Major: Former FCC Chairman Admits Janet Jackson Was Treated “Unfairly” After Super Bowl

Published: Tuesday 21st Jan 2014 by Sam

A decade.

It’s shocking to think a whole ten years have passed since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Super Bowl ’04’ showing changed the face of the music industry forever.

Even more surprising, though, is the fact that the split-second that came to be known as “nipplegate” would alter the course of Jackson’s otherwise iconic career, while bizarrely (and unfairly) enhancing Timberlake’s.

Indeed, while industry big wigs ensured the ‘Suit & Tie’ crooner star soared to dizzying heights, it was the Queen of Pop who was left to bear the brunt of the backlash, one that carried very real ramifications – both personally and commercially.

Beyond being branded all but a Jezebel by the media, the singer was blamed by many as the sole cause of the $550,000 fine the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) handed to Super Bowl broadcaster CBS –  figure that was a record at the time.

The FCC then increased the fine per indecency violation from $27,500 to $325,000 shortly after the event.

Adding salt to the controversial wound, the NFL announced that MTV (who produced the showing) would never be involved in another halftime show again.

However, in a major development ten years later, Michael Powell – who served as the FCC chairman at the time of the performance – admits that both his reaction and that of the masses were completely overblown.

In a must-read interview with ESPN, Powell denounces his own claims that the wardrobe malfunction represented  “a new low for prime-time TV”.

Excerpts below…

Via DM:

“I think we’ve been removed from this long enough for me to tell you that I had to put my best version of outrage on that I could put on.

Part of it was surreal, right? Look, I think it was dumb to happen, and they knew the rules and were flirting with them, and my job is to enforce the rules, but, you know, really? This is what we’re gonna do?’

Powell also said the treatment of Jackson and Timberlake – who were lambasted for causing ‘an outrageous stunt’ – was unfair.

‘I personally thought that was really unfair,’ he said.

‘It all turned into being about her. In reality, if you slow the thing down, it’s Justin ripping off her breastplate.”


Anyone who’s followed That Grape Juice long enough knows how strongly we feel about the issue.

It was an entire farce; and by “it” we mean the mass media hoopla that ensued afterwards. For us, there exists very real and unhidden evidence that the whole episode was soaked in racism, sexism, and preferentialism.

As such, it’s great to see Janet finally receiving a shred of reparation for the unfair handling of the matter. Yes, it may have come a decade after it should have, yet given the damage it did to her brand, it’s as necessary today as it was back then.

On a lighter note, can we please have a moment of silence for the epicness that was the performance as a whole? Janet slayed and displaced that stage with a brand of bad chickery that many of today’s divas could only dream to posses.

We’ve been salivating for new Ms. Jackson material for what feels like forever. Yet, no time feels more apt than the present for her to comeback and blaze the scene. Despite the best efforts of her detractors, her stock has not been derailed. She remains an icon and one whose potential to dominate is still ripe.

Janet, the stage is set. Come back and blaze it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HOLDMA49CENTKFCWEAVE January 21, 2014

    tthat m***** got what her plastic surgery ass deserved#truth

    • strike back kid April 25, 2015



  2. HOLDMA49CENTKFCWEAVE January 21, 2014

    tthat m***** got what her plastic surgery ass deserved#truthh

    • strike back kid April 25, 2015


  3. Jerquatta January 21, 2014

    Now they want to apologize after the years they put all the blame on Janet, including Justin Timberfake. She bounced on her in typical white people style, yet we still praise him. If he did a performance with Bey and revealed a body part of hers on national TV, and America would scorn her, he would turn on her as well. The only difference, Jigga would get that a$$ spanked!

  4. idgi January 21, 2014

    The industry is so sexist. If a man takes off his top & shows his bare chest they get applauded and praised & named s** gods but when women show a little something its vulgar and atrocious and not appropriate. Obviously she didn’t show her nip on purpose it was an accident a malfunction and she got used as a media punching bag. F****** disgusting

  5. Truth Tea January 21, 2014

    Things like this make me sick, so basically the FCC Chairman new at the time that this was much hype about NOTHING and still went ahead and publicly lynched one of the most influential Black female Superstars of all time!

    This goes to show that Black Artist will never 100 percent be safe or have the same artistic freedom as their white brothers and sisters.

    There was so much politics going on at the time Republican government used this event at the time to over shadow a democrat Mayor election that was in place in the media, I remember Janet saying so in an interview in Europe, she could not speak so openly in the states. A current article in Media Take Out also, talkes of how, the Jackson’s at this point were being purposely attacked becuase of Michaels case!

    What I love though is Janet never stopped being creative, she never let this break her, she still recorded albums and had no.1 movies and a sell out tour.

    She is a true Queen, and God see’s everything, she has been a smart business women, and is a billionaire with her own Publishing Company, Film Production Company, the first Black women, to Parlty own, the first ever Black owned Bank in America, not to forget she is a Heavy weight Icon, and her fantastic back catolugue of work is imitated for every generation, to learn from.

    Still as beautiful as ever, I can’t wait for her to come back, no one cares about the charts now days, just make great music, visuals and an incredible tour. I love her.

  6. smh January 21, 2014

    oh? 10yrs too late for that realisation. Timberlake’s karma is coming.

  7. RICHIE_RICH January 21, 2014

    Typical white america!!!!!

  8. Lovebird January 21, 2014

    Too little too late; the media was in “destroy the Jacksons” mode anyway.

