale in a month what Rihanna sold in a year with no promo.

  152. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 5, 2014


  153. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 5, 2014


  154. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    Umm,excuse me,you’re forgetting that at 25,Beyonce had 2 solo albums,a single that topped the charts for 14 weeks,a Legend award,her debut album sold 10 million worldwide,her sophomore album opened with 500k,16 million albums sold worldwide,5 Grammys won in 1 night,presented MJ with the Diamond award at the world music awards,etc. 25 years old,2 solo albums,only starting her career as an official solo artist.

  155. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    Oh,and she had performed with the legend Prince at 23 years old. And at 25 years old,legends like Whitney and MJ were some of her biggest fans,and she was your fave’s biggest idol.

  156. My Forehead Tho January 5, 2014

    Became the only artist to ever perform at the Oscars 3 times in one day*

  157. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    And since the navy loves to talk about bey being behind rihanna all the time,let’s not forget that RTW scared Rih into stepping her game up in Where Have You Bern. And even that couldn’t hold a candle to the queen’s iconic RTW choreography

  158. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 5, 2014


  159. h2o January 5, 2014

    She’s a great radio, singles and VEVO artist. Real great.

  160. GILBERTO January 5, 2014


    “FASHION QUEEN” MY ASS! Styled Top Flop is right here to prove you wrong. Her flop local clothing line was dragged to the pits of hell.

  161. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 5, 2014

    @Yonce preach it Hun.

  162. GILBERTO January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is great as long as you don’t have to spend more than $1 on her stuff. Twitter is free, Instagram is free, VEVO is free, facebook is free, radio is free (not for her though, writing payola checks since 2005).

  163. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY January 5, 2014


  164. ciconara January 5, 2014

    f*** beyonce & rihanna. ciara is actually humble and deserves success she doesnt bully, cheat lie or pretend like shes god to get ahead all shade all tea!!!

  165. AMMIE LEANN January 5, 2014

    Rihanna can’t sing, but I love that she doesn’t strong arm her producers and songwriters to get credit, and now that gaga peaked Rih is for sure the biggest star around.

  166. xo January 5, 2014

    bey is slaying the s*** outta this bajan s****
    “#1 in the game” and “has no competition” my chocolate ass

  167. Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) January 5, 2014

    I wasn’t gonna comment on this post that is full of lies, but I had to correct all those lies you just wrote! First of, When Beyonce turned 25 that’s when she released only her SECOND album!! Not her SEVENTH like Rihanna has! therefore seeing sells of over 19 million albums from TWO albums is very commendable! more than 11 mill with the first and 8 mill with the second! Rihanna’s first 2 albums COMBINED didn’t sell more than 2.5 million copies so SIT!
    When it comes to the tour, yes the Diamonds tour just grossed over 140mill, but remember this is her FIRST tour to gross over 100mill and yet Bey has done it with 2/4 tours! Rihanna it’s only 1/5 (she didn’t even have enough demand to tour her first 2 albums LOL). Plus The Beyonce experience grossed over 90mill yet Rihanna’s second tour grossed 19mill.
    GRAMMYS Beyonce at 25 had 7 already, 5 from DIL, 1 from her duet with Stevie Wonder and 1 for B’day so again SIT with those lies, MORE GRAMMYS than R****! The only part where Rih had and only still Has an edge over Bey is with the single sales and BB hot 100’s. That’s all.

  168. candace January 5, 2014

    yes i agree. I’m from Europe too, and Rihanna is the biggest star here. Beyonce is bigger in usa but in rihanna is the worldwilde star, that’s why she can outsell stadiums in europe, in asia, in africa. She’s not the most talented, but she’s a very smart artist, and she has the most beautiful songs that people around the word appreciate, she is a polyvalent artist, she can do different styles of music, she is the most connected artist, that’s why music producers, fashion designers, many artists love her…I am often surprised to see all the dislike of rihanna in black us blogs, all the under evaluation of her credits, of her records, the non-recognition of her achievements…If Rihanna was from usa, she woudl certainly sell more in usa, but the hate of this girl in this country blocks her numbers, Rihanna albums are very good, and european people are more objective, they are not concerned by the image of artists, they only appreciate the work, and rihanna is a hard worker….

  169. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 5, 2014

    I’m still keeping you Replying? 😆

    yawn at all those recycled Comments.

    Rihanna > beyonce

    Not her fault.


    a Mega Flop like “Run the World” Scares nobody but beyonce. 😆

    and stop talking about the past, we are in the NOW, Rihanna is at #1.

  170. Hadley January 5, 2014


  171. Hadley January 5, 2014

    Rihanna will always be second best to Bey sorry not sorry. Only the navy inflate Rihanna to be sooo much bigger.

  172. Keriheart January 5, 2014

    Neither writes their own music but Rihanna is more versatile. Keri is the true f****** queen and 2014 belongs to HER b****!!

  173. xo January 5, 2014

    flop royalty give it up,your fave is nothing but a glorified singles artist. just look at you not bringing up anything but singles,because shes a flop at everything else

    call me when rihanna sells 300k in 7 days,let alone 430k in 24hrs

  174. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 5, 2014

    I’ve read some of these comments and it’s clear that some of you need to return to school and ask the the Kids what makes the King & Queen of Prom popular… The same formula applies to the real world

    I’m not be biggest Beyonce fan but I will say that had Aaliyah still been Alive she would have NO SOLO CAREER!!!

