Rita Ora Announces & Previews New Single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’

Published: Thursday 30th Jan 2014 by Sam

Following a year long hiatus from music, Rita Ora is getting ready to rocket back onto the scene.

The Roc Nation priori spent much of last year racking up endless endorsement deals with the likes of Rimmel and Adidas, as well as filming her role in the much-talked about ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie.

During a visit to BBC Radio 1 this morning, the singer was keen to stress that she’s also been using the downtime to record her hotly anticipated sophomore album – which she confirmed is now finished.

Most exciting though, is the fact that the Jay-Z protégé revealed that the project’s lead single is due any moment now.

All the details, including a preview, after the jump…

Speaking with host Nick Grimshaw, Ora announced that the project’s lead release is titled ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ and was produced by boyfriend Calvin Harris.

When quizzed on whether the pairing was deliberate, the 23-year-old insisted it wasn’t and that she didn’t intend to work with Harris on the LP (which features Macklemore and a host of other “surprises”). Instead, she says, the collaboration came about organically while the couple were relaxing and humming at home.

Listen to Rita dish on ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ below, where an acapella preview also awaits…

Exciting times!

Rita made quite the splash with her debut, which spurned three #1 singles in the UK. With the view  now to launch her in the US and beyond, she has the benefit of an established home-soil success story to build on. That said, given the competition in what is an ever crowded marketplace, the pressure is undoubtedly on.

Still, given how talented she is, we anticipate major success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Hmmmm… No Comment.

  2. Thetruth January 30, 2014

    Didn’t this lying fool say she didn’t like his music :/ LOOL Rita go home.

  3. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 30, 2014

    FLOPPING harder than a belly flop!

  4. ABC January 30, 2014

    F****** for tracks.

  5. BBA January 30, 2014

    I hope TGJ are being paid to constantly shove this b**** down our throats, rather than being genuinely convinced that she is the next big thing. She is not.

  6. maya January 30, 2014

    I did not not know this girl could sing like that. I thought it was all studio vocals. She has a voice on her, she just needs the right songs.

  7. Rihyeezy January 30, 2014

    Rita posts are hilarious lol
    “hotly anticipated sophomore album”

  8. h2o January 30, 2014

    Y por supuesto, TGJ estara escribiendo nuevos articulos cada vez que se eleva de 30.5 a 30 en iTunes Botswana …

  9. The Boy Toy January 30, 2014

    I thought she was going to end Rihanna’s career two years ago? What happened?? 🙁

  10. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    I can’t wait to see this b**** FLOP. Try hard never going to amount to anything but a studio c** bucket ho.

  11. Molly January 30, 2014

    She will never break into the US.

  12. ritabot January 30, 2014

    How is she gonna flop when she clearly had major success with her first album. 3 consecutive no.1’s with her first 3 singles. she’s real talent unlike half the crap out there today.

  13. slay_hive January 30, 2014

    Wow, she can actually sing unlike a lot of pop artists! I never really paid attention to her. 😀

  14. Molly January 30, 2014

    Hi @Slay_Hive

  15. slay_hive January 30, 2014

    Hey @Molly 😉

  16. Molly January 30, 2014

    What you up to sis? @Slay_Hive

  17. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 30, 2014

    xD. 😀

  18. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 30, 2014

    why is roc nation wasting so much money on this girl?

    there are so many other people on that label and yet, this chick who people don’t give two shiits about, still getting money to back her..

    honestly I’ve never heard any songs from this chick…

    I would hate to be on a label where only select few gets money for promotion

  19. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Molly, your wig bout to get snatched gurlll…

  20. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Molly, immma snatch yo wig ho.. LOL

  21. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 30, 2014

    I’m not knocking this chick hustle, but damnn, she gets more attention for her fashion than her music..and yet roc nation wasting money trying to make fetch happen…

    roc nation is the worst label to be on….I was looking at all the different artist on there, I was like damnn, why they not getting promoted too?

  22. Molly January 30, 2014

    @Stephy why s***?