    • strike back kid April 25, 2015

      They had Destroy on their mind from day one….i sure remember the day after when Justin Timberlake ran on the news and basically lynched Janet himself saying…he is so appaulled and his parents were shocked…yet the punch had the hands that snatched the s*** off! I almost felt like cutting both that lying asss B$#@& hands clean off when he did that s***!!!!! Such trickery!!!!

  9. Let’s Be Real January 21, 2014

    the media did Janet so bad after this I truly believe it was really a ploy to dampen her burning success. If that Superbowl had gone as planned it would’ve been a great moment instead its infamous smh.

  10. Lovebird January 21, 2014

    After 10 years is when they’re realizing they treated her unfairly; guilty conscious kicking in?

    • strike back kid April 25, 2015

      So i don’t get it….10 years later and i see a nasty filthy pic right on the net of Miley Cyrus with both of her filthy n****** exposed and no Outrage by all of them aweful Bigots who went crazy over Janet incident? I am so glad the NFL is being paid back too…billion dollar lawsuit from concusion ex player!!!!! Karma is a good b****!!!!! Yes!!!!!

  11. Lovebird January 21, 2014

    And I still cannot believe Judas TimberFake threw her under the bus like that.

    Justin is a snake who’ll use you to achieve his personal goals.

    His movie career started flopping so he ran back to music again, he cannot be trusted and needs to be exposed for the scaley venomous cobra he is.

    • strike back kid April 25, 2015

      I always knew he slithered!!! Don’t even worry. He won’t last forever. He has super music career babies wife money…..just give Karma time…that b**** is making her rounds!!!!! He will get his….

  12. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    She was treated like that because during that time Michael Jackson’s execution was going on & it was ok to bash The Jacksons from every corner of the earth.

  13. Mr. Cee January 21, 2014

    Janet IS the BADDEST in the game! Period! Like other ICONS before her, there will never be another Janet. NONE of today’s female artist’s can touch her from an overall performance standpoint…NONE! BTW, Feedback is the best music video EVER since Janet and Michael’s ‘Scream’ video.

  14. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    The same thing can be said about how they KILLED Michael Jackson….

  15. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    I love Janet Jackson. I hope she never comes back to this DEVILISH industry again. She already made her money.

    I think Janet should just move on & live her new life with her BILLIONAIRE husband..

  16. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 21, 2014

    They had to wait 10 years since they tore her down to shreds? This industry is sick

  17. RICHIE_RICH January 21, 2014

    That feedback Video was everything!!!!!!

    • strike back kid April 25, 2015

      It is 2015 and the IF video is still HOT as ever!!!!!!! Janet was killing it in that video!!!!

  18. Bey Fan January 21, 2014

    f**k them….. 1938477444 years later and they want to apologize now and say she was treated unfairly. Of course she was.

    Legend, Icon, Miss Janet

  19. FierceRobert January 21, 2014

    The whole thing was ridiculous. You would even notice or pay attention. But then the whole media went to town on it and then everyone noticed. If anyone else did that, they would not have received the same scrutiny. But this was their chance to finally break and bring down Janet down. She was the Queen and epitome of perfection up until this point. This was their chance to destroy her. Nowadays, people twerk their p**** on stage and no one does a thing. On the contrary, they promote it and say its genius

  20. Anti hypocrites. January 21, 2014


  21. FierceRobert January 21, 2014

    Oh and I forgot to say… That superbowl performance was epic. Janet shut that s*** down. Even with the nip, still considered one of the best – if not the best – of all time. Imagine how it would have been received and treated without the malfunction

  22. Tutesy January 21, 2014

    It’s funny how JJ was lashed and her careeer almost ruined, while Justin has gone on to do bigger and better things, even to the point of being compared to MJ. In my mind, JT was just as guilty as JJ. I am not sure whether to call that a racist or sexist thing. **Sigh**, i guess it’s both.

  23. JJ4EVA January 21, 2014

    I think we should support her and buy her music when its released. Lets put this icon back on the map!

  24. monsharzxv January 21, 2014

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  25. Yawnnnzzzz January 21, 2014

    Of course…because this incident was a calculated PR and intentional. 🙁

  26. Divariah Carey January 21, 2014

    Sorry, Mariah killed her career…. 😆

  27. Divariah Carey January 21, 2014

    Her music sucks after Velvet Rope….she wasnt evolve. Time to die…

  28. Monster’s Gaga January 21, 2014


  29. Go Away January 21, 2014

    Fakenet Jackson….everything about her is so fake.

  30. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Mariah Carey did not end Janet Jackson’s career.

    You WHITE PEOPLE make me sick… Ughh

    • Ben July 9, 2014

      If I said BLACK PEOPLE make me sick I’d be deemed racist, right? So shut your racist mouth up

  31. Greg January 21, 2014

    wow decade later… why even confess now? The damaged has been done. Anyways Janet will always be a ICON just like haters will always be haters. I hope she does return and remind these h*** who was the #1 Queen in the game for almost 20 yrs befo Beyonce became a hit. It’s funny, now looking at it, I think Janet accomplished and peaked to early because by 36 she already sold 140+ million albums.

