K.Michelle: “I Had A Drinking Problem”



As ever, honesty was the name of K.Michelle‘s game this month, when she made her way to ‘Hot 97‘ for an interview with its long-running program director Ebro Darden.

While there, after revealing that they were once came close to starting a romantic relationship, the pair sailed to the topic of alcoholism, and its affect on Michelle’s behaviour before she realised she had developed a drinking problem.

How she managed to beat the habit?

Her inspiring truth below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. FutureCIARA March 16, 2014


  2. Kristi March 16, 2014

    Love her and her honesty. i can’t wait to see her in concert Monday.

  3. Mariah’s butterfly March 16, 2014

    No one cares she’s ghetto trash.

  4. REBELLIOUSxSOUL March 16, 2014

    Someone whose recent album outsold cierrors that’s who f****!!!

  5. Tiffany Jackson March 16, 2014

    I like her & all but why in every interview she be talking so damn LOUD!

  6. Gregg March 16, 2014

    I been drankin…. i been drankin

  7. nivea March 17, 2014


  8. Nick C** March 23, 2014

    I cannot bare this women. She’s ridiculous. She thinks she’s “real” oh f*** off. Her album was soooooo dull.

    Shame cause she has talent, but she needs to keep her mouth s***.

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