Rihanna Talks Being An “Icon”, Grammy Win, & New Music On ‘GMA’

Published: Wednesday 29th Jan 2014 by Sam

More often than not, Rihanna‘s vocals sound like she’s spinning in a washing machine. Yet, still, the star’s fans wait with bated breath for her annual albums.

With 2013 being the first year in her short, yet impressive career that she didn’t release a new LP, anticipation for new RiRi is currently at fever-pitch. Among her fans.

Naturally, then, it was a given that when offered the chance to put questions to the 25-year-old during her MAC promo visit to Good Morning America this morning, The Navy would ask for details on new material.

What did The Noise have to say? Find out below…

Rihanna On Her Grammy Win:

“I was at home and was shocked. It was a surprisingly emotional experience. I was at home and my friend texted me and told me that I won (a Grammy). I looked on the internet and saw it there – ‘Unapologetic’. I was excited and glad to be excited at this point in my career”.

Rihanna On (Allegedly) Being An Icon:

“It is a very surreal feeling. It’s almost like I can’t touch it. It felt like I was dreaming. It didn’t feel real and still doesn’t. Because I feel there’s so much I still want to do. “Icon” is such a big word. So the pressure is on (laughs)”.

Rihanna On New Music:

“Music is what I love to do. So you never have to worry about that”.


For those that tuned in, Rih gave quite the telling smile when quizzed on music. So, it’s safe to say that that paired with her cigarette inspired studio sessions, confirms that something is coming.

It’ll be interesting to see if she takes the Beyonce approach and surprises folk. Of course, it’d have to be with a Single. Because, for all her success, she’s still that artist people would rather spend a $1.29 on than anything more.

Dollar store divadom. More power to her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LOL January 29, 2014


  2. lo January 29, 2014

    You are ugly, pathetic, worthless piece of trash.
    I would like this girl to sue you for all b******* that you constantly talk about her, for cyber bulling her.
    Her $140 million tour and over 30 million albums disagree with your last comment. You wish your flop fav had her $1.29 success since 99% of them can’t sell s***, including Ciara, Kelly, Chris and other flops that your lifeless ass stans for.

  3. lo January 29, 2014

    Btw, she looks amazing, so stunning! Love this hairstyle oh her.

  4. the real xoxo January 29, 2014

    She is a pop icon though. Not a musical legend, but undeniably a pop icon.

  5. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    Gurl you better believe it, you won another Grammy, you’re an icon and you will slay the charts again.

    Plus you look fabulous in the above pic, fashion is your forte.

  6. Blue January 29, 2014

    At this point in his hate for rih sam literally has to scratch his pea brain for rih insult, must be the most exhausting thing he does all day.

  7. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    Dead at dollar store divadom; I can’t.

  8. StingQueen January 29, 2014

    BrokeNavi don’t have the funds to purchase a full album, they need time to save up their mcdonalds burger flipper checks. i advise Dollarihanna to avoid the surprise album route.

  9. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    Legend is thrown around so loosely nowadays, even to boxes who don’t deserve it.

    Especially if a birch has been unable to sing since 1995 and calls herself a vocalist.

  10. Lovebird January 29, 2014


    @Pop Royalty

  11. christinastherealtalent January 29, 2014

    Icon my a**.

    There are other artists who have been out longer who have better music and imagethan this trainwreck does that is far more deserving.

  12. mr.m January 29, 2014

    Whatever she does. She is still a goat 🙂

  13. lo January 29, 2014

    Btw, I can’t at some people shading her album sales.
    30 million albums for a digital era is very cool if you ask me. She has sold more albums than some legends/icons like Aretha Franklin, Bjork and Kylie Minogue (68 million records, not albums before some people try to come for me, Kylie has sold 26-28 million albums).

  14. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    Thank God Christina is NOT one of those artists.

  15. HivesPrince January 29, 2014

    The shade, lol. I wish bey would let this chick have that boring sexed up stage presence, its not appealing.

  16. Emma Kelly January 29, 2014

    The fact that you feel you have to trash this young lady every time says a lot about you. You should be ashamed of yourself. To much hate on this site. I am sure the pathetic Stans would fall for it and start their usual argument. As some point your bloggers would get tired of your anti Rihanna rants.

  17. Let’s Be Real January 29, 2014

    Was all this shade necessary?? Come on now.

  18. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    But Beyonce is a drunk ho who shamelessly shows her XXL booty to millions at the Grammy’s of all places.

    Even with her daughter watching at home; what a shameless woman.

  19. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 29, 2014

    Stunningly Beautiful…. Love her with straight hair and the pop of color works great against her skin.

    Looking forward to R8


  20. ABC January 29, 2014

    Cigarette? Try again. That was a blunt, queens. Smh…idiots. Rih looks amazing and she’s been so mum about new music. When asked by MTV she said “you’ll just have to wait and see.”