  32. Skyfall January 21, 2014

    A little to late b****, the damage is already done

  33. LMFAO_HOE January 21, 2014

    Its sad cause this shows how racist it was back then. They were coming for all the BLACK ENTERTAINERS DURING THAT TIME. – Michael, Whitney, and Janet ect!!! all prime examples. Damita Jo Janet’s most underrated album to this day is a MASTERPIECE had it seen the proper respect and acclaim deserve at the time it would’ve put Madonna’s Music album to shame. What’s also f***** up too they blacklisted Janet from promoting and radio play her album singles, that would had become #1 hits, but now today you have Miley Cyrus bitchass twerking her flatass on national TV and say the most dumbest s*** they still play her MUSIC on radios and let her perform them at events?? now that just don’t make no damn sense right there. As for Justin Timberfake, I bet you the next time around he will surely flop cause his album wasn’t worth of any pennies just HYPE for no reason. S*** I know plenty of real R&B white artists that deserve his position —-> Jon B

  34. Suicide Blonde January 21, 2014

    She was a victim of her own plan, she knew what she was doing, it’s easy to blame everybody but herself, don’t tell me that you don’t buy her albums because of that scandal, if Rihanna can have a career after posting pics of drugs, why the alleged QUEEN of POP can’t, Rihanna is black, so what’s the excuse for that.

  35. the truth honey January 21, 2014

    Chiiiiiiile…Janet is unbothered. She’s made her mark and it took Beyonce to come and carry the tourch after Janet decided to slow down. She RULED for 20yrs. Other may hav been around for that long but SHE RULED IT!

  36. LMFAO_HOE January 21, 2014

    Don’t go there when even Mariah had a breakdown around that time after the media nearly dragged her ass too (including Sony). Be reminded she, Janet, and Whitney had to go through hell from them devils.

  37. tits mcgee January 21, 2014

    Mr. Powell only got his job because his daddy is Colin Powell. He was used as a pawn by the Bush administration to bring Janet down. All the Jackson were public enemy number 1 for supporting Michael. Let’s face the REAL facts.

  38. Navy Nick January 21, 2014

    Wow, finally…….this is y i dont likd JT: hes so fake!

  39. LMFAO_HOE January 21, 2014

    If she was her own victim then why the hell the MEDIA and People like yourself didn’t drag Justin Timberfake too, whose the one that ripped her shirt and said leave her naked at the end of this song. Foh don’t make it wrong for one then let the other go. Let it had been Usher or any other black male singer, they would had thrown the books at both they asses. And you know it !

  40. SageLinear January 21, 2014

    Nobody told that lip syncing tramp to ride the stripper pole at the Superbowl. The FACT remains that CBS and the FCC received thousands of calls from angry viewers complaining about Janet’s stunt, so this wasn’t just some corporate conspiracy to ruin her. Janet legitimately pissed off enough of middle America who found her performances beyond tasteless. There were little kids watching. Keep your clothes on. Furthermore, Janet’s been on this pornographic kick ever since the early 90’s and it’s old.

  41. tits mcgee January 21, 2014

    @ onyx how is it anymore Janet’s fault than JT’s. Also, how well do you think Madonna or Rihanna would have sold being blacklisted for 10 years on radio and video stations, and have their labels not promote them? Janet still managed to have relative success despite these situations. So»»» #QUEEN

  42. ashley January 21, 2014

    Preach girl!!! Jon b is the best!!! Justin wish he was talented like jon b.

  43. Suicide Blonde January 21, 2014

    Justin was part of the plan, he did exactly what he was told to do, i’m no saying that he should get a pass, he clearly was there, what i don’t like is people acting like this was an accident, the whole thing was planned, they just didn’t think that all that would have hurt Janet, it was a publicity stunt ala Madonna, karma’s such a b****, remember her comment to Madonna, i think what i do has class in it, playing: What Goes Around…Comes Back Around.

  44. Gucci mane stan January 21, 2014

    Only Khia can save her career!

  45. DD1G January 21, 2014

    I blame Janet more Justin. Sure he may have been the one who pulled off her top but I don’t believe for 2 seconds that the whole thing wasn’t her idea. The whole thing was a very “Janet” thing to do. Gambled and loss. Plus lets not forget that all of Janet’s post 90’s albums have been total crap. “Blacklisted” is a convenient excuse. Truth is her music got stale and nobody wanted to hear it.

  46. LMFAO_HOE January 21, 2014

    @DD1G Well guess what he did it, so yes he would be to blame too. Also stale music?? saying that is like saying Miley Cyrus’s album Bangerz is a classic smh. Janet RULED the 90s keep it factual or sthu.

  47. Molly January 21, 2014

    It was a recipe for disaster smh but Janet really didn’t deserve all the backlash cause im sure if Gaga or Rihanna did it today no one would care its like the norm to see girls naked.

  48. Mark111 January 21, 2014

    Justin used females through out his career. If it wasn’t for the Britney Spears dissemination album, he would’ve just been some boy band member. Why would Janet do a JT song last on her ST performance still beats me. His highest selling album of the year was just at 2.5 million, weak sauce. Usher shots up and down his career. And without Timberland he wouldn’t even have a sound. It’s safe to say his hype a career is done after that last album flopped.

  49. LMFAO_HOE January 21, 2014

    I don’t remeber no comment from Janet to Madonna, but I DO know for a FACT Madonna (late 90s) is a Queen of Shades – > Mariah, Whitney, Janet, and Gaga (Dissed). She’ll do her little british accent talking s*** thats about it. Aside that note, nope Justin is a snake in the grass and will eventually karma coming for his ass. If it hadn’t been for Pharrell and Timberland his career and movie deals be declined. An overrated artist he is and since you Playing What Goes Around…Comes Back Around. Beware his next era will be a fail, cause nobody will eat his next s*** up like last year (OVERHYPED) prime examples Gaga’s Born this Way to Artpop. Plays: Thats The Way Love Goes

  50. Mike Street January 21, 2014

    Janet Jackson doesn’t need to do a come back. She is a legend, an icon,and proved she was the top of her game. She’s HAPPY and that’s the best revenge she could ever have. I’d live my life and move on and never look back. No one can ever top her Super Bowl performance

  51. QueenMinaj January 21, 2014

    !!!! Meh !!!!
    Still not buying her music.

