Aaliyah’s Family To Block ‘Lifetime’ Biopic

Published: Wednesday 18th Jun 2014 by David


Days after learning of ‘Lifetime’s plan to release a biopic on the star, Aaliyah‘s immediate family has now vowed to block the movie’s production, reportedly planning to take legal steps towards having it shut down before filming begins this summer.

Full story below…

TMZ reports:

Aaliyah‘s family is on the attack against “Lifetime” … vowing to stop production on her biopic.

Lifetime plans to start filming this summer … chronicling the R&B singer’s life and tragic death. 17-year-old Disney actress Zendaya has been cast as Aaliyah — who died in 2001 in a plane crash.

Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, tells us the family is pissed that no one from the network contacted them about the movie.

Hankerson says the family will block any attempt on Lifetime’s part to use any of Aaliyah’s music.  He says the family has hired a lawyer and will do everything they can to block release of the flick.

The family is not opposed to a big, theatrical film, but thinks a TV movie is too small for someone as big as Aaliyah.  

We called Lifetime … so far no response.


Her family’s reported plans to block Barry from making the movie come as fans of the singer accuse him of using the project as a money making venture, launched to support the financially unstable ‘Blackground Records’, at which Aaliyah was signed to before her passing in 2001.

Our take on the matter?

Well, in what will see ‘Blackground’ lose whatever happens, the Haughton‘s attempts to stop the movie’s throws a major spanner in ‘Lifetime‘s works, now forced to produce and promote a movie about a woman whose own mother is against its conception.

For, unlike TLC‘s biopic, Aaliyah‘s story- should ‘Lifetime’ tell it- will be nothing more than a fluff piece designed to romanticise her stomach churning relationship with the ever-creepy R.Kelly, present her uncle as anything but a money-hungry manager who introduced her to said creep, while downplaying the bond she shared with her mother, brother and father…the heroes of her untold story.

Heroes, who knew the person and not the performer behind the star.

After all, while Jennifer Lopez had Selena‘s parents to turn to when tasked with portraying the singer, one wonders how Zendaya hopes to build and subsequently present an accurate version on Aaliyah.


Music videos?

Stories relayed to her by those who’ve made it their mission to present her parents as a docile couple who agreed and consented to moves they in fact detested?

Which one? Guess we’ll find out should the Haughton‘s fail to put a stop to the flick and ‘Lifetime’s plans come to fruition.

Until then…

Your thoughts?

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  1. maurice June 18, 2014

    Girl bye,
    they said they want it to be a movie, but these days more people be watching these television biopics than heading out to the movies to see the biopic.

    4.5 million for the TLC biopic — really impressive.
    So Aaliyah’s family, have several and collect your check as I watch how Aaliyah and R Kelly got married etc.

    This biopic is gonna slay

    • Stephon June 18, 2014

      ATTENTION ALL BOTTOMS: It’s summer and as a tribute to my gay heritage/pride I’m putting together a gay dance/cheer group. We will be known as th RAW BOTTOM CRUSADERS and we will always make our entrances to Mariah Carey’s “shake it off” since I know we will have tons of hater. Anyway any bottoms interested let me know and I will get you my contact info. I love you all so much! This is one giant step for the gays!!


  2. christinastherealtalent June 18, 2014

    I don’t think it has anything to do with how the movie is distributed but more so how everybody involved with this movie has not only disrespected Aaliyahs legacy but leaving her family out of the project and not getting their permission or blessing. Very tacky!

  3. Mark111 June 18, 2014

    It’s that shady ass uncle! Trying to save his failed lable (Aaliyah was the only successful artist on that label). You can’t make a film about someone without the family permission. This sickens me.

  4. christinastherealtalent June 18, 2014

    And if they were to go forward with this movie- lifetime?! Really? That network censors out all of the juicy stuff and will be heavily sugarcoated!



  6. Molly June 18, 2014

    mess… i really wanna see the movie tbh..

  7. Diamond Princess June 18, 2014

    Bloop! I knew this was gonna happen. The Haughtons’ don’t play!!! That girl Zendaya should feel so bad, because now even if they go on to make the movie, she will forever be remembered as the selfish b-i-t-c-h that wanted to play her “idol” without her family’s consent. You won’t be honoring anyone if you’re dissing their family in the process. The last thing I’m sure Aaliyah would want is for her family to be hurt. Just disrespectful if they continue this crap! Keisha Chante respectfully declined when she knew the family wasn’t with it and so should this girl.