    Beyonce may have 17 Grammys but will never be mentioned in the same conversation as Whitney, Celine, Mariah or even flop Xtina. For someone that steals as much as Beyonce she should be in prison!

    The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour has a total of 132 dates, any dumb ass should know it should out-gross a tour with 96 dates if not that would be most embarrassing.

    Rihanna has every major fashion house wanting to work with her… every major artist wants to collab with her… every pop artist is trying to sound and look like her… Even BEYONCE!!!

    So for someone with such popularity and pull its clear why she would be labelled the biggest star in the world.

    Is she the one putting those labels on herself??? NO!

    9 years and going strong… while having world domination for someone who was dubbed a 1 hit wonder back in 2005… Beyonce had been dethroned and eventually so will Rihanna… Both are strong black successful women

    Thats All

  175. Kyle January 5, 2014

    132 dates have not been counted for the Mrs Carter Show try again.

  176. xo January 5, 2014

    the mrs carter show wt doesnt have that many sold out shows yet it outgrossed almounds tour ,thats why u mad navy?

  177. Kyle January 5, 2014

    To be the biggest star in the world u have to surpass your peers at just about everything like Madonna did.
    Rihanna has not surpassed her peers at anything besides singles and fashion (which should not even be compared when some don’t use fashion to sell themselves)
    She has 7 albums and only sold like 30 mill?

  178. vicky January 5, 2014

    This was great read, we often sit on the outside and look at these artist but have no idea what is going on in the inside, we get glimpses from people in the know like this guy, I always listen to what the people in the know have to say about the individual, they are the ones that spend time with them and know them like we never will. There is something about Rihanna, she has that IT factor and I think that she is wayyyy different than many think, we often see bits and pieces of it the way she treats her family and friends and her fans as well. I wish her continued success. Hate all you want, you CANNOT determine her destiny, it has already been determined, you are just along for the ride. I don’t get why Bey’s stans are on here talking about her, this is a Rihanna post, are you that threatened? Rihanna broke out of her box just a few albums into the industry, it has taken Beyoncé almost 15 years to do so, she was practically forced to do so by the likes of Rihanna.

  179. Mya January 5, 2014

    Poor Beyhive!!! an article about RIhanna from someone who KNOWS the inside scoop, there is absolutely NO mention of Beyonce, yet you all have found your way on here to spew hatred towards Rihanna, sounds to me like you all are very, very threatened by this woman, yet you try to down play and dismiss her. Why is the Behive the FIRST to comment on a Rihanna post , the man is giving HIS opinion, it’s his to give, he is in the industry and he is in the know, he has the right, for you all to run over here to try and discredit her accomplishments just shows how threatened you are by her. Keep talking and keep downplaying her and she will continue to keep proving you wrong, run back to your queen who obviously is threatened at well, she had to change up her whole game to compete.

  180. Yazmine January 5, 2014

    @Mya there have been many people who know the inside scoop who have said the same about beyonce. That she is the biggest star.

    Rihanna is a big star. But biggest star? No.

  181. Mya January 5, 2014

    You live in her p*ssy? receipts please.

  182. Mya January 5, 2014

    Is this article about Beyonce though? it’s about Rihanna from someone in the know, it’s his opinion, why are you all on here trying to discredit her? He didn’t put down anyone else. Beyonce’s name was NOT mentioned.

  183. Whateveeeeeeeeer! January 5, 2014

    Yeah ok let her be the biggest star in the world. But what is she doing for me? Can she give me new hope and inspiration or change the world through music? No. So I don’t give two f****.

  184. Simone January 5, 2014

    And let’s not forget that CIL was released and flopped and then they re released it with Jay and that’s when it blew, her entire solo career success is due to Jay Z, look it up, Crazy in love was released and it did not fly, they pulled it back redid it with Jay and that was it, then Bonnie and Clyde, it’s all Jay, even now, this album was released and the one song that has the possibility of going #1 is Drunken Love, who is on that song? Point proven.

  185. Just Sayin January 5, 2014

    Both flying the flag for black girls tho

  186. tres January 5, 2014

    So how did she manage to go platinum many times over if she isn’t selling albums? if that’s not selling, then what is?

  187. Lovebird January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is the biggest pop star in the world, she sets trends and smashes any genre she gets her hands on, she is a chameleon who will stand the test of time.

    She has achieved so much at the age of 25 and by next year, will inaugurate her at 10 years in the industry.

  188. Unbiased January 5, 2014

    Save the excuses, Adele isn’t from the U.S and she went Diamond here! Sure Rihanna selling out Stadiums, but her tour still couldn’t outgross Beyonce’s who did mostly arenas. When you selling tickects for 20 dollars, I hope they do sell out. Child bye

  189. Lovebird January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is a game changer and trend setter.

    Without GGGB, there would be no I am Sasha Fierce because Beyonce didn’t know those writers and producers existed until Rihanna used them. Beyonce was too busy jacking Amerie’s writers and producers.

