Watch: Danity Kane Debut New Songs At ‘No Filter Tour’

Published: Saturday 17th May 2014 by Sam

And then there were three. More specifically DK3.

Danity Kane kicked off their hotly anticipated ‘No Filter Tour’ in San Francisco last night.

As reported, the show was bittersweet in that it saw original member Aundrea Fimbres wave goodbye to the group, announcing her pregnancy live on stage.

Still, proving that DK are just as fierce as a trio, the remaining members gave fans a meaty taste of the material set to feature on their upcoming third album.

Having served up a welcome helping of ‘Lemonade’, flip the hood to see what else Dawn, Shannon, and Aubrey have been cooking up!

Yes, yes, and yes for that first song!

The second didn’t rouse as much, yet it crucially fits right into the thick of what’s hot in the Pop/Mainstream arena.

Needless to say, this has us salivating at the prospect of what’s to come! Welcome back, Danity Kane!

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanityKizzane May 17, 2014

    You know what I’m just sick of how they skating on they own I know when diddy sees he’s gonna be a proud papa no shade them as a trio slays I love ANDREA BUT SHES HAPPY . Lol I’m glad she pregnant though bc I was about to get pissed at her being a oompalooma on that stage next to them

    • ganraishxcnxcn May 17, 2014

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  2. lalaLoo May 17, 2014

    yes and yes… the second one is a album track but I can see myself playing this track loud in the car.

    the first track is pure love… and damn watching shannon dance is such a joy for the eyes, she kills it every-single-time.

    as for DK3, now that the weakest dancer is out the group (yet she was the strongest vocalist) I hope they will give us choreography that will slay every single damn female in the music bizz. serve them lemonade girls! I am here for the ride!

  3. Pluto May 17, 2014

    They are going to blow up even bigger than ever. These new songs and the new lineup is just what DK needed for a massive return and even more so a highly successful trio debut album! Well done girls… Now all you have to do is be humble amongst each other and share the spotlight, the future is yours for the taking!

  4. A May 17, 2014

    The second song is RAGE. DK3 slaying. They are going to work hard on every front because they have something to prove. I hope All in a days work is on the album.

  5. Sleazy May 17, 2014

    DK3 strangely works!!!!! I love them as a Trio 2 years ago I would have disagreed but seeing them actually slay like this DK3 slays!! Shannon is so fierce now I’m LIVING for her although they should give her vocals more shine

  6. Sleazy May 17, 2014

    DK3 actually performs really well together better than most girl groups to be real honest!

  7. lalaLoo May 17, 2014

    The first song is just pure hotness! The second one I can see being a good song for playing loud in the car going to a party…

    with the weakest dancer gone (although the best vocalist) I hope these three will give us some choreo that will slay every single female in the bizz.

    I’m here for DK3!

  8. Mark111 May 17, 2014

    Dawn, you’re wasting time on these h***. You were doing well as a inde solo act.

    • marc May 17, 2014

      I am a HUGE Dawn Richard Supporter bought the EP and the Album but i feel like her going back to DK was a good move. She had a lot of haters due to the DK Break up and Dirty Money thing, her coming back mended those wounds and they look and sound great together plus the lane for a great girl group is open because Destiny’s Child isn’t making music anymore (5H sucks and Little Mix is just eh) The US market needs a legit entertaining girl group that appeals to the masses like DC3 did. I don’t think she is wasting her time at all.

    • sleazy May 18, 2014

      doing well on her own those flop sales are saying something else

  9. Supreme May 17, 2014

    The first song is actually called Rhythm of Love, and I believe this song would be a HUGE hit. Love it. Can’t wait for the album. And DK ain’t playing no games, coming to snatch the SCALP right off of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony.

  10. You Stupid May 17, 2014

    At least the explanation for Aundrea is logical and not scandalous! With that being said, I’m here for DK3 hunty… YASSSS!! For the trio of fierceness at the LEMONAY stand!!

  11. draejerome May 17, 2014

    omg omg omg i love them both

    lemonade stay slaying my speakers
    and these are just so good..

    I’m looking forward to there music

  12. scrappie May 17, 2014

    Shannon is the star and standout…..

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) May 17, 2014

      Dawn not only snatch my glued on wig but sent me to the hospital with a bleeding scalp at 1:45. #ThatBodyThough

  13. RihIcon(Navy Comm) May 17, 2014

    I hope this comeback works , cause if not it will be a kiii

  14. TEAM May 17, 2014

    Omg Rhythm of Love is a smash!!! Everything happens for a reason. I think DK3 will slay. I wish them the best of luck.

  15. Dustin May 17, 2014

    Rage is huge! It’s like the girl group version of “we are young” by fun. I get why they would want to make it a single. It’s nothing like anything other girl groups do and the chorus is massive and catchy.

  16. Yea ok May 17, 2014

    I have both the first albums. They were gonna get my money based off that alone bht these girls are not playing no games. They are earning the coin ! I couldn’t be happier. I want to see them WIN. DK3. I’m here for it and all 3 of the songs I’ve heard. Why isn’t anything in iTunes tho. ???

  17. Shut The Frack Up Trick May 18, 2014

    How the f*** can TGJ put out b******* claims about people like Mariah Carey of Lip-Syncing when DK are clearly NOT singing live….And Nicki Minaj was a str8 #HOTMESS when the playback to her lip-sync went tits up…and she’s a friggin rapper!! This blog is pure trash

  18. MuzikManiack May 19, 2014

    Omg DK3 slayed these performances. Rhythm Of Love is everything we want from Danity Kane. And I’m in love with Rage, I love the versatility. And I feel like Rage can be a huge song for them!

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