That Grape Juice Interviews Danity Kane

Published: Friday 16th May 2014 by Rashad

Danity Kane is back!

The fierce foursome have sent the Urban scene into a frenzy with their latest serving of ‘Lemonade’. Produced by The Stereotypes, the song rings as the ladies’ triumphant post-Puff Daddy return.

Now, before they ready a blazing return to stage with their highly anticipated “No Filter” tour (which kicks off today in San Francisco), Aubrey, Dawn, and Shannon sit down with That Grape Juice to discuss their hot new song, regrouping, rumors of a new reality show, and so much more.

As always, this is one you don’t want to miss:

That Grape Juice: Ladies! Welcome back! We’re keen to know: did your reunion happen seamlessly? Or, was there an adjustment period?

Dawn: It just flowed! It was organic for us. And, it seems the same for our fanbase. We were away from each other, but always conscious that maybe one day we would reunite.

As soon as we got back in the studio and on the stage, it was like we never left.

That Grape Juice: So true! Evidence of this can be found via the reception of your latest tune ‘Lemonade’! Tell us, why you guys picked this song as the way to officially reintroduce yourself to the masses.

Shannon: We picked it over ‘All In A Day’s Work’ and interestingly, we just wrote the song about two weeks ago. We put Tyga on it and kind of made it ‘Show Stopper 2.0’.

It has a bit more of a laid-back style and definitely a way for us to show some of who we were in the past, yet still give an updated feel.

That Grape Juice: When should we be expecting the video?

Shannon: Oh my gosh! The video is coming very soon and it’s going to be phenomenal. Our choreographer is going to tear it up! We have so many ideas already, so it’s going to be amazing!

That Grape Juice: As we look forward to that, can you tell us a bit more about the album as far as direction, producers, etc?

Aubrey: We are working with The Stereotypes! We got into the studio with them very early on and tried to play around with a few sounds to go every direction, but then hone in on the sound that fit us best.

We represent every genre because we all have such unique styles. You’re going to hear a bit of R&B, Pop, and Shannon – our Country and Rock girl – you’ll hear a bit of that too.

Even with all of that, we like to keep a consistent flow with Urban sounds.

That Grape Juice: What makes this album different from its predecessors?

Aubrey: This time around we really wanted it to be our voice and our message. We have complete control and it’s in our hands.

That Grape Juice: How exciting! Is there a projected release date for the project?

Dawn: Right now we owe you guys a lot of new music. So, there isn’t a release date yet. With this new single, video, and then tour, we don’t want to give too much at once.

But, when you get your ticket to the tour, you’ll hear multiple tracks from the album. So, you’ll get to hear the album, via the tour.

That Grape Juice: Tell us more about the tour. Not only in theme and concept, but what are you hoping is the experience fans walk away with once they leave the show?

Aubrey: We always want our fans to feel like they’re connected to us and that they’re getting a piece of us. So many artists go on tour and they have so many smoke and mirrors, colors, glitz, and costumes.

But, the reason we called our tour the “No Filter” tour is because we’re not about smoke and mirrors. So, you can expect our first two albums, samples of our new music, live vocals, choreography throughout the entire show, and just getting back to the type of artists who do everything on stage.

That Grape Juice: So few other artists or groups are doing that. Before the return of Danity Kane, there are virtually no girl groups who are really “doing it”. Why would you say that is?

Shannon: It’s extremely difficult to make a girl group happen – internally and externally. There are so many dynamics that go into place because it’s a difficult formula.

But, we’re back, so we’re going to take the title back as the hottest girl group!

That Grape Juice: From the sound of ‘Lemonade,’ we can tell that you’re well on your way. Now, before we let you go, we must ask: what label should we expect your new material on?

Aubrey: You’re just going to have to wait to see when we start releasing promo for our album (laughs). But, as far as our feelings go, we’re not rushing to be part of a gimmick that no longer works. We want to be part of true artistry and away from controlling people who are not attached to our music.

So, if we can find a label that provides all of the things that labels are expected to provide while allowing us to stay true to who we are, then we’ll go that direction. If not, we’ll release the music on our own.

That Grape Juice: We’re certainly hoping that works out for you! And, while we wait on news about that, we’re curious to know about rumors that you guys will be returning to reality TV.

Shannon: You never know with us (laughs). You’ve got to remember, Puff [Daddy] brought us up, so we’re all about making the most of any opportunities that may arise.


Interview by: Rashad Taylor (That Grape Juice US)



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  1. Alex T May 16, 2014

    Did you seriously not ask about Aundrea…? Or even report on it…

    • ganraishxcnxcn May 17, 2014

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  2. YouStupid May 16, 2014

    Oh ok… But… :in my ghetto boots voice: WHEA AUNDREA AT?! Got me scrolling for The T and it ends with no explanation… Lemonade my joint… But I’m thirsty for THE TEA!! Stop playing games DK and tell us what’s really going on with this situation!

  3. RoyalKev May 16, 2014

    Dope interview! I love their attitudes! They’re so confident, but none of them appear to be arrogant at all. I can’t wait to get a hold of their upcoming album!

    *Lemonade on repeat*

  4. fever04 May 16, 2014

    They asked not to be asked questions about Aundrea. I wish the group the best of LUCK they need it.

  5. AubeyOSlay May 16, 2014

    First of all I have to say that your interviews are always good, second of all where is Drea? Third of all, if they’re going to go on as a trio they should just say it now instead of wasting our times.

  6. KatyKadet May 16, 2014

    I follow them on twitter and they said they were asked not to ask about Drea. Like what in the flying f***?

  7. A May 16, 2014

    I’m a hardcore DK fan. First I thought it was just a Publicity Stunt to exclude Aundrea. But I’m really worried now, they didnt even mention her Latin Roots for the album. So She will be present on the tour because she is legally obligated to it but further on I really don’t know. We’ll just have to wait.

    And about the Drea pregnancy rumors, I highly doubt it because she looks the same she did when she performance the accoustic version of Damaged with Shannon. I really hope it’s a stunt to make people talk about them but how far will this go? And if Drea is really quitting, then there goes the VOICE.

  8. BubblePopElectric May 16, 2014

    Love DK! Lemonade is such a BOP! I hope that Andrea is still here for the reunion bc I can live without D. Woods but not Aundrea too.

  9. whoiam May 16, 2014

    This type of bias is a joke,TGJ, what is with this no girl group out there question.Yes I agree they are not a global girl group out there but some will be classed as international, doing well in certain countries. Danity Kane will be playing their 1st show of their No Filter Tour tonight at The Filmore,San Fransico a capacity of 1,200 people, still tickets available & Little Mix the biggest western girlband has just finished their 1st show of their Salute Tour at LG Birmingham Arena,a sold out show with a capacity of 16,000 people.You saying they is no girlgroups out there, one just done a sold out show in a Arena & will becoming to USA later this year.You do not have to like them, but be factual

  10. whoiam May 16, 2014

    TGJ, you can see that DK are struggling, is that why you throw out the no girl group out there question to make them feel better about they situation. You have a girlgroup who are trending worldwide because they just finished their 1st show in England in front of a sold out Arena of 16,000 people. When you have DK performing at the Filmore in San fransisco, a capacity of 1,200, tickets still available at Ticketmaster. You do not have to like the other girl group but in fact they are the biggest western girl group out there right now.

  11. RowlandStone#1 May 16, 2014

    Go check Aubrey’s Instagram….Aundrea is still in the groups!!!

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