‘The Stream Scene’: Beyonce’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ Pulls Up To 30 Million

Published: Friday 20th Jun 2014 by David


As she watches many of her Pop class mates dip, slip and trip in unison, Beyonce finds herself reaching new career highs almost two decades into her career this year.

For, despite starving her fans of the late night interviews and live televised performances that usually come with a traditional Bey campaign, the icon is now enjoying her most successful era to date…critically and commercially.

How  her new single ‘Pretty Hurts’ is proof of this?

Find out below…

Less than eight weeks after its April 24th unveiling on ‘VEVO’, ‘Hurts’ official music video has garnered a total of 30,404, 109 streams on the video sharing outlet alone, doing so despite already being owned by music lovers who’d purchased the video as part of the singer’s self-titled visual album on December 13th.

Yet to nab enough streaming points and move enough units in a single week to crack the Top Ten, the number recently set its sights on the ‘Hot 100′ from the ‘Bubbling Under Hot 100’ chart where it peaked at #13, but is now expected to impact the main tally as its radio commitments rise in the weeks to follow.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 20, 2014

    Not TGJ celebrating hot bubbling under charts lmfao

    • nextome June 20, 2014

      You mean it’s not even on the billboard charts DEAD! LOOOOOOOOOL

    • FutureCIARA June 20, 2014

      Blue Ivy, I fukkin love u!!!!!!!!!!

    • Iamdiego June 21, 2014

      thanks sam but um lemme know when its actually impacts. (that first comment) haha!!!!!! #poorprettyhurts I love you Bey

  2. Molly June 20, 2014

    Death but it’s nowhere to be found on the hot 100.

    • BeySting June 20, 2014

      Tell me something sis, how do you have the #1 song in the country but flop with the album it came from?

      • I Am…Sandra Fierce June 20, 2014

        That IS the million dollar question.

      • Mark111 June 20, 2014

        Well… they have a point. lol

      • FutureCIARA June 20, 2014


        So bye!

  3. Mark111 June 20, 2014

    Pretty Flops, pretty flops. Better slave away, cause you can’t sale hits.

    • bash June 20, 2014

      She already did… its called “Beyonce” the album…

      • LOL June 20, 2014


      • Valerie June 20, 2014

        F*** her album is 5k away from 2 million don’t hold your breath.
        Thats more than GAG has sold WW

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      BEYONCE The album doesn’t need to sell anymore because its just awful hunny how she’s embarrassing your favs with no promo and still OUTSOLD the poptarts kii

  4. Xtina Warrior June 20, 2014

    Ugh how is she the Queen when she can’t even sell a simple single.. Lol

    • Rihanna’s vocals have left the building June 20, 2014

      Hehe Kii

    • WomanLikeBey June 20, 2014

      Sweetie, Beyonce has proved that she can sell albums and singles. Did you Unlike your fav Beyonce can brag about things she did in the past AND things she does today. People already bought the album so the singles doing well is ICING on the cake seeing as you put out singles to HELP the album. Is that clear dear?

      • Mark111 June 20, 2014

        Excuses. Other albums that sold 2 million has singles on the charts. She only sold two million albums, so 2 million people Vs 4 or 5 million won’t support her. The HIVE says singles are cheap, then why can’t thir queen sale something as simple as 99 cents, or even get them played on the radio or youtube views?

      • Valerie June 20, 2014

        Hmm because people have her FULL price album with the videos.

    • 2bad2bme June 20, 2014

      because everyone already bought the album so why buy a song when you already have it? duh

  5. Lana Del West Coast June 20, 2014

    Slay a bit Elijah.

  6. Love and War June 20, 2014

    The Beyonce era is dead & gone so im not surprised to see the song flopping.

    • Tamar’s hard shell face June 20, 2014

      Yaaaaaassssssssss go in i agree

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Its kind of sad that THE BEYONCE ERA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Muffet Face Whole Discography kiii

  7. HistoRih June 20, 2014

    Good for Sexlijah, meh for FraudYonce.