  23. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    @Molly, im just playing babe. lololol Did you just call me a s**** tho…

  24. Molly January 30, 2014

    Yes! You called me a ho Lmao. @Stephy

  25. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    I been drankin, I been drankin

    You got faded, faded, faded DADDY I WANT YOU…


  26. Music! January 30, 2014

    I would love for her to win, but those song choices! I only really liked “Hot Right Now”

    She’ll break into the United States when she comes with her own sound and style. Just like Rihanna gave up trying to be Beyonce, Rita will come into her own too.

  27. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014



    Next thing I remember was my ass all in da air like oh baby… loloo #WrongLyrics

  28. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Im grinding on dat wood, Straight slurping on dat wood

    No hands DEEP throat straight downing on dat thick ass wood.


    Next thing I rememba was WOOD stretching out my small little hole



    Beyoncé betta sing dat s***


  29. slay_hive January 30, 2014

    “Just like Rihanna gave up trying to be Beyonce, Rita will come into her own too.”


  30. beyonce struggling to take rih out the game January 30, 2014

    It has been a while since I last commented. Beyonce is struggling , aged 35 to take rih out the game. These days BEY is looking like a KIM K wannabe ( peep her copying kim k on IG ) and stripping in front of the beatles. Rih’s classy stay

    Beyonce is running out of ways of competing with the effortless Rih, that now, at aged 35, she has been reduced to singing about ‘ monica lewsinky’ over her dress; she has been reduced to going near nude and she HAD to give 17 muisc videos to sell her album.

    LOL LOL that rihanna reign. AND, I WAS ON CHARTNEWS, AND AS OF A FEW DAYS THEY TWEETED THAT BEYONCE HAS ONLY SOLD 2.4 WW. WITH .1.7 COMING FROM THE USA.. meaning, all that hype, free videos and fanfares and she still basic as f***. Like I have said she will scrape 3 mill and fizzle out!

    Her singles flopped; drunk in love is not exactly a smash, but the other singles cannot even move. Rih Rih is laoded with singles, so much that she does not even need to do videos. You do know Jump is heading for top 10 in Australia and will be the last single in the USA.

  31. slay_hive January 30, 2014

    stephy you are a mess lol

  32. h2o January 30, 2014

    Yes that song’s been stuck in my head all day





    I might’ve trashed Beyst for it before but now It’s on my top 5 tbh

  33. beyonce struggling to take rih out the game January 30, 2014

    ust like Rihanna gave up trying to be Beyonce, Rita will come into her own too.”

    BUT RIH RIH never ever wanted to be a bland RNB beyonce wannabe with bad clothes. Rih always wanted to do ” white music” POP and wear high fashion. SHE WANTED TO BE WHO SHE WANTED. RITA ORA IS JEALOUS OF RIH; RITA WANTS TO BE RIH . Rih never ever copied beyonce wack fashion. YET RITA COPIES RIH’S WHOLE LIFE.

  34. slay_hive January 30, 2014

    H20 I can’t with you sometimes, but atleast you come to your senses 😉

  35. Vee January 30, 2014


  36. beyonce struggling to take rih out the game January 30, 2014

    Everyone is pretending to stan for this girl cos they hate RIH and want rih out the game so beyonce has no competition for fashion covers and hits. But, RIH BODIED BEYONCE OUT THE GAME/ beyonce is looking like a ho, while KIM K is appearing more classy. North west is cuter than blue ivy.

    Stay sold 4 mill in the USA Rih’s 6 single to do so

    Her song with Shaki will go platinum in the USA; it may not be a smash, but it will do the numbers.

    The monster is at near 4 mill and still selling

    F*** outta here if u think this old flop w**** can take rih on.

    Rih was in the studio working her ass off with Rodney jerkins; she has Nicky romero funky track; They might uses the pharelle track from last year which did not make the cut; the Runners ( cheers, CKB) said they done a joint; she has DJ msutard amped up for her new s***; plus kuk hurell ; her main guy has been recording her all on tour and juts last week

    She has a 2 new movies coming this year – BEYONCE HAS NONE and her mac VIVA GLAM HAS RAISED OVER $ 3 M in one day. Balmain deal is in full swing; her vogue Brazil and Voge Australia covers. WHO THE F*** IS BEYONCE OR RITA WHORA?

