Watch: ‘SXSW’ Attendees React To Lady GaGa ‘Puking’ Controversy

Published: Saturday 15th Mar 2014 by David

Demi Lovato may have hated it, but what did attendees of Lady GaGa‘s recent ‘South by South West’ think of the vomit-stained set?

Well…their opinions varied. Ranging from shocked to impressed, their responses will captured minutes after the show ended by British publication ‘NME’, who have no shared their footage with the rest of the world.

Will you agree with the remarks made in the clip?

Find out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lady Gaga Is A Scam March 15, 2014

    Revealed: Lady Gaga’s charity foundation took in $2.6 million – but paid out just one $5,000 grant and spent hundreds of thousands on expenses
    Millions spent on lawyers, consultants and PR for Born This Way charity
    $500,000 alone went on mammoth 23-date bus tour of America
    ‘Social media development’ cost foundation bosses $50,000
    Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta is the organisation’s unpaid president

  2. Wendy Willams’ Tea March 15, 2014

    Yet another entertainer who clearly did not get enough attention as a child. Pretty sad that she is becoming classless, vile and disgusting….just like her Monsters.

  3. The Edge of Septic Tank March 15, 2014

    Her worst performance to date after ‘Do What U Want’ at AMAs with R Kelly.

    I just am so tired of the word “art” thrown around these days by pop singers, but especially Gaga overuses it. Think about it. Do great rock bands/pop bands carry on about their art when they discuss their music? They just try to write good songs and let their songs speak for themselves. I’d like her to explain this whole concept of “art” that she talks so endlessly about, and that apparently so many people like Billboard, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Glamour, The Telegraph (UK) need schooling on.

    Gaga needs to be kicked out away maybe Alaska and return to her point of origin. We don’t need this left wing gas bag spewing her garbage of America, our rights, and our customs from within our own shores. Gaga is an attention seeker. Her sole motivation is to be famous. Nothing more nothing less. Thank god, I didn’t buy tickets for “The artGRAVE Ball Tour 2014”.

    RIP Lady Gaga (2008-2013) 🙁

  4. Baby AA March 15, 2014

    Promoting mentally unstable demented people and behaviors like this
    dirty thing is so disgusting and so typical of today’s garbage that they
    pimp out like this; the entire act belongs in one of those old mental
    asylums for lunatics and the deranged. This is not music, art or
    expression; this is pure mental derangement.

  5. Kim Kardashian stan March 15, 2014

    Wheres my bittch @Rosie at? i need to know if Artpop really sold 2.5 million worldwide like Gaga is claiming.

  6. BeyWhoUWanna March 15, 2014

    I need a new singer to come out now, I’m really considering stopping stanning for Beyonce right now and all of this Gaga nonsense is getting on my nerves too. I want to support people who are straight forward and I really feel like Beyonce has become too insecure to be herself and Gaga’s too egotistical to see how she’s coming across too.

  7. Kim Kardashian stan March 15, 2014

    but Beyonce isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary unlike Gaga who is gross Beyonce isn’t pure garbage like gags @Beywho

  8. Lana Del Slay March 15, 2014

    I’m so disappointed that Billboard is starting to lie in their articles. They said AP had sold 2.5 million when we all know that that is a big fat lie. She hasn’t even sold 800k in the US and they would have known this so why did they publish something knowing that it wasn’t true?

  9. nivea March 15, 2014

    i believe u guys are dragging lady gaga a little to hard in the mudd! when ur performance has mad headlines all over the country, youve done something right!!

  10. Kunty Perrism March 15, 2014

    People are laughing at her; not with her.

    She needs help. Anyone actually supporting her, needs the same treatment.

    Interscope/Universal record should put GaGa in an insane asylum.

  11. BeyWhoUWanna March 15, 2014

    Girl I know what you mean, but I’ve been a fan of her since I was seven years old and something is really off with her. The stan’s can’t tell but the real fans can.

  12. Lamb4Life March 15, 2014

    Check out Rolling Stone .com “Lady Gaga Stages Dramatic Performance-Art Spectacle at SXSW” comment section.

    400 over comments and Monsters are pretending to fall asleep!


  13. QueenCeline March 15, 2014

    She really thinks this stunt is helping her doesn’t she?

  14. Lady Gaga Is A Scam March 15, 2014

    Lady TRASH is so disgusting.

