Lil Wayne Announces ‘Tha Carter V’ Release Date / Set For Chart Battle With Mariah Carey

Published: Saturday 15th Feb 2014 by Sam

Watch out Mariah Carey!

After months of speculation, Hip-Hop titan Lil Wayne has confirmed the release date of his hotly anticipated album, ‘Tha Carter V’. And let’s just say, Weezy is set for a chart showdown with diva Mimi.

Details after the jump…

According to Miss Info, Wayne appeared on stage as Drake’s special guest at Sprite’s NBA All-Star concert tonight and confirmed to the New Orleans crowd that the LP will arrive on…

May 5th 2014

The date was echoed by Drake who added “May 5th, that’s all we focused on” before launching into a performance of ‘HYFR’.

Complex Magazine’s Joe La Puma, who was also in attendance, took to Twitter to confirm the news:


The date places Wayne in direction competition with Mariah’s new album – which is confirmed to arrive a day later on May 6th.

So come May, are you Team Mimi or Team Young Money?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Weezybaby February 15, 2014

    as long as weezy is back on the cyrup not rapping abt fake life fake mula it will be team weezy and it depends with who is producing this type of s*** the old wayne yes the new wayne????

  2. Thenormajeane February 15, 2014

    Team MARIAH.

  3. fan4mc February 15, 2014


  4. : ( smh February 15, 2014

    Lil Wayne will outsell Mariah easily!
    It could be another “I am not a human being compilation type album” and still out sell her..I mean Barbara Streisand did with no hit single or anything

  5. Theman February 15, 2014

    The “I Am” compilation didn’t really sale that well.. So it’s bullshyt.. He could’ve released his album whenever. Who gives a shyt tho..

  6. Theman February 15, 2014

    TEAM MC THO !!!!

  7. Basura Caliente February 15, 2014

    Cant he come up with another damn album title in his life?

  8. h2o February 15, 2014

    “Set For Chart Battle With Mariah Carey”

  9. Brazilian Beyoncé February 15, 2014

    Team Mariah Carey …

    I bought both the original and remix single 🙂

    I’m never ever supporting weezy again! Last album was a disappointment 🙁

  10. Molly February 15, 2014


  11. Arie February 15, 2014

    Their fighting Nicki’s battles again.

  12. Brazilian Beyoncé February 15, 2014

    I hope rihanna releases this fall

  13. LOL February 15, 2014


  14. DIGGER BEY February 15, 2014

    This sh*t is so comical lmao. 1) Lil Wayne will WIN HANDS DOWN! 2) MooMoo will push The Art Of Being A Hasbeen B*tch Back. 3) She’s one of those Scared Weak B*tches. Whatever single she has out, if its flopping. Pushback. 4) Currently You’re My Flop is heading out of Itunes top 100 songs. 5) This Scared B*tch doesn’t have enough confidence to just drop the album. 6) Gurl just RETIRE.

  15. DIGGER BEY February 15, 2014

    If all stands, this will be the outcome. Lil Wayne 350k – 600k. MooMoo 60k – 200k. 200K might be a lil to high for Hogiah though

  16. DIGGER BEY February 15, 2014

    Molly….Shouldn’t u be Team Citranny??? No wonder Citranny is always FLOPPING. Her stans are either broke(like Molly) or rather support others KIIIIIII #I CAN’T

  17. Valencia February 15, 2014

    Lol! The last TC album sold almost 1m first week and the one before that did 1.1m. Mariah will lose this battle, no doubt especially if he goes back to the old Wayne. No ones checking for Mariah anymore it ain’t 1995

  18. Jdek February 15, 2014

    Why are we pretending moo isn’t gonna push back her album tho?

  19. FAF February 15, 2014

    Idk Mariah might be #1 first week but then Wayne will take over #1 the following week… bc wayne doesn’t really promote

    I am not a human being went gold off his name alone

  20. Rosie February 15, 2014

    AND my fave is likely releasing on the same week? Which probably won’t happen since May 1 is a Thursday.

    Wayne will do 700K+ though. Moo might as well push her album back again.

  21. JER February 15, 2014

    Mimi push the date forward a week and get that #1

  22. GREEKGOD February 15, 2014

    Camp Young Money because Wayne’s Carter albums always does well. Even his worst album to date went gold. Young Money is on fire this year.

  23. IStanForYourFav February 15, 2014

    Ladiesand gentlemen, it’s very obvious that Wayne will top Madam Mimi her first week because MC never kills first week sales. Even her highest selling albums that are some of the top selling albums in history, she never pushed 500,000 a week. She always, excluding Memoirs, just stays on the charts with 100,000+ sold a week. Thebest bet will be to push the record up an entire month, not week, and drop an up tempo single. The album actually seems like it’s promising excluding the delays, injuries, and just plain stupidity on her team. I’ll only be Team Mimi if she does it right. I can’t talk about her music reoncentiom because Wayne’s music reinvention is just as awful. I was able to deal with the E=MC2 record Thanks to For the Record, Side Effects, and a few others but besides Lollipop Wayne has had nothing to offer my iTunes library since Tha Carter II. Good luck to both parties.

  24. FAF February 15, 2014



    citrAnny is having a REAL pregnancy what about consuela (blue’s REAL mom) ??????????


  25. Theman February 15, 2014

    Uh “TEOM” sold 415k E=mc2 468k Memoirs 168k Her other albums sold around 240k and a little more. She’s a very very consistent seller.. So she has very good openings tho. Weezy has huge openings with his “Carter” series.. There are very artists who can pull in those numbers, heck Kanye/Jay couldnt even do it with their last efforts.. Everything doesn’t always have to be uptempo to a strong song either..

  26. TC!! February 15, 2014

    pfff #lambily

  27. IStanForYourFav February 15, 2014

    @THEMAN Calm down. I know this site is shady to Mariah, but I am completely the opposite. She is legend and no local blog can change that. What I was saying is the album should come out the same time that E=MC2 came out. April. I think May is too late. And I was simply saying the next single should be uptempo. Seriously speaking, if MC put this as the official second single and #Beautiful had been first, then this seriously would be the #NewEra. Mariah is a consistent seller. Her lowest selling album stands damn near 3 million with a top 10 and the longest standing number 1 in Brazil. Some could only dream. But you see my point. All of those albums are under 500k it’s first week even though they stand in multimillions worldwide to date. And btw I still don’t think Triumphant is a bad song, it’s not single worthy though. But I must say the lyrics she wrote for that (for Nick Cannon in the hospital & Whitney’s death) song are some of her best.

  28. Navy Commander February 15, 2014

    Who even buys Wayne’s music anymore? Like all his recent music is trash.

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