  52. JeanEats January 21, 2014

    I totally Agree!

  53. Ellie_Lights_93 January 21, 2014

    All she was was MJ’s sister but he was way better and more talented and more influential. Janet was like his copy or spinoff. In my country she was never really that famous to begin with. We didn’t care about the tit because we didn’t really care about her to begin with.

  54. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Janet Jackson made a name FOR HERSELF…

    Janet Jackson is NOT the Queen Of nothing but she did inspire a lot of girls.

    Madonna is the Queen Of Pop. FOREVER!!!

  55. BYE January 21, 2014

    LOL @ people acting like this lip syncing fraud was a victim in some kind of conspiracy to destroy her career. The entire performance was planned and she didn’t receive the response she “thought” she would get! She’s a great dancer, i’ll give her that, but she is by far not the best performer.

    It wasn’t smart of her to expose her nipple, epsecially during a time when her brother was recieving so much negative attention. Dumb move
    She has ran her course anyway. I dont think many people are here for a comeback album from her but good luck anyways. 😉

  56. BYE January 21, 2014

    Janet only became famous due to her last name. Other than that she wasn’t a great singer. Only great at dancing and lip syncing. The reason she gets paid dust now. sorry

  57. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Janet Jackson was famous for her acting, dancing & great albums. Also, the ability to put on 2 hour shows without having a powerful voice.

    Rihanna, Katy Perry & many others aint got strong vocals but they sell more records than patti labelle& other screaming divas

  58. OQRAM January 21, 2014

    LOL@all this talk about Justin’s last album “flopping.” Janet wishes she could “flop” like him these days. Her last album didn’t even go triple s********. She doesn’t even have a record deal anymore. No label will touch her. I guarantee that if she ever puts out another album that it won’t do half as well as his. Her sales are sewer low. Don’t begrudge Justin because he still has a career and all Janet has is her brother’s last name to use.

  59. the truth honey January 21, 2014

    @bye b**** f** U ANNDD yo funky mammy!! Hoez like u need the sssshIT knocked outta them. And for that h** @nicki bish JJ dnt need yo STANK ass buyn her music u slutty b****..y dnt u focus on buyn PFRREFLOP. HAS IT GON PLAT YET?! Vus she released 1628872 single from it and tbey ALL flopd!

  60. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    More people in the world enjoy non singing bitchess than power vocals. Record sales & history has shown this to be proven..

  61. LOL January 21, 2014



  62. Mr. Cee January 21, 2014

    Let me break this down for you. Mariah and Janet are not even in the same league. Janet is a performer…Mariah is a singer. Mariah can’t dance, nor is does she need to for what she does. Janet is still performing and quite well. Let’s admit, Mariah ain’t the powerhouse she used to be.

    #noshademimi #MariahDidn’tKillNothing…

  63. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Janet Jackson albums are flopping because she does not have her saviors JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS. They are the real reason for her successful 5 Pop masterpieces.

    But don’t put down Janet Jackson and/or feel sorry for her. She still has a net worth of over 150+ million dollars & is married to a BILLIONAIRE


  64. Mark111 January 21, 2014

    I think you young shits need to watch MTV Icon Award:Janet and see how many young new talnet (now huge stars) were there tributing Janet and NOT Madonna. The only artist I see MaDONEa in are Gwen, Gaga(even tho she’s mostly Cher) and maybe Katy and a splash of Rihanna. Everyone from Britney, Aaliyah, Ciara, Usher, JT, Beyonce, Mya, Pink and many many more all looked up to Janet and were all there athat show (-Ciara). So how again can a w**** be the Queen still beats me. Madonna ever crossed over to the Urban community. Madonna is seen as a joke outside the gay community.

  65. LMAO January 21, 2014

    A Gaga stan using the word FLOP? LMMFAO That man will be mopping floors at ihop next year

  66. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Mariah Carey & Janet Jackson are totally different.

    Mariah is far more superior than Janet, not just in vocals but also as a writer & producer of 7 great full length albums…

    Janet Jackson would not have had the success she had without Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis…. END OF STORY

  67. LMAO January 21, 2014

    stephy stfu b**** dam. im sick of you talkin about these old ass singers. are you 45?

  68. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014


    SHUT UP… You always talking shitt like you know these artists personally. Stop making your opinion sound like facts asshole

  69. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014


    No b****, im 20 years old. Born July 19th 1993…

    I love older singers better. Newer bitchesss of my generation is horrible with the exception of an handful of singers…

    Bye Ho! Don’t look at my comments if you don’t like ho..

  70. MuzikLuv January 21, 2014

    Shout out to my honey JJ as she slayed from long time.
    Owns the stage like a boss.

    What the real LOL is, is that fail of a 1st comment from the troll lol.

  71. Mark111 January 21, 2014

    @stephy tha lambily

    MC sould be nowhere with Tommy and not still known without JD. I’d watch and go to a JJ show WAY before a MC.

    Dancing your ass off for two hours > Standing in one place waving your hand with off key vocals.

