Diplo Dishes On Working With Madonna & Mariah Carey Sales

Published: Friday 20th Jun 2014 by Sam

Having crafted hits for the likes of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, super producer Diplo is naturally in high demand.

So much so that Pop queen Madonna has tapped him to piece together material for her new album.

Speaking to Paper Magazine this week, the 35-year-old elaborated on his approach to working with her Madegesty and interestingly remarked about the sales of her rival Mariah Carey.

His words after the jump…

Via Paper:

“If I’m doing something with Madonna, I’m trying to push the envelope. It’s like the wild west right now. We have someone like DJ Snake [of “Turn Down for What”], who’s selling more than Mariah Carey’s album. He makes music in front of his computer. He’s going triple platinum and Mariah Carey can’t even sell 10,000 copies.”

Far from “shade”, his words reflect truth more than anything else. A shame as ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’ is an incredible album. Here’s wishing ol’Mimi better fortunes next go round.

As for Madge, we’ll be keeping a close eye on what he’s cooked up for her. Because, recent years have seen her collaborations look great on paper, yet sound more recycle bin in reality.

Your thoughts?

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  1. king June 20, 2014

    must every article on this site discuss Mariah’s recent sales while continuing to ignore the fact that JLO is about to receive the title of “biggest flop of the year” and this is coming from both a JLO and MiMi fan.

    • John June 21, 2014

      Mariah: And I was like, why are you so obssed with me?

      • John June 21, 2014

        Obsessed is my jam, and that’s how Mariah should be feeling abotu Sam if she even knows the fool.

  2. Todd June 20, 2014

    Like Jlo said on the breakfast club she or Mariah have nothing to prove I love this site but this bash mariah s*** is getting old and turning me off from this site.

    • Jenny from the flop June 20, 2014

      jlow sales has nothing to prove cause her music has always been sh!t

      • NANCY GRACE SLAY’S June 20, 2014

        oop! ur pressed because shes 40 and walking circles all around u!!!???

  3. That Hater Juice June 20, 2014

    Sam stays on Mariah’s cl-it.

    • That Hater Juice June 20, 2014

      He loves that Mariah c******* !

  4. That Hater Juice June 20, 2014

    Does Mariah owe you money, Sam? You hate on her like she owes you 10 bucks or something.

  5. That Hater Juice June 20, 2014

    Daily, weak ass shade about Mariah’s sales. Yet you stan for J Lo, Cheryl Cole, Brandy, Ciara and Kelly Rowland. Kiiiiiiii

    • That Hater Juice June 20, 2014

      The only person Sam stans for that actually sells albums is Beyonce.

      • FAF June 20, 2014

        Y’all sound mighty mad all the artists u mentioned besides mariah still sound the same

  6. mike June 20, 2014

    Yeah Im getting pretty tired of the constant Mariah shade.

    Is it necessary Sam?

    • That Pressed Hater Juice June 20, 2014

      Change the name of your site to We Love Beyonce and Hate Mariah Carey. Those are the two things you post aboit DAILY.

  7. TheOne June 20, 2014

    Mariah has sold more tha 10,000 so yeah Diplo words have no validity just like (THJ) That Hate Juice! Will Madonna have great music and mature lyrical content is more important than sales. Me. I’am Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse is a great album so Mariah did her part she can’t help it we are in times were fashion, trends, hair color, sales, and etc. out weighs the actually “Music!”

    At least Mariah sold twice as much as J’lo with hardly any promotion!

  8. That Pressed Hater Juice June 20, 2014

    Sam is obsessed with hating Mariah like Perrz does Gaga.

    • That Pressed Hater Juice June 20, 2014


  9. GaGa’s Tampon June 20, 2014

    These Mickey Mouse artists are busy acting like
    Mariah doesn’t have two diamond certified albums
    Under her belt
    Mariah is no longer in her prime what part of that don’t people
    She has achieved so much and influenced so many artists
    To do what they are currently doing so instead of focusing
    On her current sales y’all should try figure out why the current
    Big names today are struggling to to hit platinum status even
    Though they have multiple singles charting and huge publicity
    Behind them

  10. truth June 20, 2014

    Diplo is pissed cause Mariah has done many interviews where she said she’s not gonna jump on the EDM bandwagon.