    • BadGyalRita June 20, 2014

      Actually it’s GOOD for Beyonce since she probably used Rihanna’s money to pay the for the video. What a good little servant she is.

      • Mark111 June 20, 2014

        We don’t know that, but I know this. She’s for sure isn’t using any money from Rita non selling ass. lol

    • Forhead Fenty June 20, 2014

      Honey, they both a flops

  8. Elijah’sBijoux June 20, 2014

    My king.

  9. PaulAllahSlaydul June 20, 2014

    Elijah’s album’s gonna flop though.

  10. Sandra June 20, 2014

    Sad, The BEYONCE album hasn’t outsold Unapologetic and all the singles have flopped except for Drunk in love (which was a moderate hit thanks to Jay Z and streams from the Grammy “performance”). Bubbling under #13 lol sad for a “Queen”

    • 2bad2bme June 20, 2014

      BEYONCE been sold more than Unapologetic in less time that album was out so get your hate together

      • Mark111 June 20, 2014

        Doesn’t matter how hyped the album was, at the end of the day it didn’t out sell it. oop!

      • Carmen June 20, 2014

        Hype would be having 2 number 1s each era and still getting outsold double by albums with none.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Why is The Rihoeianna stans so upset kii kii. BEYONCE released the album with no promo and OUTSOLD ALL of Hoeianna’s albums except Good Girl Gone H** KII

  11. BosBitchBeyonce June 20, 2014

    Why are Rihanna and Ciara stans worried about Beyonce? Shouldn’t you guys be worried about your own fave? Cause the last time I checked the album that Pretty Hurts is off of outsold both of them. One in 3hours(KIIIIII) & the other in 6months. So stop worrying about Beyonce’s youtube views. You have bigger problems on your hands.!

    • Mark111 June 20, 2014

      Which Rihanna past 3 album has Beyonce out sold WW? I’ll wait.

      • 2bad2bme June 20, 2014

        lmao all of them. go on Wikipedia and check for yourself…Rihanna does not sale albums dummy

      • BosBitchBeyonce June 20, 2014

        But who said anything about past 3 albums? I was referring to Unapologetic which Beyonce has infact outsold as of the 1st or 2nd week of May.

      • Mark111 June 20, 2014

        Sorry w****, Rih’s last 3 albums is at (most recent) 3 million, 4.5M and 5.7. Beyonce stalled at 2.5 million.

      • Mark111 June 20, 2014

        I’m sorry, 3 million WW. So with all that hype and a so called queen is equal with Rih’s lowest seller? Ha!

      • BosBitchBeyonce June 20, 2014

        Beyonce stalled at 2.5mill? Try 3.5mill. Where do you get your reciepts from because you are atleast 1mill copies off.

    • Mark111 June 20, 2014

      No! Rih’s last album was counted in May of 2013, the album is a 4.1 million. OOP!

      • Kamikaze June 20, 2014

        Receipts? If you can’t find real receipts then STFU

  12. Mark111 June 20, 2014

    How come the other guys already dropped albums and have hits on the charts and Elijah is still on mix tapes? It’s time to move Def Jam. He’s gonna get left behind.

    • Keyshia Del Rey June 20, 2014

      He needs to get it the f*** together because he had mad eyes on him last year but s***’s gone so quiet like wtf.

      • Forhead Fenty June 20, 2014

        Oh Well he’s probably slow

  13. Danity Alsina June 20, 2014

    If August keeps fuggin up Ima start using Elijah 2bhonest, on the real.

  14. 2bad2bme June 20, 2014

    everyone is always saying Bey can’t get a #1 hit single but fail to realize the reason being is that everyone already bought her album so why buy a song when you already have all of them. All of the artist that has #1 single don’t sale albums so the songs are brand new to everybody when they hit radio. understand people!

    • BarbBey June 20, 2014

      Common sense sis, these b****** ain’t got it.