    And let’s flash back at MC “dancing”. lol, now THAT’S a laugh!

  72. RoyalKev January 21, 2014

    Janet was simply unfairly mistreated because of her race and because she was a Jackson! MTV’s first Icon was banned (no videos aired) and Janet’s music was completely blacklisted at radio. They were relentless when it came to Janet! I’ve never seen anyone suffer as much (other than MJ). How do you have 5 back to back #1 albums, a string of Hot 100 #1’s (10) and twenty-something top 10 hits and suddenly disappear at radio for 3 eras? Justin’s rising to greater heights after the incident says it all.

    Janet’s the true Queen of Pop and these mutha******* need to give her the royal treatment when she returns! She’s owed that! … & I’m mean a Cher “Believe” welcome or Tina Turner “What’s Love Got to do with it” welcome!!! Ten years of being overlooked is just unacceptable.

  73. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014


    Bring It On MotherFuckerr… I’ve been waiting to drag your bitchh asss for a while now.

    Mariah Carey would actually been a far better more freer artist without Tommy MAtolla. Mariah had MULTIPLE offers on the table including Warner Bros READY to sign the VOCALIST…

    Mariah Carey wrote VISION OF LOVE at the age of 16 years old. Half of her album was already done by the time she even met Tommy The Devil…

    With a voice & face Mariah Carey had in the early 90s mix with her WHITE SKIN she would’ve been a commercial success with or without Tommy The Devil…

    He actually held Mariah Carey back during her most creative time. Made her write & produce songs just for radio. He blocked many other ideas Mariah wanted to do including doing an Jazz album after Emotions Also, doing duets with Mary J Blige & other Urban acts that Tommy thought she was to good for…

    I love my Janet but lets be real the first 2 Janet JAckson albums proved that Janet would’ve became another Letoya Jackson without Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis slick production & jamming melodies…

    Do you really think JAnet Jackson carried those album sessions the way 90s Mariah Carey carried her album sessions.. Also, lets not forget Tommy had NOTHING to do with Mariah’s creative process. Tommy said on Howard Stern that Mariah WROTE EVERYTHING..

    Janet Jackson would’ve gotten nowhere without Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

    Mariah Carey would’ve sold many records without Tommy BELIEVE THAT NIGGGAAAA

  74. Edgy_Timeless January 21, 2014

    IDK if Janet is still blacklisted, probably yeah but in the heat of it she still mangaged to sell 3 million with Damita Jo ww with no hits, 1 dance hit, 1.2 million with 20 Y.O with an r&b #1 hit and an #1 dance hit & still manage to go Gold & #1 with Discipline with an top 20 hit, and #1 dance hit. Then she got another #1 dance hit with Make Me off her #1’s greatest hits and went on a ww sucessful sold out tour. Some ppl like to down play that tour because she did smaller venues but she did 3 nights in some places which is equalevent to a filling up a 20,000 seat arena, she sold out the houston stadium on an “up close and personal tour”, she sold out Essence in secs, and an #1 NYTimes best seller book. So for being blacklisted for this long, she did good for herself.

  75. MovieAmi January 21, 2014

    LOL! That MTV Icon thingee was horrid. So bad that they stopped doing it. And 1/2 that list (Pink, Beyoncé, JT, Britney) have credited Madonna as inspirations. So who else is left, Mya and Ciara? LMAO! Well she can have them if it makes you feel better.

    Try again.

    Janet is over. Since 2004, she’s been trying to rebound but hasn’t been able to. Even batshit crazy Mariah was able to have a comeback at some point. Janet even desperately tried to work with Mariah’s people to make it happen, but it didn’t.

    She’s not even signed to a record label anymore and can’t even put together a successful tour for even her greatest hits. She’s lucky she found that idiot billionaire to marry so she could suck cash from his wallet because her own earnings bubkiss compared to Madonna’s. Just like her record sales and tour receipts aren’t anything compared to Madonna’s. And the kicker is that Janet has been out LONGER than Madonna has! LOL

    Notice how whenever lists of “most influential women…most successful women…most iconic women…” blah-blah-blah are compiled, Madonna is usually at or near the top, while Janet is WAY below her – almost like an afterthought? And that’s if she’s even listed at all.

    Janet hasn’t had a hit since 2001 and today is just known for being Michael’s less famous sister. She’s sitting on the bench with Latoya and Tito.

    Janet isn’t even in the R&R Hall of Fame…Madonna is though! And I repeat, Janet was out FIRST! 😉

  76. MariahLuvr January 21, 2014

    Slow your roll Mark111. Mariah is about 100x more talented than Janet is as a singer/songwriter and has been much more successful in considerably less time. To say that she’d be no where with Tommy and JD is as hypocritical of you to say as it is a lie, because the same could be said about Janet. She would be nowhere without Michael’s fame to borrow from and the hit making skills of JJ&TL.

  77. Mark111 January 21, 2014


    Let’s go h**.

    Why would Janet use her legendary energy to dis a Mariah when her backup dance J.Lo already does a great job taking her spots. Rather it was her man, her label, her rapper, and her seat at AI.

    But I’ll freely teach the youth a lil something:

    Janet’s first name > Mariah
    Janet’s last name > Mariah
    Janet’s tours > Mariah
    Janet’s DNA > Mariah
    Janet’s brother > Mariah
    Janet’s billionaire husband > Mariah’s Nick Jr
    Janet’s left tit > Mariah
    The ring on Janet’s left tit > Mariah

    So the Mariah’s LAMES can save their novels.