    Without Talk That Talk, there would be no ratchet sound movement Miley, Katy, Ciara, Beyonce, Gaga…etc are all pushing today.

    Beyonce only decided to be a video w.h.o.r.e so she can keep up with Rihanna. Her new album is her playing catch up to Rihanna.

    Rihanna has changed the game, she is the biggest pop star in the world.

  190. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Even Stevie and Ray know that Rihanna is not only,
    a Hit Maker, Shes One In A Million. That is why the Hive,Haters are always trying to hitch a ride on her,and Her, Navy Train.

  191. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Any time you consider that after over Seventeen PLUS YEARS,Beyonce is just now giving people the right, to be making babies and having s** in their bedrooms.
    Rihanna did not have to ask permission to sing grown up songs,and spit the lyrics like the champ she clearly is.

  192. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Even before She sing Lyrics like I smell s** in the air ,and I love the smell of it,she was learning how to embrace Her Sexuality back as far as Umbrella.
    She is one of the “Dirty Dozen” of the 12 Raunchiest Music Videos,ever made.

  193. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Beyonce has a lot of Brass (Grammy’s)etc But so do Rihanna. When you look at the FACT that Beyonce has more Grammy’s then,Celine, Mariah and Whitney all put together,
    that begs the question of any clear thinking Person,why is that?

    If the Music World and all the Charting Companies, Including Billboard,Global,and Nielsen Sound scan,
    Don’t consider sales,charts success ,hits and length of times of performing on the Charts then what in the Phuck are the giving Beyonce so much Brass for.

  194. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    Rihanna singing cat voice isn’t even in the top 250 “best singing voices ever”, Beyonce is 10 in that list.

    Beyonce is a bigger star than Rihanna, Rihanna will never be bigger than Beyonce.

    Beyonce 17 Grammy’s and owns 250+ more music prizes and sold more than Rihanna (Wikipedia it). How can Rihanna ever be bigger than Beyonce? NEVER. Beyonce 5 #1 albums, all her albums #1. And look how Beyonce came back with her 5 album. Almost 17 years in the Music industry/business and stronger than ever, stronger than big head Rihanna.

    Only, only, really only Rihanna fans will and can agree with this man bs “Rihanna is the biggest star in the world”, Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo. NOOOOOO, SHE IS NOT.

  195. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna has Etched and Cemented Her name,
    in History Books!

  196. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna Won Star Count, Queen of Social Net working,
    In Singapore. Did it get a Write up in the States Noooo,it did not,they swept it under the Rug ,just like they try to do all good things She does.

  197. Rihanna takes over 2014 January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is the biggest ICON in the world, period!! She even has Beyonce copying her style.I Didn’t believe IT until I heard the full song from drunk in love. Bey always sings about s** but not that dirty/ freaky s**.Rihanna is known for her freaky SIDE.This new album has Rihanna written all over it. ” Ride it like a surfboard” she is trying to sound like RIHANNA.She copied RIHANNA’S Caribbean sass. SHE HAS JOINED THE BANDWAGON OF RIHANNA WANNABES

  198. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    You in love with Rihanna, I understand, but before you write down BS, know the facts first. Beyonce did sing
    about love and s** only now she doing it more boldly than she did before.

  199. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    You Bytches can huff and you can puff and she is still doing the dang thing. Any time Rihanna is Featured with the Biggest Rappers, in the game and helping him and others, get Hits and go Number One , that is the Business.
    Its no wonder She has Collaborated with Eminem , who is the biggest Rapper in the Universe, and His biggest Single is with her.No matter who name is pitted against her, there is no escaping the name that says it all “Rihanna”
    Anthony Mandler, Told the Whole Truth and Nothing But thee Truth.
    Call her Unique Caribbean Laced Vocals, what ever you want,

  200. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    I hope Rihanna keep smoking sh@ts over 2 years she’s history. She doesn’t have the VOICE that will go for a long time. Beyonce almost 17 years, don’t see the same for Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc.

  201. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is the Modern day Musician who has made it a point to sing about, S**,Drugs and Relationships.
    Like I said when will some of the Wannabes top her Music Videos. And Greatness isn’t denied because you “SEWAGE DEWELLERS” SAY SO.

  202. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is making it a point to Evolve as she goes from Album to Album.She is disliked because shes Carefree, A Free Spirit, Embraces Her Own Image, and don’t give a Rats A%% who don’t like it.What would her life and career been like if she had , insecurities about Stepping out on Faith and trying it in the Music Game, now we know.
    Shes hated for doing things ,that has so long been preserved Exclusively, for the likes of Mrs Beyonce.

    Well Bey Hive you can all Kiss Rihanna and Her Navy booty’s in Advance, Because the world and the Rihanna Saga goes on ,with or without your Disgusting Miserable Big Loose,Nasty Booty.

  203. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    You just wrote it. But exactly, Rihanna needs others to be big, to make the news. She must be very thankful to Eminem, Jay Z (Chris “fist” Brown and to all the writers etc, knowing that Rihanna never co-wrote, wrote a song sound in her life, NEVER). And don’t act like Eminem songs are Rihanna songs, cuz they aren’t not. Eminem biggest single is with Rihanna? Lmaooooo, no its not. Eminem single Stan ft Dido is bigger and sold more than any song he did with Rihanna. Know the facts sweetie, know the facts (Google is your friend) .