  37. beyonce struggling to take rih out the game January 30, 2014


  38. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 30, 2014

    I can’t believe Roc Nation shoves this girl down our f****** throats all the time but didn’t give M.I.A the time of day. Smh

  39. B. Hill January 30, 2014

    Rita is younger, prettier and has a MUCH MUCH better voice than Rihanna. She’s also got a normal sized forehead, unlike Rihanna who looks like Roger from American Dad.

  40. B. Hill January 30, 2014

    LOL! Beyoncé’s album outsold Unapologetic in less than a month! 😉 It took Rihanna 6 months to do what Beyoncé did in DAYS! 😀

  41. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014


    Beyoncé aint worried about no damn RIHANNA…

    Let these 2 BLACK FEMALES dominate music in peace please thanks

  42. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 30, 2014

    @B Hill save the dragging for when the navy floods this post. As for now,please hush. Nobody has bothered to drag anyone

  43. Bey’s supporter January 30, 2014

    Beyonce has done 7 movies. All of them being box office hits and grossing over 700 Million.

    Personally requested by Clint Eastwood for a role, but turned it down.

    Nominated for Golden Globes three times.

    3 US vogue covers

    5 CONSECUTIVE #1 Albums

    Fastest selling Digital Album in history

    Highest grossing tour by African American woman in History.

    Beyonce is MILES ahead of the singles queen 🙂

  44. h2o January 30, 2014

    @ Slay_Hive

    true (:


    @ Sybil

    My “Bookmarks” is filled with your claims/predictions which were later proven wrong, I can’t take you any kind of seriously anymore.

    “Mark my words” my hairy Middle Eastern ass 🙁

    Now take your pills, sleep, die or whatever, and may God forgive you for all the massacres you’ve commited with internet servers over the past 12 months,

    Beyonce won, you lost ..

  45. Rihyeezy January 30, 2014

    Y’all h*** so pressed over Rihanna posting these FLOP videos and comparing that Beyonce album to unapologetic.
    Give it up FAGGIES the Queen ain’t going Nowhere.

  46. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    H2O…. Eww Don’t nobody need to know your ass is hairy…

  47. slay_hive January 30, 2014

    @H20 🙂


    looking for apartments today. what are you up to?

  48. h2o January 30, 2014

    @ Bey’s Supporter

    Beyonce movies have now done over a billion last time I checked, and over $200M made off home video sales. With the total budget was barely over $375M.

    She has production credits on some of them and recorded soundtracks for most of them (whch’ve sold 2.5M+ worldwide)

    A really successful movie career!

  49. h2o January 30, 2014

    @ Stephy Tha Lambily

    Why not?

    I might have even even posted a pic but I’m not home right now so

  50. SageLinear January 30, 2014

    Good to see a Jay-Z protégé who actually has talent.

  51. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    Jump is at #17 in Australia with no promo yo; RIHANNA you better release that song.

  52. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Beyoncé movie SHE HAS BEEN APART OF has grossed between 700-750,000,000+ $’s not 1 billion

  53. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Why when people on this site reply to me they write my whole fuckingg name lolo

    My real name is Stephon Maurice Jackson

    Just call me Steph or Stephy

    Not @Stephy Tha Lamibly loloolo

  54. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    So did Jay Zs drunk ho finally crack the top ten of the Hot 100 with that tasteless Drunk in love song?

  55. Omg wtf January 30, 2014

    Rita Ora your predictable. I knew when she was dating Calvin she wld do a song with him. Fing for tracks now I see. Your never have a we found love

  56. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    Britain’s Bang Radio has censored the “Grown Woman” singer’s track “Drunk in Love” featuring her husband Jay Z has a lyric referencing Tina Turner and Ike Turner’s rocky relationship. Jay’s lyric states:

    Now eat the cake, Anna Mae / I said eat the cake, Anna Mae.”