    • truth June 20, 2014

      PS. Calling her “ol’mimi” is a weak as fukk attempt at shade.

    • Ben June 20, 2014

      but diplo doesn’t make EDM so…

  11. whut June 20, 2014

    That shade from Diplo was unnecessary. Madonna hasn’t exactly been selling bucketloads of albums in the last few years either.

    • GaGa’s Tampon June 20, 2014

      MDNA dropped out of the top 40 after 4 weeks

      • Suicide Blonde June 20, 2014

        @Gaga’s Tampon
        That was 30 years after her debut, not 5 years.

      • GaGa’s Tampon June 20, 2014

        Oh I see the shade!! 😆

    • A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014

      Suicide trash will ALWAYS make excuses for Thotdonna

  12. A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014

    I bet the reason Sam hates Mariah is because he asked for an interview and Mariah replied,” I don’t know her”. LMFAO !!

  13. Suicide Blonde June 20, 2014

    That was unnecessary from his part, album sales are at its lowest point, as for Madonna, she has worked with so many different producers that the only thing i can expect is to have so much diversity, i expect, R&B, Urban, Dance-Pop, Country-Folk, Electronica, Ballads, and some Rock tunes, all in one, i’m curious about, what would she do next?, how could she surprise us again?, no matter how the it turn out to be, a new Madonna album is always interesting, an event. William Orbit said that he has heard a couple of songs from the new stuff and it sounds good.

    This is Diplo’s remix of ‘Hung Up’, 2:08 minute mark, the action begins.


    • truth June 20, 2014

      Nobody is here for your essays about Thotdonna. Take that on over to Perez Hilton.

      • A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014

        Can’t stand this fake trash. Stans for Madonna and J Lo. Two of the biggest h-os in the industry. Neother of them can sing or act.

      • Suicide Blonde June 20, 2014

        I love you both.

    • A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014

      Eat sh-it trash.

      • Suicide Blonde June 20, 2014

        Who are you?…I’m really curious about, you’re funny.

    • LOL June 20, 2014


  14. truth June 20, 2014

    I repeat… Diplo is pissed cause Mariah has done many interviews where she said she’s not gonna jump on the EDM bandwagon.

    • Absolved June 20, 2014

      Why would he be pissed? What does Mariah not doing EDM have to do with him? Even if she did jump on that bandwagon and sought out his help, her sales probably wouldn’t be any better. No hot producer of any genre is going to work with Mariah, and if they do they wouldn’t give her their best material because chances are she’s not gonna sell well.

      • A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014

        Really ? Hitboy and Mikewillmadeit worked with her.

      • GaGa’s Tampon June 20, 2014

        The dream has worked on a whole album
        Kanye west has done a song for her
        Swizz beats ….. Well I bet you can see where this is going

    • A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014

      Plus, Mariah doesn’t need big name producers she’s always produced and co produced her own music.

  15. gurlbye June 20, 2014

    That Shadejuice just keeps on shading Mariah to get hits in the comments section.

  16. Dossome June 20, 2014

    That was so random that it’s even funny…Meanwhile Mariah sells 300-400k albums worldwide every year because she was smart enough to make timeless classics during her prime to cushion her from the mediocrities prevailing now

    • A.K.A more like D.O.A. June 20, 2014


  17. MC!! June 20, 2014

    Mariah is clearly still that b**** if they have people like diplo who looks like he could careless about Mariah carey news but do…s*** this decade with her Christmas album she sold more than this person. EDM is trash the people that do underground and are in Europe are better anyways. That’s real dance music! And top 40 mainstream is not even interesting anymore hence why Britney and gaga would’ve done great if they just venture off to new sounds. It’s played out and Sam just admit that you hate Mariah and stop wasting time talking about her..it’s pathetic.

