K. Michelle Eyes Anita Baker Collaboration / Explains Issue With Iggy Azalea

Published: Friday 22nd Aug 2014 by David


She took me under her wings. I would love to do a record with her that fit us both.


K.Michelle had that to say about Anita Baker recently, expressing her desire to work with the ‘My Everything’ vocalist during an interview with ‘VH1.’

There, she also addressed her recent criticism of Rap ‘Goddess’ Iggy Azalea, with whom she shares an accent.

Confused by the line above?

We’ll let Michelle break it down, below…

On Anita , K shared:

She took me under her wings, and she popped up to the studio. I never thought she would come to the studio and just give me advice. For her to come out her house and come to my studio session and listen to my new album and say it is absolutely amazing- I would love to do a record with her that fits us both.

Then, when quizzed on her feelings towards Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, she explained:

 I just think she’s pretty. No one can knock me for my opinion. I don’t care—like the thing about it is, with her, I made the comment. I never came at this woman at all! I made a comment because I was really confused by the tone of rapping and the—it has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with where you’re from. [Iggy] is Australian and then it turns to like I’m from South Memphis like K. Michelle. So it confuses me. Every time I have a question it starts controversy but I was really confused. And I just did not like how Forbes Magazine tried to declare this woman the face of hip hop, when there are so many amazing artists period. So my comment was very innocent. I’m not a hater; I’m just in love with music. And my comment was very real. And so many people supported me and understood it. Not just black people, white people supported me. I wish her the best of luck. She’s another female; however she gets her money and she’s successful, girl, go get your money. But personally, I don’t like that stuff. I’m not a fan.


Do you agree?

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  1. the voice August 22, 2014

    K MICHELLE has beef with everybody but she is right about Iggy being fake.

    Anyway, did Trey release a new Trigga video? Isn’t his album still in the top 25 on Billboard? I hope so.

    I need those Trey / Chris tour dates NOW.

    • Cupid August 22, 2014

      I can’t say she’s right…. What is she suppose to sound like an innocent Austrian chick when she rappers. Every rapper sounds a little harder when she raps….. And not to mention those hood chicks iggy would hang out with prior to her making it big. So what if she sounds “harder” when she raps. She doesn’t do interviews in a different voice so who is to say she doesn’t actually sound like that when she raps?

      • Cupid August 22, 2014

        So many typos lol … *raps *they …… *doesn’t do interviews in a fake speaking voice. Lol rushing.

    • onelxuanxc August 22, 2014

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    • Iggy & Arianna August 22, 2014

      A persons accent doesn’t fully come out when they sing and rap. You can’t tell K. Michelle is a ghetto bamboo when she sings, you don’t fully hear Rihanna’s accent when she sings, Rita Ora, Estelle, Adele and so on. People just love to hate it makes no sense at all. And Iggy doesn’t sound like ghetto hood trash from Memphis so girl bye. K Michelle will say anything for relevance because her music goes nowhere. Anita Baker would be a fool to work with the rat.

  2. Realest August 22, 2014

    What’s up with all the chicks who wear fake blonde hair, MADD makeup, fake buttts and fakes titts coming at Iggy for not being authentic.. ??? Umm hello!?!?

  3. Robert Johnson August 22, 2014

    I’m confused as to why she think her opinion matters. At the end of the day Iggy is more successful than she will ever be. Iggy has said a million times that she moved to the south when she moved to the south when she was 16 and that’s where she got her rap style from..its not that difficult to understand. That’s why k.Michelle will only be popular in the ghetto cuz she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut.

    • pff August 22, 2014

      Her opinion doesn’t matter, but yet you felt the need to comment? Why does your opinion matter so much?She’s an actual artist,she actually has talent,what exactly do you do that makes you more important than she is? You stans are the worst thing to ever happen to social media!The sense of entitlement and opinionated views have gotten way out of hand.

  4. #Dismissed August 22, 2014

    At the end of the day, yes Iggy uses fake accent but so what? She is still getting money. K Michelle I have yet to see u on billboard. It’s just the same way as Nicki doesn’t care about what Lil Him says, and Iggy doesn’t care about what k Michelle is saying.

  5. Tisha August 22, 2014

    “If I was black I would have sold half”

    Eminem spilled the tea long ago, Iggy is a music form whites are now interested in pursuing packaged in the form of a racial background they’re more comfortable with.

    She puts on the southern slang on the songs then goes to interviews and speaks in her cute little preppy Australian accent, no one is fooled. Like K.Michelle said she can get her money but that doesn’t mean anyone in the hip hop community is going to like or respect her.

  6. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare August 22, 2014

    Where are the lies though? Precisely.

    Iggy would be so dope if she rapped in her Australian accent–DOPE. But that grimy, I’m from the trap in Atlanta, phonectically confused rubbish she performs, I cannot, will not, and shall not.

    But good luck to her.

  7. Fancy BISH August 22, 2014

    Did I just see K. RATCHET’s name in the same sentence with KING ANITA? Are we talking about the same Anita? 😉 RAPTURE Anita? 😉 That’s a great thing to get King Anita’s praise, BUT CHILE…don’t get too comfy in the booth boo boo lol King Anita will SLAY yo hood hop voice on a collaboration 😉 When Anita’s verse comes on, she’s Brandy and you’re…hell, you ain’t even Ms. Monica lol Monica run laps around you too boo! 😉 BYE! BYE AGAIN! THOT, did I say bye? GURL GOODBYE!