    Beyonce showed that she is talented, that her voice is great, before she showed her body. Rihanna showed her body because she doesn’t own a talent, her voice is not great, she needs her body to keep ppls attention.

  204. Rihanna takes over 2014 January 5, 2014

    Sam why did you stop posting about Rita Ora?? Last year you Called her the pop princess and now she’s looking like the FLOP princess.You ALONG with ThE hives were so threatened by RIHANNA that you had to kiss Rita’s a**. THE NAVY SAID SHE WILL FLOP AND DROP. What did Bey’s album do to RiRi? Not a f**king thing. She is the new face of Balmain, her new MAC VIVA campaign will sellout, new movies,new album, her biggest tour.ALL of this while Beyonce is around. THE MONSTER is still #1 on the BB HOT 100. BEY’S NEW single has failed to knock it off. BOW DOWN Bey.

  205. HOTSTUFF January 5, 2014


  206. Mark111 January 5, 2014

    The haters are mad and Rihanna isn’t even at her peak or at a 10 year mark. She already sold 150 million records in less than 8 years, let’s ask how much her peers sold, Ciara??? Cassie???(Still working on that 2nd album 7 years later?) Tearria Marie??? (and to some for some reason) Rita??? Now since those other pop b****** released their albums last year, 2014 is clear for Rihanna to kill it.

    You know Rihanna the s*** when the HIVE only campare their fave to her.

  207. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    More Proof that Anthony is right on point,is all of the Target Practice, the Haters
    are always taking at Her, and they take shots at Her over the dumb shyt that they blog about.
    Bringing up Names from the past, and the Cookie Monster, to lodge against her,they talk about Beyonce Success, so f*(&^% what. Rihanna is her own Entity dumb f&^%*. Keep right on bringing up Names mind you, who are sitting proudly on their lazy behind doing ZERO,
    and by all means do keep pulling Beyonce to the Top, I mean what would a post on Her, be like without pitting the biggest booty Shaker in the Universe against Her.

  208. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    It kills Haters for Her to be as Successful as she is.They talk a hundred miles of shyt about her paying Jayz for His MANAGEMENT COMPANY, Because that help to heal the Pain in their Hearts over Her Success.

  209. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    They bring up Names from the past, to lodge against her,they talk about Beyonce Success, so f*(&^% what. Rihanna is her own Entity dumb f&^%*. Names mind you, who are sitting proudly on their lazy behind doing ZERO.

  210. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    First, Beyonce is full with deals, perfumes etc.
    Second, Monster isn’t a Rihanna song, it is a Eminem song. Don’t act like it’s a Rihanna song. You Rihanna fans love to claims other Ppls hard work, sound style as Rihanna works, sound and style.

    Reality is, only things that Rihanna does(owns) is singing and be naked, s*** in videos and for pictures and nothing more. And she is more for famous (in EU) for being hit by Chris Brown and for her return to hitter Chris Brown) than for her music’s.

  211. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Less see how well Beyonce and Jayz Song, does as compared to
    Rihanna and Eminem Song. They are both started off together, Hive , Less see who pack the Biggest Punch, taking into ,mind and remember that Jayz and Beyonce is the Heavy Favorite.

  212. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna bring the word “Bad Bytche”to life.

  213. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    She don’t have no shame in her game,and its Killing the Beyonce fans, lames Slowly but surely.

  214. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    And Rihanna needed 7 albums to do that, Beyonce sold more than Rihanna and only with four albums (not counting this one) (Google + Wikipedia is your friend).

    And in EU Beyonce >> more #1 than Rihanna. Where I’m from Beyonce > more 1 hits + albums than Rihanna, Rihanna never ever a #1 album in my country.

  215. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Shes a Good Girl Gone Bad.

  216. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    One thing that is for sure, and that is Rihanna
    Sure isn’t Bowing Down to try and Up Her Rauncheness.
    She’s just a Good Girl Gone Badder.

  217. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    She is killing the BEYONCE FANS, with what? Please, Get a grip.


  218. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Jayz has over Fifteen Albums and still has not
    out sold Eminem.
    Celine has a Album that sold Twenty Million, in Four months and went on to sell over 32 Million and that is for One Album and she still don’t have the Grammy’s that Beyonce got in one night.
    So what you sale don’t count, chart success don’t count, what in the f** is the f(*&^%& GUIDELINE for Greatness.

  219. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is all about Positivity and Creativity,that is why she did a song called “Man Down” S&M, TE AMO, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON.

    @ANTI,,,SHYT ON YOU,,,,

  220. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    Beyoncé 5 #1 albums, all her albums are/became #1 albums(world wide) and not only in US.
    Rihanna only 1# album, only one. And a few #1 hits that people’s are giving Rihanna isn’t even her song.

    WHEN SOMEONE ASK YOU TO SING WITH THEM ON THEIR SONG(s) than it is not your song. The way you lie IS A EMINEM song/single.

  221. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Beyonce has a Ghetto Hood Catalog,that is
    filled with Forgettable Songs.