  18. #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

    Team Tinashe! Great news!

    “2 On” has now jumped up eight spots on Billboard Hot 100 at #44!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, why does TGJ always shade Mariah? Do we ALL need to start Elijah “I’m Struggling” Blake now? SMH!

    • NowUCiMe June 20, 2014

      Sweetie I think you should stop. Everyone knows that Elijah will slay eventually and that his voice runs miles around Tinotshit. Your fave can’t even get her own thread on TGJ, have you ever wondered why?

      • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

        @NOWUCIME ummmmm……. and the question still remains as “When?”




        Holla back when that happens…….. NEVER!

    • CommanderKaty June 20, 2014

      No shade sis, but who is Tinashae? I really mean no shade at all but I’ve never heard of her.

      • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

        Hey @Commander. You’re using a computer right? Go search her up and don’t ask foolish, euphemistic questions please. Thanks! 🙂

        *COMMON SENSE*

  19. WhenItComesToBey June 20, 2014

    Ugh, Diplo needs to worry about his own career and not Mariah’s and the lonely Tinashe stan on here should send an email to Sam and David asking why they won’t give her her own article.

    • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

      Hi @WhenItComesTo ummmm…. does it really look like Tinashe needs aided support from TGJ? She is doing great as you can see how her first single is already creeping up high on those charts. Thank You For Your Concern! 😉

  20. eric June 20, 2014

    Who is he kidding? Madonna hasn’t pushed the envelope in I don’t know how many years. And it’s a punk move to compare a person in their prime to someone who has already peaked. If we compare Mariah’s prime numbers to what DJ Snake is doing now, Snake would be a forgotten name, and so would Diplo. Someone will come along and replace them soon enough.

  21. Rosie June 20, 2014

    Yet ANOTHER post about Mariah flopping? No one cares anymore? Why isn’t there a post about J-Ho’s estimates being lowered?
    1. Lana Del Rey (Interscope) 180-190k
    8. Jennifer Lopez (Capitol) 28-32k

  22. Sarah June 20, 2014

    As a fan off ALL things music and this website..I am becoming disgusted by the negativity that this blog brings to Mariah on a daily bases

  23. Proud-Arianator June 20, 2014

    So I just read up on Tinashe and found out that her daddy is from Zimbabwe
    Zim guys be ugly AF but I hear they are very blessed down there don’t blame her mom for marrying her dad dark chocolate is waaaay better than white chocolate

    • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

      Lol ha! weird as fck!

  24. Pepe June 20, 2014

    Sam is the stereotypical HIVE member, a fisting, messy power
    bottom. Kiiiii

  25. BeachHouseBritney June 20, 2014

    Wait. Tinashe is R&B but TGJ won’t write about her. Something is wrong somewhere.

      • BanjeeRiri June 20, 2014

        Ok that was bad.

      • Ariana’sGrand June 20, 2014

        Loool she tried and failed.

      • BeyBeyRonaldo June 20, 2014

        Ok you know what, I was JUST about to stan for this chick until I saw this.

      • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

        That performance wasn’t so great because she was under the weather but have you seen her other ones? Yea BYE! 🙂 Thanks for watching Queen Tinashe! 😀

      • BarbBey June 20, 2014

        Scrying at her vocals.

      • TRUTH SERUM June 20, 2014

        I like her, she has potential. She just has to work on those live vocals; very inconsistent. I don’t want them yo put her in the Cassie/ Jhene Aiko lane because she.can sing.

  26. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 20, 2014

    Aww, TGJ remains mad. Real cute. Mariah slays all flop the bxtches y’all Stan for!!! Sit down!

  27. TurntUp4Cici June 20, 2014

    If TGJ’s seen those performances nobody gets any prizes for guessing why they’re ignoring her.

    • CassieSlaytura June 20, 2014

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Dance4Dawn June 20, 2014

        That’s what I think happened. Let’s keep it real, if you’re a new girl coming up you WANT to be featured here so the fact that they’re ignoring her is kind of putting me off her. If they think she’s s*** then I kinda have to wonder why and those videos don’t help.