    Heauxs are still pressed over Iconanna. 😆

  21. ABC January 29, 2014

    “The Noise” was a nickname given to Xtina, btw f**** 😆

  22. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me January 29, 2014

    Yet TGJ and many haters and stans in the Navy alike are foaming at the mouth to see what direction she will go in and can’t WAIT to hear what she does… so all of you would be lying if you say otherwise. This girl is 25 and killing it, let that sink in…25…….

    oh and Unapologetic was a pretty solid album last I checked awards aren’t given out on her ability as a performer, but rather the quality of the albums she puts out. So the argument that she isn’t a good performer are invalid.

    Truth, from a casual Rihanna fan (only own Unapologetic).

  23. tits mcgee January 29, 2014

    She and Beyonce are both Icons. Rihanna looks great in that channel suit, and the hair is on point!

  24. Bey Fan January 29, 2014

    Beyonce is shameless , but didn’t Rihanna leak her nude pics a few years back??? Standing in front of mirror holding her tuna.

    Anywho… she looks good. UNA era was a mess. But she managed to have a good tour, hit singles, and win a grammy…so much respect.

  25. ABC January 29, 2014

    Receipts that she leaked her nude pics? 🙄

  26. Lolz January 29, 2014

    Lol you guys fall their shade EVERY time. I can’t.

    Oh and Beyonce is a legend, don’t come for her.

  27. Rihyeezy January 29, 2014

    Dam I see zee Queen has your Greasy ass pressed as usual lol.
    But Rih boo your fashions have been slipping lately what old lady store did you get this suit from sis?

  28. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    But Rihanna doesn’t have a daughter she needs to be setting an example for nor does she have a husband egging her on to be a w****.

  29. h2o January 29, 2014

    She reminds me of myself ….. a classy c*nt

  30. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    Well I guess if Mariah and Celine of all people can be called legends, then Beyonce can be called a legend.

  31. Valerie January 29, 2014

    Beyonce is an icon aswell though lol! Just because Rihanna got an award doesn’t take away from others. Beyonce shares legend awards with MJ theres no ned to always go on about that. You guys need to chill.

  32. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    Hi! @Lovebird 😀

  33. Valerie January 29, 2014

    Anyway Rihanna looks nice.

  34. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    She’s An ICON and her Influence is Well-documented and Clear, Anyone Who is Sane and unbiased can See it. 😀

    so Proud of Her.

    C’mon Robyn, Give us Some New Music.

    9 Years and We’re going Strong, we Won’t Stop. 😉

  35. Bey_on_ce January 29, 2014

    Lovebird is do pressed by beyonce every sentence she write is about beyonce!!!! Just give riri her praise … U can tell u like beyonce more than riri that’s y u always bring her up lol…out of you and Slayriah idk who like beyonce more !!! She is better than riri,…stop being a homo cuz that’s wat u sound like…beyonce outfit for the Grammys was perfect …hell riri is out in public with no clothes but do u hear the hive or any other artist fans talking about her???no…we could talk about her posting pics with blunts all day but don’t see us calling her a dopehead!!! Lol idk y these ppl even deal with ur broke ass!!! Stick to the singles cuz drunk in love is at num 5 while riri album and singles are flopping hard ???? How u doin???

  36. tits mcgee January 29, 2014

    Exactly, right! @Valarie.

  37. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    I won’t Go Hard On Beyonce, I can, but I won’t.

  38. Vee January 29, 2014

    Isn’t she on a break? Why is she on GMA lmao. I told you they cannot allow this girl to stay out of the limelight for too long. Numerous collabs, photo shoots and now a GMA interview on your ‘break’. I can’t.

  39. Vee January 29, 2014

    And the same characters who have been on TGJ the longest still fall for the shade. I can’t with that either. Both Beyonce and Rihanna are icons for their own reasons. End of story.

  40. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    She’s supporting Vivaglam.

    And I’m not homo; I’m bi.

  41. fatusankoh January 29, 2014

    What is this goat voice talking about this so call fan don’t love her they support only because the hate they they got for bey not to do well thank hid you hatters are not god bey talented and you hatters are mad about it

  42. EMPRESS WHITNEY January 29, 2014

    Isn’t there anybody on this site who is following Rihanna on Twitter or Instagram?

    Because, if so… Can somebody PLEASE link/attach an article from this site to her page so she can see, for herself, the DISTURBING OBSESSION that this site has with her.

    I can’t wait for the day Riri SUES the f*ck out of this site. The cyberbullying is DISGUSTING. I still remember when MIGUELONDRA DRAGGED Sam and he went begging for forgiveness.