  222. Sandra January 5, 2014

    Rihanna is bigger and more international than Beyonce, thats just facts…RIRI 13 #1’s hits, 130+ millin records. Beyonce: 5 #1 hits, 80 million records sold. I like Beyonce but she hasn’t had a number 1 hit in 6 years now, why can’t she if she’s supposedly bigger than Riri? :/

  223. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna tries to help others and Beyonce Prides Herself on
    being A CAREER KILLER.

  224. Sandra January 5, 2014

    Another thing, RIRI is more famous and bigger than Beyonce in Europe, I’m from Sweden and Rihanna is much bigger here than Beyonce

  225. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    Beyonce is the best, the greatest, WORLD #1.

    About Miley Cyrus.
    MILEY IS TAKING OVER RIHANNA SPOT, Miley voice better much clean… than Rihanna cat voice. And Taylor Swift showed in 2012 and 2013 that she is more popular than Rihanna when it comes to sales and fast sold out concerts.

  226. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    To me Personally “TTT” wasn’t Rihanna best work to me,
    Her Previous offering “Loud” showed more ambition.
    “TTT” served as a crowd pleaser and a Lust Driven Celebration of Rihanna Extraordinary Success as a Musician thus far.

  227. Sandra January 5, 2014

    Miley taking Rihannas spot? Is that why Adore You is flopping?? Miley had her 15 minutes of fame from june to november, no one cares about her shock value and naked videos now. Rihanna is the one who is on number 1 on Billboard, Miley has only 1 hit there in her entire career lol

  228. Sandra January 5, 2014

    Rihanna didn’t need a girl group to help start a career like Beyonce needed. Beyonce is talented but shes not as big and successful as her fans want to make it seem. Her best selling album sold only 11 million? That’s only 2 million more than Rihannas best selling album, and you want to say that Bey is an album seller and RIRI cant sell albums?? Rihanna has sold way more than the double amount of singles than Beyonce, it’s ridicoulous how far behind Beyonce is from the Queen Rihanna. Beyonce had her time 2003-2009, it’s Rihannas time to shine now. I think beyonce is very talented though, but Rihanna is better

  229. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Hun don’t mention Miley to me,because I like Her as a Person and as a Artist. AS A MATTER OF FACT SCREW YOURSELF AND LEAVE ME ALONG,DON’T TALK TO ME.
    Find you somebody to go back and forward with your weak,desperate behind, because this isn’t about Miley are Beyonce ,but Miley isn’t the Go to Person and She isn’t the Bytch who call Herself Setting the Rules to the Game
    Beyonce is.
    Beyonce is the reason for the Blatant Hate thatis Directed toward, Rihanna and EVERYBODY with their booty pointing to the ground know this.

  230. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    Been many times in Sweden (snowing),you didn’t expect that, huh? Beyonce is bigger than Rihanna there (don’t try to fool nobody) and ppls there aren’t positive about Rihanna. Even Katy Perry is bigger than Rihanna there.
    And I’m from Amsterdam, and here, Nobody is bigger than BEYONCE here, SHE’S THE FAMALE MICHAEL JACKSON. And don’t forget, Beyonce did sit and eat next to biggest most powerful ppls in the world. BEYONCÉ IS SO HUGE, SOMETHING THAT RIHANNA WILL NEVER BE.

    And Beyonce 5 album proof that. How many she sold in US and worldwide in few days and in 17 days is the proof. Rihanna can never to that.

    Rihanna always gonna need to use her body to stay relevant. BEYONCE IS VOICE, A GREAT SINGING VOICE, we can NOT say the same about Rihanna.


  231. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


  232. Sandra January 5, 2014

    @Anti garbage voices
    No one cares about Katy perry here. Rihanna was here in concert in July and it was sold out. Katy perry has never been here, and if she came she would not sell out her concert!! Beyonce had a concert here in may too, I dont know if she sold out her concer but I do know Riri is more famous and has sold more here than Bey.
    If Rihanna is such a w**** and Beyonce isn’t, why did she do songs/ videos like Blow, Partition, Drunk In love, Ego, and shake her ass and show herself naked? Why are you being a hypocrite? If Beyonce could stay relevant only with her voice, why does she take her clothes off?

  233. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    I am still having after thoughts about how,many times
    Beyonce Baby Bump shifted. Some days it was high, and then some days it was low,and then back high again.

  234. Bey-Minaj January 5, 2014

    Anthony must not have gotten the memo….Yonce is back!

  235. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna always gives Beyonce a shout out,always giving her a compliment why so Bitter Bytches,what is it about the Caribbean who make you want to try and melt Beyonce and pour her on Rihanna.
    Beyonce has Jayz,Money and her Talents, ISN’T that enough for you.

  236. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    No, RIHANNA got Jay Z.

    Beyonce made it on her own, she worked for it, with thanks help from her parents.

    I admire Beyonce successful story. Rihanna doesn’t has one. Rihanna was just a lucky that was on the right place on the right time.


    Beyonce sold more albums than Rihanna. Singles? €1,29 for one download. Lmaoooooooooooooo, what’s is that?

    Rihanna time to shine? Didn’t she already shine? We already seen everything from Rihanna. And the world got a new Rihanna, Miley Cyrus. No its Beyoncé time and it will be also Beyonce year.