    This fits her perfect! Talk about LOW DOWN TRASH!

    Trailer Park Trash is the best for this UGLY DOG FACE GARBAGE is.

    I want to throw up when I see her Pic. What a DOG FACE VOMIT GIRL.

  15. Betsy Ross March 15, 2014

    I won’t accept that as an art..

  16. Molly March 15, 2014

    I feel Gaga and Miley give this generation of musicians such a bad name they make it about the shock value and not the music smh i want more artist like Whitney Sade and Hell even more Taylor swifts im so sick of seeing these females degrade themselves for attention it’s sad.

  17. JohnVidal March 15, 2014

    Puke. Swine. Gaga. Flop

    It all fits together……..

  18. JanetXone March 15, 2014

    Gaga is like a spoiled child, they behave when they get what they want but will act out once the think they’re being denied of something.

  19. Nessi March 15, 2014

    Whatevs, I’ve been puking on people for years and ain’t no one called that s*** art! I do believe the police referred to it as drunk and disorderly conduct though.

  20. XO March 15, 2014

    Her gimmick has reached its peak.
    Time to go away quietly. Nobody is impressed. This is just another desperate attempt that gone wild and pathetic.
    I feel bad for her fans.


  21. Molly March 15, 2014

    And its so sad because i know we all used gaga at some point smh she really lost me during born this way era i couldn’t deal with the antics she became to bizarre for me whatever drugs she’s on she definitely needs to get help for it because at this point Gaga is really fuckked up in the head

  22. ARTPOP 3.99 per upload March 15, 2014

    Can’t blame her. When ARTSLOPE sold cheaper than a box of Tampons in Tesco and Wallmart, what else can she do?

  23. Aguilera’sHeart March 15, 2014

    Is it any wonder people are running to people like Lorde? Just as talented but comes without any of the drama.

  24. Wendy Willams’ Tea March 15, 2014

    For lack of real singing talent. Ridiculous. If you are a great singer
    your vocals and ability to connect with your audience when you perform
    will carry you you – and you wouldn’t need to do this #$%$. I think she
    has some talent, but all the distraction she exhibits with her over the
    top pseudo creativity diminishes her as a singing talent, and takes her
    more of a spectacle than singer.

    The woman is sick and has issues.

  25. Molly March 15, 2014

    @Aguilera you’re right lorde lets her music speak for itself no extra drama coming from her no headlines needed.

  26. Lady Gynagornorhhea March 15, 2014

    It’s sad that people need to dress like a s*** or do stupid gimmicks just to sell their music and/or put bodies in the seats at their concerts. I miss those days when the majority of musicians had musical talent.

  27. Whoreprah Winfry March 15, 2014

    She was simplay channeling Beyonce. 😆

  28. The Edge of Septic Tank March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga is the epitome of white thrash !

  29. Kitty March 15, 2014

    Gaga and Miley are setting new standards in desperation. I pray for this new generation.

  30. dark horse March 15, 2014

    Meanwhile Madonna and Katy are just watching this girl fall apart. Wouldn’t be surprised if Gaga has a Britney meltdown.

  31. Riri4Ever March 15, 2014

    Everyone’s trying to push the shock factor. When you have to pull crap like this your career is basically over. Just like Miley, Lana and Beyoncé .

    Embarrassing to be their fans.

  32. Your Supreme March 15, 2014

    Gaga is so over. She’s exhausted every trick in the book to remain interesting and relevant.

  33. Riri4Ever March 15, 2014

    She is paying tribute to a boderline has been named like Beyawnzzze`

  34. dark horse March 15, 2014

    Shout Out to Katy Britney Beyonce Rihanna Lorde Lana and Mariah who never had to stoop to all time lows just to stay in the news or to sell music. People like Miley & Gaga belong is circuses

  35. The truth hurts March 15, 2014

    No surprise @ those delusional reactions from the gays
    Death @2.5 million sold figure cause not even pure heroine is near there and it’s been outselling ARTPOP the whole time and has been out longer. ARTPOP isn’t even near 2 million.

  36. SoGone4Monica March 15, 2014

    Now I see why my grandparents think my generation is trash.

  37. Janet No1 March 15, 2014

    Anything for attention after her last album flopped…just like Mariah Carey after The Memoirs of Imperfect Seagull.

  38. Beyawnzzzzze` March 15, 2014

    Selling shock is just wearing off. This was repulsive, if I had paid for a ticket I would have demanded my money back. No respect for anyone who has to do something like this just to get attention.