    Anyway, Riri, you look HOT AS… 🙂

  43. Mark111 January 29, 2014

    She is an icon, she’s the face of pop music right now. She don’t have to do anything like Beyonce, Bey needs to worry about a hit single. All this time and she still does have a top 10. You sold all those albums and yo ass still can’t get a top ten? That album is gonna be like 20/20, come and go. No one is gonna remember it, maybe the hype, but that the album.

    The same haters hating are the same ones a few days ago mad cause Blacks didn’t win, although Jay, Rihanna and AK won that night. Worry about YOUR fave, cause mine and Love Bird’s is doing fine. (What sup Love Bird)

  44. gilbert January 29, 2014

    alright sam, this is coming from a Beyhive. I f****** adore Beyonce and she’s my everything but i get tired seeing you compare rihanna to beyonce all the damn time and u always have to diss riri. it’s shameful actually knowing that she’s never done anything to u. Yes, is she kindda trashy? Yup.. is she a good singer? hell no. is her music good? mehh pretty okay but no one can deny that this chic is DOING HER THING and the WHOLE WORLD recognizes her. yes she has a ton of faults but her impact in pop culture today is tremendous and she is indeed an ICON bcos she’s influenced a lot of people. Still not a fan of riri, but i’m glad to see her look beautiful in that pic and i think her album will be good!

  45. Rihyeezy January 29, 2014

    Girl shut the f*** up. Who said she was on a break in the first place sis?
    She just didn’t release an album last year. And of course she’s gonna slay magazine covers.
    And 2 collabs are numerous lmao

  46. Vee January 29, 2014

    Death @ ‘she doesn’t have to anything like Beyonce’. What is she doing right now then on her ‘break’. And who was the one who dropped an album out of nowwhere and is on track to outsell her already.

  47. TEAM January 29, 2014

    She can’t wear anything with class now because those tattoos make everything on her look trashy.

    Rihanna singles and album is predictable anyway, era starts in September with new single and end in March of the following year, one huge pop-edm, followed by an urban or ballad semihit.

    She is going to try to drum up hype for her album like Beyonce last year, but Beyonce’s hype was not fabricated it just happened because of the delay of her album release, her fans were thirsty.

  48. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    @Empress Whitney:

    She is AWARE OF them, But she really doesn’t care that Much.

    I remember TGJ talked about Rih recording her 8th album, which was a rumor, The navy asked rih about it and she Slammed the Rumor and TGJ Since they were the “Source”. 😆
    Rihanna Doesn’t care, she knows beyonce fans hate her no matter what She do, they see her as a threat and someone who took their fav’s spotlight and made it hard for their fav to be “The One and only”, also the GP likes rih more, this Leave the Beyhive to be always pressed at rihanna and her stans.

    no matter how much she shows love to beyonce and jay z , they stay bitter and hateful, some even have no life and dedicate their life days to spew hatred in twitter and IG… SHE IS AWARE. 😉

    Now i have a feeling @Rita and @ciara read and might even be commenting in here. 😉

  49. kyllaw January 29, 2014

    Oh the shade. But its coo tho. For a non singer *rolls eyes* non dancer she grossed over $140 million has sold millions of albums AND singles numerous endorsements with international and she did this in less than ten yrs with no crutch. She came out with no group no entourage she wasn’t even repping the ROC. She was recognized by name after her second CD dropped. So the only ppl who seem to not realize all of her accomplishments in such a short window are Beyonce fans. And no the Chris Brown incident didn’t make her stand out nor did she go the bad girl route she did dat with gggb that’s when ppl noticed her threat to her peers cuz that whole CD was everywhere especially after the rerelease.

  50. Just Sayin January 29, 2014

    @Pop Royalty no shade but its a two way thing with Beyonce fans and Rihanna fans now. You guys can no longer play victim.

  51. Tina Clayton Lord January 29, 2014

    Big head and a tacky outfit.
    No thanks.

  52. Just Sayin January 29, 2014

    I hope she doesn not take the EDM route. EDM is dead.

  53. h2o January 29, 2014

    Wow, even the hive are tired of your fuckery Samantha

    Who would’ve believed the most insultive, aggressive, ghetto and biased fanbase ever would be basically telling Samantha to eat a d*** and shut up

  54. TEAM January 29, 2014

    Do you remember how Rihanna fans trash talk beyonce here calling her has-been, she is a flop, she is irrelevant, etc around this time last year?

    I’m not going to argue with you because it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it even though it’s wrong

  55. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    @Just Saying:

    see in this post,@sam is a beyonce stan, he is a living example of what the typical beyonce stan might feel about anything rihanna.

    call out the s*** starter, not the one who is reacting to the action “The Navy”.

    The End.

  56. JB102 January 29, 2014

    The ‘Beyonce’ album outsold Unapologetic in less than 30 days! Ha! 😀

  57. EMPRESS WHITNEY January 29, 2014

    @Pop Royalty.

