Trey Songz Talks Justin Bieber’s ‘N-Word’ Controversy On ‘Larry King Now’

Published: Friday 20th Jun 2014 by David


‘Larry King Now’ had the pleasure of catching up with Trey Songz recently, inviting the singer/actor to discuss his latest LP ‘Trigga’ days before its July 1st release.

There, he spoke frankly and freely on a number of issues close to his heart. One, being the difficulty he faced growing up without a father, and another being Justin Bieber‘s use of the ‘N-Word’ in footage released here.

How he feels about them both?

Songz’ side below…

On his father: “I haven’t talked to my birth father in almost four years. I think I may be still bitter a little bit actually. At this point, I want to have a conversation with him, a real conversation. We’ve spoken over the years, but he’s never been real with me as to why he hasn’t been in my life.”

On celebrity: “It’s a double-edged sword. There’s times when you want your privacy, but you give yourself to the world.”

On the secret to his success: “It’s all about my smile. ”

On President Obama’s impact: “If you tell a young man of any color, race or creed that he can do anything, he can now believe it.”

On Jay Z: “Jay Z’s been an influence of mine since I was a young man. When I got the opportunity to tour with him and work with him in so many different ways, it was an honor.”

On Bieber::“I think we all make mistakes. Especially as young people. I think if I was found on tape saying some things at 15 I wouldn’t want people to see, you know? And I think the fact that he’s owned up to it and not ran away from it is something that we need to very much encourage, you know, because people do make mistakes and people do have blemishes. But to act like we don’t.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Maurice June 20, 2014

    Drake’s lessor…

    Gurl Bye!

    • Tremangelite June 20, 2014

      But you were the first to comment.

      • Maurice June 20, 2014

        Gurl and??? So because I post first it means I can’t say he’s Drake’s lessor?

        Bye, Queen!

      • Treyzzz June 20, 2014

        Maurice is just another f****** irritating troll

  2. JOHNVIDAL June 20, 2014

    Nobody can deny he is so damn handsome!

    • Dossome June 20, 2014

      Haha,Ok John you might need to quench that #thirst with Butterfly,the melodic beverage from Ms.Carey

  3. BEYFLAWLESS June 20, 2014

    to me Jb did run away he should have done what jonah hill did sat on a tv show and explain your self and so we can see his face

    • StarXavi June 20, 2014

      When did Jonah Hill go through a controversy as this one? I totally missed it.

      • BEYFLAWLESS June 20, 2014

        he said the the F word to a camera man

  4. Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

    Where is the f****** Tinashe stan? I’ve got a bone to pick with her lonely ass.

  5. Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

    Come out come out wherever you f****** are b****!

  6. Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

    Where ARE you h**?

  7. Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

    Don’t hide now you s***, come out and face me like the man you are! You got so much s*** to say about Elijah cos my ass wasn’t here and Elijah’s Bijouxs weak ass weren’t saying s*** but now I am the f*** here so what the f*** gucci!

    • TurntUp4Cici June 20, 2014

      I feel you sis. Elijah has the nicest stans so I didn’t like that s*** either.

  8. Elijah’sBijoux June 20, 2014

    Watch who you’re calling weak dear.

    • Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

      What kind of stan are you to let a flop b**** like that come for our fave. Ima deal with yo ass later though.

  9. Elijah’sArmsTho June 20, 2014

    Rhonda hunty! I came as soon as I saw your message what’s the tea?

    • Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

      B**** I direct messaged yo ass an hour ago where the f*** have you been?

      • Elijah’sArmsTho June 20, 2014

        I told you that I don’t use that account anymore because you know who hacked me but I’m making another one for the King. Is that the girl you were telling me about here yet?

      • Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

        No she’s not but I want us to stay on this blog from now on because I think she’s b****** be getting us all the way f***** up cos we ain’t on here like that. Where’s Laryssa at? She coming too?

  10. Dossome June 20, 2014

    All these Elijah Blake trolls,smh

    • Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

      You one of the main b****** talking s*** in the other thread? What’s your problem?

    • Elijah’sArmsTho June 20, 2014

      The only troll around these parts is your momz. B****.

  11. Elijah’sArmsTho June 20, 2014

    Aite, but you didn’t tell me to tell Laryssa though and she’s not on twitter anymore anyway but Ima text her.

    • Redd Songz June 20, 2014

      We in this b****!

      • Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

        Slayryssa!!!!! Now you’re here let me fill you the f*** in. These b****** wanna come up on here and talking s*** about E cos he only got one stan on here and I clocked that s*** today at school so I want us to stay on Grape Juice and drag the living f*** out of anyone who comes for the King. You hear me!!

  12. AlexisAlsina June 20, 2014

    Aye! The f****** Eligiance is here!

    • Rhonda Alsina June 20, 2014

      What up b****! Sis I need you to give me the tea about this blog, who and who should I be f****** with on here?

      • Alexis Alsina June 20, 2014

        Most of the girls on here are cool, but f*** with Rosie, Molly, Suicide Blonde and Stephy. They are f****** cool.

  13. IStanForYourFav June 20, 2014

    Trey does have a nice smile and his media training works charm and a slight smirk on my face everytime lol. ♥♥

  14. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 20, 2014

    His opinion just like his music is complete and utter trash.

    #That is all folks

  15. coolness June 20, 2014

    Ugh, really wished Justin’s mediocre talent having ass would issue a formal apology instead of letting these Black artists cape for him. Yeah, he was 15 but he wasn’t a kid despite what his pea-brained fans say. He’s basically been let off and just imagine if a video surfaced of Trey or any other Black artist saying cracker this cracker that. The media would destroy them. As for Trey, he’s handsome and seems like he’ll age well. That’s all I’ve got for him today

  16. Tim June 20, 2014

    Ok we are hearing you bother Trey we can’t wait for the album to come so are you from the closet LOl.

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