    Rihanna is better than Beyonce? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Most funny sh@t I ever read here. NOT EVER IF RIHANNA TRY.

    Put Rihanna and Beyonce in a sing offf, and you will see how Beyonce without even trying vocaly will kill Rihanna etc.

  237. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Now you got the “Dream”saying he made 15 Million off
    Iconic “Umbrella”and Mandler Speaking Highly of her.You got her Youtube Views up high,Twitter,Blasting and Facebook on Lock.
    You got Beyonce trying to believe her own Hype about ,People rushing Albums out and trying to get a Hit on their Singles ,Yet Her booty Released a Whole CD OF SINGLES.
    and don’t think that people have Forgotten that Beyonce has ReReleased her Albums Countless times,She Released “I AM SASH,A,,,a WHOPPING 4 TIMES,BEY HIVE.

  238. Sandra January 5, 2014

    Rihanna came from a poor family, and became a huge star,that is inspirational. Beyonce grew up rich and had it very easy, her dad made everything in his power to make his daughter a star. They even made Destinys child only for Beyonce, and didn’t give a f*** about the other girls in there, they only got a few verses in the songs while Bey sang almost everything… Bey never had to work for her fame.
    No all of Beys albums did not sell more than all of Rihannas, did 4 sell more than Unapologetic, Loud or Good girl gone bad? Nope.
    Miley cyrus time is already out.
    Beyonces year has already gone, she had 2013, superbowl, her tour and the album+ videos. What will there be left in 2014?? She already released all the videos, whats there to look forward to? I like her new album but in a few months no one will care because theyve heard all the songs and seen the videos already.

  239. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    You can’t lie to me, try it with someone else who has never be in Sweden and more than 80 times. Itunes your country, Beyonce new album in 1 day #1.
    Rihanna popular because Beyonce didn’t release in which years, but more popular than Beyonce in Sweden? Never. And Beyonce sold out in your country in 20 min (twitter). And no she did not sold more than Beyonce in Sweden. Why don’t Wikipedia it, and come back and reply if you still can.

    I understand you’re a Rihanna fan, but no need to lie.

  240. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    So some place there is a article that was Written about How you Beyonce ,was going to be the next artist behind Mariah ,to have the Hits,what has happened. Now you are back tracking,I know Rihanna will make a Bytch steal from her, and try to spite them Sexually charged Lyrics like her.
    But Beyonce she have got you not careing about singles, what a different song , for you to sing when your a%% is dragging behind in the Hit department.RIHANNA LOVE YOU AND JAYZ, WHY DO YOUR Fans give her such a hard time.

  241. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    Beyonce family was a middle class family. Her father sold his car and took loans on their home etc to Beyonce (+Kelly etc) singing career.

    And Beyonce is his child. Every parent will put their child first and paid for their child futures.

    Beyonce dad was there, we’re was Kelly etc dad’s? You can hate on a parent a dead that put his child first with his money.

    Sandra you are clearly losing it. B@tch breath…. .


  242. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    And don’t wanna hear the truth about Miley Cyrus?

    Fact. She’s taking over Rihanna spot place.

  243. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Rihanna came from the bottom up,she have not had Voice Lessons and Charm School like Beyonce has had. Beyonce while you are talking Slick about Rihanna Singles,don’t let youself Forget that Those Singles is helping give you the good life ,and something for your Deranged Fans to use as a Slander tactic against Rihanna and Her Navy.
    Rihanna Singles is helping to keep your Household with the finest money can buy.If you dislike Rihanna so bad,why don’t you ash Jayz to tell Rihanna he don’t want to Manager Her any more.If Ri is as bad as your Fans says,and since you and Jayz love money better than a Pig love Slop,Why not just Cut all ties with Rihanna ,then you can feel good about Re Mixing “Bow Down”or “Sound The Alarm”.

  244. Bey-Minaj January 5, 2014

    Poor Anthony is doing the most trying to big up Rihanna to the public again after that slaughter that Yonce is doing. Beyonce’s reign isn’t gonna let up Anthony, u can forget it, looks like he a little worried.

  245. Metzo January 5, 2014

    At 25, Beyonce only had 2 albums out, and sold more than rihanna did with 7 albums… kikiiii
    With 4 albums Beyonce sold 13 Million in the U.S alone. With 7 albums, Rihanna barely sold 10 millions in the U.S.
    Rihanna is no Legend. She’s just a jitmaker with no talent.

  246. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    Stop talking sh@t about Beyonce, cuz the biggest active star at this moment with the most and biggest music prizes is Beyonce. ( 250+ more prizes than Rihanna etc.). Rihanna fans thinks because Beyonce didn’t made a album the last 2 years Rihanna is bigger than Beyonce. Beyonce was on sold out tours around the world etc.

    Beyonce clearly did show with her last album BEYONCÉ, WHO IS BIGGER.

    RESPECT, STILL SUCCESSFUL after almost 17 years.


  247. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Chart Queen
    Billboard Named Her Pop Artist,last two Decades.
    Artist of the Century
    Sold the 02 Arena Full Ten Times,and a First at age 23
    Got her first 12 Hits at a Younger age than Mariah
    And the list goes on,She knows that Yesterday is not Ours to Recovery,But Tomorrow is Ours to Win or lose , Lames.
    Rihanna has seven Number One’s in the UK In Seven Years,less talk about that Milestone.