    It just PISSES me off to be honest…

    I can think of one other BLACK- BASED Blog that constantly tries to drag Riri the way this site does and then TGJ wants to go and post articles about the state of BLACK AFFAIRS in the music industry when one of the most SUCCESSFUL WOMEN IN MUSIC TODAY is a BLACK WOMAN and all they do is throw shade. STANK ASS HYPOCRITES! Especially, SAM… The NIGERIAN TIKOLOSHE!

    Anyway, Ciara & Rita, with their flop asses, definitely read this site – it’s obvious as f*ck. 😉
    Especially Rita, didn’t she say that this was one of her favourite sites? LMFAO. 🙂

  58. slaylord swift January 29, 2014




  59. Just Sayin January 29, 2014

    @Pop Royalty. This is a blog that wants hits with stan wars have you not fathomed that? Stop acting like a victim. You guys seem to forget the extent you trash talk Beyonce just as much yet always want to point the ‘he started it’ finger like playground kids.

  60. Perrylicious January 29, 2014

    Prism will sell more then this b**** and Beyonce

  61. MuiMui January 29, 2014

    How long and how hard has this site and the ri haters who lay in wait on a post , just to battle with the navy,
    how long has the lames been working on trying to best her at her own game.Its clear they need to stop hating the player and hate the game.Because out of all that has happened over the last year, she has still came out on top. Take every word this site write and all the Haters and Hive do to try and diss her shes still winning, what do that say to your fickle though process.

  62. Ren January 29, 2014

    Man f*** a Rihanna.

    She’s not an example of a “SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMAN IN MUSIC TODAY.”

    Not when all that non-singing h** can do is release silly ass pop music that sounds like it was fished out of Britney/Katy’s toilets after a steak dinner, sounding like total death and despair.

    She’s fake. A talentless fake. Far as I’m concerned Rihanna’s best “hits” are the one’s Chris literally gave her upside her big ass forehead!

  63. Just Sayin January 29, 2014

    Some people take too much of an emotional approach to this blog and their shade. Its business. If you don’t like it get off and stop giving them the hits they want from your reactions!

  64. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ FailLocal Swift

    Beyonce and Rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>> everyone

    Including that local/Anglosphere thing you stan for


    For more information, check their 1st week total US worldwide numbers

  65. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    @Empress Whitney:

    don’t worry Dear, We know how to Deal and Act. 😀

    @sam’s “beyonce” get hated on in other BLACK blogs too, I won’t give you any details, but Beyonce is really hated in other lack blogs, so it is karma maybe ?

    all i know is we really don’t care about beyonce stans, we know how they roll, we just ignore them and maintain our patience, because we don’t wanna get people to hate on rihanna because of her fans as it is the case with beyonce.

    i understand why @sam shades Rihanna, it is typical coming from a beyonce stan, i don’t believe in his “class” and “talent” excuses because he stans for nicki minaj as well. 😀 😉 😆

    yes, Ci and Rita read it, but look at their careers, it is a curse.

  66. MuiMui January 29, 2014

    While Beyonce tries to hog the show and snatch and grab
    all of the biggest endorsements, and the show with her surprise album drop, ri and others are still slowly but surely making music history. And as of late its clear that ri has made far more music history than beyonce ever has. After all the bashing ri has taken she still ended the year good as compared to many.

  67. Absolved January 29, 2014

    I don’t understand why the Rihanna fans even bother coming to this blog when they know Sam is more likely to shade and insult her than compliment her. Go find some Rihanna-centric news site or at least a Rihanna-friendly blog to get your music news from. Why are you here? Unless you’re some kind of masochist who enjoys being mad and agitated by a blogger who knows he’s pushing your buttons, coming here is like a militant Jew going to a militant Muslim site.

    I get the feeling that they think that they are “challenging” his words with their comments, but in reality they aren’t. Ultimately the words in his articles have more weight and impression than the random and dismissible comments attached to them.

  68. EMPRESS WHITNEY January 29, 2014



    – Net Worth – $90/100M
    – Diamonds World Tour (2013) – $140 M Gross (WW)
    – 13 U.S #1 Singles
    – 10+ Million Albums Sold in the U.S
    – 30+ Million Albums Sold WW
    – 100+ Million Records Sold WW

    How is that not an example of a SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMAN IN MUSIC TODAY? What other Black Woman in music today, other than BEYONCE, has a larger net worth or can outgross Rihanna on tour (even if she did have more dates)?

    B*ch, I’ll wait…

  69. MuiMui January 29, 2014

    @Sam how many drinks and Cheers did you send up for Her when she won her #8Grammy,how can a Non Talented Musician do that. And how can a Non Talented Musician
    land in the top ten of the best tours, help us out here.

  70. MuiMui January 29, 2014


  71. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ Perrylicious

    You are more than a million copies late bb

    “Beyonce” has sold 3.2M+ worldwide and she still has fuckloads of singles and promo slots to use

  72. Suicide Blonde January 29, 2014

    She fascinates me, i’m in love with her, i’m pretty sure the new album will be amazing.