  78. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Don’t be dragging Janet Jackson… She does not deserve the hate.

  79. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014


    Everything you said is true. Janet Jackson is also better looking than Mariah Carey.

    But the fact still remains the same. Mariah Carey is still more talented, richer, famous, & successful than Janet Jackson.

    Mark… Let me lay you down & drain your disco stick boo…

  80. RoyalKev January 21, 2014

    @ Mark111
    Yesssssss! Go in!

  81. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    Bye Royal KEVIN!!!!

    Mark, aint goin in NO WHERE… I clocked his tea on Janet now he mad…

    Janet Jackson: 100,000,000+ records since 1982…

    Mariah Carey: 250,000,000+ records since 1990…

  82. Mark111 January 21, 2014


    Ok then say that both are talented in different areas. To compare was just stupid, singing is a talent and dancing is a talent. I kinda hate when people compare these artist when they’re nothing alike. Some may grab more to vocalists and some (like myself) grab more towards dancers/performers/entertainers.

    And to say that this artist would be nothing without their producer can be said about ANYONE. It’s a team effort. I know that it’s fun to diss and throw shade, but let’s not cross lines and be disrespectful. I only braked cause I hate stans that diss other artist just to make their fave look holy.

    And one last thing, to say thet JJ road MJ and her father success is non sense whe she did the most to get away from them and become her own artist. Her first two albums (people can’t even count those) was her father and brothers writing and moves, she rebelled and got with JJ&TL and made control. They also worked with Bobby Brown and look how his career turnt out. Janet had more power athan any other artist (-MJ) and owns all her masters and made some of the biggest deals in music history. And I recall that MJ had to work with HER cause his image had gone to s*** in the 90’s. Maybe like her brother and Whitney, she won’t be respoected until the day she dies, THEN people will give her cregit, but I’ll like my faves to smell their roses.

  83. SMH January 21, 2014

    Justin TimberFAKE fans need to stfu! First and foremost you would NOT be defending him if you KNEW that Janet actually covered her breast and frowned at Justin afterward! There is video and pics to prove this! Justin saw Janet’s reaction afterward and really didn’t give a s***! When he got off stage he LAUGHED at the incident. When the heat came, he changed his story! He even admitted back in ’09 that he left her to take the heat! @MovieAmi You’re a big ass idiot because Janet was actually OFFERED a record deal, but she turned it down and decided to go by herself! Janet doesn’t need Wissam’s money. One of the reasons why Wissam married her is because she has her own. AND f*** those hits! Madonna used payola to get her s*** to top 10. The second she stopped, they DROPPED! And f*** those influential lists! There are so many people that said JANET is clearly their inspiration, but the media refuses to acknowledge, but I know it and YOU know it too! And F*** Madonna this woman is a huge attention w**** and has done anything and everything to stay in the spotlight!

  84. smh January 21, 2014

    How TF did this become about Mariah and Madonna, you f****** idiots!

  85. RoyalKev January 21, 2014


    … Janet’s been blacklisted since ’04, what kind of fail comparison are you making? Mariah made an album every year from 1990 – 2001 (Janet releases came every 3 to 4 years on average.

    How about comparing
    tour earnings
    awards received

    Their impact is totally different. Mariah is extremely successful though, but I think Janet’s superior to Mimi in many ways (just like the same could be said the other way around to a degree).

  86. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014


    Yeah, yeah, yeah… The fact still remains that you need your dickk sucked… LOL

    Im such a fuckingg d*****… Anyways…

  87. RoyalKev January 21, 2014

    … and also 140 million sold (5 albums) >>>>>

  88. Katy perry aka Legend K January 21, 2014

    I still love Janet I think she’s great

  89. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    LOL THE REEAAAACHHHHH… In what world did Janet Jackson sell 140+ million records… LOLOLOLOL

  90. RoyalKev January 21, 2014

    Lol , these lambs!

    What’s so hard to believe about 140 million records? Janet’s first 3 albums are severely under certified… No surprise there after SB ’04!

    EVERY other diva has seen increases in the last 10 years (Janet’s didn’t have her entire accumulated total to begin with). Each of those first 3 albums sold at/around 20 million a piece. That alone is about 60 million! The woman has 27 top tens (10 are #1). The math easily adds up.

  91. RoyalKev January 21, 2014

    … Velvet Rope & Design of a Decade both sold over 10 million a piece too!

  92. FYI January 21, 2014

    it was a sacrifice for her brother, without this stunt the media would have put more focus on the raid on his home that begat a trial. MJ would have been convicted otherwise.

  93. Greg January 21, 2014

    Janet album sales is est. to be between 130-140 million. This is why you always see 100+ because she is undercertified b****.

