Did You Miss It?: K. Michelle Crowns Nicki Minaj “Queen of Rap” / Lil Kim Responds

Published: Sunday 24th Aug 2014 by Rashad

While fans are still abuzz at Beyonce‘s epic 2014 MTV VMA album medley performance, the other performance queen of the night was undoubtedly Nicki Minaj.  Gracing the stage a whopping three times (once by herself, next with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, and then again with Usher), the ‘Moment For Life’ maestra certainly had her fair share of memorable moments from tonight’s showing.

With not even an uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction proving itself strong enough to stand in her way, Minaj maneuvered her way through the series of performances to the sounds of fans cheering in person and via social media.  One such fan, songstress K. Michelle, was particularly proud as she tweeted:


That salute did not fall on deaf ears however.  Shortly after the tweet made its way across the net, angered Lil’ Kim fans came to the defense of their ‘How Many Licks’ hero – a move that caught the attention of the Queen Bee herself.

Read her response to Michelle’s statement below:

kmichelletweet2 lilkimtweet1


Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly Massacre August 24, 2014

    Does k.Michelle even have a gold album? who takes her seriously and we all know k is pressed over Iggy.

    • KingYonce’ August 25, 2014

      neither does Ciara or iggy so shut up you stan for two of the biggest flops of the industry

      • Rayberneski August 25, 2014

        Ciara actually has platinum ALBUMS…Multi at that…. Come with facts sis.

      • norkuepfxc August 25, 2014

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    • KingYonce’ August 25, 2014

      stay out of this what about basic instinct ,fantasy ride and Ciara all flops with not one certification

      • Music Stan August 25, 2014

        As much as I love both Ciara and Beyoncé you seem way to pressed to bring up Ciara in a post that clearly has nothing to do with her shows you are pressed!!! Despite if you like Molly or not you brought Ciara up first and with wrong fact!!!! Ciara has two Platinum albums under her belt!! And why yes Her other didn’t do the first two numbers she actually has a lot more than both K.Michelle (who the topic is about) and Iggy and last a decade in the game which most artist can’t do!!! You don’t have to like Ciara but stop bring her up when clearly the post isn’t about her!!! #pressed

      • FAF August 25, 2014

        @kingyonce ciara doesn’t recycle choreography tho.. and u sound like a FAGGGG who names themselves king Yonce? Lol

    • Dark Horse August 25, 2014


      • FAF August 25, 2014


  2. Navy Nick August 24, 2014

    OMG oeople need to chill: Nicki is the current queen of rap, period. Kim had her time, we all love Kim, but she aint doing shi*, so chilllll people..

    • OMG Logic!!! August 25, 2014

      LMAO the only thing Nicki is the Queen of is of owning massive cellulite filled, floppy, saggy ass.

      • Checory August 25, 2014

        I would give Nicki queen of POP-RAP before i give her the title of Queen of Rap .. Lil Kim isnt the QUEEN because of her Relevancy today.. she is the queen for How much she accomplished with out the use of so many outlets.. She set the BAR .. No matter how many ppl come after her crown will remain .. have in Mind u can’t call Nicki the Queen when u see soooo much stolen from the ACTUAL QUEEN ,.. that sounds ignorant

      • FAF August 25, 2014

        if nicki got cellulite whats that cottage cheese on kim stomach??
        what that gotta do with the music ugly fagggg?

    • Dark Horse August 25, 2014

      Nicki ain’t the queen of ish

    • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

      Lmao Nicki only has one platinum album and she’s suppose to be the queen of something lnfaooooooooooooooo. #FOOLERY @ ITS BEST

      • anaconda August 25, 2014

        False. I’m guessing your referring to the US where both of Nicki’s albums PF and PF:RR have BOTH gone #1. PF is 2x Platinum and PF:RR is platinum.

  3. SMH August 25, 2014

    FUKK Plastic Kim and FUKK her hoodrat illiterate fans. Bitter cuz Nicki is killing the game right now while that botched science project struggles in 90s has been country. Get over yourselves.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) August 25, 2014

      Funky b**** hush! !

  4. UGH August 25, 2014

    Since when did K Michelle’s opinion actually count? But Lil’ Kim nor her lip singing tribute (yes b****, you weren’t fooling anyone; even the Kardashians, Rotten Oral, & 33K JLO saw it + her volume was lower than when Jesse J and Ariana were singing #SoundEngineerFail) are the Queen of Rap. That would go to Missy for consistency and continuing to give music through producing for the generation post her time. Lauryn crazy ass still S-H-I-T-S! over them all lyrically, but she only made ONE album. :/

    • Checory August 25, 2014

      Lil Kim (Queen of RAP)
      Missy Elliott (Queen of Hip Hop )

      • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

        Yesssssss biitch! You got that shiit right! Those are The Queens!!!!