  73. ROSEGOLD January 29, 2014

    She looks really pretty! Rihanna isn’t my fave, but you can’t deny the girl make some good music. I’ll buy some Viva Glam lipstick & lipglass just to support the cause. 🙂

  74. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014


    But I love @TGJ and I like @sam, I can handle Whatever @sam is doing to get Hits, i was just replying to @Empress Whitney who was annoyed by It, me myself i’m beyond “Used to” it.

    And Let’s Not talk religion. 😉

  75. Micks January 29, 2014

    Shes joining the fight against a*** yet her fans steady mocking the disease on the daily. (h**+)

  76. MuiMui January 29, 2014

    So happy that the world was able to catch Beyonce,
    strip show and she was good enough to bring her S!utFest’to the world stage,so the World could finally see what they have always seen, but was to afraid to say, shes a s!utty dancer and performer. Rihanna is no doubt feeling like a Sunday School Teacher for real right now. And the Bey Hive need to get on their knees and praise the proof that their Lord and Jesus Beysus is still the Biggest S!UT IN THE GAME.

  77. KATY PERRY QUEEN January 29, 2014

    B**** STFU!


    Chart News ‏@chartnews Jan 24
    WW sales: @Beyonce, Beyoncé 126,000 (2,413,000 total).



  78. EMPRESS WHITNEY January 29, 2014

    @Pop Royalty

    I suppose Hon. 😉

    The thing is, I like both Beyonce & Rihanna (alhough I favour Rihanna more – personal preference) and I don’t see what one has to do with the other?

    They’re BOTH icons. Just not here for the comparison sh*t, that’s all. *Rolls Eyes*

  79. chickhivrxzv January 29, 2014

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  80. KATY PERRY QUEEN January 29, 2014


  81. MuiMui January 29, 2014

    Beysus has 17 Grammys more than Four of the biggest Female Musicians in the game All put Together,for work she did not measure up to doing like , any of the Female Musicians who has done far more Chart Moves than her Music has.

  82. MuiMui January 29, 2014

    By right Rihanna “Umbrella” was Underrated for the Chart Success it has Achieved.
    And another thing Eminem, “Love The Way”, Ft Rihanna has done some great moves on the Charts and the Grammy board set on their a^^ with that song. Love The Way,,, has done far better than Suit and Tie and they got a Grammy for that song that has not done as well as other songs on the Charts.
    Do the amount of money in your bank account Trumps all the other Regardless of their Talents,Chart Success and Popularity.

  83. MuiMui January 29, 2014


  84. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ Katy Perry Local

    Tell that to Apple and Sony Music, who reported 3M of “Beyonce” sold worldwide 2 weeks ago.

  85. KATY PERRY QUEEN January 29, 2014


  86. Vee January 29, 2014

    This Katy Perry ‘stan’ needs to sit down though. Beyoncé has still outsold Katy either way.

  87. h2o January 29, 2014

    Beyonce’s label reported 3 million sold not shipped

    Or you wanna tell me the 1 million iTunes copies sold in the first 6 days were “shipments” too?

    And please stop making up fake figures, Kety stan

    Beyonce — Dec 13 — 1.6 million in the US + 1.6 million in the rest of the world
    Spirm — Nov 18 — 1 million in the US + 1.1 million in the rest of the world

    And Beyonce hasn’t even begun yet …

    Now bye.

  88. Hush January 29, 2014

    LOL! The USA is the PINNACLE of the music world, the biggest and most important music market. If you’re a hit in the U.S., then that’s really all you need. Anywhere else is just additional icing. Who the f*** cares about Oceania and Canada? LMAO! Were you being serious with that? LOL! Sit! The US is the cake. And in the US (the most important music territory on earth) Bey is almost 2x platinum after less than 2 months, while certain others are nowhere near double platinum status. Heh.

  89. Vee January 29, 2014

    Beyoncé is platinum in Oceania and Canada anyway.

  90. Tutesy January 29, 2014

    Oh the shade, lol. I like Rihanna, her music is fun, however, i like Beyonce more. DIL is now #5 on itunes,after a supposedly ‘flop’ performance’. Haha where is slayriah, now, saying profoundly yesterday that it will never crack the top 5, that was after he said it would never crack the top ten on itunes and it did. I wonder what the haters will say next week when DIL cracks top 10. Rihanna looks cute, ride on girl, i ain’t mad at you, lol.

  91. Really bi*ch January 29, 2014

    @ Pop royalty, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’RE A SAINT. The Hive and the Navy are EQUALLY crazy, just like ANY OTHER fan base. So seriously, cut the bull. Ugh I can’t stand you, closeted f**.