  248. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014

    Rihanna every year a new album.

    Beyonce not every year, but she still out sold Rihanna.

    Gone 2 years and come back proof why she is the biggest star.

    Beyonce clearly did show with her last album, WHO IS BIGGER AND MORE FAMOUS, CLEARLY and it isn’t Rihanna.

    Billboard “the last 3 weeks, each week Beyonce has sold more than 300.000 copies in the US and also worldwide.

  249. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Hey Hive if since Beyonce is such a great Entertainer,
    and has the talent to back it up with, then please explain why she decided to turn Herself into a Video H*e
    to try and get her point across.
    Rihanna single “Diamond” has more Class than Beyonce entire “Rubbish”Monica Lewensky” Poor Taste Album. I bet the First Family”will love Playing this Album on Air Force One None stop and on Repeat.
    Beyonce is the Reason for the Season, She is why I am here to Shine the Brightest Light ever on Her , because Her Fans ,with their Mad because She left Houston and did not take them, there behind are always trying to hang Ri out to dry, FOR NOTHING,AT ALL,.

  250. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    No its not my name, fool. And Yes “it says it all” , that’s why I can be a Rihanna fans. Her voice is garbage and I’m against it.

    What’s that Rihanna list?

    Last 2 decades, Rihanna wasn’t even in the Music business and Michael Jackson was still alive.

    12 hits? Eminem, Drake songs #1 songs aren’t Rihanna. Rihanna needed 7 albums to do all that, 7 albums. Again 7 albums.

    Do I need to go get all the records that Beyonce did break and all the things that Billboard etc named her? And also said about her this year and about her new album?

  251. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    I gonna take a nap, it’s late, almost 2 o’clock here in Amsterdam.

  252. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 5, 2014


    Funny how you bring Diamonds and not SMS, BIRTDAY CAKES AND that garbage trash bad taste Pour it up.

    “Listen” or “if I were I boy” from Beyonce is lyrical + sound 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 better than Rihanna Diamonds.

    I’m gone.

  253. MuiMui January 5, 2014

    Beyonce is a very Calculating and contradicting to
    what she has always stood for. She and Jayz has planned this Drop for over a year, and did it drop. There is nothing wrong with it, and My only objection is that While she has always been very Sexual and showed her behind ,just as much as any of them, she and her fans has always wanted it to be like she was Mother Teresa. You can’t have it both ways, especially when you dance as Scandalous as she does. We know this was a deal that Jayz ,Her and Pepsi worked out with itune.
    And since Rihanna isn’t on her level why is there so much back and forward over Rihanna getting a Compliment, why do it hurt Beyonce fans so bad.Why do Beyonce Accomplishments Which was adding up While Rihanna was still back Home ,in Barbados singing to the top of her voice, with that hair brush Mic.
    Rihanna many History Breaking, and Ground Breaking Features stands out Because She has did so many Great Things ,at a Younger age than Others has.When you compare Their Accomplishments Rihanna by the time she get Beyonce age will have as many Awards almost ,if she keep her nose to the Grinding Stone Rihanna will catch up and pass Beyonce Big Time.

  254. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT January 5, 2014

    Beyonce had no choice but to become a w**** and use shock factor to get people interested…

  255. R8 – 2015? January 5, 2014

    Rihanna to take year off following ‘Diamonds’ world tour?
    By Lewis Corner
    Friday, Mar 8 2013, 11:05am EST
    Rihanna is reportedly planning to take a year off from music following her ‘Diamonds’ world tour.

    The singer will allegedly hold off on recording her eighth studio album to concentrate on some downtime, after releasing seven records in as many years.

    Rihanna, River Island, fashion launch

    © Rihanna/River Island

    Rihanna at her River Island fashion launch

    “She’s been in this go mode for a while. Seven hit records in seven years,” said Ryan Seacrest on his radio morning show.

    “Sold-out tours, but sources say after this tour wraps, she plans to take up to a year off to unwind.”

    Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ world tour starts in Buffalo, New York tonight (March 8) and will arrive in the UK at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium on June 10.

    The star has released a behind-the-scenes video of herself donning a motorcycle helmet while filming a visual for her stage show.

    Watch the music video for Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ below:

  256. AMMIE LEANN January 5, 2014

    Times are hard and bayonce just doesn’t cut it, the competition is too strong, in 2 weeks beyonce will be old news with no hits to sustain this era, and even if DIL grows on people it will be a minor hit, word of mouth is spreading that the album is not that good, while Rihanna enjoys monster hit after monster hit. In times when sales were high bayonce couldn reach diamond while others in her face did it and now she can’t score a hit since 2009 and she won’t reach 5x platinum like taylor or Diamond like Adele. Giving away videos for free is not enough, bayonce always has to work twice as hard to be half as good.

  257. Marco January 5, 2014

    Yeaaaaaaaaa, I didn’t even bother to read the article the title itself earned a scroll.

