Watch: Rita Ora Rocks ‘The Tonight Show’ With ‘I Will Never Let You Down’

Published: Wednesday 23rd Apr 2014 by Sam

The US campaign for Rita Ora‘s new album kicked off in stellar style tonight.

For, the British-bred star brought her unique brand to ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

There, the Roc Nation priori performed new single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ – which received its Stateside release today.

Vocals, paint, and a whole lot of energy await after the jump…

Great performance!

With the track already racing up the iTunes 100, Ms. Ora could very well be onto her first US hit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. metzo April 23, 2014

    She did a good job. Why does she remind me of Rihanna tho..

    • sleazy April 23, 2014

      you one of those people who hears something then runs with it you just read all the comparisions and the fact that they with Jay Z Nothing about Rita gives rihanna what reminds you of rih the fact that rita has talent?

    • Paradise April 23, 2014

      Because Rihanna did this at the Brit Awards We Found Love

  2. CherylSoldier April 23, 2014

    I wanted more. This was like 2009 Rihanna or 2014 Katy Perry.

    • Molly April 23, 2014

      lol right

      • BadGyalRita April 23, 2014

        Looool, iconic! PlaybackCheryl strikes again!

      • CherylSoldier April 23, 2014

        Where’s the shade? Cheryl is known
        For her performances. You can’t deny that

    • Tyler April 23, 2014

      She sings better than them. No need to diss her.

  3. CherylSoldier April 23, 2014

    If you sing a pop-dance song, you better learn how to dance for the live performance!!

    • BeySting April 23, 2014

      Sis, not when you stan for Local Tweedy. The only place she can book stages are at ITV shows and if she’s lucky The Voice. Do you think she could ever book Glastonbury let alone a US talk show with that wafer thin voice of hers? Oh no the f*** she could not, so sit.

      • CherylSoldier April 23, 2014

        B**** what did your comment have to do
        With anything I said?

      • Tyler April 23, 2014

        Wafer thin voice? You don’t even know what you’re talking about. She sings better than 90% of the pop stars today.

    • Justsaying April 23, 2014

      It’s pretty known that Cheryl can’t sing, as the video in a previous comment attests. The poster was only implying that if you sing a pop-dance song, you better learn how to sing for a live performance.

      The comment was shady for sure, but I’m glad was able to show you the light 🙂

      • CherylSoldier April 23, 2014

        Unfortunately you didn’t enlighten anyone.
        Being that it’s the pop dance genre, the
        Performance is more important than the vocals.
        Rita clearly wasn’t going for the vocals or she
        Would’ve released a ballad. She was jumping
        Up and down doing absolutely nothing on
        Stage, not making anyone want to buy her song.
        Try again with the cheryl shade.

  4. Molly April 23, 2014

    She looks cute but seriously looks like a Rihanna/Beyonce hybrid anyways the song is weak & the vocals mediocre.

    • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

      How on Earth does a Ciara fan call anyone’s vocal performance mediocre???? Lmao Rita has a wider vocal range and soul to her voice. She has power. Ciara cant even whisper on key. Embarrassing!

      • Molly April 23, 2014

        Ciara doesn’t have the strongest vocals but she makes up for that with her amazing dancing Ritas vocals are just basic and her dance skills are non existent oh and she lacks stage presence.

      • Kelly Kelly April 23, 2014

        Excuse me? I’m not a Ciara stan but please. Whora over here sounds like she’s about to damage her vocal chords in the song.

        That salamander needs to sit, Ciara will do more iconic things

      • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

        Lmao!! Ciara has no vocals at all. They don’t exists. And have a stadium of seats with that dancing excuse. The b*tch got signed to sing, not dance. I don’t care how well she can dance, she can’t sing worth a damn and that’s all that matters. Shed be better off as a back up dancer for Beyonce or someone.

    • Tyler April 23, 2014

      If her vocals are mediocre, than Rihanna’s are downright embarrassing. She’s awful. She looks good though, I’m not gonna lie. But, that’s it.

  5. Rita Slays April 23, 2014

    Great performance! I was a little worried last year when her performances kinda fell off vocally but this just shows that when she’s back session her voice is on point. I Will Never Let You Down is at #82 on US iTunes and rising steadily. I have a good feeling about this song! I just wish Roc Nation would’ve waited till today to release the video. Streaming would’ve helped her chart well. I see radio picking up on it soon though.

    • Yea April 23, 2014

      sorry but no…

      • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

        Yes. Yes b*tch, yes.

    • Yea April 23, 2014

      i like her but no to the song tho

  6. Yea April 23, 2014

    ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ …. but yet you did! she still trying?

  7. Yea April 23, 2014

    what now roc nation…..

  8. Rita Slays April 23, 2014

    I don’t see how she looks like Rihanna here. I get Beyonce because of the hair and skin tone, but that’s a reach. Rita has had her hair like that since last year.

    • Molly April 23, 2014

      Your fav has no identity of her own. lol

      • Lana Del Slay April 23, 2014

        The way Ciara’s career’s set up though.

      • Kelly Kelly April 23, 2014

        The way lana fails to stay relevant in her own country

      • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

        Your fav is a Janet Jackson clone. Right down to the lack of vocal ability. Lol.

  9. FutureCIARA April 23, 2014

    She sounded good if those weren’t pre-recorded vocals….

    But whats with the childish wedding dress, and messy paint everywhere… Im catching subliminal messages everywhere…..

    • BeyBeyKing April 23, 2014

      A Ciara fan talking about vocals? Let’s all laugh together shall we?
      Ha ha
      Ha ha ha
      Ha to the f****** ha
      Ha ha.

      By the way, why did August Alsina outsell your fave with ONE local single? Shouldn’t you be ashamed that Ciara has ten years in the game and her new album sold less than someone who most of the gp don’t even know about?