  92. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014


  93. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    Death @ the shade kii

  94. Jamie January 29, 2014

    I wouldn’t be surprised if sam was @MyforeheadTho he acts like Rihanna f***** his man or spit in his face lol like yall stan for Nicki Minaj on this site and yall wanna drag Rihanna? Lmao Anyways she looked great.

  95. Jamie January 29, 2014

    Its not shade its pure hatred.

  96. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Some people are mad because their faves can’t sell singles, albums or win Grammys/perform on the main stage. #PawZat 😆 Why didn’t you guys post the actual interview though?

  97. Molly January 29, 2014

    She looked like a Barbie, for some reason i dont think she’ll be releasing an album this year.

  98. muhaha January 29, 2014

    @boy toy the post is about the shade, not about the interview, why would sam actually post it? nobody comments on that anyway. you see that. 😉 😆

  99. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    “Some people are mad because their faves can’t sell singles, albums or win Grammys/perform on the main stage. #PawZat”

    DEATHHHHHHHHHHH @ selling singles when your fave can’t sell albums with a “hit” or slay ANY stage! B**** BYE!!! kii

  100. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014


    I never Said I was a Saint.

    i tell it as i see it and you, obsessed Ho, Will deal. 😉

  101. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Smh @ this f** above being perched in his fave Rih’s post as usual. Still no life, I see. #PawZat

  102. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014


    She Talked about having busy Schedules for 2014 and even having a “takeover” plan, Get your coins ready buddy. 😀

  103. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    @Pop it’s the same ol bruised and battered bottoms trolling the Queens post. Just another day on TGJ. 😆 then they have the nerve to complain about Lovebird 😆

  104. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    @Molly oh the storm is coming. She’s just not one to hype up her albums months before it’s release 🙂

  105. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    i have no life but you are perched in the exact same place as me, and in ALL of my fave’s!


  106. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Receipts that I’m perched in all of your faves posts? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Keep on fighting for my attention hun. It’s actually pretty flattering.

    Don’t respond with your typical weak b******* shade. Receipts only. 😉

  107. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 29, 2014

    @The Boy Toy:

    Just leave them Rapid Hos alone, they just do what they got to do, dedicating their time to Robyn. 😀

    They do the most I see.

  108. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    lol yes honey because releasing an album without a lead single or promo is considered “hype” *rolls eyes*

    The b**** is looking for her next hit. without it, she will be nothing 😉

  109. Molly January 29, 2014


  110. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    @Boy Toy

    But who complains about me besides the lambs who I love so much?

    Beyonce fans love me, which is why they’re always talking to me.

    I will admit one thing though, the thing I enjoy the most on this blog is making Rosie, Johnvidal and Enough Onika mad. It is funny seeing them dedicate dissertations towards me.

  111. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    DEATH @ me fighting for your attention when you “tried” to come for me first! kii you are a joke b****

  112. Lovebird January 29, 2014

    But Beyonce is nothing without exposing her XXL naked booty to half the world at the Grammy’s of all places.

    And her daughter was watching, what a filthy woman.

  113. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    @Molly Katy just got another #1??? alright Slaty 😉 only 3 albums

  114. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Yessss Katy I love “Dark Horse” congrats to her!

  115. My fav January 29, 2014


  116. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    How did I try to come for you first dear? I didn’t even notice you were here until you responded to my comment which was directed to SAM. Now tuck your tail between your legs and walk away you shamed animal. ====>

  117. Molly January 29, 2014

    @Slay_Hive @TheBoyToy yup im proud of Katy i love dark horse didn’t think it would hit number 1 but good for her that’s 2 number 1s so far from this album go head girl.

  118. My fav January 29, 2014

    Ciara>>>>Rihanna Rihanna is talentless, and the salvation army knows that. Where are her vocals, better yet, where in the hell is her talent????????????

  119. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Nice try, but you’re not a real Ciara stan….go play in traffic. 😉

  120. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    B**** save that lie! You saw my comment(disliked it) and replied with that TIRED ass shade!!

    You live for my attention honey. *bends over for you to kiss this ass*

  121. h2o January 29, 2014

    30 million albums sold worldwide, wtf do you mean “Rihanna can’t sell albums”?

    The Hive’s delusion is just

  122. LOL January 29, 2014



  123. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    H20 shut your bipolar ass up!

  124. My Forehead Tho January 29, 2014

    Still lol-ing @ her being called an icon.

    I’ll just say this, unless people actually believe you deserve a title, it will never stick. Nobody outside of the navy believes that s***. Other than Will Smith’s gender confused son Willow, who tf has cited Rihanna as an inspiration? I’ll wait.

  125. My fav January 29, 2014

    @ Boy c***, B**** shut the f*** up, you don’t know me. Yet i’m still waiting for an answer, “Where is her talent?????????”