  258. realtalk January 5, 2014

    Just keeping it real and what you stated is your opinion and yours only. Yes Rihanna is known for being a “Single” digital artist and with catchy songs. Also a lot of her success is off other people songs which she collaborated on/with. Now with that said, the true Queen/Legend of her own generation truly over shadow Rihanna with releasing her self title album “Beyoncé” without any promo/lead single or anything, just drop a album and told her fans it’s for you and broke records selling a complete album not a single but a whole album through ITunes.. Talk about a tour, Beyoncé tour off the strength of her album”4″ and gross over 188 millions and name the 2nd highest artist that tour and 1st female artist. Countries is still asking for her to come give a tour. This is what you will call a true Queen/Legend with known facts.

  259. realtalk January 5, 2014

    @AMMIE LEANN I don’t know what reviews you have read but all the reviews/TV/CNN and others have given this album high props and like everything she had done thus far with this album. Keep it 100 and tell the truth, Beyoncé have/is breaking records. You don’t have to like or even be a fan of Beyoncé but tell the truth. Others artist mimic Beyoncé and Rihanna is one that started out mimic things about Beyoncé and others respect and love Beyoncé hard work.

  260. Oprah Winfrey. January 6, 2014

    Beyonce is the mistress of the universe.

  261. AMMIE LEANN January 6, 2014

    But we are talking about sales, Taylor’s Fearless sold 7 mil. in USA, sacha fierce only 3 mil., Adele 11 mil. with 21. Regardless of the hype bayonce creates, she just can’t keep up. Plus Taylor and Adele not only sell albums, but their singles are monster hits as well, and no matter what bayonce attempt she won’t reach those numbers. I’m sorry, I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true. And yes, THERES IS people that feel cheated, cause they bought the ALBUM in the heat of the hype and cause they couldn’t buy individual songs, plus the free videos, but now she already released 2 singles and videos on youtube, so of course they feel cheated cause only 2 or 3 songs are worth downloading.

  262. tyler January 6, 2014

    @Ammie Leanie

    Everything that you’ve just said is VOID. Overall, Beyoncé is the better entertainer of the two. Its that simple. The general public knows it, legends know it, their peers know it, hell! even Rihanna knows it #END UP STORY

  263. FutureCIARA January 6, 2014

    You girls be carrying over this Bey + Ri feud….

    I cant!

  264. tyler January 6, 2014


  265. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    RI don’t need no time off, right
    now and for what. Beyonce has did
    76897554367 more videos, singles and has tried
    tried to put all the artist out to
    pasture, after over 17 plus years
    , and shows no signs of slowing down wtf.

  266. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    Her. Chart success at a younger age
    then many help set her apart from
    Beyonce, and many.

  267. WE FOUND RIHANNA. January 6, 2014


  268. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    Not only is She known for her Digital success,shes know for selling 10-Million in the US,along. Add those Ten Million , with Her Twenty Million sold in the UK, SOME YEARS AGO,WITH 14-Million being Singles and 6-Million being Albums and Nothing else then COMPARE her sales to the top forty and the RIAA ,Grammys and Awards and Accolades and see
    where she lands.

  269. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    Hive Fans
    Rihanna has did a great job of keeping your
    Meds Intake ,getting higher and higher,over
    Her Mucic Chart Succcess along. Your comment reads like that of a dam idiot.

    @OH BABY,,
    Even at that you and your gang of Bow Wows,can’t Erase her Achievements,Accolades, and her music charts Records,Never!!!!!!

  270. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    Shut up ,u look and sound so dumb right now.You
    listen up Jayz Hired Her because He heard,and saw a Super Star, and He got it Right!

  271. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    Queen Cynthia might seem like the biggest
    to a bird brain KATY KADET.

    She might not be nothing without a Hit,but don’t they all want a hit, though.

  272. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    You are the joke.

    Her chart success make her huge!

    Her Album “TTT” YOUR Entire Career.
    Her single “Rude Boy”your entire singles.

  273. MuiMui January 6, 2014

    Go through the Platinum and Gold Field then add her Ten Million in the US , Then Surf,her History Making, and Making the Guinness World Book. They study Her Chart Success, and be for sure to keep them Meds close, because Shes just getting Warmed up.
    Yall can find something in the shyt department to always add to this Young Super Star. All shes Guilty of doing is making shyt happen that is right for her.
    Have it ever Crossed any of you haters minds, How so many are more Talented,can sing better and dance circles around her and she is still Dancing to her own Music.
    Yall bring up every name in the world of music and she and her navy just want all of you to know that we are UNFAZED by your b/s.

  274. Sandra January 6, 2014

    @Anti Garbage voices
    Beyonce herself has said that she grew up in a wealthy family, its her words. not mine
    Yeah there’s nothing wrong with wanting your child to be successful but whhy did they throw the other DC girls under the bus only to make beyonce look better? If matthew wanted to make beyonce a star why couldn’t she just start a solo career instantly in 1997 instead of making Destiny Child ? Britney started solo in the 90s and she’s the same age as Beyonce… Beyonce could have too if she wanted to, but she didn’t for some reason?

  275. TinaMinaj January 7, 2014

    Yawn….the navy stay hyping up Rihanna as usual. Nothing new here. I think I’ll take critical acclaim over irrelevant opinions.

  276. YouDUmb March 11, 2014

    and rihanna is no different being that she copies beyonce LMAO

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