Must See: Fantasia Rocks Clive Davis Grammy Party With ‘Stormy Weather’

Published: Tuesday 28th Jan 2014 by Sam

There exists a trend in the industry that sees gifted singers sadly benched in favour of models who can breath to a beat. Unfortunate? Yes. However, it arguably allows for a deeper appreciation of those that are still carrying the torch for talent. Case, point, Fantasia.

The vocal powerhouse continues to earn praise aplenty for her ever-consistent catalogue and unmatchable stage showings.

This weekend saw her demonstrate the latter at Clive Davis’ Annual Pre-Grammy Gala, where she tore the roof off LAs the Beverly Center with a super-charged performance of ‘Stormy Weather’ (lifted from te Broadway production she recently starred in, ‘After Midnight’).

See why we’re giving Ms. Barrino thunderous applause below…


The confidence, the technique, the mic-play at the end. Everything.


Your thoughts?

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  1. FANSLAYSIA January 28, 2014


  2. Deztanee January 28, 2014

    Beautiful! Fantasia is so underrated. She could easily out sing most chicks today. Thanks for posting!

  3. Molly January 28, 2014

    She needs a new stylist and btw she sounds a mess sorry her vocals aren’t my cup of tea she sounds like a dying crow or something.

  4. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 28, 2014

    Fantasia slayed. Beyonce will never.

  5. Tash January 28, 2014

    @Molly I actually agree with you. No doubt her talent. But shes not sonically pleasing for me.

  6. Molly January 28, 2014

    @Tash Right it was kinda hard on the ears she talented but her voice isn’t for everyone i guess. 🙂

  7. Deztanee January 28, 2014

    Lol someone with a Ciara avatar critiquing vocals. Did you see that horrible performance tgj posted yesterday? Lmao Ciara couldn’t hold a note if it were nailed to her hands.

  8. ABC January 28, 2014

    There was nothing “messy” about this performance. Fantasia is a soul singer. A real vocalist, Something Ciara stans would know nothing about. Tasia killed this just like the old legends Ella, Billie, Sarah, Etta and Dinah. I know they’re looking down at her smiling!

  9. Molly January 28, 2014

    Ciara not the best vocalist in the world but she damn sure can sing just because she not hollering like Fantasia doesn’t mean Ciara can’t sing. Ciara is a performer first.

  10. Molly January 28, 2014

    @Abc really? i give my honest opinion and now yall coming for me?

  11. ABC January 28, 2014

    You came for Fantasias vocals when you stan for a nocalist boo. I think it was fair game. 😉 All you had to say was her vocals aren’t your cup of tea. The shade wasn’t needed. You set yourself up for that one. 😉

  12. Molly January 28, 2014

    @Abc but im not gonna sugar coat my feelings but whatever.

  13. anonymous January 28, 2014

    Fantasia You sounded great. You should have won something on Sunday. she’s very underrated.

  14. ABC January 28, 2014

    @anonymous Her and Tamar were robbed! Alicia’s album wasn’t better than Tamar’s and Gary Clarks song wasn’t better than Fantasia’s

  15. anonymous January 28, 2014

    @ABC yes I agree they were both robbed on sunday. I felt like both Fantasia and Tamar should have at least won one award, but Im glad they’re keeping positive and not leting this get them down. They still had a good year with their albums though.

  16. fdfd January 28, 2014

    probably cause you been brain wash with horrible music cause that was classic

  17. fdfd January 28, 2014

    that was a classic performance its a shame that people are so brain wash with all this pop tart non singers now days

  18. King January 28, 2014

    Yas Tasia. She definitely deserved that Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album on Sunday and she should’ve been able to perform and this performance shows why. Simply amazing.

  19. ROSEGOLD January 28, 2014

    Fantasia…..Fantasia….Fantasia! What can’t this woman sing? R&B/Classical/Jazz/Gospel/Rock/Hip Hop/Blues/Pop, she is a jack of all trades. Her underratedness (I know it isn’t a word) is astounding, and I truly believe that her label is holding her back from her TRUE destiny! This girl should be slaying internationally, collaborating with rock bands, touring arenas, doing more Broadway, sweeping the Grammys and so much more. Just look at this performance…beautiful! She knows how to tone it down. By the way, she’s a TRAINED vocalist. She doesn’t “scream,” she belts and “squalls”. If she were screaming, her voice would’ve been ruined a long time ago.

  20. Dev January 28, 2014

    Your picture says volumes

  21. Dev January 28, 2014

    “she damn sure can sing”
    Will anyone in your life ever take you seriously again?

  22. Navy Nick January 28, 2014


  23. Faith January 28, 2014

    Awesome performance I’ve never seen a bad Fantasia performance she always slays….#HerTimeIsComing #DontBelieveMeJustWatch

  24. VocalBeast January 28, 2014

    Wow……. this is vocal talents take notes.

  25. Savannah January 28, 2014

    Fantasia has IT. That’s all I will say

  26. Creole boy January 28, 2014

    you wish LooooooL Bey can sing “DIL” in a leotard and STILL come back and slay Tasia in a gown!!!! Don’t come for the Queen you tacky piece of s***!! Beyhive

  27. dee January 28, 2014


  28. DEE January 28, 2014

    Fantasia dont always scream either stop hating fantasia vocals are everything

  29. FactsOnly January 29, 2014

    Fantasia is probably the best contemporary vocalist of this generation. Her versilility is amazing! Jazz, Classical, R&B, Rock… She’s done if all- and amazingly I might add.

    She’s confirmed that she’s working on her next album. I hope her 5th album makes use of her versilility ans infuses several different genres. It’s time for her to slay the scene and assume the throne!

  30. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 29, 2014


  31. Jus4Today January 29, 2014

    Sang Girl!!!!

  32. Josh January 29, 2014

    I agree. Fantasia’s fifth album should her versatility as an artist. She should incorporate different styles of music. I think it’s time for Fantasia to really show people what she can do. Ever since American Idol, I have always thought she had a voice for rock music. Fantasia always reminded me of a young Tina Turner mixed with some Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin.

  33. Josh January 29, 2014

    Kendrick Lamar, Tamar and Fantasia was all robbed at the Grammys. I was so mad. They all should’ve won at least one of their nominations. Fantasia should have won the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. I love Rihanna but her album was not better than Fantasia’s.

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