  8. Stephy. August 22, 2014

    Dang, her ass is always clockin’ peoples TEA! Lmao. Anyways, that duet with Anita should be something to listen too. K-Michelle can sing. Anita Baker’s TONE alone is just >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. Tasha August 22, 2014

    I agree with K. Michelle 100%. But for me it’s also a race issue. You have all these phenomenal black singers and rappers but they don’t get attention or top 40 appeal. But you get a white person singing or rapping urban sound suddenly they #1 on the charts and on top 40 radio. Why can’t black artist doing urban sound be just as successful?

    • Realest August 22, 2014

      Honey WHAT are you talking about? She had one hit song so far and her album isn’t at the top of the charts. Stop trying to make everything a race issue, it’s such a cheap cop out. There are a lot of wannabe white rappers (female and male) and they’re nowhere to be found. Let this lil one white girl have her shine and do her thing. White people aren’t talking about Nicki for doing EDM/pop music… Nor did they get outraged when Nelly performed at the Country Music Awards, singing country. and I’m pretty sure when Michael Jackson made the 80’s rock and roll smash “dirty Diana” nobody said “oh this is whites only music he’s exploiting out culture”…. Let her do her. Why are you so bothered? She’s a nice girl, her music isn’t the best but hey music today in general sucks so I’m not expecting much. Too many things you could waste your time on besides a moderately successful FEMALE who’s grinded and worked hard to achieve what she has this far.

      • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare August 22, 2014

        *You do know that EDM is derived from House Music that started in the mid 80’s by black people.

        *You do know that the first Rock and Roll icon is Chuck Berry who is black.

        *You do know that the origins of Country Music contains elements of blues and gospel, which where, YOU GUESSED IT, created by black people. The legacy of Charley Pride speaks for itself.

        Now, do you see how naming Nicki, Nelly, Michael, and Diana (a master pop artist beginning in 1959) doesn’t work here?

        I don’t mind Iggy. There’s nothing legendary about her. She’s makes fun pop music. People like it? Fine. However, let us not pretend that race doesn’t matter. It does & it always will. If EMINEM can admit it, surely you can too.

      • Realest August 22, 2014

        So what about krayshawn? Bubba sparks? Paul Wall? Lady Sovereign?
        Brother Ali? Machine Gun Kelly? I could keep going, cause there are literally hundreds, but where did there white privilege get them? Anywhere? Oh ok. Just checking.

        Anywho EDM is a primarily white dominated genre and although paced like house, couldn’t be more different. Unless you were gay or acting “white” wasn’t no negroes showing love to neither EDM nor house until a few years ago via the lady gaga movement.

        Rock &Roll was a term used a little to loosely in my previous comment because as shown in the video “dirty Diana” Michael Jackson is paying tribute to heavy metal 80’s rock bands ..

        And let’s just stop trying to make the “Country Music is black” thing happen because we ourselves don’t even mess with that genre hardly AT ALL so that is irrelevant to point out what “some” of country music has in it. Lol. Pointless.

        All in all you just listed a bunch of FYI facts that had absolutely nothing to do with what I said. There are black artists who dabble in white genres so there shouldn’t be an issue when a white person dabbles in ours. Who cares.

      • the voice August 22, 2014

        Did u just say EDM was white music? Most popular music is rooted in black American music.

        I just wish the labels would do for Sevyn and TInashe what they are doing for Iggy and Ariana.

        Univiersal has this big plan for Arianna and that is fine but where is ther Nicki plan?

        LA Reid was running YMCM/Motown Universal when Drake, Wayne, and Nicki blew up.
        Nicki has LA Reid and Wayne to thank for her success.

        Most of these new white executives dont want to invest in black artists.

        They are gonna mss out on signing the next Janet, Lauryh H, Mary J, or Whitney.

  10. VH1access Blog August 22, 2014

    She has a point about Iggy

  11. This miss Sophia to you August 22, 2014

    This is why i fvck with her she keeps is real, She’s calls out the fake bullshlt the people getting mad at her …A hit dog will holler. much respect to k mart that’s right you read it correctly k mart.

    • tits mcgee August 22, 2014

      Death of me!! Oh that be Ms. Sophia in your avi!! 🙂

  12. tits mcgee August 22, 2014

    I agree with K. Michelle’s assessment of Iggy. Make
    your money girl, but we know the real.

    Anywho, my favorite song from Anita Baker is
    ‘Same Ole Love (365 days of the year)’.

    The Queen of Quiet Storm.

  13. Stephy August 22, 2014

    How are people hating on k Michelle right now? She’s the only black girl in the game with vocals right now.

    • Cupid August 22, 2014

      Her mouth is going to be the death of her career!

  14. eric August 22, 2014

    Funny she would say where you’re from is everything, because where she’s from I don’t think black women are born with blonde hair. She’s as fake as she wants to be trying to talk about someone else. What’s good for her is good for anyone else.

  15. Cupid August 22, 2014

    Black rappers could be successful too if they made music that appealed to the masses. T.I has proven that and also Nelly back when “Just a Dream” was released. Most rappers place themselves in a box. Whose fault is that? Not only that a lot of rappers release a mass amount of trash. For example J.Cole music sales because it has meaning. Drake’s music sales because it’s quality. THE RAP GAME NEEDS TO STEP IT UP in order to compete with mainstream artist.

  16. Iconic Iggy August 22, 2014

    I love that Iggy is a topic of discussion in K.Michelle’s interview but not a single person has asked Iggy about her. Iggy has never even used the name. Most of these comments are centered about Iggy, not K.Michelle’s music or her love for Anita Baker. See the problem? She should keep her irrelevant opinions to her irrelevant self, its getting her career nowhere. To quote Iggy from her BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher “My accent? Just racks spent”.

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