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) August 25, 2014

        U know something CHecory…THATS MUTHAFUCKN ACTUALLY!!! U RITE!!

  5. Rihboy August 25, 2014

    And k michelle’s validation equates to anything? Where is she currently..? Lls. Moreover, ^^^ the only thing nicki is killing are the brain dead barbz that follow her. Lls. She continues to make an ass of herself. Shady how queen bey cut her out of her performance. She used that h** for pr, then excluded her from the remix. Lls.

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      You sound very mad. It’s sad when you gotta wake up and hate on the next b**** for having what you wish you did. That’s none of my business tho…*sips Nicki tea*

  6. KingYonce’ August 25, 2014

    Molly stay in your lane because Ciara hasn’t seen a certification on an album since like 2007 and iggy the new flop isn’t even plastic yet

    • Rihanna #1 fan t August 25, 2014

      i hate when ciara fans always wanna talk…like what is their fave killing…

  7. KING B August 25, 2014

    LMAO @ Kim saying “we don’t hate, but just recorded 2 diss records.

    • Checory August 25, 2014

      For every one diss record Kim has Nicki has like 4 .. so your point ?!?!

      • LOL August 25, 2014

        Nicki only made one diss record…which wasn’t even a full song. KIM made like 4, she might as well put out a album of them. Those other songs y’all claim were didn’t even mention her name or refer to her, y’all just wish they were to give Kim relevancy that she still does not have.

  8. Stephy. August 25, 2014

    Damn, K needs to sit her ass down!

  9. Yaaaaaaas August 25, 2014

    Lil Kim kept it classy, it’s all good.

    Nicki, GIRL!! I still want to know how come the twerking and booty popping IN the “anaconda” video was so fluid and decent but your popping on stage (because you didn’t even attempt to twerk which we know you can’t) look light as a feather STIFF as a board. Oh yeah that’s right, there isn’t any special effects to add movement to those plastic parts.

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      Her a was moving mighty fine. Glad to know you took the time out of your day to watch a real queen tho.

      You got the nerve to talk about plastic parts when lil Kim ain’t even recognizable anymore #BitchBye

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      Her ass was moving mighty fine. Glad to know you took the time out of your day to watch a real queen tho.

      You got the nerve to talk about plastic parts when lil Kim ain’t even recognizable anymore #BitchBye

  10. Realest August 25, 2014

    Queen Biitch looking hot in this pic with K.MiShallNotEverBeRelevannt

  11. #TeamTinashe Stan (R.I.P AALIYAH; Legacy Lives) August 25, 2014

    This girl is a mess. I swear she is on a promo tour spreading out hate to every female. First, Tamar, Elle Varner and now Lil kim. And why would she say fck Lil Kims fans? It doesn’t even make sense.
    Artists like her ugh…..

    • KingYonce’ August 25, 2014

      shut up you stan for tinawho tinaflop tinaneverbeen

    • Elvick August 25, 2014

      Lil’ Kim fans were attacking her because of her tweet about Nicki.

      That’s why. K michelle didn’t do anything here. Her Elle Varner stuff was stupid (still is, even after her side of it is out). But this?

      Nope, no fault on K. She is allowed to use twitter to say how great Nicki Minaj’s performance was. If people want to troll her about it, then K is free to insult them all she wants.

      Lil Kim and her stans needs to have several seats.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (R.I.P AALIYAH; Legacy Lives) August 25, 2014

        Im not arguing about her calling Nicki the Queen of Rap its about how she addressed Kim’s fans. I don’t think that was right. Anyone can call someone a “Queen” if they believe in that artists talent.
        And just recently she called Kim “Old” on twitter.

  12. TMI August 25, 2014

    Damn ain’t K Michelle damn near close to Kim age lol Ctfu k is a split image of keyshia cole and you see how long her career was … K nobody cares about you flop ass album and flop ass tv show #byemred

  13. OMG Logic!!! August 25, 2014

    First of all random people’s comments don’t crown anyone anything. Who is K. Michelle again?
    What is clear, however, is that Onika’s rap talent amounts to owning two giant sacks of cellulite on her back that she loves showing off. For some reason some men (with no taste in women clearly) find that saggy out-of-shape ass and double bagger face appealing.

  14. Jamie August 25, 2014

    K.Michelle is an attention seeking mess

  15. Britney stan August 25, 2014

    why is this Keyshia cole wannabe still relevant? smh

  16. Tisha August 25, 2014

    Lol, these tweets are hilarious.

    ‘we don’t hate over here’

    And yet she’s paid her fans dust so many times…

    So many years promising them an album with nothing to show till Nicki was putting out songs, then suddenly she whips out diss tracks and mix tapes.

    Wonder if K is still gonna visit the baby, sips tea.