    • Mark111 June 20, 2014

      Everyone bought Em’s last album and he got a #1 hit. Mars’ album sold the same as Bey’s and he had two #1 hits. JT didn’t have a #1 hit, but had a few top 5’s on both 20/20 albums. So tell me again why Beyonce can’t sell singles again?

      • 2bad2bme June 20, 2014

        lol you just named all white people… everyone knows billboard is racist… see: Iggy, Pitbill, Kesha

      • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

        This Mark F** kii. Talking out your ass again I see. Bruno sold that much due to those singles. Same with Em. Your ass is trying to prove points, when your Industry Pusay’s whores around the sell albums kii

  15. Sandra June 20, 2014

    2 flop albums in a row for ‘King B’, too bad she didn’t have any longevity.

    • Tia June 20, 2014

      oh pls shut up! How can u say the album flopped when it already outsold ur faves album in less than a year?!? U sound pressed chile.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      2 Flop albums ???????????? You gotta be talking about Hoeianna kii. Girl I say album number 8 won’t go platinum. She barely reached that number with Unafloppp, with all those hits kii

  16. Love and War June 20, 2014

    The hive can keep their excuses please

    • BeySting June 20, 2014

      There are so many things I could say about Tamar but neither she or her broke husband are worth my time.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Tamar has stans?!?! Big foot has to exist kiii

  17. My tight punnannni June 20, 2014

    TGJ should seriously change its name to The Beyonce Fan Club.

  18. Ryan Spears June 20, 2014

    The only reason anybody knows who Elijah is is because of Grape Juice which is nice and all but we need that album and some slayage to go with it imo.

  19. MissMonifah June 20, 2014

    Sexlijah is a better singer and writer than all the rest but his promo is shockingly bad. He dropped that Sing for me single and then what happened next? Absolutely f****** nothing and It’s mad annoying cos he’s got so much potential.

    • OVODannica June 20, 2014

      That was a buzz single babe.

  20. Dossome June 20, 2014

    God bless the day we see an Elijah Blake post celebrating actual success..last that happened was waaaay last year when he reached #12 on Itunes USA and stayed there for 30 minutes

    • BeyWhoUWanna June 20, 2014

      Don’t act like the ninja is talented as f*** though Queen.

  21. Thief Hive June 20, 2014

    Chart check: Beyonce slay a bit?

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Just a thought….Choke on some cuum

  22. IStanForYourFav June 20, 2014

    #NoComment But Elijah is very cute.

    • Connor Mahone June 20, 2014

      I stalk his IG page everyday.

  23. ChakaYonce June 20, 2014

    Maybe Elijah doesn’t wanna flop like most of your faves. Maybe THAT’s why he’s taking his time with the album. Just a thought.

    • CiciFinnaBeAnIndependentWoman June 20, 2014

      His arms>>>

      • NickiBeenBad June 20, 2014

        My p**** has BEEN ready.

    • Thief Hive June 20, 2014

      My walls are moving by it’s self what’s happing?

  24. Mark111 June 20, 2014

    The last I checked, the US population was 313.9 million. So if 2 million bought the album, why hasn’t (let’s say another 4 million) about any of the singles? Why you saying that your Queen has a small audience? I’m getting a good laugh out of this.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Last time I checked your f@got ass Stan for Industry Pusay’s and one has 7 albums and a Non Factor on the RIAA KII

      • LOL June 20, 2014




      • Valerie June 20, 2014

        I know R****** looks like ET but stop pulling those falsified receipts from Mars.

  25. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 20, 2014

    Ultimate death!!! So her tour is going to flop, her music is flopping and now she is being praised for securing the #13 spot on the “Hot bubbling under chart”? Isn’t that the same chart that Rita’s on? Lmfao

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Kii U gotta be referring to Whoreianna lmfaooooo

  26. metzo June 20, 2014

    Who would care about #1’s when your Album is x2 Platinum?

    Answer: The lessors of course…

    • LOL June 20, 2014



      • Carmen June 20, 2014

        It will by next week babe.