  39. Beyawnzzzzze` March 15, 2014

    Would be nice if Jay Z could puke on Bey fake bleached skin. 😉

  40. Wendy Willams’ Tea March 15, 2014

    Rumour has it… Rihanna came to the show and tried to sing.


  41. Trailer Park Barbie March 15, 2014

    this weird mess was sponsored by Doritos?? What kind of trailer park floppage? . I would have puked too sis, shoulda had a bag of cool ranch open and puked THAT on Gaga.

  42. cali cutie March 15, 2014

    But Gaga is worse then Miley i think Miley has better sense than to have someone throw up on her i think gaga will do anything like bite a bats head off like the B**** is crazy ass s***.

  43. Dossome March 15, 2014

    I just fell in love with this woman the minute i heard YOU & I and instantly got hooked…I don’t like majority of what she does,because honestly she really doesn’t need to do those things considering her talent.Well,once the backlash dies out,go back to the drawing board,let your art do the talking,do intimate shows that showcase just the voice,keep off cheap controversy and put out that jazz album that’s your ultimate calling then we’re YOU..

  44. Lana Del Gay March 15, 2014

    Congrats Gaga bit*h ur officially more f*cked up than Smelly Cyrus

  45. Lady Gagarbage March 15, 2014

    That is just GROSS!!! She has to try to find a way to top Mileys disgusting acts on stage but this is over the top.. NASTY!!!! What is the entertainment world coming to!!! Wow, all her fans might think this is cool but its disgusting just like she is now.

  46. cali cutie March 15, 2014

    When i see Miley i see someone sane when i see Gaga i see someone insane and mentally unstable…

  47. cali cutie March 15, 2014

    lemme go listen to dark horse

  48. ARTPUKE March 15, 2014

    Next.. Gaga will be eating her own tampon on stage !! Just wait…. 🙁

  49. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    When did gaga sell 2.5million with artpop?

  50. Artpoop March 15, 2014

    @PerezHilton I’m going to do a shitty performance art piece at my @SXSW party tomorrow where a few people take a crap on me! Any volunteers? #ArtPoop

  51. ARTPUKE March 15, 2014

    She’s I’d ugliest w**** in showbisness! The most disgusting piece of flesh ever!! Has no phucking brains and should really be locked up in crazy house!!!!!!

  52. For Lack Of A Better Name March 15, 2014

    Vomiting isn’t art…the bar has been lowered so much to accommodate talentless hacks that real art, people with talent, are seen as blasé. Edgy+perverse does not equate to talent.

  53. Artpoop March 15, 2014

    “We’ve sold 2.5 million copies of ARTPOP ww. I’m sorry I didn’t sell a million 1st week! I’m held to such an insane standard.” – Lady Gaga

  54. REST IN PEACE March 15, 2014

    This is a ‘new low’ even for a FREAK like this thing – ugh. Another talent-less dirt bag …

  55. Effie March 15, 2014

    The devil makes u do sick things

  56. Kunty Perrism March 15, 2014

    Poop and puke..Monsters dont mind because they get used to it.


  57. Dossome March 15, 2014

    Ummm,let’s not act like we don’t stan for BB when it goes throwing fabricated stats on our favs….If 2.5 Million is false,which it is,then everything BB reports about our favs worlwide sales is false too since they don’t track world sales 😉

  58. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    All these new names……….

  59. Thank U So Much March 15, 2014

    Congratulations. Gaga will b remembered as an artist who covered with vomit for the rest of her life.


  60. Artpoop March 15, 2014

    The desperate singer who had to get puked on to make headlines, has Bill O Racist talked about this story yet?

  61. Wendy Willams’ Tea March 15, 2014

    I cant wait for the next show when Gaga has a Mexican man who ate 100 burritos drop a huge crap mess from his ass into her italian mouth in front of Monsters.

    Standing- ovation worthy. You think? 😆

  62. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    @Dossome …..Okkkk I’m giving BB the side eye…..

  63. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    Wonder what bill has to say about all this.

  64. Dossome March 15, 2014

    @Rich…now we’re talking 🙂

  65. Mariah4Life March 15, 2014

    ……And I would LOVE to spit on that pig named like Caca.