    “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” reportedly refers to a scene in the film “What’s Love Got to Do With It” where Ike forces Turner to eat in a graphic, disturbing scene. Bang Radio’s CEO Jennifer Ogole released the following statement about the decision to censor the song:

    “The lyrics controversially imitate a scene of severe domestic violence. We believe in the unity of women and music and in no way condone violence, domestic or otherwise, especially not through the power of music. Therefore, the decision has been made to wipe the stated lyrics from the song … Respectful of what our audience [wants] to hear on Bang Radio, we feel this is the right action to take in regards to the controversial lyrics of the song and we will continue to serve in social equality for people through music and content on our station.”

  57. h2o January 30, 2014

    @ Stephy

    2013-adjusted gross for Beyonce movies:

    As of August 2013

    Austin Powers in Goldmember – 382,933,142
    EPIC – 245,141,820
    The Pink Panther – 179,062,783
    Dreamgirls – 175,540,824
    Obsessed – 83,147,396
    The Fighting Temptations – 43,436,376
    Cadillac Records – 9,998,694

    Total – 1,119,261,035

    PS: US numbers are the only ones adjusted for inflation. WW adjusted numbers aren’t available, so her gross is a higher

  58. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    LoveDickkk…. Where is Mariah Carey lip syncing videos at babe

  59. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    Bye Gurl…

    Those numbers are lies…

    I checked & calculated box office numbers for all those movies & they did not gross a combined 1+ billion dollars BYE H2O

  60. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    Somewhere down my pants; you need to come dig on here with your tongue to find them.

  61. DD1G January 30, 2014

    Is Unapologetic RIAA-certified double platinum yet? No? And it’s been out for 14 months? Well, is it even close to being 2x platinum? No?


  62. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    And 4?

  63. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    Why so worried about Unapologetic when Jay Zs drunk ho is the one stripping it up for 25 million viewers?

    Has that silly ho cracked the top ten after her sexapade at the Grammy’s? I just want to know.

  64. h2o January 30, 2014

    @ Stephy

    Read the first word in my comment


    Yes the actual gross is $750 million but the 2013 is over a billion.

  65. DD1G January 30, 2014

    Why you worried about Beyoncé when Rihanna can’t score a multiplatinum album to save her alien-foreheaded life? 14 months and all those singles and she just barely sold a million U.S. Something Beyoncé did in under 2 weeks and is closing in on another million…after less than 2 months! 14 months vs. 2 months! Ha! 😆

  66. Lovebird January 30, 2014

    Yes, and Beyonce only had to open her legs and parade her muff, c****** and poonani in 17 strip shows to sell that in a month.

    She only had to be the biggest s*** in the industry to achieve those sales figures; what a perfect example for Blue.

  67. Cici’s goodies January 30, 2014

    Mariah is a old lip synching w****

  68. Jessica January 30, 2014

    Beyonce is better than Rihanna

  69. Stephy Tha Lambily January 30, 2014

    LoveBird, you so nasty babe…

    H2O, ok so my point was exact….

    Ciara Fan # 5, b**** my fav can lip sync & still make millions. While your fav is a flop at the age of 28 or watever her flop ass age is.. Sorry Molly

  70. DD1G January 30, 2014

    LOL! You have the audacity to call someone out about open legs and whorish behavior when you’re in here defending Rihanna who has made indecency her whole career mantra? There are topless photos of that vapid s*** all over the Internet! LMAO!!! Pot, please don’t call the kettle black. The difference is when Rihanna does it it doesn’t increase her sales because no one is interested in hearing that tonedeaf cow croak over a whole albums worth of material, no matter how naked and nude she gets. The GP knows that she doesn’t have the talent of a squashed cockroach and therefore deems her to not be worth more than a buck and a quarter single download from iTunes…whereas Beyoncé can get people to spend $16 (more than the cost of an average album) on her. Hell, even when Rihanna’s b******* albums are slashed to $4, she still doesn’t sell…and that’s with those disgusting strip club music videos, instagram photos and barebreasted nonsense circulating. Explain that, please.