      • Valerie June 20, 2014

        Dumb F*** has Artpop sold 2 million in TOTAL. Death @ you shading Beyonce who is MUCH closer to selling 2 million in JUST the US than Gaga is with her total sales. SCREAMING!

  27. Kamikaze June 20, 2014

    How can a single slay when it’s not even being promoted at all?? You know how some artists, when they have a new single out, they tweet the song iTunes link to their fans? Well Beyonce is not doing any of those, nor is she giving radio interviews for airplay or live performances for exposure. Y’all haters gotta stop being so hateful n start using your logics.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Yessssss bitchh!! Say it again. THE QUEEN hasn’t promoted hardly anything. DIL & XO only received promo. The latter over seas though. All those poptarts perform, tweet, and Facebook songs lyrics. Katy Perry, Mylie and Gaga have all promoted singles that was released off their last albums. If Katy had PH, we would of seen at least two performances of the song by now.

  28. RoyalKev June 20, 2014

    People really just wan’t Bey to do it all. Why is she expected to earn a bunch of #1 singles AFTER delivering an album that offered 17 videos (which already sold 2 million units in 6 months)? Hello! We got the damn era all in one shot! Even if Bey made every single a top 10 hit, haters would still be trying to flop her because the songs are not #1’s. The album is already one of the highest selling of this decade so far (in the US). Unfortunately, it’s very uncommon to see artist reaching sales beyond platinum these days, so why should it matter so much what her singles do?! We all know that B could have promoted them more aggressively to see higher peaks if she so desired (with Pretty Hurts and especially Partition). Obviously with all the success from touring and selling albums, it’s not that much of a priority! If this year happened to some of these people’s favs it would be endless celebrations going on in here, but it’s nothing but double standards with Bey!

    • Teacher June 20, 2014

      Biitch stfu! You flop ass ghetto fans of hers make her out to be something so great when she’s doing the same numbers as most others and even less than some ppl! And even they can get #1 singles! If she’s so great and suck a king w a large audience WHY can’t she get a #1? STOP WITH THE FUCKIING EXCUSES W THIS BASIC BIITCH!

      • RoyalKev June 21, 2014

        You sound like such a d*ck being this pressed! Bey can have 9/10 things accomplished in an era(Sales, a high touring gross, Grammy’s, top 5 hit) and wasps like you will always go looking for that 1 thing to focus on that she hasn’t obtained. Even if she get a #1, you know damn well it’ll be something else the following week. Just be real, Bey just has you feeling bothered. You mad or nah?

  29. Yea ok June 20, 2014

    Facts. Beyonce is 2x platinum. A lot of these people on here hating Stan for artists who have never seen 2x platinum and never will.

    Why would the HIVE buy a single we have owned since December? Why would we need to watch a video on vevo when we can watch it from our iTunes library?

    Beyonce to my knowledge has only given two live performances to support this album. The Grammys and the Brit awards. No radio interview. No tv interviews. No tweeting. No nothing.

    People acting like somehow she is flopping and sound crazy. Your faves wish they had the respect and acclaim our girl gets. Beyonce is here to stay and y’all need to find a way to DEAL. She shuts y’all down each and every time while the only thing y’all can cling to are single sales. A mess. Like my girl Mariah said in one of her songs. “The more you persecute me, the more ya blessing me”. Good day.

    • iDiva June 20, 2014

      The Word said it! Love your enemies and pray for those who mistreat you….I Wish You Well.

  30. Stephanie Tha Bitxh! June 20, 2014

    @MarkyMark, the reason why “Pretty Hurts” is flopping is because is sucks. There I said it…

    • Mark111 June 20, 2014

      Oop! Lol (I don’t think it sucks, but it’s an album song, it shouldn’t be a single. . . Ever.)