  66. XtineLera March 15, 2014

    Next she will be eating her own poo

  67. K Byeeeee March 15, 2014

    Not sure what her message was, but riding on a pig and having a girl puke on you is not art. She admits to having had a problem with bulimia and now she’s doing this? I am not a fan, won’t ever be a fan.

  68. christinastherealtalent March 15, 2014

    Only Gaga’s hardcore stans like what she did. They’re just as ignorant as she is. They both have a misunderstanding of what “art” is.

  69. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    @Richie_rich shut you dumb bitchh you are easy to manipulate

  70. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    Gaga is TRASH like Miley Rihanna Beyonce Kesha etc

  71. Jdek March 15, 2014

    Just a mess an attention seeking mess. Lady GAG-a is PATHETIC and shows how attention seeking, sad, talentless and awful this new generation is becoming. #when to far goesToo far

  72. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    lil monsters need to be questioning their sanity.

  73. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    Gaga does make this generation look like garbage with no morals.

  74. Jdek March 15, 2014

    @citranny Stan

    Kii you wanna talk about trash? Let’s go right into cierrors album sales. 57k kiii

  75. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    Rihanna = Trashy Whoree
    Beyonce = Desperate Whoree
    Gaga = Unstable Whoree
    Miley = Classless slutty Whoree
    Kesha = Insecure Whoreee

  76. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    Sweetie Ciara actually was raised right and has morals unlike Rihanna and Beyonce thanks.

  77. iconic cici March 15, 2014

    Beyonce and Rihanna sell because they are devil worshippers who sold their soul unlike Ciara

  78. OrangeJuiceInstead March 15, 2014

    Maybe its just too late for Gaga to get it together…….


  79. Jdek March 15, 2014

    After this comment I will no longer respond. Really though devil worshippers? I don’t talk to 14 year olds. Goodbye 57k….

  80. Miley half Sister March 15, 2014

    Some celebrities use gimmicks and publicity stunts to remain ‘relevant’ and talked about. I’m no longer shocked or surprised at some of the ridiculous behaviour they display.

  81. Guest March 15, 2014

    The Idiot of Pop !!!!

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  82. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    @iconic trash ….suck my asshole lips with a soda on the side

  83. Wendys’ Teabag March 15, 2014

    .. have to puke ! This normal every time I see her name.


  84. Ex- Monster March 15, 2014

    Ok. I’m officially done with Gaga, not even her music is fun anymore.

  85. Tobey M March 15, 2014

    Lady Gaga sucks.

    She’s a nasty stunt queen and her music is vile which is why she’s always trying to one up it with some terrible train wreck. She also heads a charity that it’s now being reported has collected 2.1 million dollars but only awarded $5000 to the charity. It did fun her last tour in part though. I mean this chick is a fraud. From her fake hair to her fake nose to her fake everything else. This is FART not Art. It’s a disgrace.

  86. Flop Like Lady GaGa March 15, 2014

    Sad..very sad. Thing about trying to push the envelope is that eventually you get to the point where there isn’t anywhere left to go.

  87. Dirty laundry March 15, 2014

    Only gays enjoy her unholy crap.

  88. Rosie March 15, 2014

    Why haven’t the Fadga stans come out of hibernation yet? They must’ve jumped ship by now. And Chartflop still isn’t outselling Born To Die on iTunes or on most countries’ official charts for that matter.
    44. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
    N/A. Lady Gaga – Artpop
    75. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
    140. Lady Gaga – Artpop
    84. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
    131. Lady Gaga – Artpop
    46. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
    N/A. Lady Gaga – Artpop
    iTunes USA:
    112. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
    156. Lana Del Rey – Paradise
    239. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die: The Paradise Edition
    276. Lady Gaga – ARTPOP

  89. Dirty laundry March 15, 2014

    Well Gaga has a Grammy unlike Lana so you shouldn’t speak Rosie

  90. Anti Gaga Club March 15, 2014

    Of course Gaga had to do some freaky, cheap and nasty cabaret like this.

    She knows that her time is up and Lady Gaga’s season is over after her last album Born This Way. It’s all about Miley and Katy now. And ARTPOP will be remembered as “an epic flop album of the millennium”.

    Good isn’t it? 😀

  91. RICHIE_RICH March 15, 2014

    @Dirty Laundry ….And not all gays enjoy this s*** nor like lady gaga

  92. Dirty laundry March 15, 2014

    @Richie_Rich well Gaga is associated with gays so the media makes it out to seem like all gays love her crazy weird ass.