  126. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ Lol

    Beyonce is an artist with 16 year experience and has sold 70 million+ solo ang group albums, with 17 Grammys, her latest tour is passing $250 million worldwide later this year and she’s worth half a billion.

    Give up and stop trying to make the “Jay-Z’s w****” thing happen.

    btw, has “Artpop” passed 2M yet?


    @ Sh*t_Hive

    You’ll explain how Rihanna “can’t sell albums” or you’re the one shutting your delusional ass up.

  127. LA LA January 29, 2014

    What is this guys problem with Rihanna? Geeezz, just shut up and blog (Positivity).

  128. Stripperyonce January 29, 2014

    Beyhoe look like a man wearing jennifer lopez recycle dress.

  129. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Unless your fave is Ciara, Tamar etc (Sams faves) how the f*** did my post pertain to you? You are such a dumb queen lmao.

    “Some people are mad because their faves can’t sell singles, albums or win Grammys/perform on the main stage. #PawZat Why didn’t you guys post the actual interview though?”

    Sooo like I said…continue to fight for my attention. You might as well change your name to “The Boy Toy Stan” because you obviously live for me, ugly. 😆

  130. slay_hive January 29, 2014


    Aren’t you a stan of Beyonce’s “supposedly”??? So why ignore the comment about Beyonce not being able to sell singles BUT reply to my comment about Rihanna not being able to sell albums?? #BIPOLAR

    Rihject’s albums sells are WEAK with all of her “hits” in comparison to Beyonce’s!

    The Hive doesn’t use your bipolar arab ass! #dismissed!

  131. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    B**** kiss my ass! you Queeny ass wanna be top!

    Don’t nobody live for you and your weak ass shade. FAT and UGLY!

  132. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Awwww I struck a nerve. Hehe. Seethe baby, seethe. 😉

  133. Valerie January 29, 2014

    @Lovebird that’s how I feel about Rihanna all the time tbh.

  134. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    GIRL go and pretend to be someone’s top! #dismissed

  135. Valerie January 29, 2014

    I don’t like pop royalty. He acts like some all seeing, all knowing God of the site. Coming for the Hive when his bottom barrel, no real opinion having ass has even come for Blue Ivy when he forgets his medication. Pot, kettle anyone? I can’t at the hypocrisy.

  136. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Awwwww now she’s worried about what I do behind closed doors lmaoooo. You are truly a pathetic queen. 😉

  137. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    The only thing pathetic is a loose booty QUEEN pretending to be someone’s man! Girl BYE

    Don’t confuse that with me being “worried”. 😉

  138. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ S***_Hive

    1- Because he was not talking about Beyonce.

    2- No matter how, she still has sold 30 million albums worldwide … It’s so delusional to say “she can’t sell albums”

    3- I never asked the hives to “claim me” as one of them … Please, I’m too classy for that.

  139. The Boy Toy January 29, 2014

    Zzzzzzzzz ITS still talking! #pressed #concerned #attentionseeker #begone #yabish

  140. slay_hive January 29, 2014


    She cleared that up for me already. I’m so used to that queen shading Beyonce. but anyways like i said her 30 million albums with SEVEN albums is WEAK in comparison to Beyonce’s. That’s not delusional when she has 13 #1 hits and all of those albums. You are free to ignore my comments! 😉

    You are FAR from classy with all of the desperate whorish things you have typed on this website. nice try tho 😉

  141. slay_hive January 29, 2014

    Boy Toy f*** you 🙂 🙂

  142. Ellie_Lights_93 January 29, 2014

    It took Rihanna *******7******* albums to sell just **********10 million********** in the US And of those 7 albums, only *1* is multiplatinum and that one is only double platinum.

    Think about THAT for a minute.

    The GP doesn’t consider Rihanna to be worth two shits. She’s no icon, just like she’s no talent. Most of the fools who claim to be “fans” of her don’t even consider her music worth their whole $10.

    This tone deaf w**** isn’t even Big Lots, Rihanna is literally The Dollar Store.

  143. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ S***_Hive

    – Read the first part of his comment @ 12:49

    – Beyonce is not the standard, if Rihanna sells less albums doesn’t mean “she can’t sell albums”

    – My “whoreish” stuff are far more classy than you and the rest of the hive attacking and insulting Rihanna everywhere everyday when she’s innocently just doing her job and living her life

  144. My fav January 29, 2014

    @Boy c***, you still haven’t answered my question, “Where the f*** is her talent??????????” Unless it’s opening her legs, or deep thoarting, otherwise, I would love to know.