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      The song doesnt sucks. When was the last time she did promo for PH or even BEYONCE???? #BYE DUMB BITCHHS

  31. MC!! June 20, 2014

    But we praising 30 million views I don’t understand how Mariah get 5-6 million views no airplay at all get dropped from iTunes and still have you’re mine chart in the hot 100. She should have release blow at least all of her s** songs get her some kind of hit.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Gurl byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. No one is trying to hear anything from a MooMooo Stan.

  32. MC!! June 20, 2014

    And Beyoncé should be selling more than it should but it’s not people would rather buy a damn soundtrack. She should have just release the albums and keep the videos at least some kind of momentum will still be there for the album. It was all at once now it’s nothing else! Oh I forgot those 10 edited 3 minutes performances.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      And Hogriah should be not selling less than Ciara lmaooooooo. #ITS A COLD WORLD

  33. Mimi carey June 20, 2014

    Such a f****** flop lol

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      Not worser than The Hasbeen Irrevelant Chanflopppppp kii

  34. JOHNVIDAL June 20, 2014

    How can TGJ be so biased???????? It´s not even funny! So now this song is a hit??????? LMAO And now this is Beyonce´s most sucessful era commercially??? How???? At least a couple of her albums had way bigger sales than this one all over the world, and bigger hits (since this one doesn´t even have a proper hit).
    I´m not into streaming success cause it means nothing. Just that people watch for controversy and s*** bodies. But if Beyonce is doing that good based on this absurd example and post, what the hell are Basic Perry, Ritry or non singer Milye Virus doing??? Epic and legendary success??? Cause obviously their videos have way more views than Beyonce´s instantly.
    Just biased, and once again he was trying to shade Mariah Carey too even though he didn´t mention her. So pathetic.
    No shade to Beyonce though. It´s not her fault.

    • DIGGER BEY June 20, 2014

      I’m trying to understand why u give a fawk kii. You bitchhs are that b*** hurt??? Get the hell over it. This is his site. So that means he can do what the hell he wants. If you and your bothered lames don’t like it then….#HIT THE EXIT DOOR

  35. Carmen June 20, 2014

    I find it so ironic that Rihanna fans of all people want to drag Beyonce for not being alble to get a #1 when your fave can barely sell 1 million with all the #1s.

    • LOL June 20, 2014



      • Carmen June 20, 2014

        What? You do realize that s*** came out in 2012 and youre celebrating it barely selling 100k more

  36. iHeart June 20, 2014

    I think this shows that everyone is hurting in the music industry.

  37. Brian310 June 20, 2014

    Beyoncé is in the phase of her career that #1 singles don’t matter anymore just the quality of the music. I do hope in the future she promotes her material more then she did with this album.

  38. King_B June 20, 2014

    mark 111
    Funny how retardred u can be
    BEYONCE did change the game
    She release the album first even
    She knew her singles will flop it’s common sense
    U can’t compare this album to any other traditional
    Album because of its release to the public .
    And that further proves that Beyonce remains the queen
    And her album is selling because of the brand she’s been building
    For the past 15 years .
    She doesn’t need to sit down and do a million interviews to convince
    People to buy .
    This is real power believe it or not . We all know the music industry
    And kno how it works and she’s doing the complete opposite and I
    Can respect her for that even more .
    When will the rest??

    • fatusankoh June 20, 2014

      Than you king bey god I love her and I love my fellow beehive let continue our love and support her for life don’t let the haters get to us thanks Sam for posting this kake my day

    • LOL June 20, 2014


      • Valerie June 20, 2014

        DEATTTH @ you babdwagoning for Rihanna. She has not sold 4 million the LIES. Why has BEYONCE outsold Artpop ww sales in the US alone? Is it platinum yet?

  39. fatusankoh June 20, 2014

    I ment to say thank you king bey well said

    • King_B June 20, 2014

      Ur welcome anything for out #queen

  40. Beyonce Bitchesss June 20, 2014

    As if Bey gives a crap about singles!!!! “It’s all about the single… And the hype… People don’t make albums anymore!” And as for 30 mill views, the whole Beyhice has the video either downloaded or on DVD!!! Yet it has all these views!!! Don’t forget the B’day Anthology album and the videos from I Am… were out on DVD.