  93. woman to woman March 15, 2014

    i wonder what gimmicks Lana will do so people can buy her new album.

  94. Rosie March 15, 2014

    And neither got dropped from their label, unlike your fave, Dirty Laundry.

  95. Rosie March 15, 2014

    Lana doesn’t rely on gimmicks sweetie. That’s why her tour can sell out in less than two hours with no promo or payola. Does anyone know OffKeyshia outside of the US?

  96. woman to woman March 15, 2014

    Keyshia toured in Europe sweetie and she actually has vocal talent something Lana strongly lacks. And Keyshia has 3 platinum albums babe. she doesn’t like Lana.

  97. woman to woman March 15, 2014

    struggle like lana*

  98. woman to woman March 15, 2014

    Calling Keyshia offkey yet shes sings 10x better than Lana talentless basic bitxh ass.

  99. beyugly March 15, 2014

    Truly desperate!! I remember it said it was going to the moon to sing….lmaoo.the struggle

  100. Mark111 March 15, 2014

    Yaaaawwnnnnnn. . .

  101. room319 March 15, 2014

    Starting to understand the similarities of a few Interscope signees:

    The first “controversial” product/agenda pushed during certain eras would be N.W.A.
    Fast forward… Marilyn Manson, Eminem, and Gaga (the list is longer but these individuals immediately come to mind)

    Outspoken people who have been used to go “over the cliff” with shock antics , influencing the masses.

    Change is happening… and quickly. Taboo is continuing to be aggressively introduced as the “norm”.

    Hoping all of the above mentioned have good friends and family truly care after success – Jimmy dropped Marilyn, 50 Cent, etc once the hype is over and sales start to slum (many of which form extra habits and have to cope w/starting from square one)

  102. Silva Sunto March 15, 2014

    Please retire, Gaga !!!!!!!

  103. Metzo March 15, 2014

    Beyonce doesn’t have to do extra things to get headlines and sell albums or to stay relevant. She’s not even doing promo, no t.V interviews, no appearances, only two t.v performances since the album has dropped.
    A desperate w**** would do gimmicks and the most shocking things to get people’s attention and sell albums. Beyonce is doing none of that. Proof: she dropped a surprise album with no warning. She just dropped the master piece like “Here, ya’ll can have the album now” and continued on being on vacation, minding her own business and headlining her sold out tour. No gimmicks, no attention seeking acts.

    So I don’t get it when people say Beyonce is desperate. #Invalid.

  104. LEAKED IT March 15, 2014

    Gaga’s new song Brooklyn Nights…sucks so bad.


  105. DIGGER BEY March 15, 2014

    Wow! This has the be the Biggest Top to Bottom fall ever in the music industry.In the shortest time. GGaga is literally throwing everything to stay relevant and remain an public staple. Gurl this is sooo disgusting and vile! Gaga in her 5years of music isn’t use to flopping, so she goes and do some sh*t like this to seek attention. #SMDH

  106. Iconic cici March 15, 2014

    Sam she has a new song out.

  107. HIMEROS March 15, 2014

    Its been a while, I know i’ve kept you waiting but i’m here now.

  108. HIMEROS March 15, 2014

    Again with the people that don’t do their research.
    The born this way foundation was never a sponsorship or a charity.
    Its a counselling foundation and awareness organization just like “Be a star” and “make a wish”
    Dumb swines that can only read a headline.
    *plays spice girls headline*
    Did you guys know that billboard is going to ADD the sxsw performance streams on youtube to gaga’s ratings on the charts?
    So each song that gets view on youtube gets those numbers?
    Thank you general public.
    Chartnews : lady gaga Artpop
    (1, 720 000)
    It over took bangerz
    A – R – T -P – O -P

  109. HIMEROS March 15, 2014

    You know she’s “over” when there are 100 + comments on a post with her name in it.

    Over is Lana Depressed ray. WHO checks for her? WHO? LOL

    Go to any blog about music and when a lana post comes up, she’s lucky to scrape 12 comments.

    The same critics that said “flop for artpop” are the same people praising the sxsw performance.

    Her tour is doing REALY well and she’s worth 190 mil.

    5 grammys.



    Lana stans for Donald duck while demi stans for macdonalds

  110. HIMEROS March 15, 2014

    The last time queen gaga was “over” like this, she was getting 400+ comments when born this way came out

  111. Mark111 March 15, 2014

    ^And we’ll see it fall right off the charts the week after, just like Dope. oops.