  8. BanjeeRiri June 18, 2014

    TGJ better preach! HOW oh HOW do you want to play someone when their own mom who knew them from childbirth won’t even give you the information to help you do that.
    Yall think Aaliyah’s life was great because her music was but the true tea is that her life was traumatic. Homegirl was molested but nobody wants to come out and say it because Kellz was the man back in the day. But think about it, what does a grown ass n**** want with a chick still in a high school? Let a b**** know.

  9. Lana Del West Coast June 18, 2014

    RESULT! Now let’s see how much Zendaya feels like doing this movie now!She’s a very nice and sweet young lady but does she really wanted to be seen as the heartless cow who went ahead with this movie that Diane hates? Anyway, let me go back to playing SOC.

  10. JanetXone June 18, 2014

    I can accept this movie if they’re willing to be honest about what really happened.

  11. Stephon June 18, 2014

    Just let her rest in peace! We already have the YouTube vids & music!

  12. musiclover June 18, 2014

    1.the family has ever right to to be upset. they need to have their consent before making this film.

    2. if they continue with this project this movie better include the rkelly marriage, jay z and dame dash love triangle and don’t show the plan crash otherwise the movie would be a waste

    3. “too big for tv” the family needs to have several seats because aaliyah wasnt that big she was mildly famous tv biopic is just fine

  13. Slaymerie June 18, 2014

    Not to be rude, but the story of her life is more HBO than it is Lifetime if you know what I mean. She was literally abused by RKelly and folks wanna act like that s*** was normal because he tried to marry her.

  14. growthe@#up June 18, 2014

    Zendaya was hired to do a job. Shes not writing , directing or producing this movie, so why is she getting flack,

  15. Selenator June 18, 2014

    Poor Zendaya! Her chances at being known more then another failure-to-launch Disney act, latest Janet Jackson clone, or a poor man’s Cassie have been crushed right before her eyes! Her album has no hope to pass 100k either. Hollywood Records will just have to find another Disney girl to fill in for Selena, their top star, now that she’s going. Zendaya made one tasteless move that ended it all. So desperate for any opportunity, even if it disrespects the dead and her family. Maybe Bella Thorn will be next….

  16. B’Rocka Slays June 18, 2014

    Don’t the family have to sign off to use her likeness like the Lopes family anyway ?

    • gina June 18, 2014

      Yep, thats probably how their gonna get the movie shut down.

  17. Mark111 June 18, 2014

    That swag in that pic tho! The original s*** tomboy, street but sweet. These other h*** are just wanna be’s.

  18. IStanForYourFav June 18, 2014


  19. Stephon June 18, 2014

    Mary J Blige! Was the first to have that style tho… Also, many women dressed like that before Aaliyah came out! That was the style for alot of urban black women artist at that time…

    • gina June 18, 2014

      Actually TLC came with that style before Mary J.

    • Mark111 June 18, 2014

      Actually they’re different. TLC had really baggy jeans, bright colors and even in the CSC era, they were darker, but still super baggy. Now Back & Forth came out in early 94, Crazy S*** Cool came out LATE 94. So like I said, Aaliyah was the FIRST to rock the s*** tomboy, AND in 96 with the slim, long baggy jeans, bikini top and a jacket.

      MJB rocked baseball jerseys, not the same thing at all.

      So I challenge you to find someone else rocking that look in the photo above before 96. Also with the hair, shades and swag. Til then, forever shut the f*** up. #AndIThankYou

      • chyna June 18, 2014

        ooooh on the TLC TIP ERA. 1991-1993.

      • Brian310 June 18, 2014

        His point is that Aaliyah had a s** appeal to go along with the Tom boy look while TLC was more bright and represented their colorful personalities, it’s different from Aaliyahs style.

    • Brian310 June 18, 2014

      All of those ladies dressed baggy but different, May style was New York, TLC was colorful, and Aaliyahs was dark & Edgy.

      • Brian310 June 18, 2014


  20. whut June 18, 2014

    Bottom line, this movie should not be made without her family’s consent. And its a slap in the face to Aaliyah as well as her family for Lifetime to make plans without including them. There is no way possible that this movie will be authentic without their involvement; they didn’t just sit back and watch her be a star; they were involved in MAKING her a star from the very beginning to the very end. An Aaliyah biopic is better suited for VH1. The TLC movie was remarkably accurate (they even subliminally hinted at Chilli’s affair with LA Reid lol), and they could do the same with this movie. But the family has to be involved, or it will turn out like that Michael Jackson movie that Flex Alexander made lol.

