Ashanti Unwraps New ‘Braveheart’ Promo

Published: Saturday 1st Mar 2014 by Sam

Next week finally brings with it the release of Ashanti‘s much delayed ‘Braveheart’ LP.

And having served up a slew of singles and visuals in support of the set, the R&B belle continues to build buzz with this freshly unveiled promotional shot.

Granted that the punch-lines write themselves, we can’t say we’d have commissioned such a shoot. Still, we are eager to see how the project fares when it hits stores on March 4th. Will you be marching to the stores to buy next Tuesday?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihanna March 1, 2014

    Chile this album will flop big time.
    It took Ashanti three weeks to reach 1 million hits on the ‘I Got It Video’
    CHiiiile. lol

  2. nobitchassness March 1, 2014

    Giving me Olivia Pope in that pic.

    Braveheart is a good solid album… I’ll be buying.

  3. _yessir March 1, 2014

    BYE. Three weeks and reaching 1million views is NOT bad for an independent release, and not having major promotion.

  4. Basura Caliente March 1, 2014

    So beautiful.

  5. Slim March 1, 2014

    Ashanti is the underdog in the game right now. The majority of indie/independent artists NEVER does well compared to majors(besides Macklemore)… The reason being, the artists is FUNDING everything out of thier OWN pocket!

    I pray Ashanti nothing but success, this is an artist who is “so easy to hate” but she still doing this whether album sales or not. Speaks a lot about her determination and her character!

  6. Dante March 1, 2014

    Already pre-ordered. Very good album.

  7. camboFRESH March 1, 2014

    With Pharell G.I.R.L, Rick Ross Mastermind, A$AP MOB L.O.R.D & Ashanti BRAVEHEART all releasing the same week… I’m hoping Ashanti at least make it to top ten!

    She is the only Independent artist going against all the majors!

    Shes definitely BRAVEHEART!

    I’ll be making a trip to target!

  8. Xocio March 1, 2014

    Ashanti IS NOT THE ONLY ONE ARTIST GOING UP AGAINST A MAJOR LABEL, Mya just released her EP on her label and has been releasing music independently,

  9. angelface March 1, 2014


    it is bad sis. if she were a brand new artist then u might have a point. but to go from 500k the first week out to struggle ass youtube views………girrrrrl

  10. camboFRESH March 1, 2014

    Ashanti is the ONLY INDEPENDENT artist going against MAJORS next week!!!

    Wasn’t saying shes the only independent artist out there!

    Mya already released her project on Valentines day!

  11. Normajeane March 1, 2014

    Looks amazing. I pre ordered my copy last week. I can not wait.

  12. Js March 1, 2014

    Ashanti did not take 3 weeks to reach 1million. I got it reached 1million the same week it was released. Yall are pathetic. She has more success and character than any of you will ever possess

  13. Scars March 1, 2014

    Ok soo I listened to this album and it’s safe to say it’s Amazing you have to give the woman credit all her songs are writin by her and she still remains loyal to RNB !! I’m sure most people have forgotten that her first three albums went platinum and the last one went gold thinking about all the singer that have came b4 and even after her she still a FORCE even independently …… Although her personality is very boring and unlikable the b**** has her own Grammy……… (brandy, Monica , mya, ciara,faith, slyeena, have won but not as a single artist only as feat ) buy the album

  14. D March 1, 2014

    Some people try to hard to hate… her ‘I Got It’ video hasn’t even BEEN OUT 3 weeks, so how could it have taken 3 weeks to reach a million. SMH, btw she reached a million in a little under 13 days.

  15. Sundayluv March 1, 2014

    Ashanti is about something that is not superficial. She seems real and has more substance than alot of folks. She is a leader and respect her. So yes I will purchase the album!

  16. Casual March 1, 2014

    Ashanti needs to send Sam a thank you card, b/c he has been shouting her out all these years, even if with a little shade. But no publicity is bad publicity . . .

    While the struggle may be real, keep in mind that Ashanti is in a different ballgame royalty-wise because she’s an independent artist. She isn’t getting cents on the dollar from her record sales and income from streaming. She gets it all minus fees charged by iTunes and other retailers. So, even if she only sells 10k first week, she makes more money than any of the haters here made last year.

  17. Toohotfortv March 1, 2014

    Well isn’t this sad?… Looka this h** standing at the grave site of her dead career.

  18. TheOuyonb March 1, 2014

    You’re an idiot. She’s an independent artist with no machine to promote her. They have plenty on major labels who don’t ever hit a million views.

  19. KingBee March 2, 2014

    Ok even tho she not King B I must say this album is very solid like I dnt even have to skip 1 song on the album she definitely getting my coins on whatever day her album comes out hopefully it give her album sales some justice.

  20. Myron March 3, 2014

    Her Album comes out tomorrow EVERYBODY!!!! GO COP IT!!!!!!!!! Its A MUST Listen!!!!!!!!

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