  17. Rihanna #1 fan t August 25, 2014



    • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

      Seeing how you’re an R**** fan, I wouldn’t expect your ass to have any sense kii kii

      • Rihanna #1 fan t August 25, 2014

        lmaoo i guess your a h** cause it takes one to know one..
        bye s*** i hope you enjoy the rest of your day while your fave beyonce was hoeing around on the vmas slapping her crotch against the tv.. but anyway bye prostitute..

  18. Elvick August 25, 2014

    Um, why are stans coming for K? She did nothing here. I’m all aboard the ‘calm down’ K Michelle train. Her ‘beef’ with Elle Varner was and is still dumb. Even her explaining it in detail in a recent interview I couldn’t with her.

    But this? She tweeted her opinion, some pressed Kim stans came for her. She fired back at people hating her. Then Lil’ Kim throws a tantrum about it on twitter, and her best retaliation is to repeat what K. Michelle says about calling her. Um… girl.

    You can’t throw a fit then act like you’re the grown one. If you had issue and found it “shady” you had K’s number to call. Instead you chose to go back to twitter to respond to K’ Michelle’s tweets defending herself from your hating stans.

    K said nothing bad about Lil’ Kim. She even repeated her love for her… multiple times.

    Yet K is at fault? Wow. Lil’ Kim needs to calm down.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (R.I.P AALIYAH; Legacy Lives) August 25, 2014

      Every artist has an image to protect, sweetie.

  19. Lily August 25, 2014

    A Flop K michelle can’t Crown anyone Queen. Poor Nicki even claiming it saying Thank You. Lil Kim kept it classy with K Michelle but what did K Michelle did. She just start opening her flop mouth and start tweeting sh*t. We all know why she call Nicki Queen of Rap,it’s because she’s beefing with Iggy. Although Iggy is a Flop just like K Michelle & Nicki Onika.

    • Elvick August 25, 2014

      How is it keeping it classy? Lil’ Kim got involved in something her stans started up. They threw shade K’s way just because of a tweet. K threw shade back TO THEM, not Kim. She kept saying she loved her multiple times.

      Kim keeping it classy would’ve been to take K’s advice and call her about it. Rather than tweet about it and make it a ‘thing’.

      I guess when you’re afraid to lose what little fanbase you have, you have to side with them. Even if they’re coming for artists who didn’t even shade you. lol, and that’s truth. Not shade. Lil’ Kim’s actions scream of desperation for approval and love. (not just this one instance either)

      She needs to take a breath and calm down. And just make music she thinks is great and not be bothered by other artists defending themselves from her overzealous stans.

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      “lil kim kept it classy” LOL, that’s a first.

  20. itchiyah August 25, 2014

    K michelle sucks ass.that b**** is ugly.lil kim reigns supreme.that’s the real and only queenB. Wanna rumble wit the Bee throw a hex on the whole family.k mitchell is ugly and wack she show how needy she is for attention.can’t raise a man can’t raise a woman either.big bobble head ho.niki is queen of fake assess.lol

  21. Rebelsunite August 25, 2014

    For all you coming for K and Nicki you guys are f****** stupid K.Michelle is a talented ass artist so is nicki half of you b****** think lil Kim and iggy are amazing when there not get the f*** outta here

    • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

      Dumb as Biitch Queen Bee 3 platinum albums >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nicki one platinum album. #AMAZING BIITCH

  22. coco August 25, 2014

    What has K M done in her career apart from being a keyshia cole wannabe that her fans can stand on to defend her nothing,and now she want to talk like she’s this super star girl bye at least KC has platinum albums and singles something you will never have!

  23. Dragon August 25, 2014

    In other news Sisqo is back!! A- List is coming.

  24. DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

    You Slow, Dumb, Delusional biitches on this site are so damn retarted. How can Nicki be the queen of rap, when the biitch has barely saw 5 years in the game and only have one platinum album??? GTFOHWTBS! To crown queen or king of anything, longevity and relevant must be on your side. Sales are another factor. Nicki is only relevant. Some Icons and legends had to go a decade or two, to capture a king or queen title. Nicki ass isnt the queen. Maybe future princess but hell NO! Missy and Queen Bee are the Reigning Queens of Rap. Both have three or more rap hits on the rap charts and 3 or more platinum albums. #QUEEN SHIIT

    • CATFISH CAREY August 25, 2014


      • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

        Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha DEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH This Sour Mouth hoee is Mad LMFAOOOOOOOOOO. #THE TRUTH ALWAYS SET HOEES FREE

    • umm August 25, 2014

      So how you gone say Ciara ain’t had a platinum album since 07 then defend Kim and she ain’t had one since 06? Till K** to retire she was done ever since biggie died.

      • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

        **Looks around with a blank stare on my face**Is this biitch talking to me???? Because where n my comments do I mention Ciara? #BYE BIITCH

      • umm August 25, 2014

        You did or are you too stupid to remember what you said?

