Beyonce Stuns For ‘T Magazine’

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jun 2014 by Sam

With her blockbuster surprise album still selling by the bucketload, it’s understandable (albeit frustrating) why Beyonce is instead focussing the lion-share of her time on touring.

Still, having sustained in the music industry for almost 20 years, it’s clear the singer knows the importance of visibility. Case in point her new photoshoot for T Magazine.

The publication, which is the style spin-off of The New York Times, features King B in its latest issue in a shoot lensed by Juergen Teller.

Peep  the stunning snaps above and below…



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  1. Stephy June 3, 2014

    I love her thick, juicy legs! Beautiful Beyonce!

    • edknynakxcb June 3, 2014

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  2. Royalkev June 3, 2014

    Love the cover! But that first shot afterwards tho … sdfghjlkshxqz

  3. MariahIsMusic1 June 3, 2014

    Not my cup of tea, this is messy.


    Simple. Nice. Elegant. I like it.

  5. Chile Please!! June 3, 2014

    Good Lawd….she looks fugly as hell! Ugggghhh I can’t stand her! Country Bumpkin a**!!

    • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

      Bitchh I bet u look like a Wet No Hair Dog. #FIND A LIFE

    • Stephy June 3, 2014

      Excuse me! Ain’t NOTHING ugly about Beyonce!

  6. NANCY GRACE SLAY’S June 3, 2014

    that first picture makes her looks like a t*****

  7. say what June 3, 2014

    Obviously you use the word ‘Stunning’ loosely. ..

  8. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) June 3, 2014

    Ewww… THEM GUMS THO!!! Mo gums than teeth! Gummy mouthed b****!

    • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

      Rihc*nt why are u telling us about your Fawked Up Teeth and Gum????? Go find a dentist little Rihc*nt.

  9. DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

    Its very simple but THE QUEEN looks good! BOUNDFUL? Yes they got it right! She knows No Bounds! I’m dying for some performances though. I think The Music World aka her Domain is dying for performances also.

    • RihIcon June 3, 2014

      boundLESS dumb b****

      • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

        Bitchh hush and worry Industry Pusay.

  10. OMG Logic! June 3, 2014

    She looks like a camel just peed on her.

  11. MC!! June 3, 2014

    She looks crazy

  12. Hadley June 3, 2014

    Slay! Shes so beautiful.

  13. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 3, 2014


    Bye Hippo.

    • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014


    • Tia June 4, 2014

      have your eyes checked coz youre clearly blinded by hate! Ur fave has a forehead as wide as a hippo too so why dont u point that out instead.

  14. FAF June 3, 2014

    why is her hair the same in every pic? Least they couldve dried that s***

  15. fatusankoh June 3, 2014

    Beautiful flawles queen bey is every thing god continue to bless proteict her and her family for life more success in all she do thanks Sam for posting I love all behive let’s continue to love support our bey for life she needs us more than ever long live our bey

  16. Rihboy June 3, 2014

    I see her and kim k got something in common. A great surgeon! Her face looks knife happy in that first pic. Not here for the sweated out weave look. If this was rih she wouldnt get a pass. So no bey.

    • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

      Bitchh Don’t ever compare THE QUEEN & the Industry Thot.

    • Tia June 4, 2014

      And rihanna also looked a lot better after she had her nose done! If youre not here for it then leave!

  17. Jewel June 3, 2014

    She is so cute. Love the spread.

  18. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 3, 2014

    Pretty basic. Queen Rih, the icon, should teach her how to dress

    • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014


    • Tia June 4, 2014

      Teach her to dress like a pornstar with her n******
      on full display?? No, thank u siree! Bey is not a desperate stripper like rihanna and she can make headlines without resorting to nudity.

  19. RihIcon June 3, 2014

    Death at career ender being absent in his own faves post but posted 172848382 tired ass “reads” in the Mimi post #phakehive

  20. RihIcon June 3, 2014

    & the second pic should’ve been the cover! it looks amazing

  21. Kisses Down Low June 3, 2014


  22. HiveHighness June 3, 2014

    She may not always be the best dressed but at least she has
    talent and acclaim

    • Ddeejj June 3, 2014

      So true!

    • Tia June 4, 2014

      Which should be the most important for a musician like her.. well said!

  23. coolness June 3, 2014

    Not so keen on the shots tvh but the article is so insightful. It really highlights what a musical genius Bey is in terms of singing. My Queen.

  24. FutureCIARA June 3, 2014


    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 3, 2014

      This is why I didn’t even bother dragging, did she actually think she looked good? I am dying

      • Kisses Down Low June 3, 2014

        You cant drag though so >>>>_/

      • FutureCIARA June 3, 2014

        Baby, I gagged!!!