  71. Navy Commander January 30, 2014

    She’s still trying ? When will she learn that the rihanna reign cannot and will not let up?

  72. Rita Slays January 30, 2014

    Lmao!!! @Sybil You’ve been predicting Rita would be dropped for almost 2 years now. SHES STILL SIGNED AND GOING HARDER THAN BEFORE!! Give it up already. Rita is not getting dropped, ever. Platinum album, 3 consecutive #1 singles, sold out European tour, headlining festivals, magazines, Material Girl fashion, and now movies. It never fails to amaze me how much hate talent always gets. Rita has a beautiful voice and can out sing all of todays top pop girls. That acapella performance proves it. She and Calvin are about to release a banger, mark my words.

  73. Bey Fan January 30, 2014

    Blue has a mother who started her own company. A mother who sang for the president. A mother who is RESPECTED by her peers. A Mother who made history.A Mother whose work ethic is praised by many. A mother who hasn’t nude pics allegedly leak, bar fights, DUI’s, hadn’t had to go to rehab, no twitter beefs, no pics her doing illegal drugs… I mean I could go on, because Im not gone even mention the endorsement deals, tours, and money.

  74. Cici’s goodies January 30, 2014


    What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?
    I’m certain if I look through enough Jay Z song titles, I’ll come up with the right name for his role in Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Rhymes with Goodyear. . . ? Well, how about I just call him a poor excuse for a husband.
    For years, these award ceremonies have pushed the envelope; Beyoncé’s booty-shaking was certainly no worse than Miley Cyrus’s twerking or any number of other performances by Madonna, for instance. But there’s something particularly icky about doing it while your husband looks on approvingly.
    “Honestly, I didn’t want to watch Jay Z and Beyoncé’s foreplay,” says Charlotte Hays, author of “When Did White Trash Become the New Normal?” Indeed, the happy couple seems to have completely blurred the line between what goes on in their bedroom and what happens on national TV. So much for the woman that Michelle Obama has called “a role model who kids everywhere can look up to.”/

  75. Slay_hive January 30, 2014

    If Beyonce is a “w****” I would hate to know what they consider her less talented counterpart.

  76. Cici’s goodies January 30, 2014

    She is a low down dirty whoooore!!!! Her and Rihanna are slutty scum devil worshippers

  77. Bey Fan January 30, 2014

    Boy when Beyonce does something, the world goes crazy.

    But I get it, Beyonce is seen as the light and the truth. LOL.

  78. Slay_hive January 30, 2014

    “Grammys 2014: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s s*** performance of ‘Drunk In Love’ draws more cheers than jeers from fans, critics”

    NY daily news

  79. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 30, 2014

    ao!!! @Sybil You’ve been predicting Rita would be dropped for almost 2 years now. SHES STILL SIGNED AND GOING HARDER THAN BEFORE!! Give it up already. Rita is not getting dropped, ever. Platinum album, 3 consecutive #1 singles, sold out European tour, headlining festivals, magazines, Material Girl fashion, and now movies. It never fails to amaze me how much hate talent always gets. Rita has a beautiful voice and can out sing all of todays top pop girls. That acapella performance proves it. She and Calvin are about to release a banger, mark my word

    RITA is one song of getting dropped; Rihanna will never be dropped. YOU said will end rih career, and even beyonce cannot end

    Go harder? HOW, her single has been pushed back and when it finally comes out, it
    flop. BUT rihanna is going even harder. RIH was named an ICON. RITA has only sold 300k album, she will will be dropped. Her new album will only do half. Number 1 in what country? NOT THE USA. Tours? HOW MUCH DID HER TOUR MAKE? HER TOUR WAS IN SMALL NIGHTCLUBS. Sherpards bush empire is a night cluband her tour last 2 weeks. Call me me when she is on a tour lasting 6 months

    CALVIN HARRIS HAS ALREADY PEAKED. HE WILL NEVER EVER TOP WFL. YET RIH TOPPED WFL WITH diamonds and stay. European tour? LOL her tour was in the UK and lasted 2 weeks. Material girl and DKNY DID NOT SELL OUT LIKE RIH RIH;S fashion so that is null void. Magazines? RIH SHOOTING 3 VOGUE COVERS IN ONE YEAR. EVEN BEYONCE HAS NOT got that.