  145. beyugly January 29, 2014

    Beyfraud has been selling s** since Crazy in Love. I don’t know why people are acting surprise.She was never classy.If this was Rihanna performing PIU the HIVES would
    be calling her an attention w****, trashy or whatever. They tried to drag Rihanna for PIU video now look at their favorite whoring it up for Grammys.Beyfraud doesn’t know what she wants to be..Rihanna got these hos confused, scared, bitter.Beyfraud better be thankful she can sing because if she couldn’t she would be a flop like CI-ERROR

    Rihanna “Stay” performance >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>some desperate old stripper

  146. HoneychildPlease January 29, 2014

    This is exactly why i stop come frequently. This b**** ass same is a lame, I repeat a LAME!!

  147. HoneychildPlease January 29, 2014

    Sam & Nechole Bitchass are lames they praise beyonce like god, and come for rihanna at every chance. Ugly funky ass h0es! I just can’t!

  148. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 29, 2014

    January 29, 2014 at 12:50 pm
    Aren’t you a stan of Beyonce’s “supposedly”??? So why ignore the comment about Beyonce not being able to sell singles BUT reply to my comment about Rihanna not being able to sell albums?? #BIPOLAR
    Rihject’s albums sells are WEAK with all of her “hits” in comparison to Beyonce’s!
    The Hive doesn’t use your bipolar arab ass! #dismissed!



  149. FutureCIARA January 29, 2014

    She looks cute in that Salmon color Chanel suit.

    But lets face it, she only dresses conservatively when she is trying to “seem” relatable and in tune with her fans or peers for votes and backing.

    Welcome the new “Philanthropic” Rihanna….?

    This image is not fooling me, very cute nonetheless!

  150. Ray January 29, 2014

    Let’s talk about the REAL reason Rihanna was there to talk about H** and A*** through her Mac Deal, this is why I hate this blog.

  151. JER January 29, 2014

    Rihanna IS an icon. Some of you need to look up the definition of “icon.” Rihanna is the definition of icon. She’s a nobody that became somebody and represents everyone’s struggle to dream big. She defines the current era of pop music. A regular person exploring their artistry and connecting with fans thru music, performance, social media, collaborations, advertising campaigns, commercials, endorsements. People will look back see that RIHANNA DID THAT!!!! The style, the videos, the nonstop releases. She’s an icon. The same type of haters are the ones that said back in 1990 that Madonna wasn’t an icon because she was only out 8 years. BYE!

  152. Arthur January 29, 2014

    Why the would y’all make a post about Rihanna just to try to shade her?

  153. Metzo` January 29, 2014

    “It’ll be interesting to see if she takes the Beyonce approach and surprises folk. Of course, it’d have to be with a Single. Because, for all her success, she’s still that artist people would rather spend a $1.29 on than anything more.”

    The shade. #SoTrueTho

  154. mc!!!! January 29, 2014

    I’m ready for a rihanna album she’s the trend!!

  155. Siddy January 29, 2014

    They let any comment these days lol. Haters!!!!!

  156. The Queen (All Hail) Slayretha Franklin January 29, 2014

    Sam, you are pathetic. Why all the hate for Rii Rii?? Jealous because Beyonce went home empty handed after that awful performance. And I though DIL was suppose to crack the top ten this week! and y’all call that trick the queen LOL

  157. The Queen (All Hail) Slayretha Franklin January 29, 2014

    And its funny how there have been no Beyonce posts recently. Especially sad her album fell behind KIDZ BOP on the charts! This time next year no one will be checking for her.

  158. LOL January 29, 2014


  159. quetta January 29, 2014

    Keeping it cute.

  160. Sandra January 29, 2014

    She looks so pretty! I love Riri

  161. quetta January 29, 2014

    But @h2o isn’t that what beyonce is doing? Innocently doing her job but she is constantly attacked by the navy, lambs, monsters, c squad, etc everyday and everywhere?

  162. h2o January 29, 2014

    @ Lol

    There are a million things Beyonce is achieving that’re much more important than top 10, but I’ll bookmark this.

    @ quetta

    Both the hive and navy are awful.

  163. truth teller January 30, 2014

    I would rather listen to rihanna than Beyonce’s music. Ri has better tunes.

  164. quetta January 30, 2014

    That should have been your first answer.

  165. Navy Commander January 30, 2014

    Y’all are so messy

  166. Anti garbage singing voices January 30, 2014


    What a BS, Beyonce won the icon award years ago before Rihanna. Beyonce was already a Icon before Rihanna became one. Get your facts right, idiot.

  167. Anti garbage singing voices January 30, 2014

    Stop hating on SAM, He just telling the tru about Rihanna. I hate Rihanna garbage singing voice.

  168. Anti garbage singing voices January 30, 2014

    Damnn what a big forehead does she have. Coconut head.

  169. BOLTS February 8, 2014

    SHES DEFINITELY A MUSICAL LEGEND… HAVE U HEARD HOW MANY RECORDS SHE BROKE? SHes ranked #15 of best selling artists of all time, and second highest selling female artist behind madonna

  170. BOLTS February 8, 2014

    STUPID C*** B****

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