    • Beygency June 18, 2014

      OMG never getting over that MJ biopic staring Flex. That was the beginning of the end of his career hahaha

  21. Diabetes (DIABETIC SUGA COMA) UNBOTHERED June 18, 2014

    DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aliyah’s entire Career X’s 2

    • LOL June 18, 2014


    • Brian310 June 18, 2014

      Anyone will do anything to discredit this woman even if it makes absolutely no sense, everyone with eyes can see that the way they dressed were different.

  22. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 18, 2014

    There has always been something off about that uncle of hers.

  23. MC!! June 18, 2014

    Aaliyah is getting more buzz than everyone!!! That impact!!!!!!! 13 years passed and still on top!!!

    • Tasha June 18, 2014

      On top of what?

  24. Brian310 June 18, 2014

    I’m in support of the family I hope they shut this movie down, some legacies are meant to be mysterious and I appreciate the music videos and music she left behind I don’t need a movie especially if they don’t have those that raised her or grew up with her part of it.

  25. BEYFLAWLESS June 18, 2014

    lifetime stick to what you know abuse and female getting cancers

  26. Mark111 June 18, 2014

    And let me be clear, that was no disrespect to TLC and MJB. They are legends in this genre and trend setters in their own right. MJB is the Queen, so I don’t want people think I’m dissing them. Just stating they all 3 styles were different.

  27. eh June 18, 2014

    Either way who really gives a damn? It’s not like they won’t sugarcoat the truth if a movie was made, they’d leave out the fact that she was f****** R.Kelly @ 14, then married his old ass at 15, what really went on behind the scenes between her, missy, and timb? why weren’t they talking during the period before she died?
    Her relationship with jay-z, then sudden engagement to dame? All that real s*** won’t be told anyway, so it’s whatever

  28. Vandrea June 18, 2014

    I’d like to see this movie get made, but I don’t support it being done without her familiy’s concent. Agree with TGJ that w/o the people who were closest to her it runs the risk of becoming a sensationalized tabloid biopic without any heart or sincerity. Like that tacky VH1 movie about Michael Jackson starring Flex Alexander.

    But on the other hand, the thing about the Haughton’s that I’ve observed is that they are very private, almost to the point of being secretive. They seem like one of those families who is all about protecting perception and don’t trust anyone outside the family. I have a feeling that any Aaliyah biopic that they authorize would be a total fluff piece that glosses over anything not nice or complimentary. Left up to them, they’d probably largely ignore the whole R. Kelly thing and have it be mostly smiles, singing and inspirational comments.

    There needs to be some balance.

  29. Alvin Robinson June 18, 2014

    I’m excited about the movie, but at the same time if the family feels some way about it being on lifetime and not in the movie theater, I think that they have that right to do whatever they want.

  30. Jdek June 18, 2014

    I don’t think she’ll do it without the Haughton’s permission She seems like a nice girl.

  31. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA June 18, 2014

    please stop the project. we need resolution playing…

  32. eric June 18, 2014

    Zendaya’s passion for playing the role of Aaliyah is no excuse to go against the family’s wishes. If you really love Aaliyah, you have to respect the people who were most important to her. What makes Zendaya so special that she doesn’t have to listen to Aaliyah’s mother and brother?

  33. eric June 18, 2014

    And no one wants to hear Zendaya’s innocent victim routine about being someone who was simply cast in a movie. She’s also someone who has the ability to walk away from a project, and that’s exactly what she needs to do if she really cares about Aaliyah. How can she even accept the role without getting the blessing of the mom and brother? That doesn’t sound like a loving fan to me.

  34. Sarah June 19, 2014

    I’m here for the movie..And EVERYONE who says they arent here for it..INCLUDING the parents will be watching..Like a previous person said.If the parents were involved it would be a cookie cutter movie and EVERYONE would be mad because we want to see the real tea..so y’all stop fronting..let Lifetime do what they gotta do!

  35. MISHKA June 20, 2014

    Up to this point, her family is doing the most I’m sorry.

    I wasn’t down for Drake doing anything Aaaliyah-related but I’m totally on board with this movie.

    She was a star so her fans just want to celebrate her and her legendary swag. Nothing will change her legacy at this point.

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