      • FutureCIARA April 23, 2014

        I dont even know you!

        The thirst for my attention is real!

        Go buy more copies of Floptition and X.O

    • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

      Those weren’t pre-recorded vocals, the two back up dancers had mics…….

  10. HistoRih April 23, 2014

    I’m sorry, you guys can hate but miss thing did snatch and slay this performance. TGJ better ask for a check 2bh.

  11. KatyKadet April 23, 2014

    The good sis Rita did her absolute best imo.

  12. BanjeeRiri April 23, 2014

    Kiii, Sam and David must be so proud. She did good though.

  13. BrunoMartian April 23, 2014

    Slay a bit.

  14. RocMeOutRiRi April 23, 2014

    1. Wannabehannna actually did work the f*** out of that song and I’m kinda sorta here for it.
    2. I’m sure TGJ are giving their biased asses high fives for making this s*** happen cos nobody knew who she was until you decided to force feed her to us. So yay for you I f****** guess.

  15. RadioactiveRita April 23, 2014

    Why are you guys seeing anything wrong with what TGJ did for Rita? They did it for Miguel and nobody said anything then.

    • AubreyOSlay April 23, 2014

      Because Miguel had it together from the jump so all they did was push him out there to more people which was good of them if i’m being totally fair.

      Rita’s first single wasn’t even out and they were on here acting like she was the second coming of Tivo but now I see this was the plan all along.

    • Kelly Kelly April 23, 2014

      What’s a miguel

    • KDreamer (Kaleidoscope Dreamer) April 23, 2014

      Yeah Sam did help to break Miguel but Miguel deserved it, Rita does not because she has everything handed to her on a platter, magazine covers, movies, endorsements etc.

      • GrammyHanna>>>GrammyLessKaty April 23, 2014

        Miguel had potential so this is different and when he started they gave him the Splash where he proved that he could sing, the way they did it with Rita is different but it’s obvs worked so I’m not mad at em.

      • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

        Rita earned her spots. The same people who complain about talent not being pushed complain when a talented artist does get pushed….I don’t get it.

  16. NadiaNavi April 23, 2014

    If you’re a local star and want that international realness call TGJ lol, look what they did for Round The Way Rita.

    • NowUCiMe April 23, 2014

      International realness? Like Rihanna’s body count?

  17. Kelly Kelly April 23, 2014

    Fact is, she’s a struggling

    • Rita Slays April 23, 2014

      Kelly Kelly? The girl who started off in WWE as a stripper? You couldn’t find any other screen name to troll under? Lmao I can’t!

      • Kelly Kelly April 23, 2014

        Bish, kelly’s expose was just a dance routine! She took off her top but her nips were ALWAYS covered.

        In the dark times of the divas division, she was the only diva to get massive cheers when her theme song started.

        Kelly kelly is hot. Can’t say the same thing about the charmander you stan for 😉

    • Tyler April 23, 2014

      And yet you stan for Miss One Note Rihanna? LMFAO!

  18. BeyALady April 23, 2014

    Slay b****, slay. Yonce taught ha well.

  19. Mz.Mila April 23, 2014

    Good for her and everything but there are so many better people who deserve the TGJ platform and they don’t get it. Mila J and Tinashe are miles better than Rita and BabymamaAra but do they get ANY love here?

    • TurntUp4Cici April 23, 2014

      Bloop somebody is MAUD! You maud b****? Cos I think you MAUD b****?
      Don’t worry about Ciara or even Rita when your faves can’t even their own threads on any of the major blogs I use. I can’t even.

  20. Lily April 23, 2014

    Sorry Sam & David “I will Never Let You Down” will never be a Hit. Forget it. That song will be like #MH370 that Malaysia are still serching for. Hope they find It. And let’s have little hope cus it won’t even make a top 20.

  21. Rihboy April 23, 2014

    Im sorry but i hope for her sake these were not pre recorded vocals because it was terrible! It sounded like she talk sang all the way through! The bridge was tragic! I must have clicked on the wrong video! Im just not hearing anything good! If this is what she considers promoting, iwnlyd will remain her biggest flop in history

  22. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax April 23, 2014

    Yeah, she can sing, in the same way all the girls on AI can sing. Ripping of sac’s shirt; dating? cheating on Rob K: paint being thrown on her; name dropping……just how many stunts does it take for this girl to get a top 40?

    The performance reminded me of a beyonce tribute act on xafctor or something. RIH RIH or any other singer won’t be loosing sleep; she is no threat to no one/ She is just not a star, I don’t why she keeps forcing to be one.

    It took 24 hours for her song to break into 100. With his performance, it only managed to peak at 81. How long does it take Rih Rih to get into top 10? Like a hour or so. Also, Rita, unlike most there singers, has her video out. And yet? People don’t seem bothered and she has been signed since 2008 and hyped up since 2011 as the nEW better rihanna.

    OK, now in 2014, why am I not seeing anything? Jay z needs to give it up: maybe sign a male singer and try wit that!

    She also has a song with Iggy Azalea called blaqck widow and that ha failed to make a dent in iTunes too.

    I stand by it: she will be dropped!

    • Tyler April 23, 2014

      Funny thing is, Rihanna would never even make it past the first audition if she went on American Idol.

  23. Navy Commander April 23, 2014

    The paint was to much. She had great vocals but everything else was off(her stage presence, the dress, etc) but keep trying sis 🙂

  24. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax April 23, 2014

    NO one gives a f*** about her in the USA; SHE WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THE USA

    • Tyler April 23, 2014

      You wish.

  25. BEYFLAWLESS April 23, 2014

    nice voice i hate when ppl can sing slow song but not there pop dance song

    • BEYFLAWLESS April 23, 2014


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