Fantasia Spills New Details On New Album / Teases Rock Inspired Sound

Published: Friday 20th Jun 2014 by David


After ascending to the R&B heavens with recent album ‘Side Effects of You’, Fantasia rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on its follow-up this year – revealing that it’s to be inspired by her love for Rock music!

Want more on her edgier sound?

Pop open the lid below…

Speaking to Billboard‘s ‘The Juice’, the ‘Side Effects of You’ singer revealed:

This whole rock soul direction has been on my heart. I’ll always be soulful: I started singing in the church at the age of five. So that will never go anywhere. But there’s a certain side of me that wants to tap into that whole rock world. It’s hard to come from R&B to that. But it’s something I believe in and will fight for. This will be my fifth album and 10 years in the game for me. Musically I’ve grown, and in my life I’ve grown. I want all of that reflected in my music for this album.

Then, on her creative pairing with Harmony Samuels, she explained:

We’re going back in the studio soon. I feel like I should always do albums with Harmony because he gets me. He’s like my Quincy Jones. We started “Side Effects of You” from scratch with him going to the keyboard and just playing things. I’d be like, “I like that. Keep going.” Whenever you can create an album like that, it’s amazing. You don’t find that anymore,” Fantasia shared. “Normally you go into the studio and the producer gives you a track or the song is already written. Harmony allows me to be me.


Though it may be a strange comparison or reference to make or mention, it’d be great to hear Fan pull from ‘Fast Car’ performer Tracy Champan, whose fusion of Soul, Pop and Blues saw her rise above genre lines to deliver many a timeless classic.

Sure, while she’ll be tasked with ensuring her voice and the album’s packaging is sold as R&B as not to scare away her die-hards, delivering numbers like ‘For My Lover‘ or ,should take a few step towards Country, serve something akin to Lorrie Morgan‘s ‘I Guess You Had to Be There.’ 

Seasoned with R&B salt and pepper, of course.


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  1. TRUTH SERUM June 20, 2014

    Looking good Fannie. I can’t wait to hear your new album!

  2. pat June 20, 2014

    I cannot wait to purchase it.

  3. Beygency June 20, 2014

    This is the best I have seen her look in forever! YES! Can’t wait to hear new stuff

  4. ChakaYonce June 20, 2014

    David knows about Lorrie Morgan? Alright now.

  5. Dustin June 20, 2014

    I don’t think the Tracy Chapman comparison is weird at all. In fact I think that is a genius idea. And now I would really really like to hear fanny do a cover of fast car or give me one reason.

  6. K.Rebelle June 20, 2014

    David better come through with these ideas!

  7. IStanForYourFav June 20, 2014

    I think this perfect. I really love the Side Effects if You album. To me, it is CLASSIC. I live for the mixture of soul and rock. My fav Tina did it, so I’ll be waiting and looking for Fantasia to kill it, as usual.

  8. Mark111 June 20, 2014

    She knows how to style since the last album. Good for you Fanny!

  9. truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) June 20, 2014

    Yaaaaaassssss bish…will icki ever??!!

    • I’m Booked June 20, 2014

      Why The Phuck Are You So Pressed!
      This Article Is About Fantasia!

      Thats How I Know You Iggy Stans Are Scared
      Of The Queen, You Know The Pink Print
      Is Gonna Snatch Iggy Egg Head From The Follicle!

  10. coolness June 20, 2014

    Here for it Fannie! Loved her last album.

  11. Dee June 20, 2014

    I’m so ready for it bring it Tasia

  12. nextome June 20, 2014

    Didn’t she say that last time? For her last album.

  13. Allahandro June 20, 2014

    She needs to hurry up! Everything on the radio right now sounds the same. I love her unique sound. Can’t wait to but the album.

  14. Absolved June 20, 2014

    She said that about her last album. Her handlers aren’t going to let her go in a “rock-inspired” direction. Who would buy it? She’d alienate the few little fans she has who don’t want to hear her do that, and in the meantime it’s not like she’s gonna attract rock fans to pick up the slack.

    • Josh July 15, 2014

      Ppl said the same thing about Tina Turner. Ppl didn’t think Tina wouldn’t have success in rock because it was a totally different audience from what she was used to. But she proved them all wrong. What’s wrong with Fantasia wanting to go the rock direction. I always thought she has a voice more suited for rock. Jennifer Hudson is going in a disco-inspired dance direction for her new album. I’m sure a lot of ppl possibly feel like Jennifer should stick to singing ballads.

  15. Brian310 June 20, 2014

    Idk why her handlers wouldn’t let her take this musical direction, this is why the industry is the way it now no one wants to let these artist take risks and be different from what’s popular on the charts.

    • Josh July 15, 2014

      A lot of people feel like black artists should only do R&B Hip Hop and not branch out and explore other genres of music. The industry just want to keep black/urban artists in a box. One of my favorite artists is James Brown. I love James Brown because he wasn’t afraid to take risks and experiment. James Brown was one of those artists who always reinvented himself. He never did the same thing. When it looked like his career was declining, he always knew what to do to get it back on top. I think Fantasia has potential to be the female James Brown as long as she keeps reinventing herself and taking risks despite what people say.

  16. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 20, 2014

    “Rock soul”? Hmmmm…I like it. It could be something new like “Hip hop soul”. The music industry is eventually going to need a new sound/genre so why not.

    • Josh June 27, 2014

      The “Queen of Rock Soul” is a very fitting title for Fantasia. She is the Queen of Rock Soul just like Mary J Blige is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and Aretha is the Queen of Soul. Brilliant!!! Just Brilliant

  17. Tim June 20, 2014

    OMG oo my God she looks pretty, now I believe when they say everything is possible.

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