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      Yes, she’s been in the industry 5 YEARS and accomplished more than any other female mc ever has. She has 2 PLATINUM ALBUMS AND ONE WAS A RE-RELEASE THAT STILL WENT GOLD. Learn you facts b4 you speak.

  25. DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

    I like Nicki but she isn’t the queen of anything. K Michelle…Hoee sit down!

  26. DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

    Oh and K, the only Queen of Rap is the biitch you’re in the photo with above.

    • CATFISH CAREY August 25, 2014


      • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

        Biitch suck the bottom of my nuut sack. I could give rats ass about your or anybody else’s reply section lmfaooo. Bum Biitch I don’t have to use public computers. I got cash on cash gator mouth biitch. You just continue selling that rotten ass, to get that raggedy ass computer out the pawn shop kii kii

      • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

        Also did this Crusty Face biitch say, Im always n someone’s reply in caps?????? Look in the mirror biitch. Its like I’m arguing with 7 years olds lmao. #WHATS GOING ON

  27. sleazy August 25, 2014

    The REAL queen of Rap is MISSY ELLIOT and she passed the crown to NICKI MINAJ!!! Lil kim never crossed over like the 2 of them

    • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

      Dumb ass biitch, what the fawk does crossing over have to do with being the queen of rap?????????????? Kim & Missy are the only females with 3 or more platinum albums and rap hits. Nicki don’t exist on neither. #DUMB HOOES

  28. DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

    I can’t…..lmao. Crossing Over? Lil Kim and Missy also have #1 pop hits. Where are Nicki’s?????? #I GOT THESE BIITCHES MAD

  29. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. August 25, 2014

    I know no talent K.Michelle isn’t talking about the Queen Bee Lil’ Kim. Does she need to be reminded who her twin is?


  30. Dossome August 25, 2014

    As far as Queen of Rap goes,it’s definitely Lil Kim..Missy is a strong contender but her impact goes beyond the rap genre,from visuals to songwriting whereas Kim is mostly known for her rap.Nicki is not queen of anything.People need to realize it’s not about who’s more relevant or who sold more.In the rap hierachy,Eminem ranks much lower than Pac,Biggie and Nas despite outselling them.It’s no different with Nicki

    • NICKIMINAJ QUEEN August 25, 2014

      you cant be queen if your not making no music wtf last time i check nicki surpass lil kim in the music industry kim is not the queen anymore rolling stone name nicki queen now if rollling stone did that she good i dont even see how kim can be queen

      • DIGGER BEY August 25, 2014

        Hun Nicki only surpass her in selling pop hits. Aretha can never make another album ever but she will forever have the title of Queen of Soul! You can proclaim Nicki queen of anything, with no longevity.

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      Another idiot. Kim is mostly known for rapping about how good she sucks a d*** and throwing up a stomach full of c**. If you don’t understand or realize how Nicki Minaj has effected hip hop and pop culture you should just stop listening to music period.

  31. Barb August 25, 2014

    Current success don’t mean s***… Beyonce more successful than Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin, and Patti Labelle do she disrespect them by saying a title they proclaimed?? Kim is the Queen of Rap and will always be she paved the way don’t be dumb facts or facts

    • LOL August 25, 2014

      You sound like an idiot…time doesn’t mean s***. Your talent and accomplishments/achievements do. Y’all sit here and claim Lil Kim is a Queen because of the time her career started and try to completely ignore the fact that her entire career was sold off s**. She’s irrelevant no one cares about her anymore because she couldn’t maintain a successful career and the only buzz she can get is from beefin’ with other artist. And y’all have audacity to call her a “queen” REALLY?? GOODBYE. Where df have you been? People don’t call Beyonce her name anymore, the automatically call her Queen Bey…cuz it’s exactly what she is. The most successful and musically talented female R&B artist EVER.

  32. LOL August 25, 2014

    “We don’t hate over here”….But the only buzz you gettin’ is from diss records. Oh ok.

  33. The truth emeritus August 25, 2014

    This site can’t EVER seem to get the facts right! Kim responded by saying her fans can like Nicki if they want to. Kim responded to K Michelle for telling her fans to kiss her ass and f*** lil kim fans. That was u professional and in called for.

  34. eric August 25, 2014

    She’s supposed to be a professional saying nasty comments like “you motherless kids”?? She is going to self-destruct under the weight of her own ego.

  35. MariahIsMusic1 August 25, 2014

    Everyone knows deaf or blind that Lil Kim is the queen of rap I’m not even a fan but that woman broke barries open doors even for Missy Elliot, Eve, Remy Ma & Definitely Nicki Minaj. If yall say she’s queen than Lady Gaga is the queen of pop and Madonna is a lessor

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