    That’s the point, she use cheap tricks, and that’s why the GP is over her. She’s done, stick a fork in her career. She’s too ugly to use s** to sell. The freaky dressing pop stars trend and EDM are dead. See how Nicki and Katy switched it up?

  112. The truth hurts March 15, 2014

    Poor old himeros having to defend his flop fave all on his own cause all the other fadga stans are in hiding.
    And death at gaga having to use streams from her live performances to boost chart positions. The desperation. The album charts don’t lie and the only conclusive thing they say is that ARTPOP is a flop that is dropping off the face planet as we speak. Get ready for fadga to release a rushed follow up to try and recoup her losses and then flop even more spectacularly.
    Death at you trying to say no one is checking for lana when her US tour has 16x demand for the number of seats available and sold out venues in seconds.

  113. Mark111 March 15, 2014

    Mind you, Gags last two albums are in the top 5 biggest 2nd week drop in BB history. Just hype.

  114. Rosie March 15, 2014

    Death at it hoping Swine will go top ten when only 23,000 people were checked into the live stream at it’s peak. That’s 13x less than the amount of people who watched the YouTube thing. IceJJFish gets more YouTube views than that in less than 20 minutes. The decline is real.
    And it using comments on a urban blog that no one gives a s*** about as proof that Fadga is not over. TGJ is not Rolling Stone, NME, Pitchfork, Stereogum. It’s not even Sandra Rose. No one gives a s*** about her anymore. Most entertainment sites are barely reporting on Fad’s disgusting publicity stunt.
    Meanwhile, Lana, who is a “nonfactor/has-been/Tumblr artist/nobody” and who “no one is checking for” according to the delusional closet bottoms on this site, is selling out venues in seconds with no current single or album out and has tickets selling for 16x the original value on Stubhub, all while currently charting above Fadga in almost every major market with a two-year old album that had little US support at first and little promo.

  115. JOHNVIDAL March 16, 2014

    So every single reaction by the attendees was “weird” but really “good show”. Proving she´s a good performer and musician once more.
    That said I find it disgusting and not appealing at all. I don´t want to watch it and that´s it. Just enjoy “Artpop” guys 🙂
    *plays “Venus” at the Thankgiving Muppets special with real vocals*
    and *plays Madonna´s “Forbidden Love”* after that, cos I´m in the mood.

  116. JOHNVIDAL March 16, 2014

    And Wow, again, as it has been for the last year or more, 85% of the comments on a Lady Gaga post are unknown users saying the same thing again and again no matter the topic in hand. I mean, the same troll or couple of trolls leaving comments under different names. The fact that someone wastes so much time on that, on pure hate… I mean, don´t you have a home, a job, a family, a friend, house cleaning to do, something?

  117. dezi March 16, 2014

    I remember when beyonce and her stans used to ride on gaga’s coattails like crazy. When gaga was topping everybody the bee-hive was like “The Monsters and the Bee-hive love each other we don’t have stan wars” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well the reason why the hive didn’t want a stan war with the MONSTERS is because lady gaga was snatching everybody’s wig so the Hive said “Well since we can’t beat the Monsters we’ll join them” LOL!

    Now that lady gaga’s popularity is declining they have the nerve to be up in here trying to drag the lady because they no longer have a purpose for her (So they think) tell you about disloyal m************. Um sooo Why are you hive members talking about the lady so bad when she let your fav (Beyonce) hop on her wagon? Remember what goes up must come down nobody stays on top forever. Also some artists are just better at manipulating the public they have their stans and people who lack common sense under the false illusion that they’re winning when in reality they’re not.

  118. James March 16, 2014

    Lady Gaga is one sick b****.

  119. DIGGER BEY March 16, 2014

    All b*tch STFU. THE HIVE have never rode Lady Caca coat tail. Neither has THE QUEEN. Lady Caca is the one who wanted those collabos and start talking about “when she saw THE QUEEN in SMN video, she knew she wanted to become an singer”. THE HIVE was the ones who was dragggging stans, when the monsters tried to come for us and got draggggged. Them b*tches was the ones who thought Lady Caca was untouchable, just like Taylor and Adele stans act. Well some of them but like u said. What goes up must come down and Lady Caca came down in record time lmao

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