  28. Stephanie Tha Bitxh! June 20, 2014

    Honestly, it was kinda cute the first 141345123452345 articles bashing & shading Mariah’s FLOP ass album! But, now its just sad!
    Sam, why in the hell are you bashing Mariah Carey in every article like she stole your wigs or something? Girl, get over it! HER ALBUM FLOPPED move on…
    Also, why aren’t you posting & blabbing on about J Ho selling 25-32K next week even with 2134123412423 singles, BEAUTY, GMA, AMERICAN IDOL, MULTIPLE RADIO INTERVIEWS, BIG BUTTS, DANCING SKILLS & top quality videos & 20+ million tiwtter followers but still only 30K…
    Not to mention, J Ho is political correct with her personality & keeps it classy & looks 10x better than MAriah but still cannot outsell Mimi…
    But, you steady running back to bashing Mariah Carey & praising J Ho like she just achieved a DIAMOND album! Bye THAT-NEGATIVE-JUICE

  29. MissDuhMeeNah June 20, 2014

    There I was dissing Sam and David for paying a new R&B girl dust and then y’all come along with these struggle videos.

  30. Elijah’sBijoux June 20, 2014

    I like Tinashe so I won’t stoop to her stan’s level.

    • CassieSlaytura June 20, 2014

      What’s to like?

      • Elijah’sBijoux June 20, 2014

        Don’t be mean sis, I think she has potential.

    • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

      Have you charted yet MR. Elijah? Or do you need TGJ’s much more, aided support for you? It’s not going anywhere!

      • CassieSlaytura June 20, 2014

        Why are you picking on Bijoux when everyone ELSE is dissing you. By the way, Elijah may not be charting but he’s much better than Tinashe so you need to have about a few dozen seats.

      • Keyshia Del Rey June 20, 2014

        #12 on iTunes USA hunty.

  31. A.K.A. = D.O.A. June 20, 2014

    J-Low’s biggest selling album was the one where she and Tommy Mattola stole songs and concepts from Mariah’s album, Glitter. LOL

    • A.K.A. = D.O.A. June 20, 2014

      She should send Mariah a check.

  32. #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

    Anyways to all the Tinashe hater. “Fck your opinion
    I don’t need your approval baby
    You should keep it pushing now
    Just a swing and miss you ain’t pullin’ sh*t
    And I really can’t believe the audacity
    Don’t you play with me
    Damn, fck you think I am, careful what you sayin
    Cuz you gone regret the day you ran that slick mouth right” – Queen Tinashe

    • PaulAllahSlaydul June 20, 2014

      Le struggle. Not you bombarding this thread with videos because David won’t give her a thread.

      • OVOBarbie June 20, 2014

        Don’t take this the wrong babe but it is kinda strange that the biggest blog known for talking about the music girls doesn’t even think your fave is worth their own article.

      • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

        Oh not you trying to play with Religion.

        SMH! Back pedal out of this! The self drag! Damn.

      • #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

        @OVOBarbie it doesn’t really matter to me. I think all stans should worry about supporting their faves and getting them on them Billboard Charts, a blog is never a #1 goal on an artist or a stan. It’s about getting them to perform at every venue and selling out. Eventually, one day TGJ will have to post about her once she puts out her album and has a body of work done.

        That’s all. I can careless about a blog posting of my fave.

  33. JOHNVIDAL June 20, 2014

    First of all, Sam is disgusting. He just knows Mariah Carey is better than his faves and he has a problem or something. Basing an artist like that when you are also admitting all the time that her album is amazing doesn´t make any sense, it´s sad.
    Secondly, this Diplo guy wasn´t right either. He could have made a different comment to praise the guy he´s talking about (I don´t even know who he is, no shade), didn´t need to mention Mariah Carey, whose career slaying basically eveybody mnetioned by anyone.
    About Madonna: yeah I hope she makes something good, cause like somebody else has said, she hasn´t pushed the envelope since 2008 at least.