    What festivals has she headlined? NOT ANY OF THE MAJOR ONES THAT HAVE RIH OR BEYONCE ON THE BILL.

    RITA WHORA CANNOT OUSTING ARAINA GRANDE and she is bigger than RITA. RITA WHORA IS 23 yet she looks 30 and she is known as w**** who f**** for tracks and wear crazy fashion or rihann knock offs.


    MEANWHILE RIH will get her 14th number 1 and her album will bePLATINUM. BOOM!

  80. Touché January 30, 2014

    Is she even popular in Europe besides England? She definitely isn’t wanted in the U.S. because too many people have called her a Rihanna wannabe.

  81. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 30, 2014

    Rita lipstick,

    LOL LOL RITA WHORA WONT GET PLAYED IN THE USA; SHE is a non f****** factor and FLOP OUT HERE ( USA ). EVEN IF JAY used payola, after it is done, she will flop hard.


    RITA’S SINGLE PEAKED AT 62 IN THE USA. Shakira and RIH peaked at 31. RIH dont know how to flop, h**

  82. Rita Slays January 30, 2014

    Lmao!! Sybil you said she’d get dropped by 2013 back in 2012. Didn’t happen. Beginning of 2013 you said she’d be dropped by summer. Didn’t happen. Now your claiming she’ll be dropped after one single. Guess what? I WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  83. Rita Slays January 30, 2014

    FYI, Ariana Grande is R&B not pop. And Rita’s tour wasn’t just the UK. She sold out theatre’s in the US apart of an MTV tour too, confirmed by opening acts Iggy Azalea and Havanna Brown.

  84. Lindo89 January 30, 2014

    Rihanna don’t know how to flop? lol
    RIGHT NOW and WHAT NOW say hello.
    And those are just 2 examples, there are many many more. Heh.

  85. Tyler January 30, 2014

    We Be All Nite…Talkin About The Queen Bey!!! Ain’t that right? @Lovebird ha!

  86. mollycyrus January 30, 2014

    you’ve never heard any of her songs yet you’re wondering what?

    you dumb basic ass b**** stfu and kill yourself.

  87. mollycyrus January 30, 2014

    you’re all ugly ass f*** with no lives, or b****** with hair loss

    all you do is sit on the computer and write about how much you hate people….
    make a list of how many people like you lmfaoo

  88. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 30, 2014

    Well, glad 97% of TGJ commentators can finally agree on something; Rita’s a flop tramp from the slums of the middle east…

  89. FutureCIARA January 30, 2014



  90. Adam January 31, 2014

    I live reading that grape juice but I have never ever known a site so full of haters. I swear there isn’t a single topic that gets posted up on here where at least half the comments aren’t hating! So sad that people are so miserable in their own lives they have to have just a negative view of the world. Smh. Praying for them.

  91. Yonce January 31, 2014

    Rita Ora can really sing!!!
    The navy sees Rita Ora as a threat
    Because if Rita could never take out Rihanna
    Why attack her and say mean things about her
    If the navy knows that Rihanna is better why boughter
    Dear navy educate yourselflves
    Stop insulting other artiste because your proving how s*** Riri
    That’s why anyone is a threat to her , don’t take me wrong
    I do love her and I like her music , but I will never consider myself
    To be apart of the navy because they are mean and they need to educate themselves
    Talking s*** about other artiste won’t make Rihanna better
    I love bey , I consired myself to bey apart of the bey hive because
    Bey makes me proud , the hive are not all perfect some of us can be mean
    But the navy are worse
    Anyways Rita Ora is great let her do her thing

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