    Janet Jackson: 700,000

    Source: Janet Albums Chart/mjjcharts

    Dream Street: 400,000

    Source: Janet Albums chart/mjjcharts

    Control: 14,000,000

    Source: (2009)

    Rhythm Nation:14,000,000

    Source: 9)


    Source:JanetJackson. com


    Design of Decade: 9,000,000

    Source: Janet albums charts/mjjcharts

    velvet rope: 10,000,000

    Source:Janetjackson. com(2009)

    All For You:7,000,000

    Source:JanetJackson. com(2009)

    Damita Jo: 2,450,000/

    Source: Janet Albums Chart/mjjcharts

    Janet Remixed:400,000

    Source: Janet Albums Chart/mjjcharts

    20 YO: 1,430,000

    Source: Janet Albums Chart/mjjcharts


    Source: Janet Albums Chart/mjjcharts

    Number Ones: 250,000

    Source: janet Albums Chart/mjjcharts

    Total album Sales Worldwide: 80,425,000[Edited 2/2/11 18:13pm]

    Single – Known Certifications & Sales

    104,000 Young Love
    75,000 Come Give Your Love To Me
    67,000 Say You Do
    82,000 Don’t Stand Another Chance
    7,000 Two To The Power Of Love
    30,000 Fast Girls
    1,493,000 What Have You Done For Me Lately

    1,306,000 Nasty

    1,149,000 When I Think Of You

    813,000 Control

    1,149,000 Let’s Wait Awhile

    933,000 Diamonds
    642,000 The Pleasure Principle

    15,000 Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
    1,798,000 Miss You Much

    1,246,000 Rhythm Nation

    1,388,000 Escapade

    1,104,000 Alright

    806,000 Come Back To Me

    1,060,000 Black Cat

    903,000 Love Will Never Do (Without You)

    25,000 State Of The World

    1,567,000 The Best Things In Life Are Free

    2,546,000 That’s The Way Love Goes

    1,290,000 If

    2,121,000 Again

    472,000 Because Of Love

    942,000 Any Time, Any Place / And On And On

    752,000 You Want This / 70s Love Groove

    623,000 Whoops Now / What’ll I Do

    1,993,000 Scream

    1,606,000 Runaway

    157,000 Twenty Foreplay
    551,000 Got ‘Til It’s Gone

    3,613,000 Together Again

    1,721,000 I Get Lonely

    216,000 Go Deep
    119,000 Every Time
    220,000 Girlfriend/Boyfriend
    1,344,000 What’s It Gonna Be?!

    1,506,000 Doesn’t Really Matter

    1,433,000 All For You

    603,000 Someone To Call My Lover

    209,000 Son Of A Gun

    170,000 Feel It Boy
    150,000 Just A Little While

    224,000 All Nite (Don’t Stop) / I Want You
    195,000 Call On Me

    50,000 So Excited
    15,000 With U
    608,300+ Feedback

    23,230+ Rock With U

    8,470 Luv

    Total singles Sales worldwide: 42,603,000 (excluding nothing and make me)

    Source: Janet Global Singles htm:MJJcharts

    P.S. Janet is underceritifed in the US by 10 million right now she should be at 36 million albums sold instead of 26 million , and when combining albums, singles, music dvds, so as of now she should be close to 140 million records sold worldwide

  94. Dreuxxx January 21, 2014

    Say what you like hillbilly. Janet Jackson and her Billionaire fiancé can buy your life and the FCC

  95. saywat January 21, 2014

    agree 100% with U

  96. stephy tha lambily January 21, 2014

    @Greg… Yasss, you betta get my asss togetha about Miss Jackson…

    Pull up Mariah’s Sales & compare.. 🙂

  97. LOL January 21, 2014







  98. SLAYRIAH CAREY (BAD GAL MIMI) January 21, 2014

    Mariah shitss all over Janet. Sorry.

    Whitney, Madinosaur, Mariah, and Celine were the reigning divas.

  99. LOL January 21, 2014





  100. saywat January 21, 2014

    JANET! was famous at 10-by20 a superstar,30aIcon by 40a Legend. Now i know Y ur made I was wonderint 45 Billion dollar Empire 47 still have U wondering #BYE no accomplishments needed. 50 megastar who is Only m Slaatched bye#HIHATERs

  101. DOSSOME January 21, 2014

    This incident annoys me til this day,SMH….Oh stephy,let’s not use sales to compare who’s better of the two because by 2006,Janet was being reported to have sold 120 million records while mariah and madonna were at 150 and 180 million respectively.Fastforward eight years later,Janet’s estimations have been deflated to 100 Million records sold while mariah sits at 250 million and some sources claim madonna has doubled the 2006 Figure.Why is that,when all three have been flopping since then.Sales estimates are nothing to brag over since majority are lies.IMO JANET SLAAAYS ALL MALES AND FEMALES EXCEPT PRINCE,Who btw has been stuck at 100 million records since 1991,SMH

  102. SMH January 21, 2014

    Mariah stans, PUH-LEASE stfu because this isn’t about her, but since you brought her in to it, let’s do it. Mariah was releasing albums hand over fist at her peak. Janet was not. Mariah’s writing is one-dimensional because her best songs are about love. Janet’s writing has covered damn near everything and they’re great. Janet’s first 2 albums were NO worse than typical 80’s music. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany released albums just like Janet’s first 2 and they were hits. I personally didn’t like Jane’s last 2 albums because Janet had nothing to talk about on them. Janet’s main problem was finding a sound that would get her out of Michael’s shadow. I love Mariah and all, but her stans just got a little too cute. Btw, Janet DID sell about 140 million; her albums were never re-certified.

  103. WhatAMess! January 21, 2014

    Mariah & her stans still think its 2005. Janet’s entire legacy shits on Mariah. Enough said.

  104. Amanda D. January 21, 2014

    F*** them & Timberbitch!!! Those b****** owe Janet a public apology!!! They knew that s*** was accidental. Yet they ( Michael Powell) used Janet to gain fame for themselves. And, 10 yrs. later Timbertrick gets to continue to ride black folks coattails like nothing happened. The thing that pisses me off more than anything else about this whole f*****’ thing is that thanks to the stupidity of the black community Timberdouche’s career hotter than ever! Ten years later, this s*** still hurts!