  41. Beyonce Bitchesss June 20, 2014


  42. Tyler June 20, 2014

    Ur fave has 634166637 #1 singles and can barely sell 300k in the first week. So let’s not try to shade Beyonce.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 20, 2014

      At least our faves can sell out dates from her joint tour, last time I checked Rocky and Bonewrinkle couldn’t sell out any dates from their tour. Waiting for the excuse

      • OMG Logic! June 20, 2014


      • Carmen June 20, 2014

        Whats the excuse for Rihanna barely selling 1 million despite a Tour and 2 #1s?

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 20, 2014

        Gel that makes no sense, when you’re dragging you don’t drag with numbers from only one area in the world just to make Beyoncé look better. I mean I know Beyoncé is local but let me see her worldwide sales. To be queen of the world you have to Slay the world, not just the RnB charts in the US

      • Valerie June 20, 2014

        Her ww sales are 3.5 million. Whats the shade?

      • Carmen June 20, 2014

        Lol! These Rihanna stans always want to eliminate the US like its not part of the world because her her sales as basic as f*** in the same place she has all those #1s they boast about. Take the US away from Rihanna sales, UNA would not have passed 3 mill mark either. For someone whos supposed to slay Beyonce so bad in that department Im not impressed. This post is about US chart position so US sales will be discussed primarily.

      • Tyler June 20, 2014

        B**** let’s not talk about tours when Mrs Carter slays Rihanna in that arena too…despite the fact that her head is as big as one #OOP

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 20, 2014

        You do know that your fave did almost double the amount of dates and added festivals in order to beat #StadiumStatus right? Not to mention that your fave had to do that because she was doing arenas. Wait she couldn’t even sell out her arena tour and now she’s struggling to sell her joint tour.

        3.5 million but did that outsell unapologetic? Did it outsell TTT? No? Then what ground you have to stand on but a tour that she had to kill herself for? The legends get those numbers less than 100 dates, don’t let these foolish articles made and sponsored by the Carters trick you into believing that she’s up there. She still has to manage to slay worldwide and not just US magazines or news stations

      • Carmen June 21, 2014

        @Blue Ivy Your gave did stadiums so of course she did more. Save the damn excuses. Why are you asking if a 5 month old album has outsold 2 and 3 year old albums yet? Lol. What kind of self drag. You’

    • tyler June 21, 2014

      B**** bye. My fave is a better tour act and album seller than yours….so everything that you said is NULL AND VOID #BABYE

  43. Valerie June 20, 2014

    The Gaga is so pressed about Beyonce lol! Its mad because Bey shitting on her after 7 years. Has Artpop sold 2 million WW yet? Not you shading Beyonce who is 5k away from hitting 2 mill in America alone when Artflop hasn’t even sold that ww.

    • Valerie June 20, 2014

      Gaga stan*. 17 years*

  44. Valerie June 20, 2014

    Even 4 is superior to Artflop with no top 10. STOP TAKING YOUR ANGER OUT ON BEYONCE! I know its tough times to be a little monster now which is why you’be resorted to clinging to forehead.

  45. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) June 20, 2014

    I don’t see what the drag is here. People stay trying to drag but look stupid. Her s*** is gonna be 2x platinum with minimal promo. When was the last time your faves did that with all those #1s? She hasn’t done anything to promote her songs shes clearly unbothered by it right now. Otherwise she would not have put all the videos on the album already. Video excluses are one of the main pushes a song can get let alone performances. Beyonce has basically paid all her singles dust because her focus was clearly the artistry surrounding the project. Which she achieved. She hasn’t even done one interview for this album. Its not rocket science.

    • How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) June 20, 2014


  46. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) June 20, 2014

    I must admit, as a casual Bey fan I am kinda irked shes letting the era slide and not milking it IASF promo style, but I also love that about her too. Rather that than all the struggle gimmicks and forcing yourself all over the place only for people to still ignore your s***.

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