  34. TheOne June 20, 2014

    I just google Diplo Networth and Mariah is still winning!!
    What does Mariah have to do with DJ snake!

    • BitchyBey June 20, 2014

      The flawless dragging!

  35. iHeart June 20, 2014

    I don’t think Diplo was throwing shade but just rather confused on how all these DJ inspired artist (Zedd, Avicii, Calvin Harris etc) are selling more than artist who actually can sing and have been around for a while. But J.Lo was album sales are going to slow after certain point primaryly with it being a new generation. Dare I even say it….it’s only a matter of time before Beyoncé hits that wall. You can’t stay number one forever you know :-/

    • iHeart June 20, 2014

      J.Lo was right* album

  36. #TeamTinashe (BUY “2On”) June 20, 2014

    To everyone asking me why does TGJ never post about Tinashe. Well I can ask the same question about others. Why hasn’t TGJ post about Sam Smith, Katy B or Kiesza who has been racking up big heavy views and her single “Hideaway” is HUGE in the UK. It actually went #1.

    I think their just waiting for more body of work. But I don’t really care.
    Look at this greatness that gets no love on here.

    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 20, 2014

      Sam already posted about Sam Smith.

  37. coolness June 20, 2014

    Pretty uncalled for on Diplo’s part and she did sell more that 10,000 copies. And the constant Mariah shade is reductive.

  38. Queen Navy June 20, 2014

    LOL @ all these shell-shocked Mariah stans who can’t even tell that Diplo was actually defending her pointing out the irony that some no-name joke like DJ Snake could be outselling someone like Mariah Carey. You people act like kicked dogs and look for “shade” in everything.

  39. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 20, 2014

    Also death at these comments! Now you know there’s a problem when most of your commenters keep calling you out on your s***.

    #Fix it

  40. IStanForYourFav June 20, 2014

    I can’t at the fact that TGJ has more hate articles on Mariah Carey in the last two weeks than Mariah Carey and JLO buzz singles total COMBINED. lol

  41. Gigi June 20, 2014

    Sam is pressed. … against Mariah’s c*******. That grape juice = Mariah’s pu$$y juice !

  42. Beyonce Bitchesss June 20, 2014


  43. Avi June 20, 2014

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just not come to a blog that’s known for showing bias against your fave than constantly coming here complaining about it? Sam is not gonna change his game for as long as you all keep playing it by coming back again and again. Shading Mariah’s sales generates clicks & comments (money for him) from her thin skinned Stan’s who he’s baiting to clap back.

  44. OMG Logic! June 20, 2014

    How many albums did J.Ho sell in the UK again?

    • Rosie June 20, 2014

      Less than 800 first day.

  45. Valerie June 20, 2014

    I don’t understand why some lamb chops come here if its that painful. Are on some masichist s***? Because of you are not stop crying about the way the blog owners chooses to run it. Go elsewhere! If they were constantly hating on my fave I would no lt be giving them hits! Dumb h***.

  46. TheOne June 20, 2014

    We know Sam needs Mariah for hits which is sad in it’s own right!
    Why are you worried about how Lambs spend their time?
    It’s not just Lambs complaining and pointing out TGJ smear and hate campaign against Mariah either so kill the fave and Lamb talk!
    TGJ is hurting their credibility as and unbiased music blog more than their hurting Mariah so….

  47. Gentlehomme June 21, 2014


    She doesn’t care about sales or chart or where her position right now what she care is, she just want to make music for her fan that it! even if u brag about how disappointment of her sales over and over and over SHE DON’T F****** CARE!

    Where is your latest post about J’LO Sales on the First Week?? Did U Miss That One or U just playing Biased Towards Mariah??? WTF?????

    You are such a cheap Person who own this stupid Cheap blog that stan only for Cheap Artist Who doesn’t even sell half of Mariah Carey total Sales! WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST WENT PLATINUM?

  48. Hello June 22, 2014

    I did not see where Sam was hating on mariah. Y’all can’t read or something

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