  105. King January 21, 2014

    I can’t believe it took him a damn decade to say this. We knew this all along…

  106. GKM1 January 21, 2014

    lets see you get out there and entertain people!! Oh Im sorry you prob can’t even bare the pressure of criticism. She is an artist and she just like any artist tried to please you dumb a** people! These artist practice all freakin day and night to get it right. Cause , they know people like you will judge them . Why does she get what she deserves?? Is it because a black women is more successful then you? Is it because you wish you had the opportunity to be on stage but you ended up living off the Gov’t?? Is it because you made bad decisions in your life and you want to make everybody else feel the way you feel at this time in your life? At the end of the day , you will be judge triple because you have the nerve to judge someone else! I hope you have an explanation ready when GOD confronts you about your judgmental actions.

  107. Jmoore January 21, 2014

    Yess this performance is the definition of “FIERCE” werk Miss Jackson.!

  108. CJ January 21, 2014

    Which is what? To keep her wealth, fame & talent. Ah what it must feel like to be and have always been-mediocre.

  109. social1 January 21, 2014

    I’m just glad “an apology” finally came. Janet was definitely punished to worse, …..with JT just getting a “naughty naughty – finger wag! I’m just looking forward to hearing/ seeing more of Janet this year. I hope she knows how much her fans miss her. 🙂

  110. social1 January 21, 2014

    WERK! 🙂

  111. janet1814 January 21, 2014

    I always think of Madonna as the Queen of Pop and Janet as the princess.

  112. FutureCIARA January 21, 2014

    I simply cannot, with this story!

    it enrages me!

  113. neXtjj January 21, 2014

    Too Late, the woman caught hell within these past yrs, had to rebuild her career, toured, got married became a billionaire, married a billionaire don’t give af and ditched the us to move over overseas. Why say it now? lol

  114. JJ4EVA January 21, 2014

    didnt mariah have almost 7 albums in the 90s where as janet had 2…..wasn´t mariah named no.1 for the 90´s and janet number 2. didn´t janet come in at number 2 based on 2.5 albums (half of rn1814 was in the 90s)…imagine if janet had the same amount of albums with in the same period of time….

  115. KA January 21, 2014

    the queen has the floor now, perfect time to take it!!!

  116. SAM January 21, 2014

    “The Queen of Pop”? What does Madonna have to do with it? Her halftime show in 2012 was the most watched event in TV history.

  117. FierceRobert January 21, 2014

    Sorry about the typos in this. Didn’t proofread.

    First line – what I meant to say: You WOULDN’T even

  118. MRB January 21, 2014


  119. Bravo!!! January 22, 2014

    LoveBird your a s*** dude!!

  120. oken January 22, 2014

    your mom got what she deserved? that’s good. as far as Janet the situation was overblown. and really? “m*****” was the best you could do? I know hicks like you are usually spending your time face f****** your younger underdeveloped sisters but please if your going to be racist, at least update it a little. you stupid inbred buffoon.

  121. tan jin chuan January 22, 2014


  122. tan jin chuan January 22, 2014

    { support } ex superbowl live { all for you-rhythm nation-rock your body – justin timberlake & janet jackson }[ cbs – must fine } us $550.000 again 2014-2015-2016 all of time

  123. FierceRobert January 22, 2014

    Janet needs to get re-certifed. She has sold way more than what the current stats state. And her albums are still selling #Queen

  124. Pam January 22, 2014

    10 yrs to late. They can kiss my a– for Janet. I’m livid Justin Timberlake gets away with it Janet gets scrutinized. But keep in mind it’s not totally Justin’s doing that he got away, it was the powers that be that saved their own and threw the JJ under the bus….They can kiss my a– all OVER. I guess you can tell i was perturbed then and still is…Janet is an ICON…

  125. JOSH January 24, 2014

    Sorry, Im a lamb just like you. but you are embrassing the lambs. First of all lets not act like glitter didnt happen, lets not act like charmbracelet didnt happen, lets not act like e=mc2 didnt happen, lets not act like memoirs of an imperfect angel didnt happen. all of which were considered commercial disappointments. and some of the same people in the media who tried to destroy Janet are some of the same people who tried to destroy Mariah from 2001-2005. janet fans and mariah fans should be on the same side. Mariah and Janet are two totally different types of artists. Its like comparing Chinese food to italian…two different foods that have nothing to do with each other. Jan and Mariah are fans of each other. If you want to talk about who has a higher net worth. it s Janet. Just ask Forbes. Im a lamb like you but Dont DO IT HUNTY!

  126. Lundon January 25, 2014


  127. bjclayborn March 9, 2014

    I loved your comment! Very well Said. Everyone loves Janet and if they don’t they are missing out.

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  129. xtopher foster seattle May 25, 2014

    WOW!?!disliking someone is subjective and arbitrary granted however the opposite of like or love is not hate it’s indifference wouldn’t it be easier to have no opinion then to say something so desperately unkind and egregious I am I most certain that if Miss Jackson knew what her offense was to you and if given the chance most certainly beg your pardon now I know you’re probably going to say f*** me you know and you have that right however adults don’t behave that way not rational adult anyway Pray YAHWEH will bless you nonetheless

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    Doch wenn ich mein Auto langsam durch die Strassen votze wichsen lenkte und mir die Jungs anguckte, verließ mich jedes Mal der Mut.

  141. geile frauen April 24, 2018

    Zusammen mit Deinem Sperma schlucke ich alles gierig runter.

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