  25. swagonlock June 3, 2014

    She was going for simple look i love her but have to say she looks BASIC she has done better in the past soz Queen B

    • Ddeejj June 3, 2014

      Basic sloppy s*** like this happens when you have your cousin styling you…

      • Kisses Down Low June 3, 2014

        Why are you replyin to yoursef tho?

  26. Ddeejj June 3, 2014

    Ugh, when is she going to fire her damn cousin as a stylist? She looks a mess!

    • DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

      Your face is the mess kii

  27. Jem June 3, 2014

    I’m sorry but she looks very BASIC and this looks like a REGULAR so-so shoot. Come again B and in my best Tamar Braxton voice, “That ain’t hot!”

    • Kisses Down Low June 3, 2014

      Swagonlock your swag aint on lock.

  28. DIGGER BEY June 3, 2014

    I see The Hoeianna stans are seeeeeeeeeething over THE QUEEN >>>>>>>>> Industry Pusay.

  29. musiclover June 3, 2014

    are the navy delsional right now…didnt wendy williams DRAG your fave today “rihanna look like she was going to a s** party” wendy dragged RiRis look and said rihanna is not a fashion icon shes just someone who dress risque and said JLO was more deserving because she dresses with class sexiness and leaves things to the imagination and making people wanting more…yall always want to come for beyonce ciara and other artists looks but on thing yall hardly do is back up rihannas talent in vocals and dancing and acting. i rather beyonce and ciara be known for their talent in singing and dancing than being a known for the clothes they wear..

    the first pic of bey im not a fan of the rest i love but that hair shouldve been dried

    • Monica Fan June 3, 2014

      ‘Id rather Beyonce and Ciara be known for their alent and not for te clothes they wear’
      They always want to dodge the more important subject of talent, a field their fave is least respected in.

    • Mark111 June 3, 2014

      I wouldn’t cite a thing that looks like a light skin Michael Clarke Duncan in a wig.

      • musiclover June 3, 2014

        *runs away* not michael clarke duncan…..he was a big ass man

  30. Monica Fan June 3, 2014

    Um. Beyonce is very beautiful. I like this spread its simpleand quirky. Rihanna fans feelin themselves about fashion award need to sit down. Rihllama wasn’t crowned most beautiful.
    And strip fashion away from her she would be boring basic and not interesting as an ‘MUSICIAN’ Some artists don’t fashion to push their star.

  31. Monica Fan June 3, 2014

    And why didn’t you actually post the details in the article. Its very interesting what they said about her.

  32. Beyvey June 3, 2014

    Sensu dragged thé F**** outta Rihana!! Lmao

  33. mingxxx June 3, 2014


  34. toohotfortv June 3, 2014


  35. Rihboy June 3, 2014

    The only thing im seething over is that cheap looking hair. All the miney in the world and she cannot purchase a decent lace front. Ive seen drag queens and transgenders in better locs. I guess she is going for the blue ivy look. Untamed and messy ! #poordat

  36. Matt_Phoenixx (kelly kelly) June 4, 2014

    I know why she looks so dreadful…
    She clearly forgot she had this shoot today and was reminded last minute while midway through her kfc bucket.
    She ended up cleaning her hands on her face and in her hair

    • Hot Sugar June 4, 2014

      Eww shut up FAGGOTT. I haye when these corrupt males hate on beautiful womens looks.

      • Matt_Phoenixx (kelly kelly) June 4, 2014

        The only thing that’s corrupt Is T mag approving the shots

    • Tia June 4, 2014

      #corny really is that the best youve got??

      • Matt_Phoenixx (kelly kelly) June 4, 2014


    • Fran June 4, 2014

      Lmao that was so lame i can’t deal.

  37. Hot Sugar June 4, 2014

    She looks great as always. Shes much prettier than Rihanna.

    • Tia June 4, 2014

      she’s not pretty, she’s gorgeous! Even rihanna admitted that bey’s gorgeousness makes her self-esteem

  38. Fran June 4, 2014

    Post on her chime for change appearance. #Gorgeous

  39. TEAM June 4, 2014

    So simple. I love it! She needs to do more laid back shoots like this. Thank God we have at least one sincere singer being true to who she is rather than trying hard to be some fashionista and edgey.

  40. rowlandstones June 4, 2014

    she looks amazing..

  41. SME June 4, 2014

    Uniboob first pic?

  42. Tyler June 5, 2014

    Why are these Navy stans talking s*** about the Queen Bey when their own damn fave looks like the creature from Splice!????

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